Top 10 Video Streaming App  Development Companies in the USA

Video Streaming App Development

Among so many tools that the users require, video streaming is one of the most-used apps. A video streaming app is a broadcasting software app used to stream, capture, record, and share visual content. The video streaming app development takes effort and a lot of cost for people wishing to develop it. The process of a video streaming app works like any other data that is sent over the internet, video and audio data is broken down into packets of data, and each of them contains a small piece of a file and a video or audio player in the browser on the device of the client that takes the flow of data packets and interprets them as audio or video.

These streaming apps are also used in mobile app development, Android, iOS, and other devices. In order to develop video streaming app, it is essential to know about its must-have components, that further include features, tech stack, fund strategies, and so much more. Before you dive into the live video streaming app development, it is suggested that you first study the market you will enter and work in. The market will surely have something to surprise you, as the growth of these apps is already set into motion, and will continue to grow. For example, the industry of live streaming has grown by 99% between April 2019 and April 2020, which is impressive growth.

There are companies like Android app development company that work in the favor of these applications and support them to grow. The industry as a whole includes various types of streaming applications, that includes:

  • Live broadcasting apps – It is considered to be one of the most popular types of streaming media. Live broadcasting is when you can watch videos in real-time mode, while it is being recorded. The simultaneous nature of these apps allows you to record and broadcast at the same time to your users. You do not need to download the videos first to watch them later, it is directly connected to the recording company.
  • Audio streaming – The same principle applies here, as a user you can listen to audio without downloading it beforehand, it is a very simple process and application to use, such as Spotify, Pandora, and Apple Music, these are some of the most popular audio streaming apps you will find today.
  • Video-on-demand streaming – These kinds of streaming apps allow users to watch videos without downloading them to their devices. It is much like many other apps that provide video streaming possible in their applications, but a distinctive feature of such on-demand streaming apps is that users can pause, resume, rewind, and forward their content as they like.
  • TV live streaming app – This final kind of streaming app allows its users to watch TV online without downloading any content on their devices first. There are apps that have live streaming with TV broadcasting and regular video streaming so that the users can easily watch any of the content they like.

You are to find a company with media & entertainment IT solutions development, that will make it easy for you to have your very own video streaming developed. While developing an application, it is very crucial to check and mark all the important features of that solution, that will help you in better app development. Some MVP features of a live video streaming app include:

  • User registration
  • Creating a personal user profile
  • Online streaming
  • Comments to broadcast
  • Search options
  • Server-side
  • Channels of TV
  • Content of various apps

After MVP, there are some advanced features that are equally important for successful app development, which are:

  • Signup options
  • Personal profile 
  • Streaming
  • Donation system 
  • Chat
  • Video quality 
  • Search
  • UI/UX design
  • Privacy
  • Hosting other streamers
  • Screen sharing
  • Notifications and schedule 

Whether you are an Android or iOS app development company, you can have a video streaming app developed for either. Applications supported in both Android and iOS include Netflix, Prime, YouTube, Facebook Live, and so much more. 

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After knowing everything about video streaming apps, if you are ready, you have to find a video streaming app development company to hire and develop your application. There are so many companies that can help you with your requirement, but only a few are totally reliable and can be considered for the required task in the USA, the list involves: 

1. A3logics

A3logics is an on-demand video streaming app development company that is considered to be the best option for consumers for all of their needs. They allow you to explore the opportunity of reaching a broad range of consumers with their customized and personalized solutions that are perfect in nature and services. You can now build an app like Netflix or Amazon prime and let your users enjoy uninterrupted videos for a longer period of time. 

Among so many other services that the company offers, on-demand video app development is its strong side, its services include:

  • Transactional Video-On-Demand
  • Subscription Video-on-demand 
  • Advertise based Video-on-demand
  • Near Video-on-demand
  • Push Video-on-demand
  • Catch-up TV

2. DevTechnosys

Dev Technosys provides a full-scale range of live video streaming app development solutions. Their product promises high-end capabilities for streaming videos that are live, recorded, or any other source. Their solution contains interactive content with the help of some contacts in some powerful media tools. At Dev Technosys, they develop an OTT app for worldwide media streaming services that supports a better future for its users. 

Some services of video streaming app at the company include:

  • VOD video app development
  • Online video streaming app development
  • OTT app integration and migration
  • Support and maintenance 

3. Concetto Labs

Concetto Labs is one of the best top-notch live streaming app development companies, that is reliable, economical, and provides faster development of your solution. They have experts working on video streaming apps for Android and iOS platforms. There are various eCommerce solutions like Amazon Prime that offer video streaming services as well, Concetto Labs provides all such services to its customers for a better user experience.

Some top industries that the company serves other than video streaming are:

  • Photo and video streaming
  • eCommer and shopping
  • On-demand solutions
  • Transportation and logistics
  • Education and learning 
  • Social networking
  • Food and drink

4. IDAP Group

IDAP is an expert in Android video streaming app development, they provide the most secure app in the market. They have a perfect set of features that supports the video streaming app in providing high-quality videos and content to its users. Their membership plans are not expensive and are very generous in terms of time and subscription renewal. 

The approach that the company has towards the development of streaming app is their strength and includes:

  • Turnkey app solution
  • Cutting technology stack
  • Ongoing support and updates
  • Thoughtful business planning

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5. Fortunesoft IT Innovations 

It is one of the leading brands in live streaming app development company, the company has all the essential services and features to include in its solutions. With their core expertise in content and streaming app development, Fortunesoft will help you in reaching out to more audiences through its high-quality live webcasts with ease. 

Their live streaming app development services include:

  • Live streaming platform development 
  • Video streaming app development
  • Media streaming software development 
  • On-demand streaming solutions
  • Video streaming website development
  • Live streaming shopping platform
  • Music streaming app development 
  • Custom OTT platform development

6. Softjourn

Softjourn helps in bringing a new era to the video streaming app development services, they have all the must-haves in their live-streaming apps, such as delivering high-quality content, offering diverse functionality, reduced buffering with a CDN, offering in-demand features and UI/UX, and so much more that makes their app perfect for the users. 

Some services of streaming apps provided by Softjourn include:

  • Corporate video streaming software 
  • Event streaming app development
  • Video streaming app development
  • Media streaming software development 
  • On-demand streaming solutions

7. The Ninehertz

The Ninehertz provides one of the best video streaming mobile app development in the town, they are a dependable choice for your services. They have a team of experienced developers specialized in live and mobile streaming app development for iOS and Android. The company provides almost all the kinds of streaming applications that make the streaming process easy and interesting.

Their live streaming app development services include:

  • Audio/Music streaming software development 
  • Live video streaming software development
  • Monetization of live video/audio streaming app
  • Paid in-app purchases
  • Donations 

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8. Net Solutions

Net solutions will help you in developing customized solutions for your company and use them for a longer period of time, as their solutions are long-lasting and provide better integration with other applications. 

Services provided by streaming apps are:

  • On-demand streaming solutions
  • Video streaming website development
  • Live streaming shopping platform
  • Music streaming app development 
  • Custom OTT platform development

9. MindBowser 

MindBowser is one of the oldest companies in existence in the USA, they have all the essential services and products that make sure to provide you with the required services. The company will help you to develop video streaming app in the perfect way to provide a better user experience. They are also specialized in developing clone apps of the existing video streaming apps, such as YouTube, and others.

Some video streaming app services include:

  • Audio/Music streaming software development 
  • Live video streaming software development
  • Monetization of live video/audio streaming app
  • Paid in-app purchases
  • Donations 

10. SemiDot Infotech

SemiDot is specialized in developing on-demand applications for video streaming apps, their aim is to create an intuitive app design that is loved by its customers, and also focus on creating high-performance applications for smooth usage.

Their streaming app services include:

  • Advertise based Video-on-demand
  • Near Video-on-demand
  • Push Video-on-demand
  • Catch-up TV


Concluding it is very simple, you can see how many companies are there in the USA that work on the development of video streaming apps, now they can be customizable, live, personalized, and so many others. But one thing that is to remain constant is the company that develops them. You should choose your vendor wisely after considering all the important factors that will help you in the perfect app development.

The above-given list contains the top 10 companies that are tried and tested time and again for a better user experience. You can go through and contact the companies for more information.

We hope the blog was helpful to you.

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