Top 10 Benefits Administration Outsourcing Companies in the USA

Top 10 Benefits Administration Outsourcing Companies in the USA-Toporgs

Benefits Administration and Human Resources is a critical part of any business. Initially, HR departments were common for larger companies but organizations of all sizes started focusing on a dedicated HR team to handle crucial tasks. However, not all HR professionals are well-versed in every aspect of human resource management, and benefits administration is one of them. Hence, businesses are opting for benefits administration outsourcing services that are more cost-effective and successful than in-house teams. 

Yes, the cost is the primary concern to outsource benefits admin but there are various other reasons as well, such as training & specialism, legal and compliance, relevant expertise, and more. Outsourcing companies boast years of experience and dedicated staff that efficiently manages benefits plans, administration, and compliance. We have listed the top benefits administration outsourcing companies in the USA that you should consider for your organization. Have a look:


A3logics designs benefits administration solutions from the ground up to cover all the factors of the services and meet simple and complex requirements of enterprises. It understands that benefits are important for happier and healthier work culture and thus assign trusted professionals to offer standard employee benefits and healthcare regulations while avoiding inaccuracies and faults.

Founded: 2003

Located:  Carlsbad, CA

Core Services: Eligibility Tracking, Internet-Based Software Solutions, Terminated

Employee Administration, Auditing of Billing Statements, Human Resource Consulting.


  • As a trusted outsourcing partner, A3logics offers electronic enrollment forms, contact information, summaries & collaterals for benefit offerings, and links to provide tools and websites.
  • It assures to set up systems perfectly with updated data. The platform empowers employees and saves operational costs.

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isolved is a proud employee experience leader that offers people-first HR technology. It partners with companies to provide benefits services that save time, reduce risks, and help them gain a competitive edge. Its solutions are delivered directly or through a partner network to over 5 million employees and thousands of employers. The company assists organizations to navigate the compliance maze which is otherwise a complex challenge for all businesses.

Founded: 1986

Located:  Coldwater, Michigan

Core Services: HR Legal Services, COBRA administration, ACA Print & File, ERISA Wrap Documents, Transit and Parking Reimbursement Administration.


  • It offers competitive benefits plans and packages to small and mid-sized businesses, including solutions for the Affordable Care Act, ERISA, COBRA, FLSA, and more to help them remain compliant and avoid hefty penalties. 
  • It is an established, service-oriented company that offers white-glove service for critical benefits administration. isolved partners with brokers and employers in every state to deliver services to both the employer and the employee/participant.


WageWorks specializes in Consumer-Directed Benefits (CDBs) and is solely dedicated to administering them. It cares about people and empowers employers, employees, and their families to lead healthier, happier, and more productive lives. It helps to handle pre-tax spending accounts. The company makes it easier for clients to understand and seek advantages of employee benefits.

Founded: 2000

Located:  San Mateo, California

Core Services: Health Savings Accounts (HSAs), health and dependent care Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs), Health Reimbursement Arrangements (HRAs), Commuter Benefit Services, transit and parking programs, wellness programs, COBRA, and other employee benefits.


  • Its comprehensive solutions offer a suite of integrated benefits that enable employers to provide employee benefits at a much lower cost. Also, easy-to-use benefits allow access to tools and resources for smarter spending, investment, and savings in healthcare.
  • Powerful integrations with health plans, retirement providers, and TPAs simplify claims processing and enable employers to offer a more rewarding employee experience.

GoCo Inc

GoCo is built for modern HR, payroll, and benefits administration solutions with flexibility and ease-of-use features. The company aims at helping small businesses spend less time on manual HR tasks and focus more on growing productive and happier teams. It offers a sophisticated platform that supports all the existing processes, policies, and benefits providers.

Founded: 2015

Located: Houston, TX

Core Services: Payroll, HCM, Employee Onboarding, PTO Management, Benefits Administration Outsourcing, HR Compliance, Tracking & attendance. 


  • GoCo offers the most intuitive and robust benefits administration platform that handles all the complexities without hassle, ranging from detailed reporting and automated contributions to deductions. 
  • It keeps benefits and payroll in perfect sync by changing all the updates automatically across the platform with no errors. It also integrates directly with insurance carriers, thereby reducing discrepancies and mistakes.
  • GoCo believes that HR is about people, hence delivering great services to small businesses. It assigns a dedicated Customer Success Manager whose only job is to bend over backward to make your team successful.

Tandem HR

Tandem HR designs a complete range of human resource solutions for small businesses. This outsourcing company boasts tools and expertise to help enterprises as they scale with a flexible platform. It offers custom services that save time and money while increasing employee productivity, retaining talent, and ensuring compliance at the state and federal levels. 

Founded: 2015

Located:  Houston, TX

Core Services: Payroll, Human Resources Solutions, Employee Benefits, Risk Management, Technology Solutions


  • It offers excellent risk management services to provide safety audit solutions, OSHA recordkeeping, accident investigations, and more to prepare your company for the worst-case scenario.
  • Tandem HR Team will discuss all the options, conduct employee open enrollment meetings and serve as an advocate for your employees on any claim issue so that your employees always have an expert for assistance.

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TriNet is a full-range HR outsourcing company that provides flexible plans and services to meet the needs of small, medium, and large businesses. It offers the most competitive benefits to attract top talent by partnering with the biggest health insurance carriers across the country who give the best coverage to employees. Its consultants and advisors have industry-specific experience and knowledge.

Founded: 1988

Located: San Francisco

Core Services: HR Consulting Services, Employee Benefits Administration, Payroll Solutions, Risk Mitigation, Technology Platform.


  • TriNet charges on a per-employee basis, rather than as a percent of payroll, making your HR costs predictable and consistent, which is advantageous to small businesses that need to have a very clear idea of costs.
  • Its rich employee benefit plans go beyond health and retirement coverage and include additional benefits, such as critical accident and illness policies, access to auto and home policies, commuter benefits, and more.

Benefit Resource Inc.

BRI or Benefits Resource Inc. is a leading provider of innovative and dedicated administration of tax-free benefits plans, such as Commuter Benefit Plans, Flexible Spending Accounts, Health Reimbursement Accounts and Health Savings Accounts. It offers support to more than 325,000 participants with over 5,500 employer plans nationwide, ranging from small enterprises to Fortune 500 Companies.

Founded: 1993

Located: Rochester, New York

Core Services: Flexible Spending Account (FSA), Commuter Benefits Account, Health Savings Account (HSA), Health Reimbursement Account (HRA), COBRA Administration.


  • Its focus is on tax-free benefits and COBRA, enabling the company to provide superior value with its solutions. It listens closely to clients and participants to find solutions that save time, keep administration costs low and deliver an outstanding service experience.
  • Benefit Resource offers numerous administration options to meet the unique needs of employers and their employees. It allows clients to select one or more accounts to implement the most effective plan designs that complement their benefits offering.

Corban OneSource

Corban OneSource takes off your HR admin burden and helps control costs with its unique variable cost model. It has been in the industry for almost a quarter-century now and over the years has assisted clients to handle tedious and daunting administrative duties so they can focus on more strategic HR initiatives. 

Founded: 1997

Located: St. Petersburg, FL

Core Services: Comprehensive HR Solutions, Payroll Outsourcing, Employee Benefits Administration, International Payroll Outsourcing, HR Support Services.


  • It partners with companies that have 75 to 6,000 employees and customizes solutions that have 3 separate or combined functions, namely payroll administration and reconciliation, HR administration outsourcing management, benefits administration management. 
  • The team uses the best practices across all areas of HR to deliver a great employee experience, increased profitability, and reduced risk.

G&A Partners

G&A Partners offers a full-service outsourced HR solution to businesses to manage and administrate their HR services, payroll, and employee benefits. It handles this using its carefully designed HR technology platform, Worksight, which offers SaaS (Software as a Service) that works with SSO (Single Sign-On) technology.

Founded: 2000

Located: Arizona, Phoenix

Core Services: Payroll services, Health Insurance & Employee Benefits Administration, HR Management & Technology, Recruiting, Workplace Safety, Accounting Services.


  • When you partner with G&A, you gain access to a wide range of employee benefits products from the nation’s top carriers at the best price possible.
  • From group health insurance to 401(k), accident, disability and so much more, it provides great options and expertise that you need to build a competitive benefits package for current and future employees.


PayFlex is committed to helping companies navigate through technology and innovation for account-based benefits administration. Its full suite of products is designed to help individuals make the right decisions for their health and financial wellbeing.

Founded: NA

Located: Omaha, NE

Core Services: FSA, HRA, HSA, Benefits Administration.


  • PayFlex provides more value, simplicity, savings, and convenience on one common platform.
  • It goes beyond traditional health care accounts and offers employer-sponsored incentives and rewards to help boost household budgets with more ways to pay for eligible products and services.


There is a myriad of companies offering benefits administrations outsourcing services, more than what we have covered in this blog. However, these are the top 10 that are known for quality and reliability. Some of these firms cater to small businesses while others focus on large enterprises. So, make your decision after considering the needs of your firm and what suits it the best. 

5 Questions to Ask your Benefits Administration Outsourcing Company

Benefits of Using Benefits Administration Software Services in the US.

One of the first questions to ask your outsourcing employee benefits administration agency United States is the benefits of using the software. You are investing a significant amount in the service so it’s obvious you expect the best in return. Therefore, discuss how it will streamline your benefits plans and make everything easier. Your primary concerns are:

Compliance: The software should adhere to statutory regulations of the federal and state governments. 

Efficiency: Benefits administration software should automatically integrate employee data into the payroll and HR system.

Analytics: It should also help you analyze the latest industry trends and patterns that companies can implement.

Information Access: The system should come with a self-service option and other features so employees can learn about different benefits plans and enroll easily. 

Benefits administration system comes in different shapes and sizes. Some may offer only a few main benefits while others may cover payroll, onboarding, and other HR functions. A few vendors also offer EDI outsourcing services to automate information exchange. Your software should focus on major problems and solve them seamlessly. For better functionality, opt for an integrated HRIS or HCM software with benefits admin as a part of a larger platform.

Implementation process followed by your employee benefits administration outsourcing company USA.

Getting started with benefits admin software is more complicated than you can imagine. It includes a lot more than simply clicking a button and creating an account. Hence, you need a professional benefits administration service provider in the US to take care of implementation and execution. The dedicated team for your project will configure a fully-featured system to your company’s requirements and sync the existing data. The exerts will also upload existing and future information related to benefits, income, payroll, HR, and more while setting up different levels of employee groups, locations, and access. 

Before you hire the best benefits administration software vendor USA, get an insight into their implementation process. 

  • The timeframe of the whole process.
  • The information that you must provide.
  • Total cost to get started.
  • Support services for software.
  • The training process for your employees.

Make sure that you have a dedicated project manager and service representative to understand your requirements and deliver expected results. You don’t want to explain your goals, problems, and vision repeatedly to the team but want to take the burden off your shoulders with the help of professionals

The top US benefits administration companies must offer mobile accessibility.

According to recent research, 73% of adults own a smartphone of some kind and over 80% of them use these devices to access information or accomplish tasks. We already know that people are not using their mobile devices for just personal communication. The constant rise in the popularity of smartphones and tablets has revolutionized the business world, opening an opportunity to extend productivity and visibility beyond the four walls of an office. And guess what? Benefits administration is no exception, especially if it is a part of a large HR management system. 

So, your US employee benefits administration outsourcing agency must provide mobile compatibility so more employees can access information and enroll in different plans conveniently. It will be easier for not only employees but for employers and administrators as well to manage benefits plans. It will reduce the work for HR managers and administrators as employees can use their mobile devices to get all the information whenever required and make changes to their information. It also allows them to organize their work and update any life event, track activities, make adjustments, and more. 

The services included in the estimated cost of outsourcing benefits administration agency US.

Talking about the pricing structure of your benefits administration outsourcing company US is important to ensure that ist services fit your budget and you get the best results within that amount. Remember, pricing may vary depending on your requirements, the complexity of the project, features added in the software, team working on the software development, etc. Also, pricing should be transparent so that you only pay for services that you have opted for. Be clear about the estimated cost from the beginning to avoid unpleasant surprises in the future.

Once you get an estimated quote from your hired US benefits administrator agency, it’s time to discuss all the services and solutions included in that package. Along with the features and functionalities of the software, support and maintenance services should also be a part of the package. Ask your IT professional services provider about their customer support. Of course, a reliable outsourcing benefits administration service provider USA will ensure a seamless and error-free product. None of us expect a glitch or issue in the future but there is a possibility of technical issues in the future. Therefore, it’s important to know how will you seek technical assistance from experts and what is the process to connect with them. Ask what support is included and if you will have a dedicated manager to address your problem. 

Another important point to discuss is the product roadmap and future software releases. Your benefits administration software must be upgraded regularly according to the latest version and trends. Any changes in the healthcare reform or benefits plans should be automatically updated in the system. 

Integration and communication tools used by your USA benefits administration software vendor.

The best way to judge potential benefits administration outsourcing service providers in the US is to get an insight into the tools and techniques they use. An unprofessional and naive company will lack the latest technologies required to deliver the best results. If the consultants look confused when asked about their methods and tools, it’s a red flag for you and you must back out instantly. 

No benefits administration software can run the entire human resources operation from a single tool, even if it’s best-in-class. It needs to be integrated with other HR systems, such as payroll, HCM, onboarding, tracking, etc. So, understand how the integration process will work. Whether it will sync with other software through communication bidirectional or a one-way push. Is it in real-time or updated at scheduled intervals? Another important point to consider is if the integration is plug-and-play where you simply have to log in or requires a manual API configuration. 

A communication system is another key consideration as you want to stay connected with the team working on your project. How will you interact with service providers and insurance carriers? It should be a transparent, faster, and reliable system so you can get daily updates and instant responses to any problem. 

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