Top 10 EDI Service Providers in the USA

Top EDI Service Providers USA

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) has become the need of the hour and no business can survive without it now. Although the technology has been around since the 1970s, it is still a popular mode of B2B communication. Enterprises have started shifting from a traditional EDI platform to modern cloud-based solutions. As you are here to find the best EDI service providers, we are sure you are well aware of how it works and how it is used for data exchange between trading partners.

We are also certain that many businesses can find it complicated and daunting to set up an in-house EDI team and prefer seeking managed services which not only save a huge amount of time but efforts too. With the right EDI partner by your side, you don’t have to worry about EDI operations anymore. You can focus on core tasks and let the professionals deal with EDI on your behalf. However, finding the right company or service provider can be even more difficult. Hence, our list of top 10 EDI service providers will come in handy for you. 

After detailed research and evaluation, we have compiled this list. Go through it to make the selection process easier:


A3logics surely is the best and exceptional EDI solution provider that works dedicatedly to provide a smooth and seamless flow of data to clients. The company has been serving global and dynamic sectors for years now with their innovative solutions. The EDI team consists of the most experienced and knowledgeable members with proficiency in advanced integration tools. Hence, they translate the data and help you connect with your trading partners instantly and you can upload the data on the cloud or in-house system, based on your preference. The web-based EDI system offered by the company has a user-friendly interface so you can set up first connections to transmit messages within no time. Whether you plan to revamp your existing EDI system or are new to the EDI, A3logics is a one-stop solution for you. It allows transmission through AS2, VAN, and other communication protocols that are suitable for multiple models. With their EDI cloud service, you no longer have to deal with unsatisfied customers, disappointed trading partners, and large chargeback. 


EDICOM is a US-based company with global reach and strict profitability criteria for clients and users. Their EDI services include various offerings, covering all the aspects of electronic data interchange, such as electronic VAT compliance, global e-invoicing, B2B2G network, long-term electronic archiving, and more. The company offers these solutions through IT infrastructure and in-house software developed by its team along with several interconnection agreements. It adopts a unique and new approach for each client based on requirements, features, security standards, and quality needed. The team rolls out a seamless data integration project using electronic invoices, product data synchronization, etc. The team also specializes in data integration system development in ASP (Application Service Provider) mode. Combining design software, communication service, and management, it assures flexible and smooth connectivity between partners. 


Although Encompass offers various IT consulting services across multiple industries, its EDI services are the most popular. The company, after a long-standing partnership, acquired Saberlogic’s EDI integrator and now, helps clients to integrate EDI into any ERP platform. With its omnichannel integration, businesses and organizations can communicate with external entities effectively, securely, reliably, and without any hassle. As you connect with Encompass for EDI solutions, the EDI VAN (Value Added Network) will remain the same and the company will act as a middleman to assist you with the mapping. This implies that the company’s services include software and implementation as a part of the EDI process that happens between VAN or mapping partner and ERP system. You own the documentation process completely and deliver services across the globe like never before.  


Mulesoft is a renowned and leading EDI vendor, offering an Anypoint B2B solution to modernize EDI with the help of APIs. This enables organizations to connect with other parties irrespective of their applications or systems. The company is popular for API-led connectivity that creates an application network of data, devices, and apps, both in the cloud and on-premise. Moreover, APIs enable businesses to move beyond point-to-point integrations which simplify the way information is shared with the network between business partners. It is considered a preferred choice by many, especially those who require an extensive trading network and looking for a reliable partner to manage their multiple solutions simultaneously. Its hybrid integration platform includes various options, such as ESB, iPaaS, and unified solutions for design, publishing, and API management. 

SPS Commerce

We all know the importance of EDI for businesses, but some organizations still don’t want to set up an in-house EDI department and spend a huge amount to hire EDI experts. This is where SPS Commerce can help you save additional costs with its full-service EDI solution empowered with proven technology and hundreds of EDI professionals. With updated computer systems and dedicated long working hours, the team ensures that EDI is flowing smoothly for a plethora of clients across the globe. Whenever a partner needs assistance for any change, the members are there to offer help and make the required changes. Their services are suitable for all types of businesses, including vendors, retailers, suppliers, 3PLs, e-commerce, carriers, and more. Also, their EDI integrations services are web-based with an easy-to-use interface 

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Cleo Integration Cloud (CIC) offers a cloud-based and unmatched platform for streamlining B2B and EDI processes, be it the system is on-premise or in the cloud. It is specially designed with purpose-built to operate, design, build, and optimize critical ecosystem integration processes. The tool also guarantees automated EDI processes to connect, route, and transform EDI and non-EDI documents between applications or systems. It is a perfect platform to bring end-to-end integration visibility across non-EDI and API integration, assuring business users to rapidly onboard trading partners, and accelerate revenue-generating business processes. With their services, the company can process EDIFACT, X12, and TRADACOMS EDI standards and transform data into these formats. CIC also gives a choice to clients to select between self-service, managed, or a combined approach to provide them with flexibility and control over the strategy. 


Here is another company well-known for its EDI services. However, Babelway is more than just an EDI software, it is a pioneering integration PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) that enables automated B2B data and document exchange for businesses with different industries. It offers a wide range of services to clients, which include manipulating data easily, connecting anything or anyone, generating reports, transforming from/to any data format, controlling your document flows, and archiving securely. Apart from allowing you to build and manage EDI easily and e-invoicing connections, Babelway also helps in a seamless integration of unrelated data sources, apps, and databases with trading partners that use advanced technologies and protocols to exchange information. If you are not sure about their products or services, avail of their 30-day free trial offer and evaluate the performance and quality. 


To stay ahead in this fast-paced digital world, you must have a strong and agile technology foundation that can stand the test of time, speed up the flow of information, interaction and deliver faster & improved results. Dell Boomi is a platform with unrivaled flexibility, scalability, and visibility that brings all the partners together in one digital ecosystem across channels, platforms, and devices. It also takes care of smooth and flawless transactions between manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, and retailers. With their cloud-native platform, enterprises can start the process effortlessly. All they have to do is log in and just go, it will scale up and down according to business growth and needs. Furthermore, they can also exchange EDI documents and manage trading relationships without involving a huge installation and maintenance cost. 


ArcESB is one of the top EDI service providers that offer B2B application and data connectivity solutions for EDI processing, secure Managed File Transfer (MFT), and back-office integration. It connects enterprise systems, like ERPs, accounting software, CRMs, and relational database systems as well to automate complicated processes and ensure synchronization across businesses, whether in-house or in the cloud. ArcESB supports file transfer via SFT, AS2, AS4, and other B2B messaging protocols and streamlines data movement. It also enables users to define workflow around incoming and outgoing files. Also, the platform includes interactive EDI mapping and translation features with support for all the major EDI standards, such as EDIFACT and ANSI X12. the codeless visual interface also uses a modern drag and drop approach fr workflow management which extends to data transformation. 

Software AG webMethods

Software AG webMethods is an industry-leading integration and API management platform that aims to simplify EDI by eliminating extra hardware or software licenses and maintenance fees. It offers a complete range of capabilities to help organizations deliver innovative digital transformation results faster. Now, you can manage partners, processing rules, and security certificates better while speeding up on-boarding, adapting to reusable mappings, and reducing errors. AG webMethods runs in the cloud, in hybrid, on-premise, and other multi-cloud environments. You can integrate on-premise applications and SaaS applications, manage and deploy APIs, and improve B2B partner transactions. Also, you can make sure to get the most value out of your existing API ecosystem. 


We understand that it is a lot of information to process at once. Also, reading about the services of all these companies, it may seem that all of them offer the same services and there is hardly any difference between them. However, there are still many features that set these services apart. So, the right way to proceed further and make the right decision is to first shortlist the names that you prefer, connect with their teams, get all the necessary information, and then select the one that meets all your needs. Make sure that EDI experts understand your objectives and goals. 

Top 7 Questions to Ask Your EDI Service Providers in the USA

1. Ask the top EDI providers in the USA about the right solution.

Each business trading relationship is different, involving a unique way of working in terms of documentation and information exchange. Therefore, your data has to be translated into multiple formats before you share it with other partners, which always consumes your invaluable time and resources. Of course, you aim to get rid of all the troubles and hassle of doing essential formatting and translation to address challenges through EDI outsourcing services.

So, it is better to be clear about the solutions that will suit your business and EDI needs. Clarify from your EDI service provider United States that everything is sorted and organized before implementation begins. Also, make sure that the service and functionality you are getting are completely scalable for your business and it is easy to implement and operate. Moreover, your EDI solutions must be tailor-made to meet your precise business demands. This is primarily beneficial where multiple trading partners are involved and non-delivery carries heavy penalties. With scalable and flexible EDI systems, you can meet the dynamic needs of your organization. Yes, you might have to incur more expenses initially but the right solution will be cost-effective in the long run and provide a competitive advantage. 

2. Ask about the estimated costs of the US EDI solutions.

Every company has a unique set of requirements based on circumstance-specific factors and priorities. To fulfill these requirements and data interchange needs, hiring an EDI service agency in the USA is important. However, the cost is a crucial factor while choosing the right partner for implementation. Therefore, seek transparent EDI solutions with a competitive pricing structure for your custom needs. Ask for the pricing model and the support they offer to gain a higher return on investment. The cost must reflect the level of assistance that you seek without any hidden cost or fee.  

The initial cost will depend mainly on the existing legacy system, the requirements of the new EDI software, and the amount of work to transform the current system. All these components together make the most expensive part of EDI implementation and may often act as a barrier to deployment. However, this heavy amount is quickly offset by the value drive through EDI solutions across the business. Although there are license costs and monthly tariffs based on the data usage, a reliable US EDI company will offer transparent and reliable billing. With the right EDI partner, you can control and anticipate in advance.  

3. Ask about the benefits of hiring EDI vendors in the United States.

As you will be investing your money, resources, and time in hiring EDI developers in the USA, it is important to know the benefits and return that you will receive from it. So, make sure to ask about all the advantages of EDI implementation. Here are a few benefits of EDI 834 Benefit Enrollment and Maintenance and other formats that you must know:

  • EDI services USA are aimed at reducing the cost, time, and hassle involved in the exchange of business documents with the trading network. EDI solutions help businesses achieve this by connecting all the partners on a unified trading platform hosted by the EDI service provider. 
  • It also allows organizations to send and receive all kinds of business documents, including structured and unstructured data even if trading partners are not well-versed in using EDI technology. 
  • With standardization across your digital supply chain, be assured that all trading partners within the network will easily understand digitized information. 
  • EDI software eliminates errors, maximizes efficiency, reduces delivery time, and speeds up invoice payments by automating the data exchange process. You no longer have to raise orders and invoices manually, send documents via post or email, or enter related information manually into the system.
  • It also automates the use of shipping notes, tax summaries, return instructions, credit and debit notes, and other documentation hence, improving various business processes, such as inventory management, shipping, and audit. 
  • When you hire the US EDI service firm for successful implementation of EDI solution, it yields long-term strategic benefits, including streamlining of supply chains, improved customer relationships, superior competitive advantage.
  • As manual data entry is not required, rest assured of more accurate data, optimized internal business processes, time and cost efficiency, and more focus on the core business. 

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4. Ask about the experience of your EDI service provider USA.

Before you hire and engage an EDI service company USA for your project, you should be aware of its experience, proficiency, and skills. Therefore, do your research thoroughly, look into its business background & portfolio, check prior experience, and talk to the past clients to analyze the expertise to provide the right EDI solution that will cater adequately to your business needs. Ensure the best EDI tools for healthcare, supply chain management, and other sectors. You can ask:

  • About the qualification and experience of the team that will work for you. 
  • Did they provide EDI services to a host of companies and organizations?
  • What is their track record in delivering results and ROI?
  • What are the industries that they have served?
  • What is their expertise in different EDI transactions and formats?
  • If they have served large, medium, or small businesses or worked with startups?

Choose the EDI service provider with impressive experience in serving customers across multiple industries as this ensures knowledge about different trading partners, the best advice, results, and real value. 

Conducting the preliminary research about your potential US EDI service agency saves you from unforeseen issues that may arise during implementation. This is not enough. The best EDI service provider in the USA must be able to give instant and proactive responses to all your questions.

5. Ask your United States EDI service company about its team.

Do not ignore the EDI service team that will be working on your project. The professionals who will handle your EDI system, data exchange process, and trading network should be competent. If you think that EDI is not their core competency, then prefer working with a full-service EDI service company in the United States that will help you achieve system integration via automated EDI software. Thus, getting all your processes working together while eliminating manual transfer from one system to another.

When you have a team of certified and experienced EDI experts managing your business processes, it will optimize and operate the technology on your behalf without causing any trouble and disruption. This also means streamlining the entire retail IT operation by pulling in and sharing EDI data automatically between two or more trading systems, such as ERP, IMS/OMS, WMS without manual reentering of data. 

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6. Ask your EDI service United States provider about the implementation timeline.

No matter what industry you work in, when you hire an EDI service agency in the US, you trust the team with many responsibilities. It becomes a part of your organization, managing the trading partner network and business operations. The professionals of that company will be handling many systems and processes of your organization along with monitoring a wealth of information. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about further blizzards of technical considerations about EDI. An experienced team will be taking care of your EDI system for you so you can focus on other important tasks to run your business smoothly. Amidst all this, one thing that plays a key role is the deadline to deliver and implement the right EDI solution. Yes, it may be a long process in a few cases but ask them to commit to a timeline and insist on successful results within the stipulated time.

The timeline may vary based on the complexity of the project and the circumstances involved. However, when you have an estimated time, you can prepare other aspects related to the project. The commitment to the deadline also establishes a strong and lasting relationship that drives value and benefits. 

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7. Ask your potential US EDI service provider about integration and post-deployment support services.

System integration is one of the primary concerns for many businesses, especially while implementing an EDI system from the ground up. Most often organizations face downtime, disruptions, or data loss while integrating software with existing systems. So, make sure that your data is transferred automatically and in real-time as you integrate EDI with your other business systems. This will allow you to share information quickly and easily while identifying trends and reducing operational costs associated with separate data silos. So, whenever you will search for information in your EDI solution, you will get accurate and updated data within no time.

Also, post-deployment maintenance services and a dedicated round-the-clock support team should be a part of end-to-end EDI services USA. A good EDI partner stays with you every step of the way and refines the system as per your requirements. Decide on how results are scheduled, how documents are mapped from different source files, and how testing can validate data before it is shared. Moreover, EDI is a mature market and companies prefer doing things a certain way so you can witness legacy systems in place. However, this can lead to a competitive disadvantage in a disruptive and challenging environment as competitors show innovative EDI capabilities. Therefore, review constantly and seek reengineering services. A complete suite of EDI services in the USA should also include:

  • EDI solution design and implementation
  • Constant monitoring and analysis
  • Trading partner setup and testing
  • Configuration

You must be free to connect with your US EDI service partner anytime to address issues related to EDI connectivity, setup, and technical support. 

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