Top 10 IT Consulting Companies in the USA

Top IT Consulting Companies USA

Implementing IT solutions is a daunting task that is filled with complications and obstacles. There are so many options when it comes to selecting the right technology and tools that anyone can get overwhelmed. This is where IT consultants come to the rescue with their expertise and knowledge. They recommend the right tech stack and product based on business demands and needs. Trust us, the relevant and right IT product can make a huge difference to your organization and can up your game in this digital era. It allows you instant access to a team of experts and skilled IT consultants who help you get the best results at minimal costs. They possess superior know-how regarding technology, cyber threats, risks, and devices. 

Are you also looking for reliable and credible IT consultants? We have named the top 10 IT consulting companies in the USA that are known for their flawless services and result-based performance. Have a look:


For effective IT solutions and seamless implementation, it is important to develop a strategy that centers around business needs. A3logics understands that completely, hence offering user-centric and industry-specific IT consultation services. It works with clients to prepare a plan keeping their business in mind and ensure growth and higher revenue. They have a well-defined process that consists of different steps, including discovery, assessment, development, and follow-up. To create a roadmap that aligns with business objectives, the company makes viable, attainable, and economical suggestions. It selects the right course of action while taking care of all the specifications and deadlines to cater to individual demands. Their IT consulting solutions include optimization, disaster recovery & business continuation, planning, governance & compliance, and more. The team also stays connected post-deployment to make sure that there are no glitches and if there is, then it is resolved instantly. If you are looking forward to a network that has the expertise, resources, and professional support, then this is the right place.


Sevatec is a renowned IT consulting firm that specializes in delivering modern and innovative Enterprise software development solutions to federal enterprises. It offers software engineering, system integration services, and other information technology solutions to global clients across various industries. The company has served healthcare, civilian, defense, science & technology sectors with its comprehensive IT services. Using agile and best-in-class techniques combined with powerful software products, it develops advanced processes. The aim is to form a scalable, secure, and automated digital software supply chain. The company is also known for unmatched advancements in technology, user-centric designs, open-source tools, cloud service integration, and the latest frameworks. Their other services include content and knowledge management, logistics, strategic and human capital management, business consulting, project and data management, information assurance, and more. 


Borqs is one of the leading global IT consulting firms offering embedded software and IT products for the IoT Development Services (Internet of Things). It has a management team comprising professionals who are well-versed in developing and promoting mobile software, applications, and end-to-end solutions for their dynamic clients. The company was founded in 2007 and since then, has been providing customized, scalable, and smart IT services. This is not it. Borqs has established research centers in different countries and has marked its presence worldwide with its top-notch and turnkey solutions that help its clients to gain a competitive edge in the market and win the IT sector. The company is a catalyst for tablets, smartphones, wearables, trackers, vehicles, home appliances, and is on a mission to tap into the potential of advanced technologies to make an interconnected world. 


CALIBRE Systems, Inc. takes immense pride in its result-oriented IT and management consulting services. It offers solutions to public and private sectors, such as federal, defense, civil, and commercial corporations. Calibre is an employee-owned consulting company that extends support to government and various industries across different domains. The company is committed to delivering success and the best outcomes to its clients with its IT solutions that address program, management, and technology challenges. The IT consultants help businesses realize their full potential to enhance their services, performance, and quality. The company knows that the success of any organization depends on its availability to generate actionable data and adapt its structure based on stats. Therefore, it converts complicated data into clear and understandable visuals to extract valuable information and enable effective cost management. 

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Electric is a company that believes in simplified IT solutions. Their aim is to enable clients to easily connect with a support technician. If you are stuck with a complicated IT structure and environment, then this is the perfect destination for you. Now, you don’t have to wait for long response windows for your IT support requests. Their IT consulting services will help you integrate directly into your workspace and empower your team to avail of IT support and solutions whenever required. No matter what processes you are looking for, onboarding, offboarding, or setting up a new device, Electric will take care of it seamlessly. They spare no effort to make an easy-to-navigate IT environment and solve all your queries while reporting what’s happening and all the updates. Their platform brings complete visibility into all aspects of IT infrastructure. 

Advanced Kiosks

Advanced Kiosks is a trusted IT and development partner known for best-in-class solutions. You can connect with them for interactive turnkey computer kiosk systems and software that you can install easily within a few minutes. Their team is not just a typical one that includes members with a traditional approach but their representatives include IT proficients and professionals who evaluate every detail of your project. They work closely with you, getting familiar with all the aspects of your business, determining the best tech stack and solutions for you, exploring more opportunities, to deliver an interactive platform. They will ask all the relevant questions to recommend and assemble the perfect solution for a successful venture. They also have expertise in designing custom-built hardware and customized software applications for a more personalized experience. 

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Clarika is one of the top software development and IT consulting companies that assist their clients to empower their business and expand its horizon through digital transformation. It offers a wide range of solutions to global clients, such as quality assurance, product engineering services, design, web development, mobile app, cloud computing, IT staff augmentation, and AI. The company has collaborated with many small and medium enterprises with their outsourced IT services. The company intends to improve the workflow and brand image via powerful IT products. Their team works constantly with you and guides you throughout by defining your requirements clearly and providing solutions that align with your goals. Whether you need a single product or need to fill the missing technological experience or revamp the existing product, Clarika has taken care of it all. 

Cyber Infrastructure Inc.

Cyber Infrastructure Inc. was established with a mission to enhance businesses and user experience through profound IT and technology solutions. CIS is a popular and reliable software design and consulting company, offering custom and optimized products to a plethora of clients. Rest assured that you will resolve all the challenges and meet your unique and specific needs with their next-gen services. Take your business to the next level with their consulting services and attain all the success and objectives. The team of dedicated IT professionals works on your project and handles conceptualization, coding, development, and deployment with their full-fledged automation framework. The company always sticks to globally recognized standards and trends to avoid any errors during the development process. If you want to include advanced technologies in your IT infrastructures, such as IoT, cloud, or mobile-first indexing, then CIS has got your back. 

Miracle Systems

Miracle Systems is known as a federal contractor for databases, IT systems, and software applications. They provide full-lifecycle IT architecture, strategy, infrastructure, software, implementation, support & maintenance, planning, migration, deployment, etc. You can also seek financial analysis, operation support, and professional services in contracts and procurement. For federal agencies facing diminishing resources and growing demands can get enterprise PMO and governance support solutions for the best results. If you face any technical challenges or have no idea how to start your journey to the IT sector, then their experts are always available at your service to help improve efficiency and effectiveness through optimized innovations. This includes Big Data services, Cyber Security, Cloud Computing services, Cyber Security, Mobility, Microservices, and more. The company ensures to maintain compliance and adhere to all guidelines and policies. 


ZS is a widely popular IT consulting company that focuses on helping clients improve their overall performance, market share, and revenue growth through comprehensive sales and marketing solutions that revolve around IT and technology. They gain business insights, analyze all the essential areas, strategize, and implement the right solutions. Their team takes care of analytics, operations, and technologies and has worked for several industries and domains till now to deliver impactful results. They understand that with such complicated market conditions, it can be tough to connect with the audience and stand out from others. Therefore, help you make strategic decisions and deliver a better customer experience. They convert ideas into value-driven IT products to drive transformational change across the organization. 


We prepared the list after going through numerous client feedback, work portfolio, and conducting detailed research. All the companies listed have a unique approach and work model to deliver desired outcomes and help clients achieve success. Make sure that you connect with their experts and resolve all the queries before you choose the best IT consulting firm for your business.

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