Top 10 EDI 820 Professional Service Providers in the USA

Top 10 EDI 820 Professional Service Providers in the USA-Toporgs

An EDI 820 or Payment Order/Remittance Advice is an electronic message exchanged between trading partners. The document allows companies to streamline the supply chain process while eliminating paper-based exchange. The EDI 820 is based on the Accredited Standards Committee (ASC) X12 format and defined by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), a governing body that controls EDI formats in the US. EDI 820 is issued by a buyer at the end of an EDI workflow after receiving the EDI 850 document. It is similar to sending a supplier a notice of intent to pay an invoice. EDI 820 standard automation submits data directly into the receivable system and keeps the cost of business down. 

Handling the complications of EDI 820 and streamlining the transaction is not easy for all businesses. Hence, they look for a trusted EDI service provider to deal with all the difficulties. We have listed 10 companies that are well-known for their excellent EDI solutions. Take a look:


A3logics offers a wide range of EDI solutions with a mission to provide its clients with unique and result-oriented EDI systems that resolve key business challenges. The team holds expertise in EDI formats and standards that cover every aspect of EDI transactions. Its EDI integration services empower businesses and bridge the gap between trading partners, enabling them to connect and exchange data electronically. From basic to advanced and sophisticated or in-house to cloud-based, A3logics strives to be your trusted EDI partner and deliver all EDI solutions in one place. Its only aim is to deliver flexible, affordable, and elite EDI solutions and it spares no effort to achieve this. With unmatched dedication and passion for their work, EDI professionals promise to enhance customer satisfaction, reduce costs, and improve trading relationships. 


PilotFish caters to the growing demand for modern and cost-effective EDI solutions for users in the healthcare, finance, insurance, and medical industries.  It is a distribution partner of ANSI X12 and with access to its standard artifacts, the company offers robust services for rapid and efficient mapping, validation, and production of X12 standard messages. Its modern and automated system connects systems and other devices seamlessly, including legacy systems and newer technologies. The built-in data mapper is equipped with a powerful EDI format builder and users only need to enter the external scheme file or the file name of the transaction. The process is simple and takes only a few seconds, making it quite hassle-free. 

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1 EDI Source

EDI 820 is for plan sponsors or companies offering healthcare benefits to employees, enabling them to transmit information on premium payments to health plans. It involves various rules and constant changes that are difficult to keep straight or maintain. 1 EDI Source is a professional service provider that helps you go where you need to. Its more than 20 years of experience in building and implementing EDI solutions combined with advanced tools address complex challenges. It paves the fastest and most effective path with the help of its EDI experts who are available to serve you 24*7. The consulting professionals assist to solve EDI problems through custom solutions. Connect with the company to implement a specific aspect of the EDI software or seek guidance to achieve optimal ROI. 


SEEBURGER collaborates with businesses and organizations to help them digitally transform their business processes and transactions with their trading partners. As companies across all industries are experiencing rapid growth in their business partner network, SEEBURGER meets the need to onboard a large number of B2B processes and monitor them through comprehensive solutions. Its EDI services aim at ensuring efficient electronic exchange of data and automatic processing of business documents (standardized and integrated). Its EDI solutions will improve the invoicing process and the entire electronic exchange. So, make the most of its business integration suite for your company’s EDI and other integration schemes. With its 30 years of experience, it promises flexible and scalable solutions at the most competitive costs. 


TrueCommerce offers EDI solutions for all types of supply chain transactions to reduce manual efforts, streamline order processing, and enhance productivity. Its integrated, web-based, and single-vendor EDI solutions make clients’ companies more competitive or profitable to do business with. Over the years, the company has worked with thousands of clients to help them stay connected, supported, and prepared while exchanging data with trading partners. Its impressive client reviews and portfolio demonstrate the commitment and success of TrueCommerce. Also, it delivers fully managed services and scalable solutions that save IT, software, and hardware costs. The team of EDI experts extends multiple protocol support to meet varied requirements, including XML, ASC X12, EDIFACT, and many different secure connection options. 


With more than 21 years of experience, EDI2XML offers its clients the most advanced and cost-effective EDI solutions. Its web services allow you to start exchanging EDI 820 Remittance Advice within an hour. The fast and no-contract services do not require any special technical know-how and cover all aspects of the electronic interchange, including EDI mapping, trading partner configuration, standards maintenance, CSV/XML/TXT translation, send & receive EDI documents, integration with ERP applications, and more. EDI2XML is known for its popular fully managed EDI services, such as translation and communication solutions for businesses of all sizes and industries. All conversions of EDI files are done on its end so that clients no longer have to deal with on-site installations of software or hardware and the EDI project is delivered on time within the budget. 


Connect with ArcESB for EDI solutions and connect with your trading partners seamlessly to send and receive EDI documents and automate data interchange processes with ease. The company provides robust and cutting-edge software solutions to handle each aspect of the EDI process, covering everything from connecting back-end systems and ERP to accounting and marketing, and more. It allows you to map over 10k+ documents in 14 EDI standard formats to and from 100 platforms. You can easily turn non-EDI documents, such as ERP purchase, X12 850, and more into EDI documents and formats that your tools support. Also, with assistance from the professionals of ArcESB, you can easily move translated EDI data between tools to start automation and trigger business processes. From CRM to ERP and more, the company provides end-to-end solutions for back-end system automation. 

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Astera offers EDIConnect, an enterprise-grade powerful solution that simplifies the exchange of EDI documents while reducing operational errors and speeding up the partner onboarding process. The system is specifically designed to handle EDIFACT, X12, and HL7 transaction sets through its built-in validator and transaction builder. It also features a drag-and-drop interface to enable businesses to interchange EDI documents and manage their relationships. Clients only need to invest in an Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) solution offered by Astera that can improve the quality and speed of information exchange while ensuring compliance and reducing costs. The exclusive set of features of EDIConnect includes compliance with EDI formats, automatic acknowledgment, correct mapping, reduced errors, integrated data, and more. 


No matter what your queries are regarding EDI, SPS Commerce is here to resolve all issues and take care of electronic document exchange. It will help your business automate EDI payments and transactions while managing all the ongoing EDI tasks that are otherwise complex and time-consuming. The company is a leading full-service EDI provider that delivers advanced EDI technology and associated staffing resources for customizing, optimizing, and operating EDI solutions. SPS Commerce allows users to download EDI 820 documents to CSV files and translate invoice and payment information into the format that is supported by the system. The files then can be uploaded into an accounting system to double-check and evaluate information without manual data entry. Hence, accounting teams can get significant time back in their schedules and eliminate errors by leveraging automated data exchange. The company connects directly with trading partners to manage setup, connectivity, updates, requirements, and support efforts. 


Get in touch with the team of Cleo to do business in every direction by consolidating all EDI software and non-EDI integrations onto a single EDI platform. The company has been offering a complete suite of EDI and EDI integration solutions to ensure quick implementation of business flows between partners and business applications, be it on-premise or cloud. Tap into the potential of modern EDI systems with your trusted EDI partner that helps in creating and deploying your integrations using an intuitive, self-service design platform. Its integration cloud is a single, flexible, and easy-to-use platform that offers the support clients need to grow on their terms and timeframes. Also, you can easily expand your EDI system and investment while paving the path to the future of application integration, API connectivity, and beyond. It not only gives the ability to consolidate multiple business processes and functions in one place but also provides a clear path toward continuous value. 


These were the most recommended and well-reputed companies for EDI 820 solutions. Yes, comparing each of them and reaching the conclusion would be a complicated journey but we are sure that the information we have provided would guide you to select the right EDI partner. Do not forget to discuss all your queries with the team and resolve all questions before you hire them for your project. All the Best!

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