Top 10 Logistics Software Development Companies in the USA

Top 10 Logistics Software Development Companies-TOPORGS

Are you looking for a reliable and perfect logistics software development company? Then you have landed on the right destination as we have listed top 10 logistics software solutions providers in the USA. Our pool of experts and researchers has considered all the key factors and features, including market reputation, portfolio, experience, expertise, technology, customer feedback, and more to procure and compile this list. These companies are known to dive deep into your business processes to explore ways and potential to take your company to new heights of profits and efficiency. 

So, have a look at these names and all the features that make them worthy of your trust and investments. 


A3logics is a top-rated logistics software company helping businesses navigate the road to cost-efficient technology with digital solutions. For hassle-free and effective logistics and transportation processes, the company offers tailored services so you can manage the business with ease and streamline all operations. Rely on their software development services to address your logistics and shipping needs, and its team will help you optimize delivery routes, minimize operational costs, reduce traffic congestion, and refine the shipping experience for your clients. The company has been offering logistics software development for years now, delivering powerful products at scale for the global freight marketplace, large vehicle fleets, and supply chain innovators. Connect with the experts of A3logics and they will apply their technical expertise and dedication to create cross-domain software to modernize your logistics and transportation business. The company works with one aim- to create the best software systems that meet all your business challenges throughout the supply chain at various levels, from warehouse planning and freight management to last-mile delivery.


Echobind takes immense pride in employing a 100% distributed team with skilled professionals working around the US to help businesses and people. They ensure a productive and happy environment to give the best results to clients and leave no stone unturned to meet the unique needs of logistics companies. The company is constantly collaborating and pairing on exercises, thereby creating a fun and supportive culture that leads to innovative software products and addresses the biggest challenges creatively. With a distributed model, the company hires from a bigger and diverse pool of talent so you get nothing but top-notch logistics software solutions. Also, with years of experience in creating high-performing and unmatched web applications and software along with APIs to power them, they deliver a platform that is suitable to build your business on. The team promises to meet tight deadlines without compromising on quality and extend support in breaking through those bottlenecks.


To resolve the struggles of e-commerce businesses to operate efficiently with the updated shipping process, Shippo is your trusted logistics software provider. Meeting consumer expectations of ease and speed, the company bridges the gap between businesses and buyers by making shipping effortless through its cloud consulting services for logistics. The team builds technology that simplifies all the complexities of shipping and logistics and connects companies to the best delivery options. Shippo reduces global and physical barriers and enables modern-day shoppers to get their products delivered without any hassle while creating superb experiences. It powers everything leading up to delightful moments as products arrive in consumers’ hands. Shippo’s logistics software integrates with top e-commerce websites to streamline their fulfillment process. Orders are automatically synced with Shippo and the operations team manages orders and prints all necessary documentation along with the shipping label. Also, users can customize the shipping process, send personalized tracking information, create return labels, and whatnot. 

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Quickbase is a reliable name that is empowering businesses and enterprises by turning their ideas into seamless applications. The company aims to make people and operations efficient, productive, and informed. With Quickbase at your service, you can utilize granular and distributed tracking and logistics management systems to ensure that all the products are delivered and accounted for between parts of the supply chain. The team builds no-code software and applications to eliminate manual processes and bring end-to-end transparency, automation, and real-time visibility across complex processes and siloed systems. Connect with them now and reset assured of complete visibility across your supply chain processes so you can access the right data whenever required. Also, you can uncover new insights, determine compliance risks and emerging threats, and discover growth opportunities across the organization. Quickbase is your perfect development partner to streamline processes across various workflows, such as quality control, fleet management, vendor management, and warehouse operations. 


AscendTMS offers software solutions for trucking companies, 3PLs, freight brokers, and shippers. It is a 100% independent company with no affiliation with any broker, carrier, or transportation entity. With this company to develop your logistics software, you don’t have to incur any license, upfront, support, or contract fees. While using AscendTMS for logistics and shipping, you can digitize all your outgoing and inbound payments. You can get access to the software from any device, anywhere with no setup, no hardware, and no installs. When you seek services from this company for your logistics business, you are assured of fast payments with digital settlement technology. Hence, mitigating all frauds, payment mistakes, and unauthorized short pays. Moreover, the company is known for cloud TMS, offering cloud-based logistics technology to lower your costs and increase profits. 

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Infor Global Solutions

Infor Global Solutions is a leading company helping thousands of businesses across the world with their digital transformation and software development solutions including supply chain and logistics. Thus, resulting in a whopping revenue of $243.3mn for the company, a year-on-year increase of $30mn from the previous year. As Infor was established initially, it had 1300 customers and operated within a restricted area under the name Agilsys. Now, the company has spread its wings with almost 168 direct offices worldwide, employing 15,000 employees all over the world. Infor software services are available to varied enterprises across multiple industries, including F&B, retail, distribution, and industrial manufacturing. With Infor Supply Chain, it claims to deliver unparalleled visibility and collaboration capabilities, covering everything from planning to execution to connecting with an entire network of trading partners. So, connect with the team and get a complete range of solutions for your entire supply chain.

Epicor Software Corporation

Epicor is a renowned company providing IT consultation services, including supply chain management to various famous clients. This international giant is trusted by thousands of businesses from varied sectors for its flawless services and seamless software products. The company employs a proficient team to design top-notch software, thereby making significant profits every year. Its loyal clientele and impressive portfolio are a testimony to the dedication and hard work of its professionals. SCM is just a part of the company’s total revenue along with all other offerings. Epicor’s supply chain software tailored to the needs and requirements of different enterprises and industries, ranging from distribution and manufacturing to retail, stands out for its effortless performance and value-driven results. Its over 3,900 employees serve more than 20,000 customers across the world. Epicor works with only one motto, “drive growth for our customers by being the leading provider of industry-specific software solutions and services.” 


WBPRO adopts a passion for innovation approach to design excellent software that helps your business grow and expand. The team is known for its dedication and unmatched customer satisfaction, making it a perfect technology partner for all. Connect with them and seek their services to witness increased ROI and gain a competitive advantage in your industry. Thanks to its highly skilled team of software developers and designers, the company assures to design, build, and deliver excellent software products within the committed deadline and promised budget. Using cutting-edge technology and proven methodologies, WBPRO provides flexibility to customers so they can use any model that best suits their resources, goals, and timeline. The company is trusted for its logistics software solutions around various states, including Texas, Virginia, Florida, California, Vermont, Massachusetts, and more. No matter where your business is located, they share your culture and value transparency and honesty. 

PK Global

PK Global was earlier known as Nuvem Consulting, offering software and consulting solutions across multiple industries, including healthcare, banking & finance, transportation, retail, insurance, logistics & shipping. With its customer-centric global digital services, PK Global helps its clients redefine the movement of goods and products around the world by upgrading infrastructure. It strives and aims to meet the demands of businesses that are a part of the shifting transportation landscape. Hire dedicated developers for your transportation and logistics needs, and navigate the digital frontier with a focus on customer experience. Explore new opportunities in your industry and adopt advanced technology to keep pace with the ever-evolving market trends. Position yourself for success by leveraging its end-to-end services across different delivery centers in the USA. Also, the company promises to expand what’s possible with insight-driven and customer-centric experiences that generate real value for your business. 

Coupa Software

Last on the list is Coupa Software which is a leading name to avail software services for your business. The company’s Business Spend Management Platform offers enterprises and businesses a comprehensive suite of enterprise software development solutions, covering their procurement, invoicing, sourcing, expenses, and analytics. It boasts some of the most popular names and clients as its clients. With its headquarters in San Mateo, California, the company was established in the year 2006 and since then has earned significant revenue over the years with its great and dedicated services. The company serves over 400 customers across 40 countries and has been listed as one of the most trustworthy companies. 


This was it. Now that you have gone through these top companies to seek logistics software development services, it’s time to make your decision. Remember not to rush but consider all the crucial factors and then select the one that suits you the best. 

FAQs to solve your queries about Logistic Software Development Company

1. What is a logistic software development company?

Logistics software development is an automated way to manage inventory and keep the supply chain smooth, starting from warehouse management to shipping. Every logistic company in the USA needs a trusted partner to develop streamlined software using the right technology for better business operations. Logistics software solutions enable supply chain companies to leverage emerging technologies for enhanced communication, real-time fleet management, and improved customer services. With custom fleet management services, clients can simplify their freight operations, reduce costs, save time, and offer dedicated services. When you connect with the best logistics software company US for custom solutions, ERP transportation management systems, apps, or other product engineering services, it creates digital solutions to meet your short and long-term goals. From small businesses to large enterprises, these companies cater to their needs, offering automated reporting and streamline shipping.

IT solutions for logistics comprise the development of custom-made logistics software to enable clients to manage, monitor and optimize all operations. They aim at helping companies improve business performance, increase revenue, create an efficient workforce, and manage orders through automated solutions. The wide range of custom services includes warehouse management, supply chain management, and route mapping capabilities. The powerful software can reduce fleet management expenses as a dedicated team works to meet modern logistics requirements through easy-to-use GPS tracking applications. 

As companies get sophisticated and all-inclusive software for their logistics and shipping business, they can gather data, keep track of products, scan barcodes, and manage the fleet via a secure and safe system. 

2. What does a logistics software company do?

Enterprise software for logistics business helps clients manage the movement and storage of goods efficiently. The professionals of a US logistics software development agency help businesses integrate software systems with their existing platforms to enable companies to handle and optimize supply chain transportation and logistics management. They focus on ERP systems and control the entire supply chain through an automated platform, taking care of inbound and outbound activities. When you work with a custom logistics software company, you experience an optimized distribution process and a decisive competitive advantage. Their ultimate goals are:

  • High visibility of the entire logistics process
  • Enhanced shipment efficiency
  • Improved customer services
  • Streamlined communication and data reporting
  • Reduced transport expenses
  • Improved shipment efficiency
  • Route planning and minimum delivery time
  • High security of data and operations
  • Reduces operational and maintenance costs

A team of skilled and experienced logistics software developers in the USA offers different IT professional services to meet the dynamic demands of businesses and address complex business challenges. They provide:

  • Logistics and Transportation Management System
  • Supply Chain Management Solutions
  • Warehouse Management System
  • Freight Forwarding Optimization Solution
  • Inventory Management System
  • Fleet Management Solution
  • Custom Enterprise Logistics Solutions
  • Vehicle Management System

The end-to-end solutions simplify your processes and minimize operational hurdles. With a trusted partner for supply chain management solutions, you can:

Streamline Your Workflow- A team of certified developers and designers helps automate your everyday tasks, provide real-time updates, reduce redundancy and streamline the workflow process.

Convert Data into Insights- You get a custom application to manage unstructured and structured data and convert it into actionable insights. Your development partner guides you to explore and communicate data patterns that facilitate streamlined inventory processes and customer behavior analysis.

Track Shipment and Delivery- After identifying requirements, they implement solutions to increase security, cut fuel expense, control work time, increase productivity through a real-time tracking system. 

Automate Warehouses- The enterprise software development company automates warehouses processes with computer vision to ensure recognition and organization of inventory and administer quality control.

Improve Customer Experience- You get AI and Machine Learning-powered solutions to increase the accuracy of demand prediction for seamless warehouse management and a more personalized customer experience.

3. How much do logistic software companies charge for their services?

The final cost of logistic software development firms US varies according to the company and project. While calculating the overall price to develop a comprehensive supply chain and logistics software, a website development company considers various factors and aspects of the project. Moreover, a transportation logistics software company also considers the level of functionality incorporated into it. For a large-scale enterprise, investing in a complete ERP solution with a robust supply chain module is the best choice. The final cost will also depend on the following factors:

  • Number of users
  • Hourly software development costs
  • Infrastructure
  • Ongoing support and maintenance
  • Project length & complexity

The team involved in the development lifecycle also contributes to the overall cost. The development team includes:

Project Manager- A talented professional who displays administrative skills and has a solution-oriented and positive approach towards all impediments.

Developers- Whether you want iOS, Android, Web, or hybrid application solutions, a team of 2-3 developers works on your project.

Designers- To design an attractive user interface and exceptional user experience, 2 designers dedicatedly work on designing the software.

Testers- Testers and quality evaluators check the performance and quality of software meticulously right from the beginning of the development phase. The aim is to deliver a seamless product to clients. 

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4. What are the advantages of hiring a custom logistic software company?

When a logistics and transportation business decides to hire a logistics software company USA to streamline its operations, it enjoys the following benefits:

Domain Expertise & Dedicated Staff

Having an in-house team for logistics software development and maintenance can take the focus off of other core functions and activities. Also, you don’t get domain expertise to take care of every aspect of software development. So, in case of any technical glitch, you have to seek help from an outsource company. With a professional company working on your logistics software, a highly qualified team of developers works dedicatedly on your project, ensuring smooth operations and solving all issues as soon as they are encountered. You can connect with the team 24*7 for support and help. Also, they have to pay the utmost attention to their market attention so they deliver only the best results. 

Cost & Resource Effectiveness

Hiring professionals from a United States logistics software development company is cost-effective and time-saving. As you automate various functions of the supply chain, you reduce manual labor and resources, hence saving time and money significantly. The software instantly compares the audit of a freight invoice against the shipping contract to help businesses save money by protecting them from paying an additional amount for services that weren’t rendered as promised. You don’t have to invest labor resources or deal with hiring an in-house team, saving you plenty of resources. 

Reduced Human Errors

When you have streamlined and automated software to address your logistics needs, it eliminates manual intervention. Thus, mitigating costly human errors and. It processes the data in a short time without mistakes or omissions.

Access to an Efficient Management System

Seek IT solutions for logistics business and leverage the benefits of experienced manpower. They are skilled and well-versed in cutting-edge technologies to build powerful software systems and upgrade the system to keep pace with evolving trends in the market. 

Custom Logistics Solutions 

Every company or project is different with unique demands and goals. Therefore, what works for one logistics company may not yield the same results for another. However, with custom solutions, you get bespoke solutions to meet the particular needs of your business and reach the set targets. You work with industry experts who create tailored software solutions based on your specifications. 

5. How to choose the right logistic software development agency?

Considering the growing popularity and usability of a logistics software company in the US, a plethora of companies are offering enterprise software services. Choosing the right development partner among numerous options can be tough and tricky. Hence, the following points will help you select the best logistics software development company:

List Your Requirements

Before you start your search for top-notch IT solutions for logistics, enlist all your business requirements based on criteria, personality, and project. Your analysis must include the following:

  • A company’s domain expertise and experience. Your logistics company should also be a reliable EDI service provider for the streamlined supply chain management. After a detailed discussion with the team, you should check if it is composed of skilled and experienced professionals.
  • Budget is a key factor when you select the right development partner for your project. Decide on the amount that you are ready to spend and then evaluate the cost of the potential development team. You can ask for an hourly rate or the estimated cost of the overall project.
  • How do you intend to establish communication between you and the service provider? Who will be the primary contact person? If the team will be available 24*7 or are there specific service hours?
  • Last, ask for the tech stack and flexibility. You may need to change your technological equipment according to the software development service.

Compare Different Companies

Based on the above-mentioned requirements, filter the companies that match your requirements and connect with their representatives. Put forward all your doubts and queries so they can resolve them. Check their portfolios, past work, clients’ stories, and reviews. Compare each option to find out the one company that works best for you and meets your expectations.

Ensure Security & Scalability

The security of critical business data is important for any company. Also, you must be sure that your software can scale up and down according to future expansion. Thus, ensuring the scalability and security of logistics software is another significant factor. Along with managing daily business operations and workload, your software must be capable of handling peak demands.

As companies are relying more and more on technology for their routine operations, real-time supply chain visibility and tracking are also necessary. This will help in better processing of large amounts of data, meeting customer demands, and customizing logistics services. 

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Continuous Review of Performance

Last but not least. Make sure that your logistics software company in the US understands your expectations, vision, goals, and requirements clearly. The experts that you hire for your project must be available all the time to offer support and maintenance services. Appoint a dedicated professional to keep an eye on the progress of the project and check if the results are according to your expectations or not. In case of any deviation, get in touch with the development team for corrective measures. 

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