Top 10 Blockchain App Development Companies In The USA

Blockchain App Development

A blockchain is a decentralized database that is shared and run among the nodes of a computer complete network. Blockchain app development is very crucial for various organizations, as it acts as a database that stores information electronically in a digital format. It guarantees the security and fidelity of the recorded data and creates trust without the involvement of any third party.

There are a number of companies that offer the service of blockchain application development, each one of them has its own benefits and features. Out of hundreds of blockchain app development companies, this blog will give you a list of the top 10 such companies that will help you in developing a perfect blockchain application.

Those top 10 companies are:

1- A3logics

A3 is a software development company that is specialized in AI and blockchain technology, driven by very graceful methods, it brings out high-end security and mobility for your organizations. The skilled team of developers is dedicated and works for customer satisfaction.

The enterprise software development company focuses on catering their best services into the market for their customers. Filled with all the advanced features and benefits. The company has a variety of services that makes them a reliable and trustworthy brand in the market. 

The company offers consulting and development services, that include:

  • Blockchain technology consulting
  • Blockchain security solutions
  • Blockchain smart contract solutions 
  • Ethereum blockchain solution
  • Blockchain wallet application solutions
  • Blockchain banking solution

Some other blockchain app development services include:

  •  Private blockchain development 
  •  Wallet development solutions
  • dApps
  • Hyperledger development 
  • Cryptocurrency exchange development 
  • Smart contracts development 

2- Unicsoft

The company is a blockchain app development company that provides your organization of any size domain with a blockchain-powered system. The blockchain app development company will develop a project from scratch or even adjust the one already existing solution with the help of a trustworthy and reliable partner.

Ubisoft provides services to startup companies by giving 2% faster to the market, 40% faster scaling, and 25% reduction of the burn rate. More custom-built blockchain applications are:

  • Cryptocurrency development
  • Private blockchain development 
  • ICO and STO development
  • NFT marketplace development 
  • Smart contract development 
  • Trace and track development 
  • DApp development 
  • NFT game development 

3- Fugenx

They are the world’s leading technology service provider that specializes in machine learning, mobile apps, AI, blockchain services, and many more. Fugenx presents unique stats that suggest about 90% of the bank infrastructure cost was compromised by blockchain technology,  companies, and their services.

They are the most reliable and trustworthy in the USA that focuses on developing your dream project for you, with a skilled and dedicated development team, fugenx is working non-stop for customer satisfaction.

There are more blockchain services available at the company that they give out to the market, such as:

  • Smart chain development 
  • Multichain development 
  • Bigchain DB
  • Ethereum
  • Cryptocurrency exchanges

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4- Aspired Solutions

The company ensures that you get your best blockchain app that will last long and provide all the essential benefits, making your work easy. If you have any questions or doubts regarding the blockchain app, Aspired will ease you out and help you in having a complete and clear idea of the development process and pattern that will make sure that you are completely sure of the application.

They have been working for a long time and are very skilled in their respective fields, Aspired has blockchain app development services that are one of their specialties. It offers all sorts of blockchain services that are available in the market, such as:

  • Private blockchain development 
  • Wallet development solutions
  • dApps
  • Hyperledger development 
  • Cryptocurrency exchange development 
  • Smart contracts development 
  • Ethereum

5- Soul lab

Their team of expert developers makes up the core of the organization, and also have years of experience under their belts in blockchain software development. Their experience helps them to offer a cutting-edge solution that can transform your business. Soul lab takes out the time to understand its customer’s needs and demands thoroughly, as customer satisfaction is the keystone of the company. 

Soul lab defines a list of reasons why you should pick them for your blockchain app development, which involves, better business efficiency, complete transparency, better portfolio, timely delivery, 100% customer happiness, 24/7 customer support, sustainable partnerships, and a customer-centric approach.

Services of blockchain app provided by the company are:

  • Cryptocurrency development
  • Private blockchain development 
  • ICO and STO development
  • NFT marketplace development 
  • Smart contract development 
  • Trace and track development 
  • DApp development 
  • NFT game development 

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6- Eleks

It is an association that builds up custom software that will provide a huge range of services ranging from mobile to web applications to complex business solutions. Blockchain app development is the core competency of Eleks, as they are built on the committed end-to=end process of development.

They focus on building an application that can serve their customers with their needs and fulfill their expectations in a way that will help the costumes stick with the company for a longer period of time. It is one of those professional IT services that provide countless other services, being the one-stop destination for their clients. 

Among blockchain services, there is more app development in the same field, those are:

  • NFT game development
  • Smart contract development
  • Track and trace development
  • DAap development
  • Cryptocurrency development

7- Cubix

Blockchain technology is a central and core technology that modifies every industry in every sector of the market, Cubix provides you with every need you might ever have. If you want to hire blockchain app developers, you must consider Cubix as your best option.

With an abundance of technology, the company will give you a number of advantages, such as giving it out economically, fast, flexibility, transparency, better customer support, a customer-centric approach, and much more than these.

They provide some key services for blockchain app development, such as:

  • Blockchain consulting
  • Experience and design
  • Enterprise blockchain
  • Blockchain deployment
  • Blockchain maintenance
  • Migration and upgrades

8- Intellectsoft

The company consists of award-winning website design, support channels, and the development of various applications and software. Blockchain app development services are available in the company along with other services, such as web designing, consulting services, remote services, and a lot more. The skilled development team of the company has crafted extraordinary back-and-front-end solutions that have changed the shape of how users interact with other brands since 2004.

Alliance Interactive makes sure to give you a product that you have dreamt of from the start, they are known for putting all of their efforts into developing a tool that will help you, and your company in better functioning. 

Intellectsoft is one the best blockchain mobile app development companies in USA, they provide different services to startups and enterprises, those are as followed:

  • Product design workshop
  • DApps
  • Public blockchain network integration
  • Smart contracts development 
  • Technology consulting
  • Proof of concept development 
  • Consortium networks
  • Migration to blockchain infrastructure
  • Private and permission blockchain development

9- Greg solutions

Mobile is such an integral part of everyone’s life nowadays, there are more than 100 thousand Android apps being launched every month and more than 30,000 iOS releases. There are a number of opportunities to create an app as development services are accessible to even the smallest and farthest places. 

Hence, Greg solutions are providing the Flutter app development services to its customers as well for better and smooth functioning. This technology is used by every small company and at the same time in the big brands, developing flutter apps helps the company in building aesthetically pleasing applications in record-breaking time.   

There are a number of services apart from blockchain app development that the company caters to the market. Such as:

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10- Quytech

In this list, Quytech might be at the last number but it does not make it any less than any of the other companies, as it is one of the leading blockchain development companies. Having several numbers of experience and expertise in the industry, their developers provide you from ideation to designing your blockchain app. 

They deliver their customers custom blockchain solutions with the help of their hands-on experience and the skilled development team. They have developed a number of applications over the years and are working strongly in the industry for the upliftment of other organizations and the betterment of their customers.

Other blockchain services provided by the company are:

  • Ethereum
  • Hyperledger
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Stellar
  • DAap
  • Smart contract
  • NFT game


Concluding the blog at one place, it is seen that there are hundreds of companies catering blockchain services to the market, but to help you in short, the blog presents with top 10 companies that will develop your best blockchain app for the empowerment of your enterprise.

These companies offer various other services that you can avail of at any time you like, hence these are a one-step stop for you. The services that they offer cater to a different zone of customers and their needs, one can easily get a number of benefits out of it for their organization.

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