Top 10 Cryptocurrency Wallet Development Companies in the USA

Top 10 Cryptocurrency Wallet Development Companies in the USA-Toporgs

In this digital era, no wonder that digital money is ruling the current market. We popularly know it as a Cryptocurrency- used by numerous banks, government organizations, individuals, and other associations. A crypto wallet is a modern software used to make digital transactions and view crypto balances on the blockchain. The public address is assigned to an individual wallet holder in the form of cryptocurrency, and the account number allows easy exchange. Cryptocurrency wallet development has become a part of business solutions and companies are looking for a reliable vendor or service provider. 

For efficient crypto wallet development services, entrepreneurs seek professional developers. Are you one of them? Do you need a crypto wallet app for your business? Then go through this list of the top 10 cryptocurrency wallet development companies in the USA curated by us.


A3logics has been serving dynamic and global clients with its ewallet development services for years now. Cryptocurrency and bitcoins are an integral part of its comprehensive solutions where experts integrate digital wallers with trading platforms seamlessly.


  • A3logics was started in 2003 with an office in Carlsbad, CA. Its team of over 250 strategists, developers, designers, project managers, and other tech experts caters to the needs of global clients.
  • The company constantly strives to achieve higher targets for its clients and team members. Thus, delivering excellent results every time for each project.
  • Its crypto wallet development solutions support centralized and decentralized finance products. Combining its expertise and experience, the company creates products that strengthen your position in the crypto business.
  • The numerous high-end crypto products delivered by A3logics include secure crypto payment gateways, multi-currency wallets, P2P crypto exchanges, and more.
  • The team specializes in developing Mobile, Desktop, Web, Bitcoin, and Coin-Specific Wallets along with Chatbots, Artificial Intelligence, IoT, AR/VR, Machine Learning services, and other advanced technologies.


Unicsoft is a trusted and renowned name for cryptocurrency wallet app development services, delivering artificial intelligence and blockchain solutions. The aim of the company is to drive value and desired business outcomes for enterprises and startups. 


  • Unicsoft was established in the year 2005 with a US-based office in Soquel, California, and employs a team of 100-200 tech professionals from different domains. 
  • The company works with SMEs and startups across multiple industries to validate ideas, build MVPs, and market-fit products, and scale software applications faster. 
  • The team prioritizes customer experience through clear and systematic communication, a pro-active team, and a highly orchestrated development process.
  • It also offers technology consulting solutions, including business-led products, modernizing legacy systems, and deliver the desired results for improved business performance and efficiencies. 
  • Its core services include Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision, Blockchain, Big Data, Data Science, Data Analytics fields, and more. 

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HashCash is a global IT and software solutions company that offers white-label Bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange software services to enterprises. The solutions are ideated and operated by a skilled team with rich experience in banking security systems, blockchain technology, and cryptocurrency trading.


  • The company was started in 2015 in Palo Alto, CA. It now has offices in multiple locations with a team of 100-250 employees work to deliver exceptional software, IT, and cryptocurrency solutions. 
  • With its tech prowess, it builds blockchain products that enable businesses to settle payments and move assets in real-time for trade finance, payment processing, remittances, etc.
  • HashCash ensures improvements in tech solutions with blockchain 101 programs and an investment wing. It offers payment processor software, ICO services, and custom applications.
  • It operates a digital asset payment processor, BillBitcoins, and a US-based digital cryptocurrency asset exchange, PayBito.
  • The company holds expertise in Big Data, AI, and IOT development services, and other IT services and platforms. The consultants determine the most complex challenges and create innovative digital alteration strategies for consumers around the globe.


OpenXcell is an industry-leading and reliable software and mobile app development agency in the USA that is known for creating the most innovative software solutions and engaging web apps. It has worked on various domains and projects across different sectors, delivering successful results over the years.


  • This cryptocurrency wallet development company was started in 2009 with a US office in Sunnyvale, California. In over 11 years, it has grown into a team of 300-999 tech experts and proficients who work on different technologies.
  • The team boasts an unstoppable quest for adopting the latest tools and innovations thereby, evolving as a one-stop destination for comprehensive business consultation. 
  • With its hard work and dedication, OpenXcell has made a stellar reputation in the industry. It is committed to strict deadlines and quality deliverables, which make it a trusted partner for businesses of all types.
  • It utilizes the latest tools, techniques, strategies, and methodologies to develop robust solutions that generate higher revenue and profitability for clients. 
  • It specializes in Software Development, Enterprise Solutions, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Big Data consulting services, Chatbots & the Internet of Things, IT Support, and other tech services.


Cubix is an award-winning software and application development firm, offering a range of IT consultation services to leading brands and startups worldwide. With years of experience in the tech industry, it has worked for organizations, individuals, small businesses, etc.


  • In the year 2008, Cubix started its journey in IT and software and is located in West Palm Beach, Florida where a team of 250 engineers, programmers, and other experts serve clients from different industries.
  • The team works on its skills and proficiencies continuously to master industry progression. 
  • It offers mobile app, games, and software development services with expertise in customization, integration, development, business intelligence analytics, and more.
  • It is a trusted partner that builds impactful products based on your vision by exploring new possibilities and alternatives that suit you better.
  • Its suite of core services includes E-Learning, IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, SaaS development services, Augmented Reality, Virtual reality, etc.


Mobcoder strives toward excellence in software development and innovation. Its valuable asset of the workforce includes testers, designers, developers, project managers, and business strategists. They work together to translate cutting-edge technologies and market trends into value-driven products for clients. 


  • Mobcoder was founded in 2014 with an office in Seattle, Washington. It has a team of 50-250 professionals to help businesses and clients reach their full potential.
  • Over the years, the company has developed hundreds of applications for different verticals, such as finance, healthcare, social network, food, music, navigation, on-demand, etc.
  • It has worked for over 160 starts, entrepreneurs, and corporate clients, always focusing on the final product and its quality to attract maximum user attention and increase traffic.
  • The team follows a futuristic approach and implements an array of functionalities to deliver exceptional software products.
  • From mobile and web to digital and product engineering, its unique development practices ensure top-notch results across different technologies, such as IoT, crypto wallet development, augmented reality, cross-platform apps, mobile apps, e-commerce, and whatnot. 

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Accubits Technologies is an AI & Blockchain focused development company that makes the best of emerging technologies to build unconventional software products for businesses and startups.


  • Accubits was started in 2012 and is headquartered in Vienna, Virginia. With offices in different countries, it employs more than 200 innovators and thinkers.
  • It is a full-service software development provider, offering digital transformation and product development solutions to startups, government agencies, Fortune 1000 companies, and small and medium enterprises.
  • When it comes to the industrial revolution and technological advancement in cryptocurrency wallet development, Accubits is a front runner.
  • It develops cryptocurrency wallets to enable businesses with cryptocurrency transactions, using the most prominent cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, universal wallets, and wallets for custom tokens.
  • Its expertise includes Product Development, Artificial Intelligence, Robotic Process Automation, Enterprise Solutions, Blockchain Development.

HoC Solutions

As a popular and one of the top blockchain development companies US, HoC Solutions has established a solid foundation in developing result-oriented and out-of-the-box software applications and mobile apps. 


  • The company was founded in 2017 across multiple locations with a USA-based office in Providence, Rhode Island. Its passionate team of 50 members specialized in different tech stacks.
  • Its primary focus is to help businesses turn their imaginations into profitable IT products through a feasible blockchain project development plan. 
  • It ensures seamless blockchain development services within a realistic budget and stipulated timeframe while delivering high-quality products in the contemporary IT environment.
  • It has catered to the needs of various industries, such as customer research, transportation, logistics, finance & accounting, retail, high-tech power generation, etc.
  • It builds blockchain applications using C++, JavaScript, Python, Angular JS, OpenCL, Laravel, Node.JS, and Perl.

RWaltz Group Inc.

RWaltz Group Inc. is a professional organization that offers progressively acquirable outcomes and solutions to dynamic businesses facing problems in the IT sector. For its high-performing products and dedicated services, it is believed to be a leading crypto wallet development company. 


  • Founded in 2000, RWaltz is located in Alpharetta, Georgia with a team of 50-200 techies to create applications and sites that aim at achieving business goals and world-class solutions.
  • It is committed to providing transparency in operations, quality products, dedicated customer services, and memorable customer experiences that meet their expectations.
  • RWaltz is a market-centered company with main attention to products details to achieve a new level of innovation and excellence.
  • It understands the products, services, and different business needs of clients. Thus, delivering the best experiences from beginning to end.
  • Its complete range of multi-dimensional IT services includes Blockchain Technology Solutions, Ethereum, ICO Development, Smart Contracts, Decentralized Applications (DApps), Hyperledger, Private Blockchain Development Services, Cryptocurrency Wallet, Bitcoin Apps, along with AI/ML, Big Data& Hadoop, Data Science, ERP & more.


LeewayHertz is an end-to-end enterprise software development company that builds custom applications and IT products to automate business processes. 


  • LeewayHertz was founded in 2007 in San Francisco, California employing a team of 800+ tech geeks and professionals to develop enterprise-grade solutions. 
  • Since its inception, the company is involved in building powerful digital platforms that are used by millions of users worldwide.
  • The team of technologists working in the company has been trained by experts at leading global enterprises and remains at the forefront of technology.
  • It has gained unmatched experience in identifying the right solutions, developing multiple blockchain applications, and executing them correctly.
  • The company has a deep understanding of IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Services, Software Development, Blockchain Development, Mobile User Experience Design, etc.

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