Top 10 Employee Monitoring Software Development Companies in the USA

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As the competition is intensifying in every sector of the business world, employee productivity has become a crucial factor to gain a competitive advantage. Hence, comes employee monitoring and tracking systems that ensure that the workforce is determined and complies with data security requirements. 

Integrated employee monitoring software is an important tool to enable business owners to verify that all employees are making the most of their time at the workplace to accomplish assigned tasks rather than engaging in malicious activities. With the best employee monitoring software solution, employers get insight into how employees are spending their time every day while uncovering ways to improve their overall productivity. 

We have listed the top 10 employee monitoring software development companies in the USA that are known to deliver affordable, easy-to-use, and feature-rich solutions for tracking employee productivity.


Teramind’s web development solutions for employee monitoring go beyond tracking functionality and add behavior-based analysis capability. It is packed with advanced features, such as time tracking, workforce productivity optimization, project management, productivity monitoring, and more. Combined together, these features boost the usefulness of computer monitoring software, extending its ability from its surveillance and tracking purpose to business intelligence, finance, HR management, and enterprise productivity tools. It also offers actionable insights and automated responses for employee-generated threats. Along with employees, it helps organizations monitor third-party vendors, remote workforce, contractors, and privileged or special users. Termaind’s software services are trusted for powerful features as well, such as performance reviews, day-to-day decision making, workplace safety, etc. The system also captures violation incidents and takes instant action to alert, stop, block, and more.


A3logics is a leading employee monitoring software development company that enables employers to track every activity of their employees with screenshots and URL tracking, calculate activity and productivity percentage, and produce timely reports. Along with the core features of the software, the team also designs advanced features to add more value to organizations. It streamlines the entire workflow with smart features, such as geofencing, time tracking, online timesheets, and productivity management. The software also facilitates remote employees monitoring accurately while identifying bone idle, high performers, overloaded members, and false overtime claims. Hence, employers get a clear record of everything that employees do throughout their working hours to ensure that they invest their time in productive tasks. Being a top-ranked software development company in California, the company values simplicity, which is quite evident in its software solution that aims at attaining maximum productivity and efficiency.


M2SYS offers identity management solutions to global customers using award-winning technology for safe and easy interactions and transactions. Its IT consultation services providers help HR and management teams gain real-time visibility into employees’ activities and productivity levels so they can easily analyze and optimize every person’s workflow throughout the day. From monitoring web activities to taking automatic screenshots to save app and web usage data to the cloud, M2SYS’ software solutions take care of it all. Employers simply have to mention who they want to monitor, when, and for how long. Companies have access to employees’ performance data, timesheets, and daily activities to understand their true potential even if they are working from remote locations. The company’s CloudDesk® software is designed from an ethical standpoint to keep principles of collaboration, transparency, and employee consent intact. 


Handdy is a part of Integra Global Solutions Corp, a leading technology consulting and software development company in the USA. Handdy offers employee monitoring and productivity software solutions to help clients streamline their overall business processes and enhance a better workflow. As employees log in to its software system, the timer starts tracking their computer activities, enabling employers to analyze their behavior throughout the working hours. Administrators and management can easily track their unproductive, productive, and neutral hours. The platform also provides a list of top-performing employees so that managers can spot underperformers and take instant corrective actions to improve their performance. With Handdy software services, you also get detailed timesheet reports for accurate reporting, internal payroll processing, and billing. The company also helps managers understand who is available on a specific day, which is quite crucial when they want to allocate any urgent tasks based on employees’ availability and skillset.


ActivTrak is a well-known company, assisting clients to unlock the productivity potential of their workforce. It offers powerful workforce analytics and monitoring software to get expert insights that optimize processes, empower people, and maximize technology. ActivTrak has sourced data from over 9,000 customers and 450,000 users, making it a global center for groundbreaking research for companies that want to embrace the future of work. With such a brilliant team to help, you can effortlessly analyze employees’ activities to understand how work gets done. In addition, it is easier to identify workflow bottlenecks, inefficient processes, and coaching opportunities for optimized productivity. Connect with the team now for cloud-based employee monitoring and productivity management software and witness improved efficiency, productivity, behavior, workload balance, and goals. 

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Prodoscore provides comprehensive software solutions to measure the most valuable asset of an organization- its people. It surfaces critical business insights required to keep employers and management informed and prepared. Leveraging machine learning, AI, and natural language processing, you can measure thousands of daily activity points across core business applications, including CRM, phone system, and office suite to provide productivity intelligence. Its proprietary scoring system produces key indicators, so that team leaders and employers can make well-informed decisions based on accurate data. The complex machine learning algorithms deliver a single score hence, making it easy for clients to explore better opportunities quickly. You no longer have to browse through multiple reports and have difficult conversations to find problem areas. You just need a few minutes to implement the software and the rest is taken care of by a professional team. 


BambooHR is more than just a standard employee monitoring software solution, it is a cloud-based HR software system with plenty of features. The aim is to help employers manage employees efficiently right from the day of recruiting them to their last day in the company. Its end-to-end features make BambooHR the most preferred and widely used software solution for employee performance management. If you are looking for more advanced employee tracking capabilities, then the company allows you to add those features on the time tracking module so you get instant access to timesheets, daily time entry, auto overtime calculations, and auto-reminders. You can also integrate payroll features for full-service tax filing, data security, comprehensive reporting, and more. BambooHR’s software is user-friendly and compatible with all major devices, including smartphones, desktops, tabs, and laptops. Its mobile app comes with an employee self-service option with several features such as employee directory, time-off management capabilities, organization chart, single sign-on, company calendar, etc. 

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Workpuls is a reliable solution provider for many companies to manage and monitor employees’ activities while maintaining some privacy. The software comes with all key features and is compatible with all devices and browsers. You can run the platform on either company-owned computers so that the workforce knows it is being monitored or choose stealth mode so that the team is not aware that it is being watched. Workpuls’ team of specialists works dedicatedly to make sure that clients can effortlessly analyze and optimize their employee performance, productivity, and efficiency through detailed behavioral insights. With such expertise at your assistance, you can transform your team into a flexible and future-ready workforce. The software solution adheres to enterprise-grade security and privacy standards so you stay compliant with all relevant data privacy and security regulations. 


QuicSolv provides a one-stop solution to take care of real-time tracking and manpower compliance. It enables administrators and managers to monitor the situation across the organization and ensure efficient productivity and safety of the workforce. The company is a leading IoT development services provider that meticulously designs powerful software systems with a coordinating central brain. The experts provide employees with a smart ID card with Smart Relays and Gateways that fit within the workplace premises. The solution relays the information from the id card and the location information to the central server. Once the data is received from gateways, the system applies intelligence to suggest appropriate measures to track the workplace. The monitoring includes virtual zones that have specific business rules to be monitored remotely.

Wolfeye Keylogger

Wolfeye Keylogger is a top-rated and one of the most trusted companies to seek employee monitoring software development services. The company’s all-inclusive solution is known to increase the efficiency of employees by around 24% and track their activities and tasks with 60% more accuracy. Managers and employers can see what each team member is doing in real-time to get a clearer picture of employees’ productivity. Also, they get to know the setbacks that the workforce is experiencing and minimize them immediately. This helps keep employees more focused as they know that they are being monitored and their attention is diverted where it needs to be. The software is capable of providing clear data of activities that are keeping employees engaged and how their time is used. 

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