Top 10 Software Development Consulting Companies in the USA

Top 10 Software Development Consulting Companies in the USA-Toporgs

Software Development Consulting aims at providing IT expertise and knowledge to businesses to suggest the best solution to their complex problems. A team of professionals assesses a project and recommends an appropriate software solution to increase the efficiency of technology-enabled business processes. 

Software development consulting service is mainly used by organizations that need an unbiased opinion to make an informed decision related to technology. It is the basic and first step of software product development services where experienced software consultants evaluate every aspect of the project. 

To handle and manage such a critical stage of a development lifecycle, you surely need a reliable partner. Hence, we have listed the top 10 software development consulting companies in the USA that not only provide the right advice but end-to-end IT solutions as well. 


A3logics is an IT professional services company that assists businesses to make tech-related decisions carefully and after in-depth analysis so that they have a positive impact. It takes care of all the tricky and nerve-inducing tasks, such as navigation, data evaluation, market analysis, etc., for clients who lack a proper understanding of the market. Its team of skilled developers provides tailored solutions to meet specific requirements. From customizing an existing software system to contributing to a company’s growth with its managed solutions to providing a dedicated development team of consultants, A3logics has got it all covered in one place. The company starts every project by understanding all the elements and then implements pre-project planning, which includes pre-engagement checklists to ensure the time is invested efficiently. It also dives deep into the project vision to define what to leave out, how to get executive sponsorship, set scope targets, and publicize plans and progress.

Founded: 2003Office: Carlsbad, CAEmployees: 200+



SumatoSoft is one of the leading software consulting companies in the USA with a specialization in creating custom software solutions to fit specific business needs. The company focuses on maintaining excellence at work and transparent cooperation. Therefore, taking care of each project meticulously by diving deep into details to get a true understanding of clients’ needs. After years of experience in the industry, SumatoSoft is well-versed in addressing complex challenges across industries and delivering the right solutions based on their requirements. The professionals systemize the knowledge and establish an accurate process throughout for software development to deliver value to the business and achieve success. Also, they realize clients’ business initiatives and goals with their reliable and extensible consulting services. They have completed several projects efficiently for a wide range of industries, including Automotive, Advertising, Motion Picture & Video, Consulting, Retail, Legal, and others.

Founded: 2012Office: Boston, MAEmployees: 50+


Leverage full-fledged software consulting services tailored to your key business needs with Oxagile. The experienced team advises on the best industry practices around enterprise digitalization, cross-domain development, business-critical solutions, and more to help clients gain a competitive advantage and drive greater value. Also known for its software integration services, the company utilizes cutting-edge technologies to boost operational efficiency and revolutionize customer care. Its services are built around helping businesses launch and sustain digital transformation in the long run. Moreover, Oxagile enables progressive businesses to scale, transform, and gain an edge in the market through innovative software. The team has always ensured data-driven and elegant solutions to help organizations around the world perform more effectively and attain better outcomes, and it promises to continue to do so in the future as well. 

Founded: 2005Office: New York, NYEmployees: 400+


ELEKS is a well-known software development consulting agency in the USA that has partnered with enterprise clients, small and medium businesses, and startups around the globe. It aims at elevating the business value for its clients through innovative technologies. Its IT and software experts are located at different locations, serving global clients with a wide range of tech solutions. Apart from offering product design, custom development, Research & Development, smart teams, support & maintenance solutions, it is also listed among the best automated testing companies. ELEKS believes in creating tangible value for its customers and that is what makes it different from others. The team’s attention to detail and quality is unmatched in the industry. It values the success of customers as much as its own, mitigating risks while they adopt new technologies. The company has worked for various industries including logistics, retail, finance, agriculture, healthcare, and government, digitally transforming their operations for almost 30 years.

Founded: 1991Office: Chicago, ILEmployees: 1800+


WEZOM perfectly understands how the internet product should be and how to achieve the best results. Hence, it combines the innovative thinking of its experts with their digital skills to realize different ideas and turn them into excellent realities. The company offers an exceptional level of end-to-end services and strives to maintain long-term partnerships with its clients. Its team of certified developers and consultants prioritizes quality over everything, making it the basis of development strategies and the prosperity of the company. Whether your project is small, complex, or completely new, WEZOM will help you get the best results in no time. To ensure top-notch quality of software products, it runs various tests throughout the development lifecycle, identifies defects, and fixes errors instantly. WEZOM is also a trusted ERP software development company in the USA, working consistently to add more improvements to the system. 

Founded: 1999Office: Chicago, ILEmployees: 250+


Redwerk is a well-established and dedicated software consulting company that delivers custom solutions to customers worldwide. It creates, maintains, and supports varied software products with extensive business logic. The company has worked with 170+ businesses from 22 countries and has always delivered the best results to each of them. Redwerk’s team of skilled professionals understands different enterprise needs, analyzes the market trends, creates an effective roadmap, and provides quality products to assure impactful and memorable user experiences. It employs experienced and knowledgeable people to collaborate with global businesses and manage tasks efficiently. Also, they monitor databases of all departments, create a unified environment, and speed up the workflow. Businesses trust Redwerk because its solutions cover operations, supply chain, finances, human resources, manufacturing, reporting, and more. Its expertise in all these domains allows it to expand the ERP functionality, determine custom requirements, and meet those unique needs. 

Founded: 2005Office: New York City, NYEmployees: 70+

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Exyte is one of the well-known software development consulting companies with a team of full-stack programming experts and designers to supervise each project. The company allows its clients to choose from different types of categories, including product development, outstaffing, and outsourcing. Based on specific business needs, goals, and strengths, it guides clients to select the method that suits their requirements. Exyte also preens itself in its extensive experience in native and cross-platform development, distributed applications, custom DLTs, Ethereum-based blockchain products,  free-roam local multiplayer VR games, augmented reality applications with ARCore for Android and ARKit for iOS. 

Founded: 2014Office: New York City, NYEmployees: 50-100

Spire Digital


Spire Digital is a professional enterprise mobility services company that helps businesses transform according to the latest trends. It is reputed for delivering state-of-the-art results for requirements on wearables, IoT, blockchain, and other booming technologies. Using scientific methods and innate ability to synthesize disparate data sources, its team of consultants and data scientists assists renowned organizations to build and deploy AI systems into production. The company believes that the future belongs to advanced tech hence, leading the community in the ethical application of emerging technologies to solve the most challenging problems. Its software consultants hold expertise in various areas across a range of verticals, such as aerospace & aviation, consumer electronics, education, government, healthcare, manufacturing, legal services, life sciences, and marketing services.

Founded: 1998Office: Denver, COEmployees: 50-100

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ITRex is a consulting and software development company that is dedicated to creating and transforming products, enterprises, and services to accelerate business growth. It helps businesses to face the complex challenges of today while preparing them for tomorrow as well. For more than a decade, the company has used in-depth expertise and wide knowledge across an array of technologies to develop seamless software solutions. Its services focus on various industries, such as retail & ecommerce, FinTech, transportation & logistics, healthcare & biotech, entertainment & media, etc. The team has successfully delivered hundreds of game-changing solutions to SMEs, startups, Fortune 500 companies, and more. It turns technology innovation into market-ready products to help clients gain a competitive advantage, maximize profits, and increase operational efficiency. The company’s other expertise includes Artificial Intelligence. Augmented Analytics. Machine Learning. Big Data. Robotic Process Automation. 

Founded: 2009Office: Santa Monica, CAEmployees: 270+


Simform is another established software development and consulting firm with a mission to help businesses extend their tech capabilities. For more than a decade, its team has continuously assisted clients to elevate their value through comprehensive development solutions. The experts have worked for various organizations, from startups and Fortune 500 giants to NGOs. They decide the right tech architecture and processes and oversee that the software projects are delivered successfully. While clients run their business smoothly, its team takes care of their IT needs. Furthermore, its in-house team also specializes in design, development, deployment, post-launch maintenance of software, and software testing services. Its software development cycle passes through several steps- requirements gathering, ideation, architecting systems to support iterative releases, constructing clean and testable code, as well as quality testing process. Its scalable and robust software products are built using quality engineering to modernize apps. 

Founded: 2010Office: Austin, TXEmployees: 250+

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