Top 10 Enterprise Data Management Companies in the USA

Top 10 IT Assessment Companies in the USA

Enterprise Data Management is a holistic approach to effectively managing organizational data, such as internal processes and applications to ensure accurate and timely delivery. A successful EDM strategy aims at addressing major data-related concerns within an organization via a structured data transmission/delivery strategy. When implemented in the right manner, it facilitates the transmission of several data sets across processes and applications. The services majorly deal with all software applications and business policies that data flow demands. 

EDM is applied across a wide range of processes within an organization in collaboration with different departments, such as IT, operations, and finance. Its clear-cut emphasis on data ensures to check data granularity and precision for seamless integration and flow across business processes.

We have listed the top 10 enterprise data management services companies in the USA that you can hire for your organization.

1. A3logics

Founded: 2003Location: Carlsbad, CACompany Size: 200+

Data is an invaluable asset for any enterprise and with a high volume of data being accumulated at a great speed, A3logics is a trusted source to integrate it. It’s an enterprise application development firm that collaborates with dynamic clients for business expansion and increased dependency on competitive forces, providing reliable and customer-oriented data from varied sources. Its team helps them deal with overwhelming and endless information and data to make sense out of it. It is a global EDM partner to manage the data, process it, and generate timely reports. A3logics’ Enterprise Data Management services allow enterprises to manage and visualize the data efficiently that is collected from different departments and sources. The professionals working here make sure that clients meet their data management goals successfully while maintaining compliance, quality, security, and cost-effectiveness. Its scalable solutions facilitate easy search, tracking, retrieval, and storage of data and allow enterprises to access the information in a secure environment. Its end-to-end EDM solutions deliver accurate, consistent, and transparent data environments to customers.

2. Xoriant

Founded: 1990Location: Sunnyvale, CACompany Size: 1500+

Hire Xoriant to capitalize on structured, unstructured, raw, and IoT data crossing all business aspects thereby, gaining a competitive advantage for your company. It helps you create a data ecosystem that aggregates and collects data efficiently from several digital resources, data stores, and historical systems that is important to get actionable insights from advanced analytics. It is one of the top software product design companies USA that define the modern data ecosystem as a collection of data assets, including data analytics, infrastructure, and visualization. Together, they render the right insights in the right visual format to help you achieve your business goals. Xoriant is a technology leader and trusted execution partner that guides you through the build, run, and transform lifecycle while working on technology products and business solutions. Over the years, it has worked with a wide range of clients, including startups, Fortune 100, and SMEs across High Tech, Healthcare, Pharma, Industrial Manufacturing, Telecommunications, and Automotive sectors.

3. Polestar

Founded: 2012Location: Dover, DECompany Size: 450+

Polestar provides cutting-edge data management and engineering solutions to organizations by considering their tech stack, data, and business processes, such as hosting environment, data architecture, and digital maturity. Its robust QA practices ensure the seamless integration of emerging data engineering technologies into legacy systems. The company’s round-the-clock and remote support help clients generate maximum ROI. Polestar’s vision is to unlock the hidden potential of data to make innovative technology solutions accessible to everyone. Thus, enabling them to stay ahead of the disruption cycle. Its team intends to achieve this with years of consulting and technology expertise. Its comprehensive EDM services comprise various sub-processes, such as data collection, data ingestion, data preparation, data storage, data visualization, and data analytics.

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4. Mindtree

Founded: 1999Location: Alpharetta, GACompany Size: 10,000

Mindtree’s enterprise mobility services include a plethora of business solutions, such as data governance, quality management, architecture assessment, compliance & regulations, etc. Its solution framework and accelerators are derived from extensive experience in building robust data architectures across various business domains. It helps companies define and structure business processes to ensure consistency, quality, and usefulness of data throughout the lifecycle. From establishing policies to continuous monitoring, it takes care of it all. Mindtree also implements core processes to manage, centralize, organize, localize, categorize, synchronize, and enrich master data according to an enterprise’s rules. Seek its services for consulting, designing, and implementing building blocks for your data-driven organization. It will extend its support for data provisioning, monitoring, self-service, automation, security, workflow orchestration.

5. Caserta

Founded: 2001Location: New York, NYCompany Size: 51-200

Caserta understands that growing and evolving organizations have to efficiently manage the increasing number of IT systems. Poor implementation strategy or inadequate enterprise data management solutions can adversely impact integrity, consistency, quality, and data accuracy thus, hampering growth. To help its clients eliminate manual processes and integrate automated solutions, Caserta offers EDM services and software development consulting to bring a powerful change across an organization. It provides assessments, strategy, and implementation solutions for effective and flexible EDM. The company’s agile approach coordinates various segments of an organization in a concerted effort, which reduces data conflicts and data quality inconsistencies. It addresses all the challenges of EDM, including operations, IT, finance, analysts, strategy, and end-users to define a clear owner of data. Its team of experts helps solve tough EDM issues by working closely with clients and meeting all stakeholders for an assessment. After analyzing business needs and challenges, Caserta quickly gives recommendations on an effective EDM strategy. 

6. Fresh Gravity

Founded: 2015Location: Santa Clara, CACompany Size: 200+

Fresh Gravity is one of the top enterprise application development companies, helping clients make their digital transformation journey smooth and hassle-free. It assists them to collect raw data from different sources to get actionable insights by applying advanced technologies that leverage data to run a successful business more intelligently. The company helps businesses with enterprise data strategy and roadmap, creating data fabric using semantic(knowledge) graphs, data quality & data governance, building multi-cloud enterprise data pipelines, master data management & implementation, data discovery, semantic search, data catalog, and metadata management. Its technology-agnostic approach while working with clients allows them to choose preferred technologies and platforms. Once the technology is selected and implemented, the team focuses on building and transferring the capabilities and skills. Thus, ensuring consistent Data and Analytics for sustained competitive advantage. Its professional team comes prepared with various templates, frameworks, technology solutions, and accelerators to help you with your enterprise data project.

7. Datamatics

Founded: 1975Location: Iselin, NJCompany Size: 10,000+

Datamatics enterprise data management services adhere to the industry best practices, offering hybrid solutions with the Intelligence-First principle at the core while advocating true ‘Data Democracy.’ As organizations face problems regarding high speed and volume data, its experienced team validates and integrates the data for wider organizational consumption. To make sense out of this Big Data conundrum, this tech firm offers data management solutions. Hence, making further processing and utilization simpler, scalable, and less time-consuming. Its end-to-end solutions facilitate easy storage, linkage, traceability, and retrieval of data across the data lifecycle. Datamatics also allows enterprise processes to access data in a secure environment. This company enables businesses to disembark on their data to intelligence journey. Its services range from consulting assignments for institutionalizing data governance to data architecture & design, data ingestion, data preparation, cloud data storage, to data consumption.

8. Hexaware

Founded: 1990Location: Atlanta, GACompany Size: 10,000

Hexaware’s Data Modernization platform is an integrated data management solution that is aimed at the flawless execution of digital transformation initiatives. It enables enterprises to effectively realize their data-to-value & data2digital™ goals for truly seamless & superior end-user experiences. Businesses that are taking their initial steps toward digital transformation of the data and applications landscape can now seek reliable solutions to hedge the risks of their projects exceeding the estimated budgets and timelines. Its data modernization tools and IPs automate the entire process right from data extraction to data transformation and reconciliation. Whether you want to develop your DW from scratch for transactional data or extend the capability of your current DW, leverage the emerging toolset of Hexaware to accelerate these processes. It also offers mobile application security services to deliver error-free products. Rest assured that you will experience agility across the entire development cycle, including data profiling, data quality validation, ETL code generation, and reconciliation.

9. Artha Solutions

Founded: 2012Location: Scottsdale, AZCompany Size: 51-200

Artha Solutions’ enterprise data management service is the way forward to get the most out of exponentially growing data. It improves business readiness by providing refreshed data to the people who need it and when they need it. The company helps in securing, validating, sustaining, and scattering significant amounts of enterprise data within negligible time and cost while accomplishing the defined level of exactness and quality necessary. Its EDM implementation services for organizations ensure to manage and process various types of data and formats, including legacy data to the latest forms of internal and external sources. Its team of consultants drives excellent user experiences by developing outstanding applications using generic functions. Artha understands that effective EDM is no easy feat and can only be accomplished with a deep understanding of data and the implementation of an intelligent EDM strategy. Hence, offering nothing but all-inclusive services to clients. 

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10. Pentagon

Founded: 2004Location: Boston, MACompany Size: 11-50

Pentagon has been offering EDM implementation solutions for over 10 years and its experience dates back to Cadis Software. With a wealth of extensive industry experience in the Data Management space and the Pentagon’s reputation at stake in the market, the company takes immense pride in providing a tailored EDM delivery solution to the Asset Management industry. In the current evolving market, it has seen clients review Pentagon’s change strategy and worked with numerous third parties to help them achieve and deliver on change programs. It leverages global expertise whilst ensuring the project is delivered within the stipulated budget and time. Its services are primarily focused on providing clients with hands-on domain expertise along with offering an on-site/off-site model for development and testing services. Its flexible engagement model enables the team to engage and work with clients in a way that best supports their business and long-term strategy. 

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