Top 10 Product Design Companies in the USA

Top 10 Product Design Companies in the USA-Toporgs

Are you looking for a trusted product design firm? Rest your search here as we have listed the top 10 product design companies in the USA. Our researchers and analysts have ranked each UI/UX design agency based on expertise, experience, customer feedback, price, and other key factors. 

The below-listed companies are known for their technical expertise and performance that ensure engaging designs. Go through these names and select the best partner to design your digital product. Rest assured these leading firms will help you gain a competitive advantage with their second to none services. 


A3logics understands that growing a business is not only about good branding, lead generation, or marketing but also about trust and loyalty. Therefore, it helps clients build a strong client base by providing design and development solutions that gain user attention at once and retain them for longer. The company focuses on emerging technologies to build visibility and authority with clients’ investors, buyers, and audiences. A3logics employs designers with unmatched experience and skills to develop brilliant products that make sense to people and businesses. It adopts a human-centered approach to share new ideas into useful products that further offer memorable experiences. With its software product development services, the company makes sure that its clients meet their objectives efficiently by aligning with technical possibilities. 

Founded- 2003Location- Carlsbad, CAEmployees- 200+

Technical Expertise & Offering- Front-end Development, Design and Development, Research & Testing, Prototyping, Product Engineering, CRM & ERP Development, Cloud Consulting, SaaS Development. 



UruIT has been a leading digital transformation services company for the past 13 years that serves clients across the world. Its 50+ nearshore teams of developers and designers have delivered countless successful projects to different industries, such as healthcare, SaaS, education, and more. It translates ideas into modern, well-designed, and robust products to empower businesses and help them grow into competitive organizations in the industry. It provides clients with working software solutions that bring a higher return on investment from the beginning. Its team ensures highly customizable designs within the stipulated timeline and budget, meeting all the specifications of clients. It adopts a proven and transparent process to design, build and ship your digital product at the earliest possible.

Founded- 2007Location- Los Angeles, CAEmployees- 50-249

Technical Expertise & Offering- Custom Software Development, Product Strategy, Product Design, Product Growth, Machine Learning Consulting, Scale your Team, Prototyping, Quality Testing.

Dualboot Partners

Dualboot is another top software development company that is well-known for building great software products. The company bases its success on the growth and achievements of its clients. Hence, sparing no efforts to deliver flawless and interactive designs that drive value to businesses. Its team of product designers and developers includes professionals with 10-25 years of experience to serve technical and non-technical clients, Fortune 500 companies, startups, and SMEs. Dualboot is a collaborative partner that is not restricted to technology but also offers expertise regarding pricing, business model, relevant connections, funding, and more. It is dedicated to providing technology products and innovative ideas, which you can see in its impressive portfolio. 

Founded- NALocation- Charlotte, NCEmployees- 50-200

Technical Expertise & Offering- DevOps, IT infrastructure, Product Development & Design, Web Development, Product Strategy, Machine Learning, Product Management, Quality Assurance. 


Itexus employs certified designers to create stunning and easy-to-navigate interfaces for digital products. It offers a wide range of designs along with usage monitoring, custom prototyping, usability audit, UI/UX design solutions, A/B testing, and more. Its appealing, consistent, and spectacular designs strike the right chord in users’ minds thereby, leading to higher conversion rates. Being one of the best automated testing companies in the US, the company is known for providing multiplied revenue and faster time-to-market for various businesses. After delivering more than 200 projects, Itexus is now well-versed in typing together all the relevant pieces efficiently, including frontend, backend, and design. Its team understands the vision, assets, constraints, and core requirements of clients to release the most suitable designs. 

Founded- 2013Location- Buffalo Grove, ILEmployees- 100+

Technical Expertise & Offering- Fintech Development, Insurance Development, Banking Process Automation, Healthcare Solutions, Mobile & Website Development, 

DevOps, UI/UX Design, Machine Learning.


UPQODE is an award-winning premium design company that builds attractive websites and applications using the most creative ideas. Hire a team of skilled and innovative designers that focuses on designing and developing SEO-optimized digital products for small and large companies across the US. It has received various accolades and immense client appreciation for its contribution to the industry. The company takes great pride in all its achievements and maintains its success with the help of talented web designers, developers, coders, engineers, marketers, managers, and quality analysts. UPQODE builds beautiful websites tailored to clients’ needs using years of expertise in UI and UX. The team quickly identifies business requirements and prioritizes website functionality, usability, performance, and reliability. 

Founded- 2015Location- Nashville, TNEmployees- 240+

Technical Expertise & Offering- Web Design, SEO, Digital Marketing, Web Development, Maintenance, Corporate Website Design, eCommerce Solutions, Product Engineering Services, Web Hosting.


WANDR is one of the top-rated product design companies in the USA with an international team of experts who have extensive experience in their respective fields. The company works with one aim- to help SaaS companies improve user retention and reduce churn rate through strategic product design and seamless user experience. The key to WANDR’s success is its deep-rooted hybrid approach to research that brings qualitative and quantitative data together for a better understanding of the market. It adds a unique perspective to every project with the help of its diverse team that includes strategic thinkers, creative masterminds, and smart coders. It is their professional expertise and cultural background that makes for world-class results.

Founded- 2016Location- Los Angeles, CAEmployees- 30-50

Technical Expertise & Offering- UX Audit, UX/UI Design, Design Systems, Startup Bootcamp, Product Strategy, UX Analysis & Research, Information Architecture.


Steelkiwi creates astonishing applications using advanced frameworks. Its enterprise mobility managed services are aimed at building scalable, quick-to-market, and fault-tolerant applications, making Steelkiwi stand out from others. The company has developed a plethora of native and web mobile apps for startups, established businesses, small and medium enterprises, etc. It sticks to agile development practices and regularly innovates its approach to offer robust and impactful digital solutions. Its cutting-edge tech stack promises an unbreakable development cycle, starting from strategizing to release. The team splits complex projects into manageable tasks, making it easy to track the progress. From creating a brand new online presence to automating an existing business process, its smart designers address every challenge effortlessly. 

Founded- 2011Location- Belmont, CAEmployees- 50-100

Technical Expertise & Offering- Staff Augmentation, Web Development, Mobile App Development, UX / UI Design, Quality Assurance, Data Engineering, Business Analysis. 



Huemor is a web design agency in the USA that helps large and small enterprises and established companies discover a unique approach and channel. It creates memorable experiences for users to help them outsell and outshine the online competition. The company keeps a simple, transparent, and customer-focused process while avoiding any hassle. Its team of skilled designers spends all the energy on creating best-in-class user experiences that further translate into digital products that matter. Its amazing set of products drive accelerated online growth and improve the bottom line. Huemor combines visual designs, motion, and copy together to develop and design products that users love. It’s known as one of the best offshore development companies in the USA, providing in-house teams and a network of freelancers to create the perfect suite of icons, illustrations, or images for your website.

Founded- 2011Location- New York City, NYEmployees- 30-50

Technical Expertise & Offering- Analytics and Research, Brand, Content, and Digital Strategy, Conversion Optimization, Prototypes, UI/UX & Web Design, Visual Asset Creation, System Architecture Design, Full-Stack Development, 3rd Party Integrations.


Codiant is involved in technology, strategy, and next-gen services across web application development, enterprise mobility, UI/UX design, support & maintenance, and various platforms. Its customer-focused solutions help businesses overcome technical hurdles and address complex challenges efficiently. The team’s digital service excellence and software development capabilities in SaaS products, product design, and IoT solutions ensure top-notch products. Codiant has an expansive global network of developers, designers, strategists, and market experts to support clients in solving operational and management issues. Leverage its expertise in digitization and automating processes to get targeted solutions, product innovations, tailored business models, etc. Hire its team of designers to optimize, transform, and digitize your website and deliver a seamless customer experience. 

Founded- 2010Location- East Moline, ILEmployees- 250+

Technical Expertise & Offering- Mobile App Design & Development, Full Stack Web Development, Cross-Platform App Development, UI/UX Development, Software Integration Services, Ecommerce Solutions, Big Data Analytics, AWS Hosting, Internet of Things, IT Business Partnering.

Camber Creative

Camber Creative has a distributed team of digital products experts to work on the extension of enterprise solutions, design, development, and marketing teams. You can also hire a dedicated development team to create digital products for clients with rich features and smart functionality. The company’s principles work as the guardrails for every project and it prefers collaborating with clients who share the same vision. Camber is a full-service digital product agency that delivers the best results at every stage of the development lifecycle, from consultation and strategizing to sustainable business growth. Its value-driven approach guarantees that there is no such thing as a “second class” experience.

Founded- 2014Location- Orlando, FLEmployees- 10-49

Technical Expertise & Offering- Product Strategy, Design & Prototyping, App & Web Development, Team Augmentation.

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