Top 10 IT Assessment Companies in the USA

Top 10 IT Assessment Companies in the USA-Toporgs

Technology has become critical to business growth. However, any loophole or flaw in an IT environment can create major havoc in business operations. Therefore, companies must stay alert when it comes to security and IT infrastructure. This is where IT assessment services come into play, a process where experienced tech professionals evaluate the overall strength and weaknesses of the entire IT system within an organization. They suggest the right solutions, methods, and tools to improve security, network design, and tech structure. 

In simple terms, IT assessment services identify weak areas in your organization that require immediate attention and technology overhaul. It encompasses consulting, development, software testing services, and deployment. The aim is to resolve IT issues and offer recommendations for your future needs. Experts provide you with the information you need to make informed decisions on your tech system, cloud strategy, infrastructure, and much more.

Moreover, IT assessment reveals valuable information associated with strategies and leverages technologies to meet customer demands, improve service levels, and increase an organization’s profitability.

Do you need assistance to understand your data growth and how you can leverage data to enhance business? Are you not sure if your company is up to date with tech trends? Is your network secure and free from any vulnerabilities? If you have no definite answers to these questions, then you certainly need the guidance of a comprehensive IT assessment company. 

Here is the list of the top 10 IT assessment companies in the USA that you can choose from to review IT infrastructure and make necessary changes. 


A3logics offers IT assessment services with the prime goal to provide valuable information to clients to help them implement effective strategies. Its team of analysts and engineers leverages emerging technologies to meet customer demands, increase profitability, and enhance overall services. Combined with legacy application modernization services, IT assessment gives access to the expertise required to ensure that the process, apps, infrastructure, and projects align with business goals. With years of experience across diverse clients and solutions, A3logics’ assessment engagement strives to sync with a company’s objectives and specific needs. Whether clients want to focus on storage infrastructure, holistic IT strategy, or networking, its team helps them with all the information they need to understand the IT environment and make informed decisions. From documentation and research to recommendations and follow-up, A3logics has got it all covered in one place. 

Founded: 2003Location: Carlsbad, CAEmployees: 200+

Power Consulting

Power Consulting-Toporgs

Hire Power Consulting for detailed IT assessment services and learn everything about your organization’s IT infrastructure. The company has a team of tech experts and enthusiasts to dig deep into clients’ business processes and analyze how they can leverage technology. The professionals also help in identifying redundancies and inefficiencies across critical IT processes, such as server & file sharing permissions, hardware warranties, data backup & business continuity readiness, software versions & serial numbers, private cloud/public cloud resources, audio/video/VOIP configuration, etc. Once providing clients with an assessment report, Power Consulting will give an unbiased recommendation and insight to improve business systems and maximize outcomes. Also, the company addresses all areas of IT infrastructure to streamline operations and simplify the tech stack. 

Founded: 1992Location: New York, NY Employees: 11-50


Dataprise is one of the renowned IT outsourcing companies in the USA that has designed exceptional technology assessment solutions to evaluate the operational requirements of businesses. The company analyzes technology infrastructure, support resources, and applications that serve clients, employees, and partners. Its exclusive Business-Aligned Information Technology Assessment (BA-ITA) monitors how an enterprise leverages technology, integrates it with existing business processes, and manages & governs it. After getting a deep understanding of the objectives and challenges, the team develops a plan to improve business outcomes by aligning current and emerging technologies. As a trusted IT assessment firm, Dataprise develops a custom technology roadmap to help clients navigate and prioritize future strategies to help an organization.

Founded: 1995Location: Rockville, MDEmployees: 300+

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Ayoka Systems offers security audits for an extensive assessment of security operations, be it policies, corporate governance, practices, examination, software testing, integrations, system databases, cloud computing environments, and more. With its IT and security assessment solutions, the company delivers written results, recommendations, and a program management plan within the cybersecurity software solutions. The application offers a dashboard and custom reports for CISO (Chief Information Security Officer). Also, it assigns a leadership team to monitor the status and progress associated with security initiatives. Moreover, the security app provides a tailored security operation workflow engine, combining governance models and policies with data using existing tools to monitor firewalls, ports, infrastructure, databases, and IT devices. It also configures alerts and notifications for internal IT staff or MSPs (Managed Service Providers or external IT companies) to make sure that crucial security tasks are not missed.

Founded: 2002Location: Arlington, TXEmployees: 50+


Aqueduct’s technology assessment services provide a comprehensive understanding of an entire IT landscape, including enterprise network, collaboration, cloud, security data center, and communication systems. Its team of certified developers and engineers uses its industry expertise to conduct a meticulous review of the current tech structure. They identify gaps based on the industry best practices, determine potential risks, and make the best recommendations that align with desired business results. It specializes in IT solutions, including private, hybrid, and public clouds, and has served more than 300 customers. Aqueduct’s IT professional services focus on a range of areas, such as networking, advanced security, data center, collaboration, cloud-native, and carrier services. If you are looking for a reliable partner to build underlying infrastructure for designing and deploying complex technologies, connect with its team now. The company will help your organization transform businesses most efficiently.

Founded: 2011Location: Waltham, MAEmployees: 51-200


Sparity helps you start early by assessing the entire IT system for possible threats and vulnerabilities. Its comprehensive assessment solutions uncover the flaws and risks throughout, giving you a thorough roadmap for protection. Most companies wake up to IT threats after suffering from a breach but Sparity makes sure that its clients face no such risks by evaluating the technology stack at the initial stage. It assists them in formulating a threat prevention strategy. The professionals prepare a detailed audit report, share it with clients, and support them with the installation of security protocols that can eliminate threats and breaches. Apart from finding risks, they also offer remediation recommendations. Sparity works with just one goal- enabling global innovation with cutting-edge digital technologies, which it has achieved amazingly over the years. It offers a wide range of solutions, including product engineering, UI/UX, enterprise application development, quality assurance, etc. With more than two hundred associates, two delivery centers, and over a thousand projects delivered, it has become the go-to team for large corporations, unicorn startups, and social enterprises.

Founded: 2010Location: Atlanta, GAEmployees: 200


Fiserv performs a detailed and in-depth IT infrastructure assessment to uncover hidden weaknesses and threats. It knows that any tech gaps can lead to security risks, compliance concerns, and performance issues. Therefore, its team instantly remediates urgent issues and recommends the best practices to optimize network performance. In any company, infrastructure supports a business software application, employees, and customer experience. Considering this, Fiserv ensures that your IT system is always fast, secure, and ready to deliver critical voice and data connections. It checks the pulse of mission-critical systems by conducting a thorough analysis of different areas across the tech infrastructure, which includes servers, security, network, desktops or laptops, etc. In addition, the skilled team reviews backup and disaster recovery systems and compares processes to industry best practices and manufacturer recommendations.

Founded: 1984Location: Brookfield, WIEmployees: 10,000+

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TestPros understands that the best place for any company to make its products accessible is IT assessment and audit. Therefore, it runs an initial evaluation to get a good idea of the product, its quality, and performance. Its test process is based on the International Association of Accessibility Professionals (IAAP) and the Department of Homeland Security’s Trusted Tester methodologies. Making the best of these two accessibility testing methodologies, the company ensures that every aspect of a product is thoroughly tested. TestPros offers full life-cycle services for accessibility compliance, which include but are not limited to initial accessibility assessments and audits, accessibility regression testing, integration of automated testing solutions in CI/CD pipelines, remediation of non-compliant ICT, training, and more.

Founded: 1988Location: Sterling, VAEmployees: 51-200


Techwave specializes in strategic and innovative solutions, crafting top-notch software products for global clients. It implements realistic and impactful solutions using a combination of proven world-class methodologies and extensive experience. Strategy execution and the strong values enshrined in its DNA. It is listed among the best offshore software development companies in the USA that is committed to helping its clients achieve higher goals and optimized results with its executable action items that will take your business where you want it to go. Techwave started as an SAP solutions and services firm but soon expanded its wings across other domains by offering end-to-end software solutions. It has worked with some of the elite clients and renowned brands. Techwave has been garnering the attention of blue-chip companies that are constantly in search of leveraging business-edge IT solutions.

Founded: 2004Location: Houston, TXEmployees: 1000+


Businesses need to know where they stand today as it helps them prepare better for tomorrow. Supporting as a reliable partner throughout, OneNeck helps companies adapt to evolving technologies seamlessly. It analyzes the current It environment and processes in the beginning to deliver timely and impactful results. Its AX Assessment and Health Check service is designed to uncover performance and application configuration risks and prepare Dynamics AX for migration to the cloud. The company is well-versed in balancing the strategic responsibility of technological innovation against the need for daily operational excellence, which is quite commonly demanded by customers. While businesses focus on time and additional resources, OneNeck provides them with confidence by offering specialized help from a team of skilled and well-equipped professionals. It believes that clients have the expertise, insight, and resources to make strategic game plans. The company adds value by helping them create a strong and secure technology foundation so they can be relieved from the pressure due to ‘transformation and modernization’ overload.

Founded: 1993Location: Gilbert, AZEmployees: 500-1000

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