Top 10 Progressive Web App Development Companies in the USA

Top 10 Progressive Web App Development Companies

Progressive web applications, the term sounds relatively new in the industry however has made a huge impact on enterprises and businesses. Progressive web app development has certainly taken over the market as there are so many people looking for expert solutions for the same. People who aim to target a vast number of users and bring the best out of their targeted audience go for progressive web applications. The number of mobile users is increasing day by day and it is never going to stop as smartphones have become an integral part of everyday life for every human being. People prefer using mobile devices for the majority of their everyday tasks and thus, for any service-based organization creating a user interface that is smooth on mobile devices and costs less than a typical mobile application is the best one.

The mobile app development industry is a huge one however progressive web applications are not far behind as the entire PWA market is expected to grow and touch approximately 10.41 billion USD by the year 2027 which is a whopping number in itself. If you ask 10 custom software development companies to make a choice, more than 80% of them will guide you to take PWAs over native apps as they are faster. You will be amazed to know that according to a survey report, people tend to bounce off a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load and a progressive web application has a loading time that ranges between 2.5 to 2.75 seconds which is considered to be 8 times faster than a fully functional web store loading time on a weak network. From Twitter to Instagram, every huge brand has a progressive web application to provide the user with a better experience and hence you can understand the possibilities that a PWA can bring to your enterprise. 

Now that you know what progressive web applications are, you may be wondering, how can you get one for your business? Well, the clear answer to that query is progressive web app development companies. Yes, there are so many options available in the market that you can choose from and get the best services for your enterprise however, as they say, with options arises confusion. There are over a hundred companies that deliver PWA development services which makes it typical for an individual to choose the perfect option.

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If you are in the market looking to hire a progressive web app developer then this blog is going to help you a lot, as in this one, you will find the top 10 progressive web app development companies that not only deliver quality services but have also made a mark of their outstanding diligence in the field. Without further ado, let’s begin with the top companies!

1. AppsChopper

Ranking on the top of your search results, AppsChopper is the topmost company on our list too as they have set a benchmark in delivering quality progressive web app development services. It is one of those IT consulting companies that focus specifically on just a handful of services and PWAs are one of them. AppsChopper is known for using industry-specific tools to meet the requirements of clients. Their industry presence has been spotty and the best part is that they do not charge a lot. Their prices are competitive and they have command of some of the most in-demand tools and technologies that enterprises look for before they hire progressive web app developers in the field.

2. A3logics

One of the most trusted names in IT solutions and consultancy services, A3logics certainly has the best progressive web app developers in their team as they have been able to deliver the finest solutions. They have expert progressive app developers and they are always ready to deliver quality assistance to their clients which makes it the best option to hire. The website development wing of the brand is one of a kind which is why A3logics is the best option for you to go for when it comes to progressive web app development.

3. Chetu

You might have heard about Chetu as it has an array of services that they offer and with each service that they offer, they keep innovating. Web app development is one of their key areas of work and while they deal with responsive websites and applications, they also have a dedicated team to help you out with your progressive web app requirements. The way they involve the core concepts with these tasks is something that makes them unique in their way which is why most people who intend to take web development services end up taking PWA as well. 

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4. Octal IT Solutions

Octal IT solutions have also earned a great name for themselves since they have started catering to the people looking for progressive web app developers. Precision and swift delivery has been the trademark of Octal as they never fail to deliver a robust solution to every requirement of the client. The company has been excellent when it comes to custom software development and providing eLearning solutions however the reason that they have landed on the 4th position in this list is that they do not offer PWAs directly. It falls in their custom web development services which means you might have to pay a little bit extra. However, the services are top-notch as you expect from a company of this stature.

5. Rising Max

Meeting with the name, Rising max is a rising company in the PWA space that is catering to all sorts of enterprises, businesses, start-ups, and more. They have a dedicated staff to deal with clients who need highly functional progressive web applications with added functionalities. Yes, they take the task seriously and hence have developed a custom approach that helps them deliver whatever the client needs. Rising max is known to develop PWAs that are fast, smooth, and can run better on low internet speeds. There is no denying the fact that Rising Max can be a great option for any enterprise that is low on budget and wants to step into the world of progressive web apps.

6. Fingent

Another mobile app development company that offers progressive web application development services available in their custom web development department. The brand is relatively lesser-known in the US markets as they have not cracked thousands of clients however the portfolio that they have to offer is quite impressive which makes them a good fit at number 6 on this list. They believe in creating secure, scalable, and intuitive web apps that may help an organization with any sort of resource that they want.  Fingent also delivers digital web apps, enterprise web apps, and a few more types in the same field making them a master in the field. For any enterprise looking for a web app-specific organization, Fingent is the way to go!

7. Sparx IT Solutions

Sparx IT solution serves as a complete package when it comes to PWAs. They have all the solutions listed on their website, from PWA app development to maintenance and security. If you go to them, you can get a one-stop solution for your project. Another factor that separates it from all the other mentions in the list is the PWA plugin development support. Yes, if you already have a PWA working for you, you can enhance its performance by taking plug-in assistance from Sparx IT solutions. The prices may seem a bit on the hefty side but still, the services that they offer are completely worth it as they even offer PWA support and maintenance with the development.

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8. DreamzTech Solutions

A brand that has one of the most unique ways of approaching progressive web app development, dreamztech works on application shell architecture for a PWA. The model is known to deliver a remarkable consumer experience with a smooth way to interact that never interferes with other aspects of the app. With Dreamztech, it is you who is in control of the development process. They have multiple services available in the progressive web apps department that help you get a thorough solution once and for all. With secure data transfers and integration, the brand suggests that they are the most secure web development company in terms of switching from a webpage to a web app. They also have a dedicated team for quality analysis which means you can assure a complete product from them.

9. Clavax

Out of all the progressive web app development services, Clavax has a great name in the field and has done some of the finest work when it comes to designing PWAs. The company offers a great way to deal with the maintenance and other aspects of web app development as they also have an app to PWA migration support which means if you want to switch from a native app to a progressive web app, you can get it done. The service delivers decent services when it comes to presentation and user experience which can be considered a weaker point and lands it at number 9 in the top progressive web app development companies list.

10. Studio Labs

Another interesting player in the PWA space, studio labs is one of those companies that offer only a few specific services but are extremely good at what they do. They have a team of experienced web developers who are also fluent in working with progressive web applications. Their approach towards the projects is thorough which is why if you are low on time, you may want to skip this one as they do take time to create a perfect roadmap towards your sorted solution which is a good thing for people who have time can get the perfect solution in a single go/ Studio lab also assists in providing developers for progressive web app development so if you are working on creating one yourself, you can consult an expert from them to get the best results

Parting Words

These are the top 10 options you have to get the best progressive app development in your budget. Their diligence, quality of work, and pocket-friendliness are what makes them the top choices in the country and you can rely on these suggestions. However, it is also advised that you gather more information on your level through their website so you are double sure about making a perfect choice. Also, you need to understand whether you need an Android app development company or you need a web app expert that caters to both the platforms The list reduces your task of research as you have the final 10 contenders right in front of you, if you can lock your eyes on any of these you will surely get the best web developers for your project. Hope the blog helps you with your decision, good luck!

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