Top 10 Sports Betting Software Developers in the USA

Sports Betting Software Developers

Sports betting softwares and applications have certainly become a hot topic of discussion in the IT markets. The reason behind it is the rapidly increasing demand for sports betting software developers in the USA. The market for sports betting has boomed over the years as it has become a lot easier, popular and hassle-free. Of course, no one promotes pure gambling which is why this softwares is more effective for those who aim to leave their illegal habits and enjoy the game with the spirit and thrill. Sports betting softwares brings a lot of interest back in the game as there are so many things that you can bet on and stay engaged. Unlike traditional betting where you are only supposed to pick a side that will win, the softwares offers so many factors on which you can bet and play the game with perfect enthusiasm.

To give you a perspective on how the betting industry has influenced the users, the number of people using the betting softwares and applications saw a whopping turn of events in the past year when the number of users went from 5% to 12%. Yes, over 18.1 million people placed their bets in the year 2021 through major online platforms. The best part is these apps are legal and hence there are no downsides to betting on these platforms. You can make the most out of it from the perspective of odds as well as you can bring back the thrill of enjoying the game as if you were involved in it. The total sports betting software development industry is worth billions of dollars which can be clearly understood by the projections that people have calculated. As per a press release by Fortune business insights, the industry is going to be worth $158 billion by 2028 which is a massive number with a CAGR of 11.4%!

The numbers are always exciting when it comes to betting and with such a massive industry, the need for sports betting software developers is touching new heights as every entrepreneur once in a while thinks of creating a one-of-a-kind betting software that provides the users with a perfect experience with top-notch data and easy book handling. For that, one needs a sports betting software development company or focusing on the delicacy of the matter, developers.

If you are also interested in getting involved with an industry that offers a great return on investment, sports betting software is the perfect solution for you. So how to begin the journey? Well, with this blog, you will get a great idea as in this one we are going to list the top 10 sports betting software development companies that are available to hire. These companies can be great in delivering quality solutions, maintenance, suggestions and a guiding path for your vision so make sure you go through all of them and make the decision accordingly. Without further ado, let’s jump right into it!

1. A3Logics

When it comes to sports betting software development, no other company comes close to the precision and features that A3Logics has to offer in the market. A3Logics has been a pioneer in enterprise software development and especially in fantasy sports and sports betting softwares. The team is highly experienced and dedicated to innovating the way people experience their bets. With AI-integrated software, they can fetch perfect insights about the games, with real-time odds, and a dedicated sportsbook management tool gives them a lead in the market.

Another thing that enhances their chances of providing you with better services is the strong portfolio that they carry. Some of the advanced features that make A3Logics a great choice for you are –

– Realtime Bets
– Multilayer Features
– Accurate Insights
– Terrific Betting Market Coverage
– Coefficient Calculation for Odds

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2. GammaStack

One of the most prominent names that come up every time you look for suggestions among sports betting software developers is gammastack. The brand has earned a lot of respect in terms of delivering services on time and at affordable prices. The team working for the company is extremely talented and has great experience in planning, creating, and deploying sports betting softwares. They are white label service providers which means if you have a project at hand that is turning into trouble for you, you can reach out to the experts of GammaStack.


GammaStack is also known for its transparent nature of working. They have a very unique approach to working which makes it the people’s favorite. Some of the perks you get when you work with them are –

– Reliable Odds Fetching
– No Commission Based Partnerships
– Centralized & Neat UI Design for Ease
– Integrated Risk Management Tools for Punters
– Odd Management Tools for Effective Experience


SCAND is a pretty standard name in the industry of betting softwares development as they have been around for 20+ years now. The approach is still old school however they surely know how to get results. The clients that they have served so far have some amazing things to share about the experience which clearly shows in the ratings that they have been able to maintain over the years. Sharing experience and guiding people if they are new in the field are some of the perks that you get if you get associated with the brand for your betting software development.

As far as the features are concerned, other than experience and reliability, they have a set of features that go beyond the industry standards which makes them a pioneer in the market. These include – 

– Excellent Client Communication
– Proper Maintenance Channels
– On-time Fulfillment of the Project
– Integrated Odds Calculator
– Customized Approach for Better Results

4. Quytech

If there is a brand that does a lot of stuff and is excellent in all of them, it is Quytech. Of course the companies mentioned above in the top 3 are better choices in terms of sports betting software development however it depends massively on what you are looking for. The company has a very practical approach. While you will find companies talking about real-time integration and other advanced features, Quytech is an industry specialist in the development, design, and delivery. The customer reviews are also motivating which makes the decision easier for you if you want to go for the company.

When it comes to offerings and features, the mobile app development company has a separate section for game development under which they work on so many types of games from interactive to unreal which makes them a great leader in game development. Some of the highlights of the brand are –

– Live Streaming
– Accurate Insights
– Machine Learning Implementation
– Top-end Tech stack delivery
– Realtime Book Settlement

5. DreamCo Design

DreamCo design can be said as the underdog in the industry. You might not have heard their name enough in the US markets but they are definitely on to something with their team of experts. They have cracked a market for the sports betting enthusiasts that no one had done before them. They have started data integrations from the mainstream sources such as SportsRadar, GraceNotes, etc. that make all the insights available on the software reliable and helpful for the users. DreamCo Design is one of those companies that like to take things in a modern way. Their approach is signature to them which makes the experience worth a try.

Features that the company offers are also a bit different from other providers however the gist is yet the same, to make the user’s experience smooth. The features that stand out for them are as follows –

– Free Design Consultation
– Admin Management Tools
– Ease of Transactions
– CRM for Content Management
– Significant Data Integration 

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6. Octal IT Solution

A name that has been synonymous with quality IT solutions, Octal is a development company that offers various services ranging from Mobile app development to IT consultancy and outsourcing. Fantasy Sports App Development is one of the fields where they stand out from the market as they have some extremely needed features integrated into their solution which makes their offerings a grab for the price. Octal has been the go-to choice for thousands of enterprises over the years and one of the strongest reasons behind that is the skilled team that they have.

Other than the developers who are fluent with the tech stack that clients usually ask for, the company has some great features that streamline the product for people who need assistance. These features include –

– One-Tap Bet Placement
– Highly Secure Transactions
– Bet Scheduling
– Multiple Games Integrated
– Integrated Live Scores

7. Chetu

Chetu calls itself a world-class software solution and they tend to prove it in every project that they take up. There are so many services that they deliver which makes them an all-rounder when it comes to IT consultancy services. Sports betting software development is something that the company has mastered. You may like to know that Chetu was one of the few companies along with A3logics that brought affordable sports betting software development to the market as it was really a troublesome task for enterprises to find a company that makes the task easy for the experts.

Some of the offerings that the experts have brought into the market without costing a lot to the enterprises.  With up to date functionalities and end-end support, Chetu brings some of the finest characteristics to the software such as –

– White Labeling Solutions
– Integrated Leaderboard
– Multiple Tournaments & Prize Pool
– Live Streaming & Scores
– Affordable Development Packages

8. Vinfotech

Delivering custom software development services for sports betting, Vinfotech is a service provider in the US that has been consistent in making its way up to the top contenders in the field. The idea of the company is to provide feature-rich services at affordable prices. The best part is that they also have international tournaments in the game of your choice. It does not matter if it is Barclays premier league or Bundisleaga, you can bet on soccer all year round. The company focuses majorly on how the customer experiences the app which is why they have a strong frontend team to ensure a great experience.

Some of the features that the experts at Vinfotech bring onboard are –

– Parlay Betting Strategy
– Sportsbook Solution
– Realtime Odds Instantly
– Instant Cash Out Feature
– Multiple sports Available

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9. Innovecs Gaming

Innovecs gaming is a dedicated sports betting app development company that deals only in designing games of all sorts. Developing games is not everyone’s cup of tea as there are highly difficult modules that need a lot of effort and tasks to be implemented. Not to forget, sports betting softwares and fantasy cricket app development needs real-time updates and scorecards to be used consistently to keep the players informed about what are the odds that he is playing for. So far the portfolio of the company is strong and hence they can be a good addition to your roaster if you need assistance with creating betting software.

Innovecs Gaming

Features that they offer are –

– Real-Time Statistics Tracking
– Includes Horse-Race Betting
– Integrated Data Bank for Stats
– Bet Tickers in Live-Stream
– Included Odds Calculator

10. Belitsoft

A budding platform in the industry that has been around for quite a while but has finally started making some noise with quality services in the field. There have been so many cases when people went for the best service but due to their inconsistency or too many commitments, they were unable to finish the project as per the timeline and while sports betting app development is not a new thing, there sure is a first-mover advantage that you can avail. If you are looking for a service that you can hire to get instant results, Belitsoft is a good option for you to bet your money.

Some quality features that make it a good contender to invest your money are – 

– Faster Software Delivery
– Machine Learning Implementation for Better Odds
– Simplified Sportsbook Handling With management Tools
– Experienced Developers With Exposure to Betting Software
– Easily Affordable With Maintenance Packages.

Final Words

Out of hundreds of available options in the US market, these are the top 10 reliable companies that you can hire without having second thoughts. The information shared in the post is true to the core and is reliable, however, it never hurts to be doubly sure so make sure you visit these websites and get a closer look at what these companies can offer. Finding a reliable sports betting software development company is the first step toward building a platform that offers all sorts of flexibility to you and your venture. Market research is always a great decision, however if you are short on time, we have done half of the job for you, you can easily use this blog as a jumping-off point as you no longer have to filter the results for which company or developer to hire. Simply choose any one of them and get yourself the best team to work with.

Hope the blog serves its purpose and helps you out in taking a proper decision and simplifies the options for you. Good luck!

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