Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Companies in the USA

Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Companies in the USA-Toporgs

Artificial Intelligence helps businesses explore key and relevant findings during big data processing. It enables you to operate other technologies that further increase automation in business operations. With great AI-powered solutions, you can diversify your company in this competitive market. With the world moving toward digitization and rapidly adopting tech products, it has become imperative to invest in a reliable AI developer who can take your business to new heights of success. 

To help you find a trusted partner for AI-based solutions, we have listed the top companies in this domain. All the established names are known for their seamless services and quality products. Read through their descriptions and other points to find the most-suited company for your project. 

A3logics A3logics

A3logics started as a web development company and soon spread its wings to other advanced technologies and domains, AI being a key one. It helps companies revolutionize the way businesses are run and connect with clients with its impressive suite of AI solutions. Its team of professionals is always at your assistance for AI application development, making your business smarter at every step. The company has worked with major and reputed clients, delivering personalized experiences by incorporating Artificial Intelligence into their business. It also applies natural language processing, speech recognition, deep learning, and machine vision to achieve business goals. AI-based apps provided by A3logics drive businesses to earn higher ROI and create a comfortable working environment. Also, it creates an IT infrastructure that supports business execution and management, thereby making the processes easier. 

Founded: 2003Employees: 300+Min. Project Size: $10,000Location: Carlsbad, CA 

Diffco Diffco

Diffco, a leading app and AI development company, that boasts years of experience in data analysis and machine learning. Using cutting-edge technologies, it provides robust artificial intelligence powered solutions for businesses and enterprises with secure architecture. It works with startups and enterprises, taking care of everything from ideation to implementation. With headquarters in the USA, Diffco has served global clients and garnered international experience. The focus is to incorporate knowledge and expertise in healthcare, finances, IoT, aviation, security, mobility, entertainment into tech solutions. Its team of senior consultants has launched over 1000 successful projects in over 12 years, ensuring smooth delivery and best practices for even the most complex problems. Its AI and data analysis experts use industry-leading technologies to meet standards while building recognitive, predictive, and detective systems. 

Founded: 2008Employees: 250+Min. Project Size: $25,000Location: Sunnyvale, CA 

Softarex Technologies Softarex Technologies

Softarex Technologies is trusted by varied clients across multiple industries for its IT consulting services and digital product development solutions. It has been in the tech sector for more than 20 years now, delivering state-of-the-art IT solutions and full-cycle engineering services to businesses from various sectors, including banking & finance, healthcare, aviation, manufacturing & energy, information technology, transportation, etc. It was also listed among the top 500 software outsourcing providers across the world, all the credit goes to its extensive expertise in user experience design, digital transformation consultancy, managed software delivery labs, big data & analytics, data science, quality assurance, and more. It offers AI-based solutions and systems to predict healthcare conditions and needs for treatment in the future, sporting analytics, adaptive changes in processing scenarios, and analyze data in the energy sector to evaluate utility consumption. 

Founded: 2000Employees: 50-250Min. Project Size: $25,000+Location: Alexandria, VA 

Iflexion Iflexion

Iflexion is a well-established website development company that offers full-cycle software engineering services. It employs a pool of IT professionals and strategists to deliver successful digital products across different countries. No matter how complex or difficult your project is, its over 20 years of experience in the industry ensures perfect and value-driven results. Till now, the company has delivered mobile, web, and omnichannel digital solutions to 500+ clients, which include SMBs, startups, and Fortune 500 companies. The aim is to always help them generate higher revenue, establish transparent communication channels, and streamline business operations. Iflexion has an AI development lab to provide specialized services in machine learning, data science, computer vision, and other domains. Its wide range of services covers social networking solutions, web & enterprise portals, e-learning & online training, big data services, cloud solutions, media content distribution, and more. 

Founded: 1999Employees: 850Min. Project Size: $10,000+Location: Denver, CO 

Chop-Dawg Chop Dawg

Since its establishment, Chop Dawg has partnered with a gamut of startups and enterprises worldwide to help them launch next-generation apps and websites. It works with a mission to guide each client and entrepreneur toward the right path for long-term success. The team holds expertise in digital product design, development, and strategy, hence offering economical pricing and dedicated project management that you can rely on. Its remote has collaborated with major brands and countless startups to deliver an immersive digital experience that puts users first. Chop Dawg operates in full transparency, creating detailed roadmaps and deliverable schedules with faster response times. Clients can ask for regular meetings and updates to know the progress of the app or web development process. Also, seek post-deployment support with bug warranty and maintenance period with a reliable team of product testing.

Founded: 2009Employees: 50Min. Project Size: $20,000Location: Pennsylvania

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ThirdEye Data ThirdEye Data

ThirdEye Data is a popular big data service company in the USA with over 10 years of experience in the industry. With a meticulously recruited team of certified AI experts, it provides comprehensive solutions to clients covering other domains as well, such as cloud consulting, business intelligence, big data, etc. It leverages the power of artificial intelligence and big data technologies to develop smart and powerful apps for varied enterprises worldwide. The company is situated in Silicon Valley and is a recognized one-stop destination for analytics & engineering services and products. With its decade of experience in building end-to-end tech solutions for startups and Fortune 500 companies, it helps organizations transform their ideas and knowledge into tactical insights for informed decision-making. 

Founded: 2010Employees: 50+Min. Project Size: $25,000+Location: San Jose, CA

Blackburn-Labs Blackburn Labs

Blackburn Labs started as an app development company to serve dynamic industries and address their complex business challenges. It has always been committed and motivated to providing top-notch AI-powered products to clients with its team of experienced programmers, process specialists, and architects. It also assists its clients with enterprise software development, enterprise app modernization, and mobile app solutions, irrespective of the size and type of their businesses. The award-winning software designers and creators work across multiple verticals, including real estate, healthcare, and marketing industries. It offers a complete suite of tech services to meet your application development, data science, and software architecting needs. Its leading-edge technical skills and valuable business expertise make it stand out from its peers. 

Founded: 2015Employees: 10-50Min. Project Size: $20,000Location: Providence RI

Unicsoft Unicsoft

Unicsoft is a tech company, offering IT professional services, AI & blockchain solutions to clients. It aims at helping businesses drive better and improved outcomes, be it startups or enterprises. The team takes immense pride in its expertise in different domains and technologies, including artificial intelligence, machine learning, data science & big data, natural language processing, data analytics fields, computer vision to name a few. Unicsoft has been helping startups validate their ideas and build MVPs to finally come up with a product that fits the market perfectly and scales faster. For enterprises, it offers technology consulting that involves delivering business-led solutions and legacy system modernization services to enhance the overall performance and eliminate inefficiencies. Also, the company prioritizes excellent customer experience and archives the same through clear and timely communication, a highly organized development process, and transparency in managing clients’ expectations. 

Founded: 2005Employees: 50-250Min. Project Size: $5,000Location: California

AndPlus AndPlus

AndPlus is an established name in the IT sector for its dedicated technology consulting and development solutions. Over the years, it has been helping clients from dynamic industries and domains accelerate their business growth and adopt digital transformation smoothly by bridging the gap between execution and strategy. Combining technical and business expertise with an agile development process, it guarantees rapid implementation of digital strategies. Hence, bringing optimal and faster results with reduced risks. Since the company started, its team of designers, developers, strategists, engineers, innovators, and testers is pushing the boundaries of the tech world, be it for mobile app, web, IoT, or firmware. AndPlus promises to improve and streamline business processes that deliver measurable results and exceptional user experience. Apart from AI, the service suite of AndPlus includes product strategy & design, rapid conceptual prototyping, cross-platform development, backend & frontend development, manual & automated testing, UI/UX design, etc. 

Founded: 2009Employees: 50-250Min. Project Size: $25,000Location: Southborough, MA

Postindustria Postindustria

Postindustria is an enterprise software development company with multiple locations in different countries. As the company was founded in 2006, its team of certified and experienced developers has been helping clients with web and mobile app development, application testing, web design, UI/UX design, and more. It mainly serves mid-size businesses but also extends its solutions to startups and large organizations to resolve their complex business problems. It harnesses an effective result-oriented product mindset and brings it together with a passionate team for innovation. Its passion for building disruptive top-quality products is in DNA. Its solid foundation comprises industry-specific experience and a result-oriented delivery process. 

Founded: 2006Employees: 70-250Min. Project Size: $25,000Location: Los Angeles CA


These were the top 10 companies for artificial intelligence solutions. Our experts have listed these names based on different aspects, such as reviews, experience, portfolio, etc. So, it’s time to compare all the options and make informed decisions for a successful business venture. 

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