Top 10 Machine Learning Companies in the USA

Top 10 Machine Learning Companies in the USA-Toporgs

Machine Learning is a technology that helps machines learn from the available data by finding patterns. Companies utilize the technology to predict user behavior and acquire new customers, optimize pricing & products, and enhance customer engagement. The performance of machine learning services depends on the data that is fed to the system and model. 

ML uses various cases, which include performance analysis & reporting, risk management, automation, and trading. We understand that amidst fierce competition, finding the best company for machine learning services can be tough. Hence, we have curated a list of leading IT companies that are well-reputed for ML services. The blog will take you through their descriptions, experience, clients, and more. Have a look:

A3logics A3logics

Using data interpretation technology- machine learning, A3logics offers end-to-end solutions to automate data classification, predictive models, mining, and analytics. It addresses complex business problems without coding, thanks to AI-enabled algorithms. The developers working in the team have hands-on experience in ML that they use to offer smart solutions. The machine learning experts work closely with each client to understand their specific requirements and objectives, thereby facilitating data-based decisions and enhanced business models. A3logics utilizes techniques, such as computational intelligence, pattern recognition, predictive analytics, and more to bring more accuracy in the results and align them with business goals. It offers a range of machine learning solutions for business transformation, including ML algorithm implementation, deep learning, marketing automation, business intelligence, etc. 

Founded In: 2003Min. Project Size: $20,000Employees: 70-249 Locations: Carlsbad, CA

Dogtown media DogTown Media

DogTown Media is a mobile app development company in California with a presence in multiple locations. It offers services for machine learning apps to make smarter, efficient, and accurate platforms. It was started in 2011 with an aim to materialize app ideas and now has become an award-winning mobile tech powerhouse. The team analyzes and designs every aspect to create intelligent apps and comes up with an intuitive product strategy for engaging, easy-to-use, and stylish products. The company boasts capabilities for model creation, computer vision, NLP, and automation required to solve everyday business problems. The products delivered by DogTown Media have received praise and recognition worldwide and have transformed millions of businesses into successful brands. 

Founded In: 2011Min. Project Size: $25,000+Employees: 11-50 Locations: Venice, California


UruIT has been offering web and mobile app development services for the past 13 years with offices in different locations across the USA. It has delivered more than 150 projects for varied businesses and industries, including healthcare, education, SaaS, and more. The team of skilled developers and designers has worked on thousands of digital products as a trusted partner. The company promises to translate ideas into modern, well-designed, and technically robust apps that accelerate business growth and provide an edge over peers. It excels in back-end coding, UX design, and system integration while contributing to the productivity and efficiency of business operations. Connect with them to turn your exceptional idea into seamless software and witness a great return on investment from the very first step. 

Founded In: 2007Min. Project Size: $50,000Employees: 50-249 Locations: Los Angeles, CA

AndPlus AndPlus

AndPlus is a development company with a specialization in IT consulting services. Its focus is to help clients accelerate digital transformation by bridging the gap between execution and strategy. With a team of over 50 certified developers, it serves companies of all sizes, be it startups, Fortune 100 companies, SMEs, etc. Leveraging its deep technical and business expertise combined with a custom agile development process, it launches MVPs and assists clients with the rapid implementation of mobile apps. Seek big data, machine learning, IoT, artificial intelligence, and other solutions from AndPlus and achieve optimal results with minimum risks. The innovators, engineers, strategists, and designers push their boundaries of advanced technologies, firmware, and development strategies to create top-notch products that deliver measurable value and a great user experience. 

Founded In: 2009Min. Project Size: $25,000Employees: 50-300 Locations: Southborough, MA

MobiDev MobiDev

MobiDev is a widely popular name for enterprise software development with a highly dedicated team working passionately on every project. Its small group of engineers and business managers offers full-cycle development solutions for web and desktop applications, IoT, hardware integrations, back-end, and infrastructure. The company offers comprehensive tech services to more than 20 countries, serving various clients, ranging from startups to large enterprises. In its 9 years of experience in the industry, it has launched over 350 products. Its expertise includes natural language processing, machine learning & deep learning, computer vision, predictive analytics, web apps, and more. At MobiDev, every project starts with in-depth discussion and analysis to understand data and other aspects to finally create valuable products. Ensure business success in this dynamic world with adaptive technologies and innovative solutions by MobiDev. 

Founded In: 2009Min. Project Size: $10,000Employees: 201-500 Locations: Georgia, US

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InData Labs InData Labs

Known for Data Science and AI-powered solutions, InData Labs works in various countries with its one R&D center and a team of certified developers. It has efficiently implemented over 40 projects across various domains to help clients launch recognition-based systems. Its mission is to bring the power of AI to every business, irrespective of its size and type, thus creating intelligent products and services that shape their business processes. It has also delivered tracking solutions, NLP, object detection, image-video analysis, and other tech products to serve midmarket and enterprises in dynamic industries. Its consulting and development services enable clients to get valuable insights into data that eliminates repetitive tasks, enhances performance, prevents cost revenues, and adds AI-driven features. It guarantees high-quality services by using proprietary technologies, investing in talent development, and sticking to customer care. 

Founded In: 2014Min. Project Size: $10,000+Employees: 60 and moreLocations: USA

Businessware Technologies Businessware Technologies

Get custom software and website development solutions from Businessware Technologies for your large enterprise and startup. The company holds expertise in the frontend, backend, and mobile app, text recognition, optical character recognition, computer vision, and other advanced systems. With its machine learning solutions and software architecture design, Businessware has provided a spectrum of projects to clients. Some of the popular ones include enterprise portals, fitness app business automation systems, document management systems, sales planning, and other platforms. Seek the benefits of its vast experience in development and custom software services for your next venture and its multifaceted approach will ensure seamless results. Its dedicated team of software engineers will bring out the best outcome that perfectly suits your needs. Trust their capabilities and efficiencies to automate different aspects of business workflow and witness increased profitability and improved performance. 

Founded In: 2003Min. Project Size: $10,000+Employees: 250Locations: League City, TX

AE Studio AE Studio

AE Studio is a leading company for machine learning services that employs a team of engineers, designers, and data scientists. Since its establishment, it has been providing web and mobile app development solutions, including AI solutions for clients ranging from startups to enterprises. The company is known for its agile methodology, product design, user research, along with specialization in varied frameworks, such as React Native, NodeJS, ReactJS, and programming languages, including Ruby, JavaScript, and Python. AE Studio takes immense pride in the transparency, creativity, and efficiency that it integrates into every project. Also, the consultants help clients understand every stage of the development process and convey the progress regularly. The team has more than mere implementation skills, it comprises professionals who redefine your requirements and create excellent solutions. When your product needs a high-performing algorithm, powerful computer vision, or intelligent machine-learning AI, it can help develop or improve your offering.

Founded In: 2016Min. Project Size: $50,000+Employees: 10-49Locations: Los Angeles CA

Diffco Diffco

Diffco is a mobile app development company that has successfully delivered thousands of robust apps and AI solutions to its impressive clientele. Be it a startup or an enterprise, it works on the whole project, starting from creation and ideation to implementation and maintenance. Diffco has recruited a cohesive team of senior experts and specialists who provide AI, computer vision, and web app development. In its 12+ years of experience, the company has effectively delivered 1000+ projects of mobile apps and web development. Each time, it ensures smooth results for the most complex ventures with industry-best practices and cutting-edge technologies. It works with global clients from its headquarters in California. 

Founded In: 2008Min. Project Size: $25,000Employees: 50-250Locations: Sunnyvale, CA

Xicom Technologies Xicom Technologies

Xicom is a certified enterprise software development company that works with SMEs, startups, and enterprise businesses. Its complete suite of tech services includes IT consulting, mobile app development, web development, software solutions, machine learning, back-end & front-end, etc. Its portfolio includes over 1500 clients worldwide, consisting of renowned brands and organizations. The company has been in the industry for more than 15 years, gaining experience in varied technologies and domains. Also, it adopts a flexible engagement model and offers round-the-clock support to serve clients from different time zones. Xicom builds applications of AI which empower businesses to seek the ultimate benefits of machine learning, the technology that allows machines to use data for self-learning. 

Founded In: 2001Min. Project Size: $25,000Employees: 200-500Locations: San Francisco, CA


Machine learning makes the most of statistical techniques, making machines intelligent and enable to learn from data. We initially shortlisted a wide range of companies providing machine learning solutions. However, based on key factors, such as reviews, popularity, features, experience, etc., we filtered the list to name the top 10. We hope that the blog will help you select the best partner for your project. 

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