Top 10 EDI Outsourcing Companies in the USA

Top 10 EDI Outsourcing Companies in the USA-Toporg

EDI has been around for years now, enabling companies to communicate with their trading partners in a business-to-business ecosystem. Now, its popularity has spiked immensely and is still strong. Many organizations are now shifting from traditional EDI services to modern and outsourcing EDI providers who offer cloud-based solutions. They are switching from point-to-point integrations or VAN to integrated platforms for EDI implementation. 

In this blog, we have listed the top 10 companies that provide managed EDI services and claim to bring value to information exchange systems. These service providers are now changing the way companies are doing EDI, making it more reliable, efficient, and cost-effective. 


A3ogics is an established and renowned managed EDI service provider that is helping companies connect with their trading partners and customers. It has been in the industry for years now, serving clients from varied sectors with innovative and effective solutions. It combines experience with the expertise of EDI professionals to overcome daily struggles faced by enterprises. Also, it offers processes that perfectly align with the unique needs of clients and contribute to continuous business growth. No matter if you are new to EDI or plan to revamp your existing system or want to replace the outdated one with a new and modern system, A3logics is here as your one-stop EDI solution provider. Its suite of EDI services ensures flexibility and solves business complexities through easy-to-use tools, live support, and consulting services. With A3logics as your EDI partner, you no longer need to deal with disappointed trading partners, large chargebacks, and unsatisfied customers. Also, it delivers result-oriented EDI solutions and integrated services to empower companies and bridge the gap between trading partners. 

Founded: 2003Employees: 400Min. Project Price: $10,000Location: Carlsbad, CA

Data Masons

Data Masons holds specialization in comprehensive and scalable EDI services for ERPs. It simplifies and executes EDI integrations and compliance with Macola, Dynamics 365, Dynamics GP, Dynamics AX, Dynamics NAV, etc. It works with over 1800 trading partners globally with its varied solutions, such as supply chain EDI, VAN service, planning schedule, universal data translator, invoices & purchase orders, and more. This cloud-based solution provider manages data transformation without any hassle. Another quality that makes Data Masons stand out from others is it doesn’t require embedded customization in the ERP for tight integration and specialists deliver implantation, managed compliance, managed services, and issue resolution to free your in-house IT department. It offers an all-inclusive platform that connects enterprises and all their business systems and supply chain. Data Masons offers EDI support for any data format, API integration, data transport method, etc. 

Founded: 1996Employees: 200+Min. Project Price: $25,000Location: USA


Jitterbit is a laser-focused company that is dedicated to accelerating innovation and business growth for its customers by integrating their apps seamlessly and deliver desired business outcomes. The company offers a data and application integration suite to allows users a quick, cost-effective, and easy way to design, manage, and deploy a wide range of systems. With the API integration platform provided by Jitterbit, companies can rapidly connect on-premise, SaaS, and cloud applications while infusing artificial intelligence into business processes, earning the fastest ROI among all vendors. It is the only unified cloud integration platform that offers solutions for everything on one single system, from basic data loading and real-time data access to end-to-end business process integration. Its intuitive API creation technology enables companies to reuse business-critical applications and data. Also, its team of industry experts works with clients side-by-side to go beyond anything that they have previously witnessed. 

Jitterbit is dedicated to accelerating innovation for our customers by combining the 

Founded: 2003Employees: 200+Min. Project Price: $15,000Location: Alameda, CA

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Dsco is a leading and powerful Distributed Inventory Network that is helping companies share and sell inventory from any source without any glitch. Dsco has worked and collaborated with thousands of the largest retailers and brands worldwide to power world-class omnichannel strategies, including direct to consumer, drop shipping, ship to store, and more. The company was founded on a simple premise: the world doesn’t need more inventory. The company understands that the world requires more inventory visibility and access. From retail stores, distribution centers, brand stores, 3PLs, 4PLs, fulfillment centers, offshore factories, brand manufacturers, distributors, and more, it helps to manage inventory for all. Leveraging the benefits of years of experience in retail and supply chain, it develops a powerful EDI system that connects trading partners and clients directly. 

Founded: 2011Employees: 50-200Min. Project Price: $10,000Location: Lehi, UT

Liaison Technologies

Liaison Technologies is an IT company with offices in multiple locations across the USA. since its inception, the company has made a team of 500+ employees who provide cloud consulting, managed IT, and SI services. It was an iPaas provider, acquired by Opentext EDI solutions, making it a versatile company. Now, it offers fully managed solutions and standard support, such as ANSI X12, TRADACOMS, EDIFACT, and HL7. With the collaboration of the two companies, there was an extension of the business network and cloud leadership. It also provides new technologies for customers, helping them to build application networks in the dynamic world of cloud, SaaS, mobile, and omnichannel. Moreover, it holds expertise in rebuilding the entire platform using EDI technology to enable a hands-off approach with EDI transactions. 

Founded: 2000Employees: 250-1000Min. Project Price: $10,000Location: Alpharetta GA


Logicbroker believes in building long-term connections with its clients to ensure off-the-chart growth for retailers, suppliers, and other brands in this booming digital marketplace. It has designed a powerful drop-ship platform that connects sellers, buyers, 3PLs, and other systems faster and seamlessly. Hence, empowering organizations to sell more products, reach more customers, and pivot quickly to maintain an edge over peers in an ever-evolving e-commerce world. Once connected with the team, Logicbroker assures clients growth with them while exploring limitless possibilities. Although the company leads with API integration, it offers a spectrum of options for fast onboarding irrespective of a partner integration platform, such as EDI, API, XML, CSV, FTP, and JSON. Avail of its services now and experience a high level of supply chain automation, including acknowledgment, inventory, shipment, item validation, and invoices. Also, it provides a suite of reporting, monitoring, and vendor performance management tools for clear visibility across the trading partner ecosystem. 

Founded: 2010Employees: 50+Min. Project Price: $15,000Location: Shelton, Connecticut


EDIFabric offers an EDI software toolkit that helps companies generate, translate, and validate business transactions. It comes with smart and sophisticated products that enable companies to build value networks and connect with their trading partners and clients effectively by implementing EDI solutions using familiar concepts and existing resources. The company’s EDI templates address mapping problems and break the chains of EDI-XML duality. EDIFabric comes with high-performance. NET EDI libraries and fully customizable templates for HIPAA, EDIFACT, X12, EANCOM, VDA, and PNGROV. Its lean implementation is unparalleled in agility and outcomes and all thanks to the impressive feature set that allows translating EDI files of any size and format. 

Founded: N/AEmployees: 50+Min. Project Price: $5,000Location: USA


Truecommerce offers managed electronic data interchange services to help enterprises bring the entire supply chain into a single EDI platform. It offers integrated EDI, Web EDI, customer-facing EDI, and more for global trading partners so they can get information from any ERP systems and communicate with the application. The company offers the most comprehensive way to connect your business across the supply chain, integrating everything from EDI and inventory management to digital storefronts and marketplaces. With Truecommerce as an outsource company, businesses no longer have to invest in infrastructure and worry about maintenance costs as it managed setup for its customers. It offers more than 92,000 global trading partner maps to connect you with your trading partners instantly. Seek EDI services from Truecommerce and become more connected, prepared, and supported for coming changes. 

Founded: 1994Employees: 400+Min. Project Price: $20,000Location: Seven Fields, PA


As a cloud-native supply chain connectivity platform, PartnerLinQ provides businesses with a secure and transformative way to connect their multi-tier global networks, marketplaces, and channels. It is an innovative, easy-to-use, and process-centric solution that aims to simplify digital communication via EDI, real-time APIs, and file-based formats. Its modular and extensible architecture allows EDI/ non-EDI and API-led enterprise wide integration capabilities and also enhances visibility across the partner network via analytic-based insights. The company works with retail, wholesale, e-commerce, distribution, and progressive organizations to build digital partner ecosystems, bring transparency, achieve operational efficiencies, and gain real-time visibility. PartnerLinQ goes beyond the traditional EDI software by providing end-to-end supply chain connectivity options with support to EDI and non-EDI partners. It offers a highly configurable and flexible approach with a simple interface that makes partner onboarding easy and sends build-in alerts with a control center view of the enterprise network transactions. 

Founded: 1995Employees: 1000+Min. Project Price: $20,000Location: Cranbury, NY

B2B Gateway

B2B Gateway is known for its fully-managed EDI and API connectivity solutions for suppliers, retailers, and 3PL integrations. Although EDI is the prime focus of the company, it has also spread its wings to offers e-commerce, warehouse support, and third-party logistics solutions. The company strives to provide complete EDI outsourcing solutions to all clients at the most economical prices. Its services enable businesses of all sizes to compete for better opportunities in the market. B2B Gateway is a socially, morally, and environmentally responsible firm that creates a healthy and fun environment for its clients and employees. Since its inception, B2B Gateway has delivered dedicated, hassle-free, and on-time services to make customers happy and pleased while eliminating costly errors that are common in the manual processing of data. It supports all the US and international EDI formats, including XML, ANSI X12, and EDIFACT, and supports virtually all accepted transport protocols, such as VAN, API, AS2, SMTP (E-Mail), FTP, HTTP / HTTPS, Secure Socket, and more.

Founded: 1999Employees: 100-500Min. Project Price: $20,000Location: Hope Valley, RI


Yes, consuming and evaluating such a large amount of information at once is difficult and having to select the best EDI service provider among such brilliant options is even more daunting. However, we hope that the list will simplify your analysis and selection process by providing all the information that you need. So, consider all the factors, connect with the team, and kick start your venture. 

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