Top 10 Big Data Analytics Companies in the USA

Top 10 big data analytics companies in USA

In this highly competitive world, you can not undermine the importance of Big Data and Data Analytics. In simple terms, it is the process of transforming the data into meaningful information to obtain a clearer and accurate picture of an entire process. 

Are you looking for the best big data consulting services? Then you have landed on the right page. Considering the growing popularity of big data solutions among businesses, enterprises are constantly looking for a reliable partner to implement the right solution empowered with new trends and advanced features. We have listed 10 such companies that have been in the industry for years now and are known for their seamless services. To make the decision convenient, we have mentioned additional details about them. Have a look:


To leverage the full potential of big data, businesses need to develop a deep understanding of the concept. A3logics, a trusted and highly-reputed big data analytics company, helps clients to garner knowledge of advanced analytic techniques to handle and process a huge volume of data. Their wide range of big data consulting services includes data governance, competitive intelligence, marketing analytics, business intelligence, data monetization, predictive analytics, data management, data warehousing, assessment and roadmaps, and other managed services. All these solutions spare clients from the tedious tasks of streamlining their data and get actionable insights as the team takes care of all the day-to-day operations. The company has worked on several complex big data projects till now and has delivered the best results effortlessly. The pool of well-versed big data experts believes that in this ever-expanding world of technology, even the smallest piece of information can bring significant changes. Hence, with their big data analytics, they help companies enhance decision-making abilities and explore more opportunities. 


Although Prolifics is a digital transformation company, it holds expertise in big data and analytics, quality assurance, DevOps, cloud computing consulting services, and more across multiple industries. The company has been operational for 40 years now and its team includes over 1200 employees in almost 11 offices situated in different parts of the world. You can seek consulting, managed, and product engineering solutions for varied clients’ needs. Their data analytics services include various an array of data management solutions, including data integration, data scanning, data governance, and more to convert huge data into actionable business intelligence and help businesses gain a competitive edge. It also offers cloud architecture services, such as the design and implementation of the cloud infrastructure and architecture to bring cloud strategy to life. 


Xplenty offers cloud-based big data consulting services and integration solutions, ELT, and ETL platforms to streamline data processing. By bringing all the data sources together, the company enables businesses to create simple and visualized data pipelines to the data lake. It can be connected to online analytical data sources, such as Google BigQuery and AWS Redshift. With Xplenty’s big data processing empowered by the cloud, businesses can experience quick results, such as scheduling jobs and designing data to process structured and unstructured data. Xplenty offers a platform to organizations to enable them to process, integrate, and prepare data for analysis purposes on the cloud. Their services will ensure that businesses can easily and quickly avail of benefits from data analytics opportunities without investing heavily in software, hardware, or an in-house team. 

Digital Group

Next in our list of top big data services companies is Digital Group, a renowned IT firm in the USA. The experts working in the company offer the finest and unmatched data analytics solutions with top-notch quality and reliability. The company was founded in 1999 and comprises a team of more than 500 members. The focus of the company is to assist enterprises to reach a better data maturity level which helps them get a proper insight into the market and business. Hence, increasing the speed of organizational growth and delivering enhanced results. As a leading big data service provider company, it transforms businesses into a data-driven model with in-built tools and products that result in considerable cost savings. 

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CBIG Consulting

CBIG Consulting was founded in 2002 as an American company offering big data analytics and business intelligence solutions. At the company, the data conversation is ready to work and carry out most things in an outstanding way which paves a path for global network connection and success. Apart from data analytics and consulting, it also provides data architecture solutions by employing Hadoop distributions, Hive, Sqoop, etc. With business intelligence solutions, the team assures to deliver data values and make informed decisions. They take immense pride in their excellent spectrum of data management and managed services which help clients identify marketing opportunities and adapt to the trends without much hassle. 

Clavax Technologies

Clavax was started in the year 2011 with its headquarters in San Jose, California. Over the years, the company has established itself as a reputed software development service provider with expertise in big data analytics. The team of over 200 highly skilled members offers top-notch services that cover all the aspects and areas of big data analytics, consulting, and implementation solutions. Using cutting-edge big data technologies, the firm extends support for data warehousing, data integration, and data processing. For innovative, scalable, and secure IT solutions, it is a one-stop solution for global clients. The professionals understand business challenges and goals to strategize the right solutions and apply them. It uses a client-first approach to help them explore better ideas, believe in them, and turn them into value-driven products. 


ScienceSoft has been offering a comprehensive range of IT services since 2013 to help businesses manage their big data and turn them into actionable insights. With its headquarters in McKinney, Texas, this big data analytics company assists its clients to put their data into efficient use with end-to-end solutions that include all the major areas of data and predictive analytics, such as big data consulting, support, implementation, and managed services. The team designs big data architecture and implementation both cloud and in-house big data solutions along with taking care of data quality and security. The team is proficient in all the well-known technology stacks, such as Apache Cassandra, Apache Hadoop, Apache Spark, etc. Connect with its professionals for data management, processing, storage, and graph processing needs. 


Founded in 2014 in the USA, Experfy has managed to establish a strong and credible reputation among clients. Despite just a few years of experience in the industry, the company has worked with many clients and delivered flawless results every time. It uses big data analytics to help businesses with a unique and innovative approach. The company has established an image of the intellectual powerhouse that combines consulting services and teachings to reinvent the future. You can connect with its team of consultants without shelling out a hefty amount and they will support you with the best considering the scope of the project requirements. Also, they prioritize saving the additional costs that you have to incur otherwise. The experts will help you get familiar with data analytics techniques and tools so that you can improve your knowledge. 

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Clairvoyant is a renowned data science company, offering big data integration services and high-quality solutions for various enterprises across industries. The team working for the company has the vast technical expertise, providing solutions that ensure agility, ease-of-use, precision, and scalability. It aims at helping business organizations rapidly analyze huge volumes of data successfully and efficiently to derive useful insights, draw conclusions, and make informed business decisions. Their competent managed services enable clients to save the efforts, time, and cost required for setting up an on-premise data management team. They keep a close watch on all forms of data ingestion and generation processes. The company has served multiple Fortune 500 clients with its top-notch services, such as machine learning, data analytics, cloud, artificial intelligence solutions, and more. 


This may be the last name on the list but certainly not the least. ERPA is known for employing an excellent team of senior big data consultants who have extensive industry experience and in-depth knowledge. Whether it’s a large-scale enterprise or a startup, they deliver second to none enterprise data solutions for all complex business challenges. What’s more? The company allows its clients to get transformative and effective data roadmaps. Rather than starting directly with implementing the solution, the team first considers all significant factors, including compliance and regulatory demands, costs, infrastructure limitations, organizational readiness, and others. They adopt a comprehensive governance methodology to implement data assets successfully. 


There is no denying the fact that data is an integral part of a business and you need to select an appropriate big data integration service provider to get through the daunting task of data analytics. 

Based on several market surveys and reliable resources, we have compiled this list. So, before selecting the best company for your project, consider all your business requirements and the type of data that needs to be evaluated. Compare the features, costs, and services of all the companies, and then zero in on the one that meets your expectations. 

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