Top 10 Cloud Computing Consulting Service Providers in the USA

Top Cloud Computing Consulting Service Providers USA

There was a time when companies used to store data and information in hard drives on a computer. Of course, that was prone to security breaches, threats, and other risks but cloud computing addressed these challenges seamlessly. It replaced the traditional technology and provided storage, networking, databases, servers, and other software via the internet. As soon as the technology was introduced, companies didn’t waste a second to adopt it and make their IT environment more secure.  They hired cloud computing consultants to save space, time, and money- 3 primary and most valuable assets for any enterprise. 

Are you also searching for reliable and top cloud computing providers in the USA? Then rest your search here as we have listed the highly-recommended and trusted companies below. They will help you integrate cloud solutions to eliminate tedious tasks, such as software patching and hardware set up. 

Have a look at these top-rated companies and get an insight into their services to make informed decisions:

  1. A3logics

A3logics was started in 2007 with a vision to bridge the gap in the digital world. The strength of the company is its unique combination of experience, and expertise that has curated an open and innovative culture. The team behind its impressive range of cloud computing services regularly conducts in-depth research and studies to study the market and analyze the latest trends. No matter where you are in your cloud journey, rely on the consultants and developers who will take your business to new heights. They will create the entire cloud strategy that aligns with your specific needs and create a roadmap that takes you to your goals. Its team of certified developers will create an agile, secure, and integrated cloud environment with their proficiency in cloud-native apps. The team will support you throughout with its successful implementation, effective design, and comprehensive security measures. 

  1. Zymr

Zymr started its journey in San Jose, California in the year 2012 with the aim to transform the digital world with its innovative solutions. It was founded by some of the industry experts and veterans who are proficient in accelerating cloud application development. The company offers full-stack cloud computing services and other software development solutions to global clients across various industries. Bringing cutting edge technologies and agile development processes together, Zymr promises to deliver software that meets specific purposes and business goals. Also, the team ensures that it is flexible and scales according to changing customers’ demands. Its team integrates cybersecurity, cloud, DevOps solutions, etc., to offer a one-stop solution to enterprises that are planning to develop or leverage their existing core IP. Their portfolio and past experience include collaboration with some of the renowned venture-funded startups and many medium to large organizations. 

  1. Kamatera

Kamatera holds proficiency in developing a cloud server tool that is similar to a physical server. The company is known for its flawless cloud computing solutions and operates in a virtual infrastructure cloud which makes it cost-effective and highly flexible. Needless to say that these features make it one of the most preferred service providers for customers. Moreover, it has based cloud server pricing on a pay-as-you-go model which is a common standard in the industry. Now, clients don’t have to shell out a hefty amount but pay only for the services they seek. So, if you are adding 1 GB RAM, then simply pay for this and there will be no additional cost or unnecessary server resources. The company also takes pride in its low-maintenance and high-performance cloud infrastructure services. Other features of its cloud services include tailored and customized VPS hosting. 

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  1. Softchoice

Softchoice offers a gamut of cloud computing consulting services, which include cloud accelerator, cloud managed solutions, cloud workload assessment, cloud migration, and more. With its scalable and top-notch services, the company has established a strong position as a global leader in an advanced AWS consulting partner, Azure deployment, and Google cloud partner. The team adopts a meticulous approach to plan and strategize cloud implementation and determine if the app must be moved to the cloud or remain in the on-premise data center. The company uses significant time and resources to find the best practices and set up cloud environments that account for governance, scale, identity, security, and networking. Also, they understand the importance of the multi-cloud approach to find the right solution for enterprises and strengthen their capabilities. It addresses all the challenges of a complex ecosystem and establishes formal cloud practices.

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  1. Serverspace

Serverspace is another US-based online Сloud IT infrastructure rental service that allows clients to configure and deploy virtual servers, order SSL certificates, configure network circuits, monitor and administer domain zones, etc. the company is popular to implement innovative solutions and incredible ideas that address complicated business challenges instantly. Their cloud computing works on hyper-converged vStack platforms that are based on superior open-source technologies. Their lightweight hypervisor and OS FreeBSD empowered with a simplified codebase helps enterprises build new generation virtual machines. You can eliminate long setups and boring documentation processes as Serverspace spins VM in almost 40 seconds. With their low-latency and high-availability network, you can run VM globally. Other features of their cloud solutions include the fast speed with amazing IOPS rate, easy sign-up, latest 2nd Gen Intel Scalable CPUs with 3.1 GHz frequency, and more. 

  1. LiquidWeb

LiquidWeb is one of the leading cloud computing consulting companies in the USA that offers cloud sites that are managed hosting platforms. They provide businesses with the creative freedom to develop and launch websites. What’s more? There is no need to learn cPanel or server management. The company offers the best of all the world to its clients by combining resources of traditional servers and processing power with instant provisioning and flexibility of a cloud portal. It also allows clients to manage their sites effortlessly and quickly while eliminating any hassle. You don’t need any server management skills when the company is there to assist you at every step. Moreover, it hosts unlimited sites and apps with a single account and uses tools that easily integrate with Drupal, WordPress, Joomla, etc. 

  1. Apriorit Inc.

Apriorit was founded in 2002 with its headquarters in the USA and over the years has gathered enough experience by working on cybersecurity and data management projects for the biggest technology vendors. Its team works dedicatedly and explores all opportunities to deliver system programming, expert driver development, and assist businesses with complex issues. The company has a comprehensive set of SaaS development solutions that focus on large-scale cloud services, such as ERP, CRM, and other professional service platforms. It has worked with some of the high-profile clients that also include Fortune 500 companies. Its team spares no effort to establish smooth communication, a client-centric approach, and effective teamwork to ensure the success of every project irrespective of its scale and background. Other features that make Apriorit stand out from its competitors are project management verticals and strong business analysis that assist clients to meet specific needs and get familiar with priorities.

  1. LambdaTest

Implementing cloud computing solutions is not enough. You also need experts to test if cloud platforms are efficient and meet your expectations. This is where LambdaTest steps in with its team of cloud computing consultants. The company offers a scalable cloud-based cross-browser testing platform that is designed for varied websites and app testing required for cloud infrastructure. It helps clients to ensure that web app elements, such as CSS, Video, JavaScript, HTML5, etc., are rendering seamless services across desktop and mobile web browsers via manual, automated, and visual testing. LambdaTest enables businesses to access over 2,000 combinations of app and desktop browsers on the cloud. With its Selenium grid, you can execute parallel test sessions simultaneously that will reduce test cycles and improve product delivery efficiency. The company is constantly expanding the platform to offer holistic solutions for all testing requirements. 

  1. Prolifics

Prolifics provides a myriad of IT and software solutions, including digital consulting, managed services, digital business, DevOps, quality assurance, product engineering services, data, and analytics, etc. The company also holds expertise in cloud computing consulting services and has collaborated with varied sectors. Some of them are healthcare, banking & finance, insurance & mortgage, retail & distribution, public sector, and many others. No matter at what point you are in your digital roadmap, Prolifics will accelerate your growth and deliver faster solutions for a better transformation journey. The team has unmatched experience in cloud migration, cloud architecture, and cloud-native development along with various other cloud computing solutions that help in continuous integration. It will also ensure that your processes, operations, and project are more flexible, sustainable, secure, and scalable and above all, add more to the value proposition. 

  1. CodeBright

CodeBright believes in improving and evolving with time in this digital world by utilizing the true potential of technology. The company has worked with many startups, non-profit organizations, small & large enterprises, and other clients, helping them streamline, enhance, and automate their business processes. It also aims at bringing Minimal Viable Products (MVPs) to the market, reducing extra costs, and raising the productivity and efficiency of its clients. As one of the top cloud computing consulting companies, CodeBright offers customized solutions that can handle various complex software development projects that demand integration with other systems, such as ERPs and CRMs. 


Now that you have all the information here. Go ahead and make the best choice. Make sure that you don’t rush to a conclusion but analyze each factor carefully, analyze their services, and then select the company that meets your expectations. 

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