Top 10 Cybersecurity Software Companies in the USA

Top 10 Cybersecurity Software Companies in the USA-Toporgs

As your business ecosystem expands, cyber threats and security risks increase as well. This is more applicable in today’s remote workforce that requires faster and easier digital connectivity to support unwavering productivity. With employees distributed to different locations, there are more opportunities for hacks and breaches. Cybercriminals are leveraging hardware, software, modern devices, and advanced technology to wreak havoc on networks that lead to compromised data. 

There is no denying that the present cybersecurity situation is changing at a pace that is never witnessed. Protecting and securing critical data is the priority for all businesses in this digital era. However, companies lack the capacity and efficiency to keep up with these changes, which is surely troublesome. Therefore, it’s time that they hire a reliable company for cybersecurity services and expert input. With top cybersecurity companies in the USA looking after digital threats, organizations can easily understand and manage cyber risks. This is just the tip of the iceberg, there are several other reasons to genuinely consider outsourcing cybersecurity solutions and hire professionals to take care of IT networks and environments. 

We have listed the top 10 cybersecurity companies 2021 based on verified clients reviews, experience, and expertise. Go through all the options to find the best fit for your organization.


Founded: 2003

Location: Carlsbad, CA

Employees: 200-359

Core Services:  Enterprise Software Development, CRM & ERP Solutions, Full Stack Development, Enterprise Mobility Services, Web & Application Development, API Integrations, HCM Software, QA & Software Testing, Cloud Computing, Salesforce Consulting.


  • A3logics creates tailored cybersecurity solutions based on individual businesses and their needs. It protects enterprises and their data against cyberattacks and infringements with focused, proactive, and industry-relevant intelligence. Thus, providing you with the confidence that your business is secure.
  • Being a leading cybersecurity services provider USA, A3logics works with startups, corporations, organizations, and people to secure their most important and sensitive data. Companies rely on the team for integrated and strategic solutions that defend them against sophisticated attacks across the cloud infrastructure. 
  • Its streamlined and multi-layered cyber security protection service approach transforms a business. The cyber security threat intelligence and orchestration, automation, cybersecurity consulting, cloud and managed security services help you identify, prevent, and recover from a cyber security breach

Xact IT Solutions

Founded: 2004

Location: New Jersey

Employees: 10-50

Core Services: Managed IT Services, Cybersecurity Services, IT Consulting, Project Planning, Business Cloud Services, IT Compliance Services, Cloud Computing, Hosted Solutions, VoIP Services.


  • Rather than promising the lowest prices and delivering substandard solutions or not doing what they are paid for, Xact IT Solutions believes that clients deserve the best for their hard-earned money. 
  • It has a dedicated and highly trained cybersecurity team for threat monitoring, threat management, and threat disposals. Their expertise empowers the company to stay on top of existing and emerging threats and at a breakneck pace to keep you protected always. 
  • It offers cybersecurity consultation services to review the current cyber protection programs and determine changes to enhance security. Based on the requirements, the team creates a well-defined plan to improve an organization’s security standards without disrupting business operations.

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Founded: 2016

Location: New York, NY

Employees: 28-50

Core Services: Incident Detection & Response, Virtual CISO, Managed Threat Hunting, UnderDefense SIEM, Penetration Testing, DevSecOps/ Cloud Security, Advanced Threat Prevention, Certified Secure Applications & Organizations.


  • UnderDefense is a leading cybersecurity services company in the USA that works across the world. Its dedicated team of certified professionals offers exclusive cybersecurity services using in-depth knowledge and industry best practices.
  • UD supports organizations in different countries, helping them plan, build, manage, and run security operations successfully. It also assists in meeting and maintaining compliance regulations, IS programs, and tapping into a company’s abilities to run the business securely.
  • Be it advisory & assessment services, incident response & managed defense, or security architecture & implementation, UD provides a full package of cybersecurity with its talented pool of experts. 


Founded: 2008

Location: Minnetonka, MN

Employees: 50-99

Core Services: Virtual CISO, Penetration Testing, Incident Response, Risk Assessment, Vulnerability Scanning, Social Engineering, PCI, Gap Assessment, Tabletops, Vendor Risk Management, Penetration Testing, SOC 2, CMMC.


  • FRSecure is an information security management company in the USA. It employs a team of tech enthusiasts and professionals to provide IT consultation services, managed IT solutions, and other cybersecurity-related services.
  • At times, you need outside assistance to recognize and address information security issues. Whether you want to validate that your team is handling information security fundamentals well or seek guidance in leveling up the efforts that mitigate risks, its on-demand security experts will help you make positive strides.
  • Companies need to adhere to numerous standards, regulations, and requirements of an industry, which can be a daunting experience. FRSecure helps you navigate the complexities of regulatory requirements, interpret their relationships to security, and implement the best practices to protect information. 


Founded: 2011

Location: Adrian, Michigan

Employees: 10-49

Core Services: Application Security Testing, Penetration Testing, Objective-based Penetration Testing, Managed Security QA, Social Engineering, Source-code Reviews, Compromise Assessments, Breach Response.


  • Packetlabs is one of the top cybersecurity companies in 2021 that specializes in infrastructure penetration testing, web and mobile app testing, and other cybersecurity solutions. It helps clients protect their valuable digital assets and critical information of business and customers. 
  • The team offers services across multiple industries, including media, retail, government, finance, healthcare, technology, law enforcement, consulting, etc. Every team member has to successfully complete the most advanced training, which ensures their efficiency and ability to meet clients’ requirements.
  • Packetlabs is committed to providing expert-level testing solutions to companies by implementing unique ideas. It identifies weak spots that are often overlooked and evade controls in modern networks. 

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Founded: 2018

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Employees: 10-40

Core Services: Managed IT Services, Cybersecurity, IT Audit, IT Compliance, Incident Response, Temporary IT Staffing, CRM Consulting, SI.


  • SugarShot with its small team of IT professionals and enthusiasts provides managed IT solutions, specifically for disaster recovery, help desk, security, and network segments. It adopts a different approach to cybersecurity and IT with open rebel against the IT grain.
  • Helping businesses get rid of unreliable and slow technology that hampers growth, the company reduces IT stress through seamless deployment needed to reach growth goals. It integrates cybersecurity in every aspect of service options to mitigate business risks.
  • The team doesn’t believe that IT support should be complicated or ridiculously expensive. Hence, it offers simple pricing and scalable solutions for businesses of all sizes. It meets compliance needs for growing organizations across industries and gives the protection and security for peace of mind. 

eMazzanti Technologies

Founded: 2001

Location: Hoboken, NJ

Employees: 35-99

Core Services: IT Managed Services, Custom Software Development, IT Strategy Consulting, SI, and Cloud Consulting Services, Data Security, Tech Support.


  • eMazzanti Technologies is one of the best cybersecurity companies in the USA offering premier outsourced services to global clients. The firm is a Microsoft Gold Partner and has won several accolades over the years. As the fastest-growing company, it offers a wide range of IT services to drive accelerated business growth and meet unique requirements.
  • Its team of IT professional engineers provides an expert analysis of business technology and recommends the right solution to increase productivity, security, and revenue growth. They promise to exceed your expectations by providing the latest cloud technology products backed by a comprehensive suite of services. 
  • eMazzanti is focused on delivering efficient and powerful IT services at affordable prices. You get top-notch quality software with multi-site implementations, remote monitoring, and proactive 24X7 support. 

LME Services

Founded: 1994

Location: Chicago, Illinois

Employees: 100-249

Core Services: Cybersecurity Services, IT Systems & Tech Support, Mobile App Development Services, Frontend Development, Web Design, Traffic Booster, SEO Services, Managed IT Solutions, Cloud Hosting Services.


  • LME Services is a family-run business with a unique approach to delivering more consistent tech services than other big IT firms. It offers a reliable and secure communication system within an organized structure. 
  • To ensure that it provides the best IT solutions, the company has set a strategy of employing Tier 3 techs and assigning 2 tech experts to every project. Thus, you can lay your trust in a responsible professional and be assured of faster results. They understand your business network and then create tight protection without restricting productivity. 
  • LME combines low overhead with a unique support strategy to pave the way for better opportunities. Considering their vast experience, they know what tools work the best, which solutions stop the threats, and what tricks the hackers are using. Based on your needs, they implement Secured Backups, 2 Layer Authentication, HIPPA Passwords Policies, Hot Sites, Fail Over, Spam and Malware Recognition, and Instant Alerting.


Founded: 1999

Location: Plano, TX

Employees: 50-249

Core Services: Cyber Security Advisory, MSSP Operations, Compliance & Controls, SaaS & App Security, Custom Software Development, Automation, Software Testing, IT Professional Services, Managed Cloud Services.


  • ISHIR is one of the preferred cybersecurity companies 2021 that offers a powerful combination of world-class processes, skilled people, and robust technology. Its primary focus is to deliver outcome-driven software development solutions that drive 100% customer satisfaction.
  • The company provides real-time and agile deployment with data and analytics centered around customers. Moreover, its flexible delivery models and future-ready designs meet the unique needs of clients. Hence, enabling them to leverage the most out of digital automation and gain a competitive advantage.
  • Get perfectly fit cloud solutions to solve complex business problems and infrastructure challenges. Its optimization techniques will certainly drive workload performance, increase ROI, ensure compliance, and control cloud costs. 

Neebal Technologies

Founded: 2010

Location: Houston, Texas

Employees: 50-249

Core Services: Enterprise Mobility Solutions, Hyperautomation, Flutter App Development, API Integration Services, RPA Solutions, Mulesoft Integration, DevOps, Cloud Migration Services, IoT development services.


  • Neebal is a well-known cybersecurity service company in the US that delivers best-in-class solutions across pharma, agro, and BFSI verticals. The company aims at providing top-tier services using cutting-edge technologies with the main focus on hyper-automation. 
  • The team showcases an exceptional understanding of current industry challenges and envisions the future of the businesses using its expertise and industry-specific perspective. It has worked with large enterprises, small and medium companies, and startups to build customized solutions that transform user experiences.
  • Neebal adopts engaging design and creative thinking methodologies to build future-ready solutions around end-users and their IT environmental conditions. With its years of experience and expertise, it keeps pace with ever-evolving scenarios to make sure that clients respond to market conditions instantly. 

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