Top 10 AWS Consultant Companies in the USA

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AWS consulting services have gained huge popularity in the tech sector over the years and companies are making a rapid transition to the AWS cloud platform. There is a valid reason behind AWS being so popular- it offers secure, scalable, and cloud-enabled business applications. AWS consulting services include different solutions related to AWS software, making the migration process smooth and hassle-free. 

However, you need a trusted AWS consulting partner with amazing expertise and extensive experience to integrate different AWS solutions into your current application. Do you want to scale your AWS platform with qualitative performance? Are you looking for top AWS consulting companies in the USA for your business? Then here is a list containing the best AWS consultants. Our research team has curated the list based on clients’ feedback, experience, notable projects, and expertise in the domain. Go through the list of these top firms and choose the one that fits your budget and requirements.



  • A3logics brings digital transformation for global enterprises through its custom AWS consultant services. As a leading IT consulting firm in the USA, it works on every project from scratch and finds the best way to build high-performing cloud applications that cater to specific business goals.
  • From cloud migration, deployment, to automation – the team of cloud architects stays prepared for all scenarios, handles every project effectively, and delivers solutions that meet your needs precisely. Its complete suite of powerful cloud infrastructure services and cloud strategy ensures that you get the most out of your investment.
  • Its engineers specialize in re-engineering mission-critical applications by migrating them to the cloud. Hence, helping you realize your business goals faster. They are committed to adding value to your business by taking a holistic approach that supports clients in their cloud migration journey. 
  • Its IT services offering include but are not limited to Salesforce, SaaS Development Services, IoT, Blockchain, Mobile App Development, iOS App & Andriod App Development, AR/VR, Web Development, Quality Assurance, Chatbot Solutions. 
Founded: 2003Location: Carlsbad, CACompany Size: 250-300

Metal Toad

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  • Metal Toad is an award-winning AWS consulting partner that has been in the industry for 15+ years. It is helping Media & Entertainment companies navigate complex technology transitions to lower costs, reduce risk, and increase value. 
  • Metal Toad has vast experience across major public cloud platforms and builds valuable and secure solutions using AWS, Azure, and Google cloud. It creates architecture from scratch, delivering rapid innovation and high performance.
  • The company prioritizes business interests and always recommends the best solution based on the requirements. It is committed to long-term partnership over quick profits, which makes it the lowest risk option in the industry.
  • It offers various core services, such as Managed Cloud Services, Cloud Hosting, AWS Machine Learning, Technical Support, and other Cloud-based solutions across various sectors but mainly Media & Entertainment. 
Founded: 2003Location: Beverly Hills, CACompany Size: 10-49

KMS Technology


  • KMS Technology was founded as a US AWS consultant company by a highly skilled and passionate team of technology veterans who had a vision of building an organization to deliver innovative, agile, and efficient solutions that increase clients’ shareholder value. 
  • It employs 1,000+ resources across the company to provide cloud and IT services throughout the software development lifecycle. It establishes trusted partnerships with all its clients, ranging from startups, large enterprises, and SMEs.
  • The team provides a roadmap to your business objective and you can handle the work yourself or leverage its cloud services to enhance cloud solutions. The professionals also prepare your teams to work in the cloud and offer a scalable platform powered by a more agile and efficient team.
  • The company specializes in Application Transformation, Cloud Migration, Mobile Development, New Software Creation, Quality Assurance, Software Engineering, DevOps Consulting Services, Automation, BI & Analytics, Integration Services, Support Services, Mobile Testing.
Founded: 2009Location: Atlanta, GeorgiaCompany Size: 1000+



  • Deft offers managed cloud services to clients across the US and other nations. It provides comprehensive solutions for SI, IT solutions, cloud consulting, and more to midmarket businesses. The team focuses on security while allows clients to target their servers while maintaining consistent communication. 
  • After analyzing the current workloads, server configurations, network architecture, security concerns, compliance requirements, and application interdependencies, the experts create a detailed cloud migration plan or an optimization roadmap.
  • Deft is a trusted AWS consulting partner with unmatched skills in cloud infrastructure and application migration. It utilizes its experience and proficiency to drive value to customers in four areas- design, migrate, operate, and optimize.
  • Its suite of core services includes Managed Services, Network Connectivity, Cloud Migration Service, Disaster Recovery, Colocation, Data Center Migration, Software Development, Hybrid Cloud, Backup Services, AWS Migration.
Founded: 2000Location: Chicago, ILCompany Size: 87-100

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  • Codal is a trusted AWS consultant services provider that transforms businesses into proactive, streamlined, and supportive operations through its software development and tech services. Its agile process ensures accurate solutions that address the exact needs of users and clients.
  • The company has a strong in-house team of experienced and qualified consultants from different sectors to bring out the best in every brand it works with. Its clients include small and medium enterprises, large corporations, startups, etc.
  • Codal has worked on almost every AWS technology, including server solutions, analytics, and IoT. Thus providing an insight into which services are right for achieving your project goals and integrating them seamlessly with your existing tech stack.
  • Its comprehensive IT offerings are User Experience and Interface Design, Web and Mobile App Development, Technology and Innovation Strategy, eCommerce Solutions, Data Technologies, CMS, Frontend & Backend Development, Integrations.
Founded: 2009Location: Chicago, ILCompany Size: 200-400

Intetics Inc.

Intetics AWS-Toporgs


  • Intetics Inc. is one of the top global AWS consulting companies that also offers custom software development, quality assessment, and all-things-digital solutions built using emerging technologies, such as IoT, RPA, AI/ML, and more.
  • The company boasts advanced software engineering background, quality management platform, and unmatched methodology to guarantee that clients get exceptional results that exceed their expectations. It helps innovate enterprises with its in-depth engineering expertise and knowledge.
  • As a trusted cloud-native consultancy firm, Intetics focuses on providing the right solutions to businesses that enable them to exploit the potential of the cloud and its native features. It migrates businesses to the cloud by providing a well-defined strategy and dedicated tech support.
  • The company’s IT solutions include Turnkey Software Product Engineering, Advanced Web System Development, Digital Transformation, Product Prototyping and MVP, Navigation Systems, Process Automation, Data Management, Wearables, Startup Technology Partner, Process Automation, Field Data Collection, Automotive Software, Building Information Modeling (BIM), Cloud Consulting Services
Founded: 1995Location: Naples, FLCompany Size: 450-480



  • iTechArt employs skilled and certified AWS consultants to offer cloud solutions across multiple industries. It uses software, operational, and physical measures to make business applications secure, durable, distributed, and highly available and deliver stellar products.
  • This leading custom software development company has a pool of experienced engineers who focus on web and mobile development along with cloud solutions. They help startups and fast-growing tech companies build successful and scalable products. 
  • The team guides clients and business employees throughout the cloud services lifecycle, starting from ideation to its technical implementation, and post-launch support. The dedicated experts help you make a smooth and well-engineered transition to the cloud or develop a robust cloud‑based solution.
  • Its IT and cloud consulting offerings are Tailored Software Development, Web & Mobile App Solutions, Quality Testing & Assurance, UI/UX Design, Cloud Development, Salesforce, Website Development using Python, JavaScript, and other frameworks.
Founded: 2002Location: New York City, NYCompany Size: 2,700+



  • Caserta is a trusted AWS consultant company with primary on the specific use cases of clients and their desired business outcomes to drive accelerated growth. It ensures a successful and seamless migration to the cloud or cloud ecosystem re-architecture. 
  • The company understands that every organization is unique and so are their cloud architecture needs. Hence, considering your preferred DevOps tools and in-house analytics platform, it delivers the most relevant cloud solutions to harvest data for actionable business insights.
  • It leverages AWS, Azure, and GCP along with AI and ML to drive automation across the organization. It taps into the full potential of the cloud, based on your company’s individual needs, and then creates a platform to unleash your data, helping you set business goals.
  • Its complete suite of IT and cloud services includes Data Warehousing, Cloud Migration, Data Strategy, Alternative Data, Enterprise Data Management, Data Analytics, Master Data Management. Cloud Consulting, Data Assessment. 
Founded: 2001Location: New York City, NYCompany Size: 90-100

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Perception System


  • Perception System is an AWS consultant services company, delivering cutting-edge solutions that align perfectly with your business assessment, planning, and vision. It also offers AWS services establishment & support services post-deployment to resolve any technical issues and upgrade applications whenever required.
  • The company addresses and manages all types of tech requirements of organizations, be it start-ups, large enterprises, or small and medium businesses. It holds an impressive track record in feasibility and technical assessment, re-evaluation, improvement & automation of business process continuity, and architecture. 
  • It builds confidence among clients through strategically defined AWS solutions that help and suffice all your business objectives. The team aims at reducing capital expenses, minimizing server support and administrative costs while retaining the performance, security, and reliability needs for your business demands.
  • Its wide range of services includes Software Development, Web Development, Mobile App Development, Open Source Development, Optimization, Website Design, Support and Maintenance, Hire Dedicated Developers, SEO, Innovative Solutions, CRM & CMS.
Founded: 2001Location: San Jose, CaliforniaCompany Size: 50-100



  • Icreon is a digital innovation firm with a specialization in AWS consulting services. It transforms customer experience and automates business processes by providing cloud solutions. The company has worked with non-profit organizations, Fortune 500 brands, and mid-market businesses across industries.
  • The team of Icreon reimagines clients’ technology and cloud ecosystems, including frontend and backend to help them adapt to a new era of digital maturity. Its team of cloud engineers has unrivaled engineering skills to implement and migrate your legacy systems to the best cloud platform.
  • A company’s growth is affected by various factors, including ever-evolving customers, unprecedented changes in the industry, and the socioeconomic impact of global trends. Cloud services offer meaningful improvements and reduce costly changes through effective cloud solutions.
  • Its core services are Technology Readiness, DBT Journey Mapping, Change Management, Data Intelligence, Enterprise Architecture Strategy, 360 Customer Diagnostics, Customer Journey Mapping, Experience Design, Software Development, Web Development, Cloud Engineering, Data Engineering.
Founded: 2000Location: New York, NYCompany Size: 300-350

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