Top 10 HCM Solution Provider Companies in the USA

Top 10 HCM Solution Provider Companies in the USA-TOPORGS

Human Capital Management software is used across HR departments and organizations to manage human resources better and effectively. It manages all the aspects of employee needs and also takes care of attendance, payroll, recruitment, and more. HR professionals can use these platforms to their advantage and also tackle training, development, and onboarding programs. A single HCM platform combines all these functions and more for an integrated HCM framework. Moreover, analytics collected by HCM Solution can provide actionable insights to enhance productivity and efficiency. 

Finding the right HR software solutions among a plethora of options can be a daunting task. However, once you get it right, it can work wonders for your organization and employees. Hence, in this blog, we have compared the top 10 HCM solution providers in the USA.

Make sure that you read the details carefully and make the best decision:


A3logics is a leading and trusted HCM software company offering a unified solution for all HR functions, bringing the entire workforce on one smart platform. The company understands how critical the investment is to enhance HR capabilities. Therefore, brings to you a seamless and user-centric HCM software. The team working with A3logics holds expertise in designing customized and company-oriented software that meets all its specific and unique needs. It covers all the aspects of the HR department, such as compliance, performance management, benefits administration, payroll, etc. It assures you to deliver the most effective and well-connected platform that works as a reliable source of information. Therefore, improving the decision making process. You can manage employees without any hitch. The platform offered by A3logics comes with several integrations with third-party apps. 

eXo Platform

Next on the list of top HCM solutions is an all-in-one digital platform that connects, aligns, and engages all the teams and employees across the organization on one single interface. Rather than adopting a one-size-fits-all approach, it is designed to meet the needs of all enterprises, irrespective of their sizes and industries. It aims at improving peer-to-peer and company communication, managing company knowledge, and boosting collaboration. What makes the eXo Platform even more popular and effective is its rich features that improve the working experience and enterprise social networking, such as activity streams, user profiles, etc. Users can navigate through the portal smoothly and connect with peers within a few seconds via a built-in chat app. It also allows remote working without compromising on efficiency. There is a document management feature for users to share content easily through drag and drop. You can organize content in libraries and share information with just one click. 

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Vibe HCM

Another widely popular HCM solution provider is Vibe HCM, a platform that works to automate HR transactions and offer a tool to HR managers and professionals to engage their employees through a unified platform that can be used on any device. For its seamless performance and amazing services, it has won several accolades and the company is working continuously to make the platform better. Among various tasks that this tool performs, the one most talked about is its picture-perfect features that cater to the needs of small companies that have 500 or fewer users. They have an unmatched compensation planning model that benefits enterprises of all sizes. You can seek customization and flexibility for an enhanced experience. You can automate the applicant tracking system and hire process and make recruits feel welcomed with highly engaging pre-boarding and onboarding solutions, such as social communities, live chat, and mentors. 


Moving on to the next Human Capital Management Solutions – Rippling. It is modern software that is built to manage deductions, new hires, PTO, employee changes, time, and custom reports. It has been named as one of the best HR tools and has been awarded for its exceptional work and features. The best part is that it is economically priced without any compromise on quality. Hence, it has been recognized as a great option for small businesses with a shoestring budget. This is the reason that it is preferred by many organizations and ranked highly when it comes to value for cost segment of the evaluation criteria. Moreover, it also makes hiring easy, hassle-free, and fast as all HR managers have to do is enter basic details, such as salary and joining data, and click ‘hire.’ Rippling will automatically take care of everything along with new employees’ benefits, payroll, documents, devices, apps, and more within no time. 


Viventium understands the importance of HR software in an organization. It is an integral part of HCM, thereby all aspects of it have to be seamless and result-oriented. Therefore, Viventium ensures human resource compliance that makes your organization stronger and engages employees which also contributes to their personal growth. The software offered by the company covers all the areas of HCM, including applicant tracking, payroll, time, attendance, business intelligence, HR, and more. It has a user-friendly interface and gives real-time updates, capturing and reporting all the changes, additions, and details. Their customer service is attentive, dedicated, and skilled to address all your queries and concerns. Needless to say that as it ensures compliance, it protects you from any legal trouble. 


EddyHR was established with a mission to help small and medium enterprises replace traditional and paper-based methods of using paper and spreadsheets with an intuitive, modern, and unified platform. Its excellent combination of onboarding, hiring, and people management tools make it unique and stand out from other Human capital management software. Now, you can keep your hiring worries at bay as EddyHR has got your back. It simplifies the process by distributing job posts to top portals and even your customized career page. You just have to use its drag and drop feature to find a suitable candidate and send an automated message which streamlines recruiting and tracking progress. Using the tool new hires can complete all the onboarding formalities, including signatures even before starting their first day at the organization. Also, it is strict about the safety and security of sensitive employee information. 

Ceridian Dayforce

Ceridian Dayforce specifically serves medium and large-sized enterprises. The company offers various HR solutions to users, including attendance, payroll, recruiting, timesheet management among other features. Apart from software, Dayforce also offers Android and iOS app development for users to make the platform more compatible and user-friendly. They can access the app to request time off, update working hours, view schedule changes, and more. Their payroll system is easy to use and allows employees to track details related to pay instantly, be it a comprehensive breakdown of payslip or salary history. The global software platform offered by Dayforce enhances employee experience as it unifies data spread across the entire employee lifecycle for better decision making. It has a dedicated online support portal for users that is accessible through chat and phone support. This scalable HCM platform is built using a single flexible engine combined with real-time updates. 


Integrating HR software into your existing system can disrupt the entire workflow and add to your tasks. However, what if you can find a platform that takes care of all the HR work and areas without causing any trouble for you? Yes, Ascentis is a reliable HR tool that easily integrates with your current software and processes. You don’t have to face any downtime or disruption in your work. Moreover, the team of Ascentis guides you at every step, extending support throughout the implementation process and even beyond it. The company also offers other easy-to-use solutions, including talent management, HRIS, recruiting, timekeeping, etc. It has been serving in the industry for 35 years now and has established a strong position in the market despite tough competition. It has worked dedicatedly and stayed committed to its work, ensuring client-centric services for medium and large-size companies. It is user-friendly and highly customizable with great usability. 


Infor offers a powerful and user-centric cloud-based human capital management software that enables enterprises and employers to streamline their processes and gain remarkable experiences. Their platform is used by thousands of organizations across the world, making the company a leader in business cloud software products. The tools and features of Infor HR software tackles employee benefits, budgeting, employee relations, HCM analytics, workforce management, etc. Thanks to their effective platform that it has replaced complex processes, systems, and workflows with sophisticated and intuitive technology. It stands out for analytical and multicurrency capabilities along with its reporting and information management features. It provides HR professionals with an opportunity to connect business and talent objectives to drive value across the company. 


Last but not least. Workday is a well-known HR tool used by many top companies worldwide. Along with providing smart solutions for human capital management, it also offers finance and HR services for dynamic clients and varied industries. Although it is a newer platform in this sector, it has witnessed significant growth, all credit goes to the amazing user interface empowered with a modern, clean, and intuitive layout, accessible through a browser and mobile app. Of course, this worked in its favor in the UI category. Also, its machine learning capabilities help HR professionals understand people’s skills and build talent around those skills. Through intelligent automation across the attract-to-pay process, you can eliminate manual tasks and enable people to focus on more productive and core tasks. 


A powerful and effective HCM is key to a successful and optimized HR department. However, when it comes to selecting the best platform, you have to put in a lot of effort and time. You must consider the budget, size, and feature requirements. Also, there are monthly or yearly fees that you need to pay. This is not it. There are a lot of other factors that you must analyze. So, the best way to start is to look at the reviews, descriptions, and performance of the company. Connect with the team of shortlisted ones and resolve all the queries. We are sure that this list will help you make informed decisions. All the best. 

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