Top 10 Custom eLearning Software Development Companies in the USA

Top 10 Custom eLearning Software Development Companies in the USA-Toporgs

Learning is inevitable. The process of acquiring and comprehending knowledge has changed over the past years. The face-to-face learning techniques have transformed into E-learning methods.  Due to this pandemic, virtual classrooms are progressing continuously and people are adopting these new learning processes efficiently. Statista says 61% of transfer students prefer and enroll themselves for an online educational course. LMS development companies are playing a major role in bridging the gap between the student and an instructor. With their initiatives, a new wave of education software development has begun.  

These IT companies are also assuring that different ways of learning methods must be provided, keeping the quality of the process intact. When we look into stats, people have fewer concerns regarding their experience with online education methods and platforms.

Here in this article, we have cut short the obligatory detailed research, comparison, as well as review study. After a full-proof scrutiny, we have aligned the 10 most reliable and proficient eLearning development companies for you to pick.


An offshore IT service provider, A3logics is a booming company inspired by innovative technologies and a vision to provide technology and IT consultation services globally. With the help of a tech-savvy, proactive, and dedicated software development team, the company actively takes up all kinds of projects and provides the best solutions that comply with business needs. 

Technology stack A3logics are proficient in-

  • Java
  • Laravel 
  • Ruby
  • PHP
  • MongoDB
  • Symfony
  • Golang
  • Codeigniter

and many more for a robust and scalable website as well as mobile app development. A3logics boasts to have a vigilant team that is open to experimenting with the latest tools & technologies in order to build a next-gen solution. With time the wings of A3logics have enlarged allowing them to offer a plethora of services in almost every sector.  A3logics services are not limited till the completion of the project. They promise to give support for the long term. They believe in becoming the only confidant of their customers instead of being a technology service provider. 

Konstant Infosolutions

Another competent IT professional service provider, Konstant Infosolutions is known to deliver quality at affordable prices. The company is proficient in native mobile and web development, industrial IoT, Augmented Reality, AI & data science, and much more. Their commitment to building exceptional IT solutions makes them a winner. They boast to excel in the most advanced technologies, which they transfer into valuable products for their clients in the best way. At Konstant, the team is a mix of creative and vigilant developers, designers, quality analysts, and project managers who work with the same diligence, following the values, and vision of the company. They follow the principle of –

  • Being Accountable
  • Being Passionate and Innovative
  • Being Real
  • Zeal for Learning
  • Working to Make a Difference
  • Result-Oriented 
  • Squad Work
  • Always set side by side


Techugo is a blooming IT service provider who are passionate about delivering exceptional services that go beyond expectations. The company boastfully partners with Fortune 500, Fortune 200, Global 2000, and more. Techugo has revolutionized the meaning of adopting technology with its ability to co-create the product. Their bespoke solutions are ingrained in the latest technology stack that they use, such as  –

Their core strength lies in their transparency, honesty, and real talk. This property helps in providing happy and satisfied customers. They are also proud designers of the renowned application of the largest political party of India run under the prestigious Indian Prime Minister. 


With a team of passionate designers, thinkers, product strategists, and digital transformers, Reivently’s small steps have advanced them into becoming a top-notch mobile app development company. They are more focused on delivering exceptional services to small and mid-sized enterprises. Their product strategy incorporates robust and intuitive mobile apps integrated with the latest technology, such as IoT. The core values that are ingrained in every member of the company are –

  • Constant Updates 
  • Continuous Learning 
  • Optimum result-oriented solutions
  • Learning deep & comprehensive business objectives
  • Customer satisfaction in all forms. 

Their approach to digitally transform businesses is the step required to leverage modern and automated capabilities for growth and consistency in the global market.

Blue Label Labs

An award-winning Mobile app as well as a Website Development Company that strives to develop products capable of transforming the business. The company has been awarded as the fastest-growing due to its bold moves of integrating the latest technologies to deliver bespoke solutions. Their core strength lies in strategy and design that consists of –

  • Designing Sprints
  • Visual Designs 
  • Mobile App Designs
  • User Research
  • Tracking & Learning 
  • Building Traction 

Blue Label labs follow the Agile app development method to ensure success in every step they take. From strategic consulting to building products, Blue Label lab is focused on working side by side with brands, companies, and founders for user-validated products.

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Techahead is a dedicated software development company that has given a myriad of successful solutions to its customers. From road assistance to a fitness app, Teachahead is a versatile design and development company. Their approach is purely human-centric that allows them to think like a customer and plan accordingly. Along with mobile app development, web development, and UI/UX design, they have a dedicated solution integrated with IoT technology, such as –

  • Smart Wearables Solutions
  • Smart Retail Solutions
  • Healthcare IoT Solutions
  • Smart Logistics Solutions
  • Smart Factory Solutions 

Their growth services offer AppStore Optimization and Mix panel that dictates end-to-end solutions. Techahead has partnered with the most promising solution providers, such as Microsoft, Google Developers, AWS certification, Xamarine, Mix Panel, Samsung Enterprise Alliance Program, IBM, and Greater Conejo Valley Chamber of Commerce.

Merix Studio

Another custom eLearning software solution provider is Merix Studio. The company has been established for more than 20 years, which has given them immense experience in cross-platform app development and collaboration with some of the most respected brands, such as Volkswagen, FOX, and Toshiba. The company has more than 200+ full-stack agile software experts. Their true value lies in their teammates’ passion for continuous learning, creative thinking, transparency to build trust. Merix Studio believes in collaboration hence promotes teamwork. Their services complies in four category –

  • Web app development
  • Mobile app development
  • Software development consulting
  • Product design

Their vigilant and confident dedicated software development team with unique talents are adroit in solving complex challenges through building web apps based on Python (Django, Flask), Javascript, and other development technologies. 


An education & eLearning software development company has been partnering with startups and entrepreneurs since 2011. They strive to craft the ideas and business needs together through modern software solutions. Steelkiwi’s custom app development services are made to comprehend modern challenges and provide substantial solutions integrated with the latest technology and tools in response to those challenges. Their solutions incorporate –

  • Online ordering and delivery solution
  • Custom healthcare software development
  • Custom text, voice, and video solution
  • Staff augmentation services

Their expertise also lies in QA software testing services that deliver a full-proof optimized solution. Steelkiwi’s solutions are thoughtful and hopeful that can adapt to future needs and changes. Their built-in solutions are integrated with an approach to provide flexible architecture, an optimized delivery process, and unified coding standards for the long-term success and scalability of the product. 


An industry leader for developing scalable and robust mobile apps, Intuz is also known for intuitive and incomparable eLearning app development services. The team of Intuz is creative and adroit in their respective niche, which allows them to incorporate the latest technology in applications, which makes them capable to handle complex tasks. The company is aimed to build intelligible and captivating designs and features that are comprehensive and easily navigable. Their major service focus on –

  • Mobile app development
  • Enterprise web application
  • Cloud computing solutions
  • IoT development solutions

Intuz team promises cutting-edge web and app development with the help of full-stack development services. They work to empower your business with their technology solutions, which also include marketing strategies to grow at a faster pace.


Enhance your human capital ROI with ScienceSoft custom eLearning software development services. With more than 30 years of experience in software development, AI integration, and data analytics, ScienceSoft has the requisite expertise for eLearning solutions. Their vast industry reach has enabled them to deliver the solution to sectors, such as healthcare, manufacturing, retail, finance, education, construction & many others. Customers of ScienceSoft have always received fast solution delivery and guaranteed software quality at cost-effective prices.

ScienceSoft’s dedicated team incorporates comprehensive features in their eLearning solution keeping the needs of the admin, students as well as content development in mind. The reliable ScienceSoft offers solution that helps them develop –

  • Learning Management System
  • Virtual Classroom Solutions
  • eLearning Portals
  • Learning Experience Platforms
  • Remote Proctoring Software
  • Mobile Learning Solutions 
  • Knowledge Management Solutions
  • Learning Management Systems 

To Conclude –

Developing an eLearning software solution is a complex task yet has become unparalleled today. The key objective of this enterprise software development solution is to meet the higher educational establishments, universities, high schools, primary schools & more. Only an industry expert can understand the real business needs & objectives and then create a custom LMS software solution that can help people as well as corporate personnel to manage, track and achieve their learning goals. 

Hence ensure that the development company you pick must offer custom integrations, transparency in every step, and continuous communication about their progress in order to be assured and content of perfect collaboration.

5 Questions to Ask Your eLearning Software Development Companies in the USA

1. How many years of experience do your US eLearning Software Developers have?

Before investing in any company for your eLearning software development, you should know about the company’s past and present experience. You should do thorough research about the work that it has done in the past, you must ask your vendor what similar work they have done, how many years of experience they have in it, what are their current projects, what are their near future projects, and what for how long they have been working in the IT industry. Any eLearning software development company that has been around for more than 10 years truly understands its value, and how it has increased in the past few years due to the pandemic. 

The number of experiences that the company will give you will not always be right, but an approx should be enough for you to understand the knowledge that it holds for your perfect app development. Ask them about the qualification of the developer team that will work with you, what is their track record in developing similar solutions and even others, what kind of industries have they served, what products, the size of company that they have worked with, their expertise in eLearning app, and more similar questions like these can help you in having a complete idea and understanding of how and what the company has worked, and what are you getting yourself into.

Years of experience will affect your product directly by unfamiliar technology and working styles. 

2. What are the recent projects that the eLearning Software Development Company USA has worked on?

Having to know about their recent projects will help in understanding the chain of their client’s line of business. You can check the recent projects developed by the company, as it will give you an idea of what kind of work the company does for their customers. If you see any similar projects developed by the company, it will be easy for you to tell them what exactly you are looking for. All the products and services developed in the recent time will tell you about the current technology that the company is using and the industries they are serving too.

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The flow of work can be identified by the recent projects that the company has done, which will help you in having a surety of the trust and reliability of the company. The recent projects of the company must involve at least 5 eLearning software and few others as well. 

3. How much does it cost to hire eLearning development services USA?

Identifying the cost of the Custom LMS Development will help you in setting up a final budget for your product without hampering other ideas and desires. You must ask the company what will be the exact amount of money incurred in the development of your eLearning software. Make a list of all your chosen companies, then compare all of their prices and the services they are offering, there you will have a complete list of why you should pick one company. 

Every company has its different prices and rates of products and services, it varies on the basis of features and the advanced solution you want to develop. Talk to your LCMS Software Development Company and ask how skilled and experienced their developers are, what features will it include in the software, what will be the post-deployment services and how automated will be software, now the price that you are paying must justify what the company has to offer. 

4. What are the benefits of hiring a USA eLearning Software Development Company?

As we all know the USA has top brands of software development companies that are leading in the world with their services and top-notch products. You must ask the company about the benefits of hiring them as your software development company. The on-demand app development company will help in having software that is instant and contains all the important services and features.

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The USA has updated technology, skilled developers, a bigger client chain, an effective working system, and a faster development process, all these things help in making the USA development companies the best in the world. There are numerous benefits of hiring eLearning software development companies, that include, connection to the real world, increased efficiency, greater performance, lower employee turnover, and much more to add to the list of eLearning software. 

All these benefits can be availed by you if you choose the right company and ask the right questions for it. You must look for a company that is in the industry for a longer period of time compared to others, as these companies have a lot more experience and ideas of working that will help you in having the most perfect app developed.

5. What are the project management and communication tools an eLearning software development company in the USA uses?

Only hiring a good development team should not be your goal, you should be a part of the whole process and be there the complete time to ensure a proper involvement at every stage of the development cycle. You should talk to the company about the communication tools and management process they will use for the development of your eLearning software. Tools are important to manage the project, workflows, and tasks given to them by the team members. You will find different communication tools in different companies, that does not mean they are not the right ones, different solutions require different tools for communication and management.

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If the eLearning software development company uses tools such as Proofhub or Slack, they are not doing wrong, but if you wish to, you can ask to adopt the tools of your choice and develop them in your way. The only condition is you should be familiar with all important tools that are used for the development, management, and communication, else the confusion can affect the overall development of the software. 

It is necessary to have a basic idea of the development process, as it helps in choosing the right company for your eLearning software development. It will also help you in comparing different companies, their services, and the development process, so you can choose and change it as per your requirements and get the most perfect software developed. 

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