Top 10 NodeJS Development Companies in the USA

Top 10 NodeJS Development Companies in the USA-TOPORGS

NodeJs helps you scale your network application development. However, finding a trusted partner for NodeJs development is an exhausting process. We understand that not every developer is capable of providing powerful NodeJs applications. So, you must be meticulous while selecting the right company for your project. Hence, we have prepared a list of top NodeJs development companies that are known for excellent services and delivering fast and scalable applications. 

Our list will guide you to hire a reputed company for high-performing applications by evaluating different factors and aspects. Here we go:


A3logics is a highly professional company that uses the server-side platform, NodeJS, to develop fast and scalable applications. The company enjoys a stellar reputation as a trusted development partner in the IT and technology industry for its customer-oriented service model. Hence, prioritizing adherence to federal laws, strict deadlines, and quality deliverables. The team of A3logics leaves no stone unturned to design apps that are compatible with all devices as a standalone application. Using the event-driven and non-blocking I/O model of NodeJs, the experts make lightweight and real-time applications. Also, leveraging the rich library of JavaScript modules, it ensures an easy and quick development process. Its comprehensive suite of NodeJs development services includes social networking and collaboration applications, e-commerce solutions, custom programming, business applications, CMS for data management, and advanced programming. So, get in touch with its efficient and committed team of A3logics for a long-term and reliable partnership now and get a product that takes your business to new heights. 


A renowned enterprise software development company, STRV, employs an excellent team of design experts working across the USA and other countries. The company was established in 2004 and since then, has been offering app and website development, quality testing, web design, UX/UI development, and other software solutions via full product delivery and team augmentation engagements. It hires professionals with great passion and dedication to build top-notch products, appreciate the work and commit to their responsibilities. Hence, delivering only the best services to its clients. It builds over 70 apps and software annually, working with small and big companies from varied sectors, including education, finance, e-commerce, and more. By building products that make the team proud, STRV attracts loyal partners while supporting existing clients round the clock. From minimum viable product (MVP) to finished products, it ensures user engagement with its amazing services that stand out for efficiency, quality, and comprehensive expertise. The team is quite selective when it comes to projects and ensures complete transparency throughout the development process.


Rootstrap is a leading provider of software development solutions with unmatched expertise in NodeJS development. Established in 2011, the company has several offices with multiple teams of experienced and knowledgeable employees working dedicatedly to provide digital products to businesses. The company passionately works to help its clients and their business scale, be it in terms of processes, products, or people. Their wide range of NodeJS services includes web app development, custom software services, UI/UX design, AR/VR solutions, etc. With its business strategy consulting and software development solutions, Rootstrap has helped launch over 750 software products. Its mission is not restricted to build just attractive interfaces but covers designing software and applications that drive value to the business. Whether you want a website or application built from scratch or wish to update an existing one, the skilled team of Rootstrap is always there for you.


Popular as a digital marketing and web development agency, SmartSites takes immense pride in consistently creating seamless websites and applications for its customers. It has built and launched more than 700 websites that generated revenue of over $100 million. Thanks to its complete focus on clients and flawless services, the company has earned a 5-star review since its inception. It spares no effort to keep clients happy with its great results that exceed their expectations. Apart from being a trusted NodeJS service company, SmartSites is also a Shopify partner and a certified Magento development company. The company is serving thousands of clients worldwide with experience in development and marketing. It adopts a holistic approach while offering development solutions. 

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ELEKS is one of the top global companies offering NodeJS development services along with custom software solutions, technology consulting, quality assurance, and product design. It offers cooperation models that perfectly fit the resources, goals, and timelines of Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, and large enterprises. The team of more than 1500 specialists and professionals collaborates with various clients and organizations to elevate their value and help in expansion through innovative technologies. The experts located across the USA offer a full range of website and app development services along with dedicated support and maintenance services post-deployment. ELEKS came up with a new easy-to-operate front-end system to meet the requirements of manufacturing companies. It has been helping other industries, such as healthcare, logistics, finance, agriculture, government, and more to transform their operations digitally and make them more efficient. 

Dogtown Media

Dogtown Media is known to create exceptional applications and websites that adapt to rapidly evolving market trends. This NodeJS web development company has a skilled team of developers and designers who guarantee to excel in deploying scalable and flexible apps that run seamlessly over the web. They are constantly expanding their development services to leverage cutting-edge technologies and explore new opportunities in augmented reality, artificial intelligence, geolocation, mobile commerce, IoT, multi-media publishing, mobile app analytics, video technology, and financial services. The experts of Dogtown Media are focused on adding value to applications and enter into constant framing and implementation of features, aiming to meet the ultimate needs of their customers. Also, NodeJS developers utilize various customization features to deliver only the best experience to users. So, connect with them to get specialized packages within your budget without compromising on the quality. 

iTechArt Group

With its headquarters in New York and offices in Ga, N.J., Marietta, and Iselin, iTechArt Group offers custom development solutions. It is a top-rated company that employs a talented pool of over 1800 engineers, developers, designers, and programmers. Since its inception in 2002, iTechArt Group has helped startups and fast-growing tech companies by building scalable and successful products that users love, bridging their skill gap. Trust them to get robust web and mobile solutions using NodeJS and other advanced programming languages. The company is proud of its dedicated agile teams consisting of some of the brilliant minds and professionals from the web, Big Data, DevOps, QA, and other fields. 


Postlight is a New York City-based software and website development company that showcases years of experience in content management and computing infrastructure. The company was established in 2015 and now has a team of 40+ technical architects and developers, programmers, software engineers, and designers who specialize in web and mobile app development. Their expertise includes CSS, JavaScript, HTML along with a wide range of technologies that support web and app development, such as React, NodeJS, SaSS, and a bevy of back-end platforms. Postlight believes that the core of every successful project is the process where design and product strategy are transformed into working and functional code. Using modern tools and proven techniques, the engineers manage the risks involved in any software project effectively. Postlight assures you to evaluate technologies before adding them to the stack to build extremely fast and powerful web platforms. 


eTeam has been building custom software, websites, and applications for its clients and partners for years now. Its team of 30+ employees includes experts in Python, NodeJs, JavaScript, Ruby, AWS, and other programming languages and technologies. The company primarily serves small businesses in the retail and financial sectors. From project management and design to development and deployment, it has got the entire development lifecycle covered in one place for native and web apps. eTeam mostly works on payment and consumer relations platforms that demand app, website, and custom software development. Its dedicated approach to agile and iterative development ensures complete transparency, bringing experience and innovation together. Whether you are a startup or an established firm, the team promises result-oriented products for your business to drive higher revenue. Its expertise in creating web systems ranges from simple websites to complex and scalable platforms. Based on your specific needs and goals, it spins the combination of technologies so you get a product that adds to your business’s success.


7EDGE is another well-reputed web and app development company in the USA with its primary focus on building web and mobile applications using emerging technologies. Its skilled team holds expertise in almost all programming languages and technologies, including AWS, ModeJS, RoR, Java, Angular, Native & iOS development, and whatnot. It strategically leverages this technology stack to create modern applications for dynamic businesses, helping companies and clients to upgrade their entire legacy application portfolios. Rest assured that the team will seamlessly transform your outdated app into smart and sophisticated platforms that deliver flexibility and rich functionality while mitigating operational risks. 7EDGE has been an integral part of more than 500 projects based on NodeJS and other programming languages and has worked with startups, enterprises, and established entrepreneurs across the USA and other countries, including Singapore, UK, Germany, UAE, and more. The company ensures the rapid growth and success of its clients with high-quality products empowered with customized engagement models that enable efficient and fast delivery across the globe. 


So, this was it. Here are the top 10 companies to seek NodeJs development services. Choose the one that thrives to build value-driven applications and meets all your expectations. Make sure that you clarify all your doubts and resolve all queries before getting on board with the potential developer. 

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