Top 10 E-Commerce Development Companies in the USA

Top 10 E-Commerce Development Companies in the USA-TOPORGS

With online shopping becoming popular among buyers, brick-and-mortar stores are now a thing of the past. E-commerce websites and applications are increasingly critical for the success of your shopping brand and it’s time that you step into the industry. Hence, most retailers are switching to online shopping portals to expand their businesses, however, finding the best eCommerce development company can be daunting. So, to help seekers and guide them, we have prepared a list of the top 10 ecommerce software companies in the USA.

These are known to offer high-quality services and top-notch web and mobile applications. Why? Because people are no longer interested in paying weekly or daily visits to stores, they prefer ordering online at their convenience. Read through their descriptions and more to select the one that fits your business requirements perfectly.  


A3logics preens itself for its amazing track record of delivering a wide spectrum of e-commerce services, including strategizing, development, integrations, migration, support, and more. Its expertise in custom e-commerce development services guarantees beautiful and powerful shopping platforms that will accelerate your online business. With more than 17 years of experience in the industry, its in-house team leverages Magento, BigCommerce, and Shopify to transform your simple site into an intuitive and scalable shopping experience. Its team of highly knowledgeable and skilled developers unlocks the potential of e-commerce platforms for distinguished, reliable, feature-rich, and exclusive websites and mobile app development. Also, its consultants and strategists assist you with initiatives related to e-commerce strategy, which includes enhanced customer engagement, streamlining business processes, increasing revenue per shopper, reducing abandoned shopping carts, employing multi-touch engagement programs, and more. 


NEKLO is a popular company offering product engineering services to global clients. The company stands out for its Magento development services and e-commerce development solutions that aim at delivering superior quality apps and websites to enhance your business growth. With its plethora of successful e-commerce projects, it has helped businesses maintain a professional and impactful online presence. It focuses on building integrated e-commerce platforms that maximize benefits and drive value. The company is known for delivering thousands of Magento and e-commerce projects and building a loyal client base. Its team consisting of developers, DevOps, testers, and designers continues to support and maintain these projects up to now.


ITRex is a well-reputed IT consulting and software development company that holds expertise in creating and transforming powerful software, applications, and websites to drive business growth. It helps enterprises and startups across various sectors to prepare for the future and keep pace with the evolution. It employs a pool of professionals who ensure seamless and efficient online shopping platforms that will take your business to new heights and reach maximum global audiences. Also, it offers software solutions empowered with the latest technologies, including machine learning, artificial intelligence, big data, robotic process automation, augmented analytics, and more. Turn technology innovation into market-ready products to gain competitive advantage, maximize profits, and increase operational efficiency.

Elogic Commerce

Elogic Commerce is your trusted partner to develop an e-commerce website or application with a specific focus on Magento online stores. The company works in various countries with various B2C and B2B brands, wholesalers, and business owners. Whether you sell jewelry, clothes, groceries, or any other product, Elogic has got the best solution to meet your unique needs. Hire the dedicated Magento and e-commerce development teams for your project and the professionals will help you plan, design, develop, and launch engaging online shopping websites. The company has a great record of building successful and profitable online stores and you can be the next to join the league. 

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Codal is a development agency in the US that helps businesses streamline operations through software solutions. The team of over 90 skilled people works on different aspects of e-commerce development, including strategizing, design, quality, deployment, etc., by adopting a data-driven approach. Their core motto is to create a software solution that addresses the exact needs of users. Thanks to experienced and technical experts, they bring out the best in every brand that they collaborate with, be it a startup or an established enterprise. Codal works with one simple mission- we partner with the best, design with a purpose, engineer for a sustainable future, and always strive for perfection.


Selleo has been delivering professional IT services for more than 10 years now and has worked on over 150 projects for varied clients from different countries. It has designed and built some exceptional applications and websites across a wide range of domains, technologies, and sectors. E-commerce is certainly a standout service of Selleo and it promises all the key features and functionalities required to attract users and generate higher revenue. With industry-specific expertise, developers help you increase productivity and profits, crafting scalable web and mobile applications. From updating an existing application to build a new one, they have got your back with its vast diversity of skills and specializations. The team enables clients to optimize and innovate products, processes, and business ventures by creating single-page applications and designing microservice architecture.

Emergent Software

Emergent Software is based in Minneapolis, offering technology and IT solutions worldwide. Its notable proficiencies include mobile app development, custom software services, and web development solutions for dynamic clients across multiple industries. The company has delivered several e-commerce projects that have gained immense popularity among the target audience and added value to the brands. The asset of the company is its team of developers, graphic & UI designers, quality testers, project managers, and consultants who are available to help you round the clock. Additional areas of expertise include Salesforce, SharePoint, SQL Server, database administration, and more. 


RaiseTech is a leading company with tech expertise in developing and managing SaaS, cloud, and e-commerce websites and applications, creating a roadmap to success for next-gen businesses. The company has hired top professionals of the industry who apply the latest technology trends and proven methodologies to create flawless online stores. Its innovative approach ensures that the products meet clients’ expectations and let businesses scale while reaching the desired results. Since its inception, RaiseTech has been a part of various successful projects and has contributed to the growth of many companies of all sizes, ranging from startups to large corporations. Driven by its passion for technology and digital transformation, the team has demonstrated its capabilities to build transformational solutions. 

Magneto IT Solutions

Here is another award-winning e-commerce development company- Magneto with its core competencies in developing unmatched and exceptional end-to-end online shopping applications and websites. The company is actively working in different countries with more than 100 employees who serve over 700 B2B clients in sectors like electronics, groceries, jewelry, furniture, consumer products, etc. Using agile methodologies, the team of Magneto creates strikingly beautiful web stores and mobile applications with industry-specific user interfaces that deliver unmatched experiences to customers. Their e-commerce services include custom development, prototyping, UI/UX design services, SEO, implementation, and more. With its resource strength of 100+, it is constantly helping brands and businesses to scale their online shopping platforms through groundbreaking digital marketing solutions. Increase your business efficiencies, streamline customer acquisition, and enhance retention practices with the assistance of its in-house team that holds years of experience in delivering e-commerce solutions.


Triare provides an array of software and web solutions along with many other IT services to startups and businesses. Whether you want a simple e-commerce app for your brand or looking for a complex website with multiple pages, the company will help you with the right solution. It offers a flexible cooperation format for all the clients and interested parties in the sector. Apart from e-commerce development services, you can also seek IT and technical expertise to resolve issues and address challenges that hamper your growth. The company guarantees to coordinate its professional network and development with the best Scrum standards. The team approaches every client with the primary aim to build a long-term relationship, hence focusing on business processes, customized solutions, and customer satisfaction. 


Our experts have created this list of top e-commerce development companies after intense research and we are sure that it will help you choose the right partner for your next project. Consider all the factors, such as experience, client feedback, portfolio, expertise, tech stack, and more to make informed decisions. All the best!

5 Questions to Ask Your Ecommerce Software Development Company USA

The cost of e-commerce software solutions in the US.

Budget is the first factor that companies consider while hiring an e-commerce software developer in the USA. You must find the best development partner within your restricted budget. Hence, start by finalizing your budget and asking the estimated cost of the project from your potential developer. Look for the right product engineering services provider that lies beneath your budget. Also, you can ask them to give a consolidated list of deliverables regarding web development, UI/UX, graphic design, content, and more. 

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However, companies may not provide an accurate amount as the final price depends on several factors, such as complexity, features, team involved, timeframe, tech stack, etc.

If you think that your e-commerce software agency in the United States can’t explain its price structure, then they probably lack deep knowledge of the development steps of the process to build a powerful e-commerce website design. So, this also explains the importance of the experience of a developer. Moreover, feel free to get answers to various cost-related questions, such as

  • How did they conclude that cost estimate for the project?
  • Can they clearly explain pricing in a simple language?
  • Why are their cost estimates higher or lower than other similar firms?
  • What was the pricing range for similar projects in the past?

Experience in offering US e-commerce website development services.

Asking about the experience of your e-commerce website development firms in the US is important for two main reasons:

  1. You want a US e-commerce developer who is experienced and well-versed in the job. The dedicated development team working on your project must have worked on similar projects like yours and know how to tackle complex problems. Such a company will invest less time getting familiar with your domain and offer better insights to help you understand the details of e-commerce. 

However, there is a catch. What if they have experience working on e-commerce software development but did not meet the expectations and delivered bad results? What if their clients are not happy with the outcome? Therefore, contact former clients to seek more information and ask for feedback. Check if they are satisfied with the services. You can also go through the portfolio of your potential e-commerce software development company United States and analyze the performance level.

  1. Another reason to ask about the experience is to ensure that the experience with the past e-commerce projects involved similar workflows and functionalities. In case you are looking for specific functionality to add to your online store, ask the firm if they can do it. If they have experience in creating the same, they would deliver your product faster. 
  • Here are a few more questions that you can add:
  • Can they show their portfolio and share references?
  • Have they worked with clients from your domain?
  • How many projects have they delivered successfully?

The right platform to develop powerful e-commerce software in the United States.

Ecommerce projects can never work on a one-size-fits-all approach. Every company and brand has a unique requirement and your e-commerce software development firm US has to work from the ground up based on specifications shared by you. Thus, the tech stack and platform will also differ. 

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Discuss designs, flexibility, SEO capabilities, budget, technology, industry trends, and more with your website development company. As your consultants will understand your requirements better, they will recommend the best platform to build your e-commerce website design. You might also have to be precise and more accurate regarding your inventory management needs. This will depend on:

  • The number of products that you want to sell.
  • Frequency to add new products or import them.
  • User interaction with your website.
  • Way to shop online- creating an account or other methods.
  • Ability to offer promotional codes.

Once you understand the platform and technology they will be working on, it’s time to discuss their work plan. A trusted US e-commerce software solutions provider will walk you through the development lifecycle, from strategizing to post-launch support. They will stick to the roadmap and assign different tasks to the right people to ensure the successful completion of the project. Another aspect is how long it will take to roll out the website. That would depend on the complexity, features, and size of your website. 

Process, timeframe, and management of ecommerce software development US.

A highly experienced and professional US ecommerce software developer will divide the entire development process into various phases while ensuring enough flexibility. This question is a way to get a sneak peek into their level of organization. The more organized they are, the better will be the quality of your ecommerce website. You will also get the estimated time that the project will take to complete. Be upfront and ask the team to explain the roadmap from consulting to launch. Meet the team that will be working on your project, including the project manager, developers, designers, testers, and others. Confirming the deadline helps you find if it is too long for your business plan or suits it perfectly. According to a study, when you set a deadline for a job, there is a greater chance of getting that job done. So, you have a good reason to ask about the timeframe. In case you think that your IT consultation services providers US are avoiding answering the question, it’s a clear sign of their incompetence and unprofessionalism. 

Another point to discuss is the management of your project as you want to know your direct point of contact. Your hired e-commerce software development company United States must assign a dedicated project manager who will communicate with you regarding your requirements, share updates, and stay in touch. Your list of questions must include:

  • Can you explain the steps of the e-commerce development process?
  • What is the timeframe I can expect for the project to be completed?
  • What happens if the project is not delivered within the deadline?
  • Can I talk to the Project Manager before I make a decision?
  • Can I take a look at a sample project plan and activities it includes?

The policy for post-deployment support offered by the United States e-commerce software company.

The total cost of e-commerce software development in the United States includes the price to develop and design the website along with the extending support post-launch. You have to think about the invested cost in the long run and seek benefits from the invested amount even after rolling out the product. Most e-commerce website owners don’t possess technical skills and need professionals to resolve any error or glitch. The best way is to ask for support from the team that has developed it. Therefore, be clear about their support and maintenance services and the time for which you can seek these services. 

E-commerce platforms consist of multiple pages, products, and features, and you need an expert to continuously upgrade and evaluate its performance, such as migrating to a newer version, adding new products or features, changing inventory, adapting to the latest EO algorithms. Be clear about the maintenance packages, point of contact in case of issues, related terms and conditions, etc. you don’t want to hire a developer that simply delivers the product and offers no support to maintain it. 

Add these questions further:

  • What happens in case there are any errors?
  • What support do you offer in case the website shuts down?
  • How will you make changes to the design and theme?
  • How do you charge for post-deployment support services?
  • What types of issues do you cover in the warranty period?
  • What is your policy for ongoing support?

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