Top 10 PHP development companies in the USA

Top 10 PHP development companies in the USA-TOPORGS

Do you know that PHP powers over 80% of the web? It is one of the most popular server-side scripting languages around the world. However, PHP web development is not easy as it demands skills, technical know-how, and competencies. There are different frontend and backend languages with varied functionalities that one needs to master. In this modern web world, it is important to have a powerful business website with advanced and interactive features, therefore, making it even more necessary to be proficient in PHP. Of course, a non-technical person can’t have the required skills and knowledge of the language and that is why business owners and startups look for professional PHP development services.

Hiring a specialized web development company to build your website and application efficiently and successfully is vital for your business. It helps you develop a custom website and deploy it on PHP web hosting servers. It is your one-stop destination to manage your PHP project from start to finish. However, there is a myriad of PHP web development companies in the USA, and choosing the right one for your venture can be a hard nut to crack. To help you, we have curated a list of the top 10 PHP development companies that are known for their dedicated work and diverse range of services. Sort through the list and rest easy by knowing about development partners that you can rely on. 


A3logics was founded in 2007 with its office in Carlsbad. This software and IT consultation services company is well-reputed for its passion and dedication for each project, promising nothing but the best websites and applications to clients.

  • With PHP solutions, the team of certified developers delivers vibrant and dynamic web solutions to clients across multiple industries.
  • It offers customized and flexible PHP services for secure and reliable business websites and applications, making A3logics a preferred choice for development solutions.
  • The team is adept at using the latest technologies and analyzes trends to build websites that meet all the performance standards and parameters. 
  • From web calendars and social networking platforms to e-commerce portals and payment gateway, it offers comprehensive services in one place.
  • The expert team of PHP developers ensures on-time delivery of projects with complete customer satisfaction and excellent quality. 

Jordan Crown

Jordan crown-Toporgs

Jordan Crown is a website development company in Everett, WA that was founded in 2006. From planning to design and development, it takes care of everything with its end-to-end website services.

  • It is a one-stop destination for web design and development that focuses on building clients’ businesses. 
  • It walks you through comprehensive planning, design process, wireframe, and development, and creates a solid plan to avoid rework on anything major.
  • Taking your vision into consideration, it transforms it into a seamless website that exceeds your expectations. Jordan Crown also understands your unique needs and gives impressive ideas and options to choose from.
  • It ensures a fast and secure website that delivers positive experiences. 


Mobikasa was established in 2010 in New York, providing complete development services to guide and help clients launch their scalable websites and apps. It offers web apps and mobile solutions to drive more traffic and increase profitability. 

  • Starting with a consultation, it moves on to wireframing to know more about businesses, goals, and audiences which helps in building a strong foundation for the website.
  • The team of skilled developers and engineers creates innovative web app solutions that engage the potential audience and lead to higher revenues.
  • From turnkey or one-off solutions to Shopify app development services, its developers, graphic designers, and creative personnel are always ready to help you achieve goals and needs.
  • UX specialists and visual designers work together to come up with elegant and unique solutions for modern-age businesses. It provides expert insights and experience across a wide range of marketing channels.

Urban Insight

Founded in 2000 with its office in Los Angeles, Urban Insight is one of the top 10 website design companies, offering web development, and digital strategy services with a team of 25 professionals. It has delivered 500 successful projects to varied clients, creating flexible and attractive websites and apps for mission-focused organizations.

  • It provides strong project leadership, thoughtful design, honest advice, and technical best practices for creating powerful websites for clients.
  • With effective project management and strategic support throughout, it offers structured and proven processes, regular feedback to clients, and effective communication.
  • Using open-source web content management systems, it plans and designs innovative websites.
  • The team works closely with clients throughout the development process to learn every detail about the business and design the technology that helps clients meet their objectives.
  • Bringing design sophistication, project management leadership, and technical expertise together, it offers top-notch development solutions at competitive prices.


The US-based web development company, Followbright, was founded in 2002. Its spectrum of core IT solutions includes strategy and consulting, online marketing, website design and maintenance, and support. 

  • The websites delivered by Followbright promise beauty and brains with gorgeous designs, exceptional usability, cutting-edge code, and conversion strategy built perfectly. 
  • Partnering with this development agency provides the best of all worlds in a powerful way- design and development.
  • Rest assured that your website will be responsive, compatible, modern, visually beautiful, and integrated which allows content management.
  • It excels in building cost-effective and profitable websites and mobile applications that help businesses make a lasting impression. 


Headquartered in Santa Clara, California, and founded in 2011, Vardot is a web and enterprise software development company that specializes in custom solutions. With offices in multiple countries, it works mainly with midmarket-level clients from varied industries, including media, education, non-profit, etc. 

  • Global market leaders and innovators of Vardot power your digital experience with regular upgrades, robust performance, maintenance, and more.
  • It assists organizations across the globe to attain digital transformation using cutting-edge web development and design services that are built on open-source technology.
  • It covers your entire project lifecycle, ranging from consultation, development to implementation and enablement, and is known for its outcome-driven solutions.
  • More than 150 projects in 20 countries have been handled effectively by Vardot with robust project management, support, post-launch maintenance, digital dexterity, growth, and guarantee continuity.

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Light IT

LightIT was founded in 2006 to deliver mobile, software, and web solutions to startups and enterprises. It holds deep tech expertise and focuses on clients’ needs and requirements to suggest appropriate improvements, plans, and workflows that reduce the overall budget.

  • The company has provided over 500 solutions over the years across various countries. Its services include IT consulting, custom development, business analysis, quality assurance, UI/UX development services, etc.
  • It has worked for dynamic industries, such as education, advertising, e-commerce, healthcare, retail, and more with its specialization in blockchain, big data, artificial intelligence, machine learning, etc.
  • LightIT employs certified technical experts who ensure budget reduction with their thoughtful and effective planning.
  • Transform your business idea into profitable products with LightIT and get a customized website for your business.

Big Drop Inc

Big drop Inc-Toporgs

With offices in Europe and Los Angeles, Big Drop Inc is headquartered in New York City. It was founded in 2012 and since then has been working as one of the top software development companies in the USA with excellent recognition and industry-leading skills.

  • This digital marketing and web development agency primarily works on content development, web design, content marketing, and animated video production.
  • It understands that a business website is not just a URL but an extension of a brand, providing virtual experiences to users. Hence, creates a business and web development strategy to deliver the highest quality products to clients.
  • As a trusted partner, the company curates a multi-platform and omnichannel experience seamlessly for your consumers.
  • It employs skilled and strongest professionals in the industry who perform the same level of services as other top-tier web design firms. Their work has earned unmatched recognition and awards for quality and performance.


nclud is an interactive company that was founded in 1998 with its headquarter in Washington, D.C. It has been around for years now and serving clients across industries with its UI/UX, web development, branding, digital strategy, and web design services. 

  • The company has an impressive portfolio of PHP development services along with other product engineering services that include some of the biggest global brands and enterprises.
  • Understanding where its clients already are and where they want to reach, the team paves the path that combines great strategy and style.
  • It executes your ideas from start to finish by creating context and leveraging technical expertise with the artistic talent of its team.
  • Through a strategically iterative and all-inclusive process, nclud brings new ideas to the table.
  • It adopts holistic, interactive, and functional approaches, it offers PHP web development solutions to clients.
  • It designs a collaborative process with overlapping roles and includes stakeholders in all critical decision-making processes. It also tests and validates ideas and websites in real environments to identify errors and flaws.


Based in Denver, Fruition is a reliable partner for your complex development projects. The company was founded in 2003 and has been offering strategizing, web development, executing solutions, and software consulting services on multi-channel growth campaigns.

  • It specializes in website design & development, and digital marketing solutions using open-source platforms for high-quality products.
  • It believes that business websites should be simple to maintain and highly functional for users. Hence, developers working here deliver systems and applications that ensure seamless user experience across various platforms and devices.
  • The team aims at designing websites that improve traffic, increase conversions and add value to businesses.
  • Every project starts with in-depth research and discovery phase to merge business goals with that of users and bring the best out of the development process. 


This was the end of this article enlisting the top 10 PHP development companies in the USA. The developers mentioned above are well-established and known to provide quality services in the industry for dynamic market needs. From PHP development and UI/UX designing to quality testing and validation, they promise to deliver top-notch products with advanced web tools and optimized features.

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