Top 10 Web Design Companies in the USA

Top 10 Web Designing Companies in the USA-Toporgs

Websites have become an integral part of building an online brand, reaching a global audience, attracting users, maintaining a positive reputation, and boosting revenue. So, whether you are a startup or have been in the industry for years, you need an attractive and user-friendly website that can engage your potential customers. If you still haven’t implemented your business website, then it’s time to jump on the bandwagon and launch your digital platform soon. However, the problem is to find enough resources, seek technical knowledge, and design a website that stands out from the crowd. Therefore, hiring the right UI/UX development services seems the best option.

We have listed website design agencies in the USA that offer high-quality services to clients. After meticulous research and evaluation, we have listed these companies based on their expertise, skills, past work, creativity, client satisfaction, and reviews. So, read through the list and pick the right designer to give your business an impressive online presence. 


A3logics offers web design solutions with a mission to create an intuitive and easy navigation system for business websites and applications that result in higher profitability and more users. It uses the latest configuration tools to construct interactive mobile and website design interfaces for your business. The team creates designs and experiences that resonate with your project, goals, and expectations. 

Founded: 2003

Located: Carlsbad, CA

Employees: 250-400

Core Services: Designs & Development, Front End Development, Experience Design, Research & Testing, Interactive Designs, Enterprise Mobility Services.


  • A3logics not only designs a website or app but offers expertise for converting it into a smooth working system. 
  • To attract more visitors to a website, it creates immersive designs, excellent visuals, and engaging features with the help of designers who are well-versed in delivering projects that get maximum user attention.



WebFX is a leading web design company that offers a wide range of UI/UX development services for mid-sized businesses. This award-winning agency employs a skilled team of designers to create innovative and effective websites that resonate with the brand and its mission. The company works with a mission to improve conversion rates and maximize revenue for accelerated business growth.

Founded: 1996

Located: Harrisburg, PA

Employees: 250-999

Core Services: Revenue Acceleration Platform, Marketing Automation, Analytics & Attribution, Ecommerce Development, Web Infrastructure & Maintenance, UX Website Design.

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  • With over 50 web design awards under the belt, the company is confident to design a custom website that drives sales for your unique business.
  • From personalized quotes to initial designs, the team ensures complete access to its web design pricing and strategies.

Báchoo Design Studio

Bachoo Design Studio is a renowned multidisciplinary design agency that creates websites and applications of all kinds, irrespective of the complexities involved. Its team of over 30 designers crafts amazing UX, UI, website designs, and digital products to keep its clients ahead of the tough competition. The company mainly works with midmarket enterprises in education, IT, corporate industries. 

Founded: 2015

Located: El Segundo, CA

Employees: 10-50

Core Services: WordPress Development Services, React, React Native, Node Js, Quality Assurance, Product Architecture.


  • From pragmatic complex and functional products to crazy visual web presentations, the designers promise innovative and original products, bringing ideas into the most beautiful realities.
  • Its passion for high-end, one-of-a-kind design is reflected in its impressive portfolio. The company is trusted by hundreds of clients worldwide for its hard work and dedication. 

Sayenko Design

Sayenko Design builds responsive, modern, clean, and user-focused web designs that are customized for its clients and their business objectives. It facilitates top-notch project management and holds excellent web development expertise. The company is known for a flexible and disciplined approach where the team maintains seamless communication with clients.

Founded: 2009

Located: Bellevue, WA

Employees: 10-20

Core Services:  Ideation, Strategizing, and Consulting, Wireframing, UI/UX Design, Web Development Solutions, Value Proposition.


  • It follows a stringent process, breaking it down into 4 phases- strategy, design, development, and training. 
  • Sayenko Design guarantees to deliver an excellent, user-friendly site that receives high praise from internal and external stakeholders.

Omni Agency

Omni Agency understands the importance of a beautiful, responsive, and user-friendly website to bring a brand to life and achieve success. Hence, it offers full-stack web design solutions that provide credibility to businesses, showcase brand values, and educate users about products or services. It spares no effort to enable enterprises to achieve new heights. 

Founded: 2018

Located: North Carolina, US

Employees: 25-80

Core Services: UX & UI Development, eCommerce Functionality, Custom Development, Social Media & Content Management.

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  • It adopts a refined discovery and onboarding process to know your business as well as you to properly embody your vision in web designs.
  • Leverage the expertise of its team in countless areas of marketing and design to create content that sets you apart from your competitors

Coalition Technologies

Coalition stands out from other companies in the industry by providing a unified approach to web design and development. It offers a complete suite of digital solutions by bringing together all the experts in graphic design, web development, SEO, and more in one place who equip and empower brands to succeed online. 

Founded: 2009

Located: Culver City, CA

Employees: 200+

Core Services: Responsive Design, Magento Development Services, WordPress Design & Development, Big Commerce Development.


  • Its team has written hundreds of client success stories over the years in highly competitive industries.
  • Whether you are a fashion boutique, a jeweler, an automotive parts retailer, a beauty brand, or something else, it promises to create a strategy that will help grow your business.

Lounge Lizard

Lounge Lizard has been in the industry for more than two decades, offering web development and design services from multiple offices in the USA. The company is known for conceptualizing innovative business models, powerful strategies, user-oriented websites, mobile applications, and more. Its full-service team consists of marketing experts, project managers, creative designers, technical developers, and strategists who have great knowledge of building excellent mobile and web solutions. 

Founded: 1998

Located: New York, NY

Employees: 50-100

Core Services: Enterprise Software Development, User Experience/User Interface, Web Design, Web Development, Brand Voice Creation, WordPress Website Design.


  • Lounge Lizard understands the importance of brand and digital marketing strategy along with seamless web designs, hence delivering websites, marketing campaigns, and mobile applications that are consistent with its clients’ existing corporate image.
  • It has successfully invented its brand identity and strategies that put it on the road to online and mobile market dominance.

500 Designs

500 Designs is a web design agency that works with a team of top designers and developers to offer UI/UX design, branding, and marketing strategy services. It specializes in creating a SaaS negotiation platform for startups and SMEs along with providing marketing expertise for unmatched impact on the market. 

Founded: 2014

Located: Irvine, CA

Employees: 40-60

Core Services: UI/UX Design, Web Design, Mobile Application development service, Graphic Design, Packaging Design, Animation, Brand Audit, Product Strategy, Marketing Strategy, Referral Systems.


  • Starting from the sitemaps, user flows, and then wireframes, it focuses on the message, the delivery, and the expected interaction before start working on an aesthetically remarkable design.
  • The team optimizes every design for mobile and desktop to create a consistent and smooth brand experience across all devices.

Deal Design

Deal Design works as your trusted partner to turn a simple digital product into a brand that people want to buy. As a part of its branding solutions, it does everything for you- create messaging, take pictures, dream-up graphics, design and manufacture packaging, and present the website in an attractive and memorable way that gets attention at once. 

Founded: 1999

Located: San Diego, CA

Employees: 20-50

Core Services: Logo Design, Packaging Design, Website Design, Catalog Design, Marketing Automation.


  • After 20 years of experience and many awards with positive reviews, the company promises to deliver nothing but the best results.
  • They have standardized pricing which means you get the same high-quality brand design regardless of how large or small a business you are.

Kobe Digital

Kobe digital-Toporgs

Kobe Digital is trusted for its unified team of designers, developers, and video production experts who excel in their disciplines and integrate impeccable designs into each product. It connects growth-focused brands with the target audience by delivering customized digital experiences and strategies.

Founded: 2016

Located: Los Angeles, CA

Employees: 20-50

Core Services: Web Design, eCommerce Software Solutions, Website Development, WordPress Website Design.


  • Its rigorous operational framework, bespoke teams, and full-service approach ensure powerful force-multiplier effects for all partners and clients.
  • It believes that the most creative, impactful work happens when all three groups of Kobe collaborate, resulting in cohesive solutions for clients’ most challenging problems.


We know that choosing the right partner for web design and development is not easy, especially when you have thousands of options to pick from. So, we hope that this list of the top 10 web design companies would make your selection process easier and faster. These agencies are well-reputed for their amazing services and seamless products, and we are sure they will meet all your expectations. 

FAQs to Choose the Best Web Design Company in the USA

How website design services providers USA will manage website optimization and responsiveness?

Web design is of no use until it is fully optimized and responsive as these features drive traffic to a website and improve its visibility on search engines. Hence, before choosing from the top 10 website design companies in the US, ask this question to the vendor for better insight. Although search engine optimization is a completely different domain from designing, it plays an integral part in web design and development. An experienced designer creates user-centric websites that engage audiences, retain them, and drive higher revenue. Website optimization is no longer just a technical practice but a web design and content creation exercise aimed at the audience searching online. Optimization is a key part of professional IT services, serving a user-friendly website to visitors. Website designers and developers adopt an innovative approach to improve page speed and any mistake in its implementation can make or break a site’s capability to rank well. Therefore, clear your doubts regarding page and SEO optimization to ensure that the website has the right content and technical features. 

Responsiveness and compatibility are other factors that ensure the best and result-oriented web design services. With more than 60% of internet access occurring through smartphones, responsive web design is necessary. Hire a website design firm in the USA that assigns professionals with demonstrated experience to your project. They must focus on creating designs that are seamlessly compatible with mobile devices. You can go through their past work to evaluate their expertise and differentiate between a well-versed designer and a novice.

Your trusted web design company in the United States must pay the utmost attention to visitors and then work on a website’s usability accordingly. A designer who seems confident while answering this question may most probably build a top-notch website that exceeds your expectations. The best people working in this field will be happy when asked this question and share their experience, opinions, research, and other facts without creating hassle. 

Can the listed top 10 web design companies share their past experience and portfolio?

Your potential web design agency US will claim that its team has worked on some of the biggest projects and delivered successful results. They will promise that their designers have relevant experience in the same industry and are skilled at using emerging tools to design beautiful websites. But you need to see their work rather than listening to their stories, you need something more than their worlds to believe in them. Therefore, always ask for a portfolio to look at their work yourself. Prefer that the team working for you has enough experience in your industry so that they are already familiar with the trends and challenges. Look at the websites designed by your potential web and software development companies USA with similar features and goals. You can ask why the tools and features were designed in a certain way, the problems team encountered, the results delivered, and if they met the clients’ objectives. Even if they haven’t built a similar website, they should be honest about it and confident enough to handle your project. The designers must have an idea for your website design. Also, rather than choosing the top web design companies USA with an impressive portfolio that seems to fit your needs, it is always better to hire a firm with true potential and knowledge. Why? Because this shows that a company that listens to its clients, works in harmony, and values clients will never go for a one-size-fits-all approach. 

Of course, hiring a web designer in the USA who has worked in your industry or domain is a benefit but there is another thing that matters- client feedback and reviews. You must talk to the company’s past clients and read their reviews to know the quality of work and services delivered. Yes, a nondisclosure agreement restricts a firm to share any details about customers but talking directly to clients who have provided feedback on the website is a great help. Client testimonials and feedback are the most transparent and honest sources to get a better understanding of a firm’s work culture, dedication, and commitment. Inquire with multiple clients to evaluate the quality of client responsiveness, project management, timely delivery, and more. You can read case studies to get more information about previous projects. 

Can I meet the team of website designers in the USA that will work on my project?

A US website design company is only as good as its bench and this question is the best way to know if they have an in-house design team or will outsource one for your project. Many product engineering services agencies farm out various aspects of website development and design project. The company that you hire for your website may offer a full-service design team or have an ad hoc team of freelancers who have hardly worked together. You need to be clear about these factors so that you can hand over your website to them without a doubt. We would suggest selecting an agency with a pool of in-house developers, designers, and testers as it increases the credibility of the team and makes communication smooth. You get diverse and qualified professionals from different disciplines and can evaluate their experience and aptitude over specific skill sets. 

Make it clear that you want to meet and discuss your project directly with the team working for you. Ensure that there is a full-fledged team and it’s not a one-man army that is managing all the projects through freelancers. The website design services providers in the USA should be well-versed in web design practices, algorithms, backend & frontend development, quality testing, product architecture, and databases. Look for a team of specialists with the capacity to handle your project and deliver desired results within the committed deadlines. They shouldn’t work for new clients while designing for you else it could divert their attention. A good website development company will have a strong base of talent and skills beyond developers and designers. They will have optimization specialists, quality engineers, project managers, business analysts, website architects, and more. Lastly, make sure that all of them have worked together in the past as it shows their coordination and understanding within the team.

Does your USA web design company make changes to the website post-deployment?

Reliable web design services don’t end with launch and deployment but also cater to the support and maintenance needs of clients. It’s your right to ask for pots-deployment services a company offers to generate maximum ROI. Also, the approach to ongoing support makes a good firm stand out from others who claim to be the top web design companies in the USA. Clients often fail to understand the importance of this question as errors or issues in a well-developed site are not expected but even the finest technology tends to fail at times. 

You need to understand one thing about the tech sector- every software, website, or application will need to be changed or upgraded with evolution in technology. You might need to migrate to a newer version in the future to enhance website performance and speed. Moreover, there are chances that you want to extend its functionality with an increase in customer demands. Or, just within a few days or weeks, you can face an error or glitch and require assistance. So, post-launch support must be added to your checklist whether you are hiring a website design firm or software consulting services. This ensures a quick fix from the people who have worked on your website. Companies offer free support and maintenance services for a specific period. After that, they charge hourly for any changes or assistance. Some other agencies offer content management tools to make it easier, faster, and free to update images, videos, pages, and text anytime. You can add a follow-up question to know what types of changes will need professional designers and developers.

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What tools and practices will you use for website design services USA?

The web designing landscape is ever-evolving and to keep your website updated, make sure that your web designers are sticking to the latest trends and standards. Ask them directly about the development and design tools they use, the technology they integrate, and the process they follow. There are a huge number of design tools that are available for free and some are paid to build a website. Of course, some software are better than others, offering cutting-edge features and much more while others have limited capabilities. For example, PHP development companies should be proficient in Django development, similarly, Magento developers should be fair knowledge of other frameworks as well. The sign of true professionalism is knowledge and expertise in the field. Spend enough time to Google about emerging web design trends before you hire a designer. Another critical element is the web design process followed by the agency. There is a standard procedure, including ideation, design, development, testing, and launch but only a few firms focus on the detailing and attention to every aspect throughout the process. Every enterprise software development company and US website designer has a distinct internal process that guides all the projects within the organization. Needless to say that some deliver better results than others. Knowing which process will work best for you, how it will be implemented, and the impact it will have on your project will be helpful. Get familiar with all the people involved and their respective roles. 

Coming to content management systems (CMS) that are used when a lot of content is involved. Whether you own an e-commerce website, blog, or any other site, CMS helps you upload the content, edit, manage, and publish it after the deployment. You can make minor changes without professional help or fix an issue post-launch. Ask the web design team what CMS they would recommend for your project. There are several great options available, such as WordPress and Joomla that offer amazing functionality but companies have their preferences. It is beneficial to know why your potential US web design agency chooses a particular CMS over others, its pros and cons, how to integrate it with your site, and the changes in its core code. Make sure that the platform and its features align with your requirements of the website. 

Here is a tip- most website owners assume that a CMS website functions the same way on the backend. However, the fact is that the backend design of the CMS interface and its administrative functionality often varies. Therefore, request a website demonstration to understand the customization and intuitiveness of the CMS. This will make it easier for your in-house team to manage the website post-launch. 

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