Top 10 Vue.JS Development Companies in the USA

Top 10 Vue.JS Development Companies in the USA-TOPORGS

Vue.JS is a popular and one of the most used frameworks that promises a great future in the development sector. It is a great choice for client-side and front-end development and single-page applications. Many famous brands and companies are relying on Vue.JS development services, including NASA, GitLab, Adobe, Accenture, and more. Considering the increasing use of this JavaScript framework and its features, industries are using the platform to develop web and mobile applications. Hence, businesses are now focusing on hiring VueJs developers for their next projects.

If you are also searching for a trusted VueJS partner for an upcoming venture, it is essential that you collaborate with a reliable name that ensures higher ROI. Yes, finding the right one among a myriad of choices can be tough but we have curated a list of the top 10 VueJS Development companies to help you out. Have a look and make an informed decision:     


A3logics is a well-reputed VueJS Development company that guarantees highly optimized, robust, and real-time apps using the Framework. It creates single-page and adaptive user interface applications with this progressive and open-source framework, designing applications from the ground up. Combined with modern tools and supportive core libraries, the team builds fast and high-performance apps. It has worked closely with clients to create e-commerce apps for the finance, education, and healthcare industries. Its skilled professionals will be at your assistance until the end with a wide range of services. 


  • It has a certified team of Vue.js developers who have years of experience and knowledge in the field.
  • A3logics’ comprehensive services include interactive UI/UX development services, app development, support & maintenance, component development, etc.
  • Get faster and lighter web apps with a promise of top-notch performance with the assistance of skilled VueJs developers. 


Innofied Solution is a web and mobile app development company with a team of more than 100 full-time professionals working in offices in multiple locations. They are well-versed in using a spectrum of technologies and have delivered over 400 apps successfully. The company prioritizes the time and money of its clients, hence has formed a loyal base of over 150 happy clients from varied industries. 


  • It has handled complex projects for clients who belong to different sectors, such as education, transport, healthcare, finance, e-commerce, etc.
  • The team is trained and qualified to implement the latest technologies and build top-notch web applications using them.
  • Consult with the developers and designers to discuss your project in detail, and they will curate the right framework, library, and language for you. 

XB software-logo

XB Software is a full-cycle website development company that was founded in 2008 and since then, it has been serving varied clients across the world. It offers custom enterprise and business intelligence solutions along with other advanced web products based on unique business needs. In its 12+ years of experience, the company has provided web and mobile app development, quality assurance, and business analysis solutions to clients.


  • The team of 150 tech specialists works under two contractual models- Time & Material and Fixed Price
  • XB Software guarantees to deliver 100% customer satisfaction along with rendering outstanding IT services.
  • It has completed 175 projects of app and web development, IT staff augmentation, eLearning development, BI, etc.


Valtech is a popular name in the IT sector that is helping businesses connect more directly with their customers across digital touchpoints and optimize ROI and time-to-market. It has a network of over 3000 innovators, marketers, designers, and developers who work across different continents and countries. This digital agency integrates experience into the existing ecosystem and adapts to the rapidly changing landscape. 


  • As business challenges get more complex, Valtech ensures to create innovative solutions and transform businesses in the most intimidating way. 
  • It has been working on digital transformation for over 2 decades to provide an exceptional digital experience, great UI designs, and dedicated strategy consultation.
  • The professionals of Valtech promises to offer a unique combination of technology development, experience, marketing crafts, and strategy at every stage of the business lifecycle. 

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Artezio is a renowned Enterprise software development company with a mission to guide customers through all phases of the development process so that it seems clear and simple. Since its establishment in 200, the company has gained a high reputation as a trusted partner for web development outsourcing. With its unmatched expertise and dedication toward clients, it has worked successfully with clients from various domains, including technology, financial, healthcare, e-commerce, etc. It used the latest technologies and frameworks to develop state-of-the-art web and app products. Hire experts of VueJS Development who will deal with UI/UX design, development, maintenance, and integration for you.


  • It specializes in VueJS Development and ensures fast and secure applications along with their maintenance post-deployment.
  • Artezio goes beyond building up-to-date applications and user interfaces, it contributes to the success of its customers’ ventures.
  • The company offers an affordable pricing policy and maintains a transparent process to keep clients updated.


Seven Tablets was established in 2012 with a primary aim to help businesses achieve success through cutting-edge technology and digital transformation. It is a widely popular name in Chicago that applies a business-first approach to serve its clients and achieve their goals. Hence, producing powerful ROI by streamlining business processes and increasing revenue. Although it was started as a mobile app development company, 7T attained a 360-degree makeover in the past years and now offers full-service software development and business solutions. 


  • It offers a complete suite of VueJS Development services and covers everything from custom ERPs and CRMs to system integration and data management solutions in one place. 
  • The services include cloud integration, SaaS, data governance, and more, offered by skilled developers who begin every project by understanding the needs and key points.
  • It adopts high-tech security measures and encryption comprehensive QA testing for seamless products and services.
  • It creates a well-planned development strategy that ensures a secure and user-friendly interface. 
spire digital-logo

Spire Digital is a digital product development agency in Denver that works dedicatedly to transform businesses through design and technology. It has been providing strategic consulting, software development, user experience design, staff augmentation, DevOps consulting services, and other tech solutions for more than 20 years now to the most popular and leading global brands. The company works with startups and enterprises to help them succeed through innovation. The services offered by Spire aim at business-critical applications that increase revenues, market share, operational efficiencies, and customer satisfaction.


  • The development team will understand every detail of the project and share expertise on workflow methodology, best practices, and coding standards.
  • It improves the overall process, quality, and extensibility through data architecture, code reviews, etc.
  • Its scalable and modular solutions support short and long-term business goals. After the completion of the development process, it performs continuous integration in clients’ production environment. 


Techuz believes that good things come in small packages and applies the same belief in application development as well. It creates smaller and lighter apps as they are faster and perform better. To make it possible, it uses Vue.Js solutions for its simplicity. It leverages the features of VueJS Development to create modern and minimalistic user interfaces and deliver an enhanced user experience. Techuz develops web apps using JavaScript and other frameworks to create top-notch products, be it native apps, single-page applications, fast web portals, or whatnot. 


  • It takes care of all your complex projects with secure, modular, robust, and maintainable code. 
  • Its Vide.Js service suite includes real-time web apps, consulting, progressive web apps, migration & redesign, API integration, etc.
  • It combines the front-end with the ideal technologies for end-to-end solutions and develops a powerful backend using advanced technologies and frameworks.
  • It implements projects using the best tools, workflows, and industry best practices. 

sphere software-logo

Sphere Software has achieved great success in building a plethora of innovative solutions for leading industry brands. This Chicago-based company has several regional offices in different locations with each offering a range of development services, which includes DevOps, agile mobile & web apps, cloud solutions, data visualization, UI/UX design, support & maintenance, team augmentation, etc. Its impressive portfolio shows an amazing clientele, comprising brands and enterprises from varied sectors. Whether you looking for staff augmentation or full-project engagement, Sphere will assist you to address your needs through its services. 


  • Its industrial expertise includes wellness technology, fintech, healthcare, smart mobility & geolocation, etc.
  • The professionals working in Sphere know how to eliminate bottlenecks and accelerate business growth by making the most of advanced technologies and proven methods.
  • It offers insights, innovation, and intelligence to help clients create value and growth. Hitherto, it has succeeded in delivering cost-effectiveness, speed, and quality.
  • They strive to provide a multi-channel experience to users through self-service options. 


Redvike is a well-known name for software and web development services that focuses on turning your vision into reality. It has worked with startups and SMEs and each time conducted long-term strategic partnerships with its clients. The in-house developers and designers specialize in what they do, thereby delivering top-quality products. The company takes pride in its great working environment where it carries strong work relationships, 100% transparency throughout the development process, and flawless products that exceed expectations. 


  • Redvike offers services on an hourly basis so that clients can easily track the progress and time left for the completion.
  • The team conducts flexible meeting schedules with clients, be it weekly calls or regular planning sessions for smooth communication. 
  • No matter what service you seek, it happily signs NDA to protect your business and critical information. 


Although web and app development companies are increasing at a rapid pace, it is important to keep a note of the top existing ones. The above-listed VueJS Development companies are known for their best solutions and impressive work portfolio. Also, they promise complete client satisfaction and great ideas for your project. So, go ahead and compare these names based on price, experience, team skills, reviews, and other key factors. Once you are assured of the company that meets your needs, don’t delay making the decision. 

FAQs to Hire the Best Vue.JS Development Company in the USA

What is Vue.JS development used for?

Vue.JS is an open-source JavaScript framework with a primary focus on building faster UI prototypes. Besides supporting user interfaces, Vue.JS development firms in the USA use this frontend framework to add interactive visual elements and animations to existing websites and applications. Some of the common uses of Vue.JS development are:

Single Page Application: It is used for creating SPAs, which are web pages with just one page and users don’t have to click onto another page. These apps are loaded from a server to a user’s computer once and updated with new information based on where a user clicks. Data is received from the server and sent back without reloading the pages, JS, HTML, and CSS code. The key benefit of SPAs is that they offer faster operation speed. Also, it is the best solution for slow or unstable networks. 

Mobile Apps: Vue.JS development service providers USA combine the framework with other languages, such as Vue Native to create powerful mobile apps. They offer mobile app development services that are compatible with multiple platforms, including iOS, Android, Windows, etc.

Desktop Apps: Vue.JS may not support desktop applications but it is used with technologies, such as Electron to develop apps that run smoothly without any connection to a web server. The desktop applications are built for various operating systems, including macOS, Windows, and Linux. The development process is simple and hassle-free as the steps are defined by the Vue community. 

What are the skills and experience of your USA Vue.JS development agency?

The skills and experience are critical to hiring the best Vue.JS developers in the USA for your next project. Also, check clients’ ratings, work arrangements, expertise, and domain experience to understand their capabilities. Make sure that you check the portfolio, evaluate knowledge and expertise, and read feedback from past clients before selecting the right development partner. Starting from skills, Vue.JS is not easy to master, it involves a lot of modules and factors that one should be well-versed with to deliver top-notch products. If you are not from a technical background and lack sufficient understanding, here are a few points that might help you. Your developer must possess some of the basic skills, such as:

  • Standard Vue.js function programming
  • npm or Yarn package management
  • JavaScript programming
  • Vue command-line interface (CLI)
  • Vue.js Experience

Although a company with experience of a decade or more would charge a higher price, it would also ensure industry expertise and the best results. A naive USA Vue.JS development firm is hardly reliable. Also, extensive experience allows you to go through client feedback, portfolio, and products to evaluate if the company is right for your business or not. Your Vue.JS developer should have experience with:

  • Routing through single-page applications
  • Server-side and client-side rendering
  • Developing and using RESTful APIs
  • Data representation through JSON
  • Asynchronous web handling with AJAX
  • Testing and debugging Vue.js applications
  • Understanding of web markup, including HTML and CSS code
  • Object-oriented programming (OOP) and web development
  • Page inspection and web browser developer console
  • Enterprise, commercial, and open-source projects

knowledge and understanding of other programming languages, such as PHP or Node.JS development services is an added advantage. 

Can Vue.JS development services US enhance the existing website?

Many businesses hire the services of professional Vue.JS development company USA to upgrade their existing websites or apps. Rather than building a new solution for their company, they want to enhance the performance of a current platform, which saves a lot of time, money, and effort. Also, there is minimal disruption to the business workflow, and they the results faster. Vue.JS is a mix is various web technologies with JavaScript in the lead. This implies that this framework can not only be used to develop a completely new SPA from scratch but also to enrich the performance of an existing application with specific components. It is a popular option for adding interactivity to current static websites with little effort. An experienced Vue.JS developer will take a ready-made component, such as a button, and integrate it into an existing code. In addition, it makes no difference what technologies were used to build the website, be it Laravel, Angular, or PHP development services

Moreover, the component-based nature of Vue.JS development allows engineers to test the performance of the website and detect bugs. They run unit testing to check even the smallest part of software functions without producing any error. The USA Vue.JS developers work using isolated chunks of code and know the accurate place of bugs. For unit testing, they use the official library, which enables them to test the quality of code from different angles. Also, they can inspect internal properties, catch events, and render components. This ensures that businesses get a bug-free and well-performing app or website to deliver an exceptional user experience. 

What is the cost of hiring the top Vue.JS development company in the United States?

Estimating the exact cost of hiring Vue.JS development agency USA is not possible without considering various factors. Therefore, it is difficult to give an accurate answer to this query. However, you must still raise the question to get a fair idea of what you might have to pay for the entire project and the time it will take. As you will request the quote from your US Vue.JS development company, they will ask for a few specifications, including your goals, features & functionalities you want to add, size of the project, budget, etc. Once they have all the information, they will give a price. Although the total cost may vary as the project progresses, the estimated price is primarily based on the following factors:

  • Size of the team involved
  • Complexities of the project
  • Geographical location
  • Features and functions
  • Size of the project/business
  • Design and integrations

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