Top 10 Shopify Development Companies in the USA

Top 10 Shopify Development Companies in the USA-Toporgs

Shopify is a cloud-based shopping cart solution that has gained wide popularity as one of the biggest e-commerce platforms. It is preferred by online stores to create effective and successful websites, all the credit goes to its simplicity, capabilities, and affordability. Another appealing feature of Shopify development services is its range of marketing and content tools, support, payment gateways, and a number of pricing plans with an amazing set of features. Hence, fitting perfectly to businesses of all sizes across varied industries. We can say this without a hint of doubt that Shopify is for everyone and provides benefits to every e-commerce platform, be it a startup or a large enterprise. 

There is a large and dedicated Shopify community, working passionately in the field to help businesses and startups accelerate their growth. There are multiple Shopify development companies as well that are offering a complete suite of solutions. However, choosing the right partner for your project among them is a tricky business. The list is prepared after analyzing their portfolios, history, feedback, pricing structure, and other factors. Go through the list to make the right decision and select the agency that is worth your attention.  


A3logics understands that establishing a successful e-commerce business is daunting and difficult. Therefore, it makes the process easier and hassle-free with the Shopify platform, using its array of advanced features to build powerful and value-driven stores. Its range of services aims at helping businesses get sorted and drive high conversions with robust, intuitive, and sales-driven online platforms. Its developers ensure to increase sales and help clients explore new opportunities within their respective markets for higher profitability. Get assistance throughout the Shopify development process, starting from ideation and strategizing to launch and deployment.  


  • The company adopts proven strategies and approaches to create unique e-commerce stores that are compelling and generate traffic.
  • A3logics is committed to maintaining top-quality and delivering a seamless shopping experience for users, thereby setting high standards for services and matching them consistently. 
  • With the hands-on experience of Shopify experts, you get an agile model for your project combined with industry-best practices for optimized websites that are tailored to your specific needs.


Optimum7 has been in the industry for over 15 years with successful experience in custom software development and digital transformation. With a team of certified Shopify developers and designers, it offers comprehensive services, including SEO optimization, marketing strategy, ecommerce software solutions, migration to an updated platform, etc. For the online stores based on Shopify development, the company provides design improvement, content optimization, custom solutions, extension creation, and more. 


  • The portfolio includes numerous projects delivered successfully based on platforms- WooCommerce, Shopify Plus/Shopify, BigCommerce, etc.
  • Believes in maintaining loyal and long-term relationships with customers with its dedicated partnership.
  • Ensure seamless migration from an outdated or existing platform to Shopify.

Spiral Scout

Spiral Scout holds expertise in serving staffing companies with the help of powerful tech teams. This design and development agency is headquartered in San Francisco and has been offering tech solutions for more than a decade now. Developers, designers, project managers, and software testers work together to provide custom and e-commerce services. It has worked with a plethora of clients, including startups, SMEs, Fortune 100 companies, and more with a core focus on speed and innovation. The technical expertise of Spiral Scout includes Python, Golang, NodeJs, Java, PHP, Shopify, etc. The team strives to build scalable, smart, and user-friendly products that suit your budget and timeframe. 


  • It prioritizes best-in-class services, smooth communication, reliability, and expected results.
  • Its development services cover responsive web design, progressive web apps, hybrid application development, native mobile work, customized integrations, e-commerce platforms, ERP platforms, and more.
  • Whether you want to hand over the entire project to its team or looking for an extension of your technical team, its flexibility and experience fit your needs perfectly.


Founded in 2014, Pivofy is a Chicago-based Shopify development company that believes in delivering high-performing, functional, state-of-the-art, and result-driven e-commerce websites. It works with small, medium, and large enterprises to implement end-to-end solutions combined with user-centric and holistic brand-driven strategies. For its Shopify development services, it offers digital strategy, web Shopify design, integrations, and shopping carts. It takes immense pride in designing, building, and delivering a spectrum of Shopify platforms across the globe, each of which is fueled by innovative ideas and an excellent user experience. 


  • It focuses on creating exceptional web and mobile experiences, integrating omnichannel ecosystems, and leveraging emerging technologies and platforms.
  • It offers top-notch services and solutions that are responsive to business needs, changes, and challenges.
  • It works closely with clients to find a vision that is unique to their brand. 
  • Seek affordable and scalable solutions that surpass your expectations and meet deadlines. 


Webinopoly is a one-stop destination for all your web and app development needs as it offers a wide range of services in one place, including web development & design, CMS solutions, custom coding, WordPress development services, graphic design, etc. It takes responsibility for your project by understanding the basic requirements and providing a great web experience. It also excels in internet and content marketing, web hosting, and other digital marketing services. 


  • Its services are backed by certified professionals and experts who create commendable business development and website maintenance strategies.
  • Offering a basket of development services under one roof, the company ensures the easy application of business plans and ventures in a cost-effective way.
  • Depending on your budget and specific requirements, clients can select from the given options of services and solutions. 


Shero was founded in 2010 as an e-commerce agency in New York with offices in multiple locations. The company specializes in Magento development services, BigCommerce, and Shopify Plus, customizing solutions according to clients’ needs and objectives. The team of over 40 specialists works in-house and strives to be the ultimate source for mid-size and enterprise-level businesses who wish to grow their business online sales. The only priority for Shero is the success of its clients, hence it works as a strategic partner to help them cut down costs by building versatile e-commerce websites that increase sales and traffic.


  • It offers a highly responsive single point-of-contact for customers with easy-to-understand and straightforward terms. 
  • Feel free to raise your queries and get instant solutions related to Magento, Shopify Plus, BigCommerce, and e-commerce functionality.
  • Shero stays at the forefront of technology and keeps pace with the rapid evolution of trends of web and software services.
  • It has a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals from different tech backgrounds who constantly find new ways to navigate through the ever-changing world of e-commerce and website management.


Resourcifi is a well-known name for Shopify development with a really impressive ranking on various sites and listings. Although it is based out of Delaware, it has its wings spread across different countries and locations. The company offers a gamut of services to individuals, startups, and businesses worldwide with Shopify solutions being its core service. Resourcifi was founded in 2009 and over the years has earned a reputation as one of the best development agencies, all because of its dedicated services and high performance. It has garnered experience and expertise to build seamless mobile and web applications for dynamic industries, such as hospitality, banking, healthcare, mobile gaming, enterprises, startups, etc. 

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  • It employs over 200 developers and designers with unmatched experience and expertise in delivering intuitive, vibrant, and highly functional solutions.
  • It offers unparalleled Shopify services to help e-commerce businesses and applications generate traffic and drive value.
  • Hire affordable and dedicated developers for your project and leverage the benefits of flexible engagement models. 


Buildateam is a leading outsourcing company with a core specialization in building web & mobile apps, MVPs, and e-commerce solutions. The company is headquartered in Silicon Valley with remote teams working from Eastern Europe and delivering the best results. Its list of numerous clients from diverse industries includes renowned and big clients, luxury brands, modern enterprises, and more with everyone appreciating its dedication along with cost-effective, agile, and reliable approach.


  • Buildateam provides the best of two worlds- the latest technology with innovation at the center and brilliant talent available at an affordable cost.
  • Be assured that your Shopify website will be done right from the first step and all thanks to its managed network of trained professionals.
  • It works 24*7 to serve the clients, resolve their technical issues, and address complex business challenges.
  • Based on your requirements and budget, it prepares project documentation and architecture. 


Knectar is based in Easthampton, MA, and started working with Shopify in 2015, making it a preferred platform for e-commerce clients. The company works with one simple motive- “All things Commerce.” Hence, providing a 360-degree branding space to clients to deliver solutions that meet their needs and address challenges. As a leading website development company, it offers many services to facilitate customized e-commerce solutions for its loyal client base across the globe. Its developers are well-versed in Shopify and boast all the capabilities to create high-performing e-commerce platforms.


  • There is one goal at Knecat- providing custom themes and exceptional support services that help clients elevate the user experience.
  • Its exceptional team of developers and engineers assists clients to navigate through an unregulated app store that is filled with other similar applications.
  • In case the app you need doesn’t exist, then the team will provide customized development services to precisely meet your needs.

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LanternSol is another top Shopify service company in Ohio with its services spread across continents. Being a trusted partner for Shopify solutions, it believes in adopting a strategic approach for all its projects. The company creates high-converting websites that are optimized for e-commerce success. It has helped online businesses and e-commerce stores process millions of revenue in sales. Thus, has first-hand experience in what is going to work and what won’t.


  • Its core values include decisive demeanor, adherence, and integrity that it maintains for every project and client.
  • The team working dedicatedly to serve nothing but the best to its clients consists of knowledgeable professionals who are highly skilled, motivated, and capable of delivering top-notch solutions.
  • LanternSol exhibits initiative skills and executing directions flawlessly. Hence, if you ever decide to collaborate with the company, rest assured of a responsive and hard-working team. 


This was our list of top 10 Shopify developers and designers in the USA. All these companies are known for their excellent services and flawless products that will take your e-commerce business to new heights of success. These companies offer a myriad of benefits, including proficiency in the latest Shopify trends, years of expertise, excellent communication system, and flexible working. So, go on and make your decision but make sure that it is informed and wise. 

7 Questions to Ask Your Shopify Development Company in the USA

1. How many years of experience do your US Shopify developers have?

This may seem a basic question to ask a Shopify development agency in the USA but it is the stepping stone for any Shopify project. Your following conversation with Shopify developers will be based on the answer to this question. Even your potential Shopify company will expect you to ask them this. You don’t want to work with someone who is new to the industry or has no credibility in the market. Your development partner should be experienced and well-versed in all aspects of Shopify web development solutions. It will show their competency to optimize the online store or building a new one. The developers who will be working on your project must have expertise in the domain and successfully delivered numerous similar projects. To handle your thousands of products for an e-commerce store, a knowledgeable and experienced team is required. There will be hundreds of images, checkout options, payment gateways, designs, and millions of other things to take care of. So, it is important to make sure that you hire someone who builds a website that can withstand time and trends. 

Also, you want your Shopify e-commerce website to be mobile responsive with images and themes that are compatible with all devices. So, an experienced developer knows what to look for, how to address mobile UX issues, and how to create designs that provide exceptional mobile experiences. You can also ask about:

  • Specific roles of developers for their last projects.
  • The type of Shopify projects that they have worked on.
  • Simply technical language for better understanding.

This will help you know how aware they are of the modern designs, human-friendly navigation, and creating a bug-free environment.

2. What are the recent projects that the Shopify development agency US has worked on?

This is a follow-up question after you ask about the experience of your top USA Shopify developers. Simply knowing that the company has years of experience is not sufficient unless you know the type of projects that they have worked on. Ask them directly to show off their past work and portfolio and let them talk about the successfully delivered projects. Also, ask them to explain their roles and responsibilities while working on a project. This discussion will reflect the understanding of your enterprise software development company about the latest designs and tools, user-friendly features, and hassle-free shopping experiences. You can conclude whether they are capable to work on a complex and long-term project or can just handle a simple development process. 

By checking their portfolio and past success stories, you can ensure how would they manage an e-commerce platform with thousands of products to load faster and if they are suitable to handle your project or not.

3. How much does it cost to hire Shopify development services USA?

Well, this one is the most common question to ask before you hire Shopify professional developers in the USA. In fact, we are sure that most clients would ask this question even if not mentioned in the list. Every company decides a budget for each project and makes all decisions based on that. You don’t want to exceed the amount that you have allotted for your Shopify development project and must select the best Shopify development company US while sticking to the same budget.

However, this is also the most difficult question to answer as the total cost of Shopify development depends on various factors and components. The first thing to consider is what you exactly need for your online store, including designs, themes, features, etc. The size of the team working on your Shopify e-commerce website will also contribute to the final cost. Some projects are simple with easy features and functionalities while others are complicated with advanced featured and cutting-edge functionalities. So, this also adds to your budget. Here are a few factors that are considered while calculating the estimated cost:

  • Size of the development team
  • The complexity of a project
  • Features and functionalities
  • Technology stack
  • Time required to complete the project
  • Demographical factors

To give you a rough idea, here is an estimated amount. For small projects, businesses have to pay from $1500-$4000 while medium-sized Shopify project costs around $5000-$10,000. If you own a large enterprise and want a full-service Shopify development firm in the USA, you may have to spend from $15,000-$30,000 or more.

4. What are the benefits of hiring a USA Shopify development company?

 You must understand the benefits of collaborating with a full-service Shopify development agency US as you will be investing a large amount to hire professionals. For better insights, we have mentioned a few reasons to seek services of dedicated development team

  • When you have an experienced US Shopify developers working on your project, it ensures proper coding and a professional-looking store that represents brand value and style. They also integrate e-commerce websites with third-party apps to engage more clients. 
  • Although Shopify offers template models to make website development simple without e-commerce software solutions, basic online stores fail to make an impact as other custom websites. Therefore, you need a trusted development partner to perform various tasks and implement strategic solutions for a bespoke and professional website.
  • If your technical skills are limited, then the best Shopify development service provider will manage everything, from sourcing and inventory management to marketing and post-launch support.
  • By hiring a Shopify website development expert, you gain access to unique insights and skills required to give an online store a boost.
  • Professional Shopify developers in the United States know what makes a Shopify platform successful and recommend the best ideas to improve the appearance and functionality of web pages.  
  • They also help you explore more options, including:

Payment gateways

Website navigation choices for SEO

Inventory management through improved inventory systems

Checkout streamlining

  • You will also get help to know the latest and industry best practices to develop a powerful Shopify website so it is compatible with all devices and operating systems. 

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5. What are the project management and communication tools a Shopify development firm in the US uses?

Once you hire top Shopify developers USA for your business, you want to be a part of the development process and ensure proper involvement at every stage of the development lifecycle. You want to lead the entire process as if you own it so you are required to take regular follow-ups for all the delegated tasks. You also want to be updated and informed about the progress so you know any glitch that hampers your project. Get them to talk about the communication and project management tools that they will use to organize and manage the project, tasks, and workflows. Also, you will get familiar with different communication modes that they to share the progress with clients. Moreover, this question will help you realize how organized the team is. 

Say, if your Shopify development service company in the US uses a communication tool, such as Slack or Proofhub, you can be upfront and ask them to adapt the tools of your choice. As your feedback and reviews will shape the final product, it is important to ensure a transparent communication mode. 

6. What are the strongest skills of your potential Shopify developers USA?

Talking about technical skills is more than necessary on the first interview of your potential United States Shopify development company. Shopify e-commerce websites may need to be integrated and migrated to other platforms, such as Magento, WooCommerce, Big Commerce, etc. Therefore, your Shopify partner should also offer Magento development services along with other e-commerce development services. Feel free to ask this open question to evaluate their strongest technical skills and in case, you couldn’t narrow it down to anything specific, go for the following questions, such as:

  1. Can you optimize the Shopify store for mobile devices?
  2. Can you seamlessly perform data integration and migration?
  3. How do you decrypt a password if there is an encrypted one?
  4. How do you meet international e-commerce standards?
  5. How does the content-based filtering recommendation algorithm work? 

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7. Ask about key factors to look into for the best Shopify development companies in the USA.

Apart from the above-mentioned questions, there are a few key things that you must check to hire the best Shopify developers in the US. 

  1. Most Shopify development companies will have attractive websites will an impressive portfolio and multiple links to the products that they have built. Make sure that the sites you visit look exactly the same as the ones shown in the portfolio. They must be professional rather than just template-based stores. When you click around on different sites, you must know how they perform at once. Evaluate all the features to analyze the performance. 
  2. Your US Shopify development must write clear emails, answering all the questions thoroughly and accurately after doing detailed research. Also, communication is a foundation of every successful development project so it’s important that they are transparent and proactive while working with you.
  3. The transparent and clear pricing structure is another key factor. Of course, you won’t find the price on the website and it would be difficult to get an exact quote from the development team. However, after a brief and details of your business venture along with a precise description of what you are looking for, they would provide you with an estimated amount. 
  4. Your Shopify developers USA must look friendly and knowledgeable who enjoy working on every project. As the whole development process will take a bit longer and you will be interacting with the team regularly, so they must be a good fit for you and your business. 

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