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Ever-changing user preferences and rapidly growing demand for product experience have brought a significant change in companies. We can see the traditional business landscape transforming to digital, irrespective of industry, location, regulatory hurdles, and other factors. Organizations are undergoing a drastic transition from being resource-centric to budget-centric, and now finally becoming customer-oriented. 

Thanks to digital transformation, we can witness this powerful change across businesses. For those who are new to the concept of digital transformation, here is a brief introduction. It refers to the process of integrating new digital technologies and trends in all areas of an organization to bridge the gap between customer expectations and services offered by a company. Digital transformation is a cultural shift that requires businesses to challenge the status quo and embrace new solutions to deliver better experiences to customers. 

We can say that digital transformation is the need of the hour that involves a plethora of tech services, including product development, software integration services, legacy modernization, cloud migration, and whatnot. It transforms the way companies interact with users.  

To implement digital transformation successfully, you surely need a trusted and experienced partner to look after the transition and monitor it at every step. Therefore, we have listed the top 10 digital transformation companies that you can connect with for assistance. Have a look:


Founded: 2010Office: Atlanta, GeorgiaEmployees: 51-200

Other Services: Digital, Cloud Consulting, Migration, Data Science & Visualization, DevOps, Security Assessment, Staffing.

Digital Transformation is ubiquitous and Sparity understands its importance in this era. Hence, it offers a comprehensive digital transformation service to change the playing field and provide clients with an edge over their competitors. Its legacy application modernization services add tangible value to clients’ overall services, resulting in user delight. The company has always believed in embedding digital technologies at the heart of any enterprise. Therefore, from re-engineering software products with the best UI/UX designs to ensuring AI-powered automated operations, it makes the entire digital journey hassle-free. Sparity also offers quality assurance expertise supported by global compliance standards and certifications. To deliver seamless products and services, its team runs rigorous testing to check functional, structural, or operational efficiencies. The professionals thoroughly monitor the application before launching any software.  


Founded: 2003Office: Carlsbad, CAEmployees: 200+

Other Services: Artificial Intelligence, Data Science & Analytics, Robotics Process Automation, Product Engineering, IT Consulting, EDI Services, Migration & Upgrade, Cloud Computing.

Going a step further than traditional methods, A3logics takes digital transformation beyond technology switch. The company takes the responsibility of training employees, modifying processes, monitoring the IT system, and more. With its all-inclusive services, it inspires new standards for business growth. Leveraging the changes and emerging trends in the digital world, A3logics is transforming everything within a company and the way it works for effective decision making based on accurate data processing. It also helps to eliminate errors by replacing manual tasks with automated processes, redefining how products and services are delivered. Its team is consistently paving the way for cost-saving opportunities and higher revenue. The innovative experts create a well-defined and flawless digital strategy that aligns with your goals and provides you with a competitive edge. They resolve all the issues and complexities involved in adopting digital offerings and make them as smooth as possible.


Founded: 2015Office: Dallas, TXEmployees: 250-500

Other Services: Digital Innovation, Quality Engineering, Customer Experience, SAP, Architecture & Design, Application Modernization, Agile Transformation, Big Data Analytics, Cloud Migration.

Qentelli is one of the leading digital transformation companies in the USA, helping dynamic clients across multiple industries deliver exceptional customer experiences via Artificial Intelligence, Automation, and Analytics. With the right mix of digital and industry experience, its digital transformation consultants assist businesses to meet user expectations and gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Its end-to-end solutions aim at identifying the gaps in clients’ strategies and motivating them to invest in the best open technologies by offering detailed insights. The team of skilled experts creates the most suitable DX framework after understanding the operating models and aligning them with the best industry practices. Using the latest digital transformation tools, Qentelli revamps the digital experience for users. 

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Founded: 2001Office: Milpitas, CAEmployees: 250+

Other Services: Tech Consulting, Cloud, Data Engineering & Analytics, AI & Automation, IoT, Mobility, Design Solutions, Product Engineering, IT Infrastructure, SAP, SharePoint, Power BI.

KCS’ digital transformation solutions incorporate business activities, functions, models, processes, and assets to help companies reach a wider audience. Its team of experienced consultants implements the right strategies to improve business efficiency, empower employees, enhance user experience, and create newer markets. It knows that every industry is fully or partially dependent on the digital transition in some way thereby, working with various clients from different sectors to make their transformation journey smoother and successful. As an accomplished services provider, KCS also offers IT consulting services across the globe. It is a top-ranked ERP software development company in the USA with over two decades of experience and a pool of tech enthusiasts who are always ready to assist clients and address their complex challenges in the best way possible. 


Founded: 2007Office: Miami, USEmployees: 200+

Other Services: Dedicated Teams, Product Strategy, Product Engineering, Architecture, UX/UI Design, Enterprise App Development Services, QA & Testing, Cyber Security, Web Development, Custom Software Development, Outsourcing Software Development.

Intellectsoft is known for delivering science-led scalable digital transformation services that outpace disruption speed. Its experts analyze a company’s tech infrastructure, environment, processes, and other aspects to find the ideal solution that can strengthen its short-term performance and ensure sustainable long-term improvement. The company promises to shape a unique and innovative digital path, irrespective of the size and type of your business. Moreover, you will get an unprecedented opportunity to embrace digitally enabled operating strategies and models that drive success and value to your organization. Its IT and development teams possess the expertise, resources, skills, and platforms to deliver superior IT transformation services tailored to your specifications. With Intellectsoft to help you, rest assured that you will stay ahead of evolving market demands. 


Founded: 1998Office: San Jose, CAEmployees: 1000+

Other Services: Software Products and Digital Engineering, Mobile Application Development, Rapid Application Development for Enterprises and ISVs, Cloud, AI, ML, Data and Analytics, DevOps, Connected Devices and IoT, Security, Quality Testing.

Innominds is one of the well-reputed digital transformation solution providers, assisting businesses and clients to accelerate their digital growth through comprehensive expertise in apps, analytics, and devices. Keeping pace with digital evolution, it adopts emerging technologies and human-centric strategies to help enterprises create adaptive models, systems, and processes. It creates conclusive strategies to drive success and transformation. Its extensive experience and evolutionary journey with various customers have taught the team that technology combined with a solid business roadmap speeds up the transformation process and makes it more effective. Sticking to this ideology, Innominds carves and executes the right plans that not only provide a necessary competitive advantage but also add to the overall success. 


Founded: 1990Office: Los Gatos, CAEmployees: 5000+

Other Services: Digital Strategy, Experience Design, Software Engineering & Development, Analytics, Data Science & Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Infrastructure, Data Modernization, Internet of Things, Hyper Automation, Quality Assurance, Digital Workplace. 

Also listed among the best offshore software development companies, Infogain brings your unique ideas to spectacular reality, changing customer experiences and responses. Its end-to-end digital strategies and services enable clients to assess the impact of transformation on customers, technology, business, and market. The team creates a detailed roadmap to take your core offerings to users and optimize them. Infogain takes immense pride in being a human-centered digital platform and software engineering company that is trusted by thousands of brands and clients across the world. It works passionately and dedicatedly to empower businesses in the retail, travel, tech, and insurance sectors to use AI, cloud, and other cutting-edge technologies required to create extensible platforms that leverage data. In addition, its expertise and proven frameworks refine existing business models and develop new ones to maximize customer lifetime value. 


Founded: 1998Office: Charlotte, North CarolinaEmployees: 50-200

Other Services: Networking, Infrastructure, Discovery & Analysis, Business Readiness Consulting, Project Management, Data Center Migration, Security Services, Resource Augmentation, Managed Services.

Transforming business operations can be extremely complicated and involves significant risks if not handled properly. TechniMove understands the nuances of digital transformation services and provides the right guidance to clients so they can focus purely on technology adoption. The company assists businesses in driving the successful implementation of digital strategies, considering the impacts the transformation will have on the entire organization. Its team of consultants has the necessary knowledge and direction to deliver effective strategies and lead seamless digital transformation. It develops practical solutions to address complex issues encompassing technology, people, and process. Also, the professionals of the company define the plan meticulously to attain long-term business goals. Amidst the era of the exciting tech revolution, TechniMove ensures that its clients reach beyond technology. Hence, easing employee concerns and transforming business as a whole. 

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Founded: 1999Office: Los Angeles, CAEmployees: 500-1000

Other Services: Digital Commerce, CSP Digital Enablement, Customer Data Insights, Managed Services & Support

AAXIS specializes in digital transformation services, working with businesses to help them maximize their growth using technologies, data, and customer experiences. It has gained vast experience by collaborating with global brands and small businesses. When the company was started, the main focus was on the media, entertainment, and finance. Gradually, it evolved with a global footprint working across several verticals, including B2B organizations. It has marked its presence in different countries with skilled teams offering digital services to varied customers. It also provides managed services and support solutions to ensure that the digital ecosystem is consistently powering customer experiences. It manages and coordinates the support responsibilities of multiple vendors while delivering continuous feature development through its dedicated developers. Connect with AAXIS now and seek scalable and cost-effective solutions with guaranteed stability and continuity. 


Founded: 2004Office: Irving, TXEmployees: 51-200

Other Services: Cloud, Containerization Services, DevOps, Identity and Access Management, Managed IT Services, Technology Advisory, Application Modernization, Digital Strategy, Business Restructuring.

Veritis knows that strategic assessment is a key to the success of any business process. Hence, its digital transformation services involve analyzing the market dynamics and tech opportunities to achieve higher results and desired goals throughout the digital journey. It leverages domain expertise and valuable experience in the industry to help enterprises, be it SMEs, startups, or large-scale, change their digital strategies based on industry standards and trends. The company customizes solutions to make a positive and memorable impact on users. It has worked with clients across the aviation, entertainment, automotive, government, IT, retail, healthcare, telecommunications, and other industries. Veritis’ solutions are based on analyzing the needs and bringing the change in organizational mindset and culture. It believes in starting with small yet effective steps to move confidently toward a bigger vision. 

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