Top 10 Software Integration Companies in the USA

Top 10 Software Integration Companies in the USA-Toporgs

As a business grows, in-house teams may need to assess their software assets and utilize tailored solutions to improve the overall management. Some software systems get retired and need to be replaced with time while others need re-engineering. In addition, other existing systems need to be integrated with newer ones to drive higher value. It is common when off-the-shelf software systems deliver desired results but fail to align with the organization’s tech environment. For example, if a clothing company is expanding, then it may implement order optimization and inventory management systems to meet increasing demands. Hence, companies need integration tools to understand the full scope of their business and bridge the gap. 

Software integration is the process of connecting or bringing together different types of software parts or subsystems to create a unified single system. Enterprises need to opt for this practice because of the transition to a new cloud-based data software from a legacy system. Companies that use multiple databases or various applications also integrate their software to have uniform metrics. With all data collected and processed in one place, businesses can analyze the information effectively. 

In a nutshell, organizations seek software development consulting and integration services for the following reasons:

  • To link different systems, such as various databases and file-based systems.
  • Migrate from a legacy system to a new database or app, such as cloud data storage.
  • Join several stand-alone systems to replicate processes and gain uniform results easily.
  • Set up a data warehouse to move data through an ETL process from the production system to data storage. 

We have listed the top 10 software integration companies that can help you with the process and make it seamless for you. 



A3logics is well-versed in software integration services as it knows how important it is to ensure enhanced interaction between several hardware and software systems and modernize the IT environment. The company offers comprehensive solutions to cover everything from consulting, implementation, mapping, to deployment. Its team assesses all the apps, systems, and software to identify what must be replaced, retired, and integrated with new applications to add maximum value. Based on a client’s business model, it harmonizes the entire system and re-engineers it to fill the gap between tech stacks. A3logics promises the most cost-effective way that focuses on one single software system. The experienced developers will meticulously implement the integration process without hampering the work of employees or vendors. To facilitate hassle-free interaction between all the systems, it will investigate the components thoroughly and create a coherent environment.

Other Services

API Integration, Service-Oriented Architecture, IT Consulting, Migration & Upgrade, Professional IT Services, Web & App Development, Custom Enterprise Software, DevOps, Cloud Consulting, Salesforce, Enterprise Mobility Managed Services, Product Engineering.

Founded: 2003Location: Carlsbad, CACompany Size: 200+



Fyresite is among the well-known software integration services providers, bringing together a team of like-minded designers, engineers, developers, and marketing specialists. As a full-service design and development firm, it goes beyond brand strategies to create, write, and design ideas that make a business more successful. The professionals working here are well-versed in addressing technical challenges associated with integrations, development, and user experience design. With years of experience in the domain and a dedicated approach, Fyresite possesses the capability to handle any project exceptionally well, from conceptualization to launch. The company takes care of consulting, strategizing, UI/UX design, API integration, implementation, and more. Leverage the decades of combined experience of its team for your complex integrations, custom theme development, plugin development, and CRM automation projects.

Other Services

Woocommerce and Shopify Design, UI/UX Design, Amazon Web Services, CRM Integrations, Open source Technologies (Laravel, JSON ), Front end Development (Angular JS, Bootstrap, HTML, CSS), Custom Plugin Development.

Founded: 2009Location: Phoenix, AZCompany Size: 11-50



Faye is a leading software product development services agency in the USA that claims to eat, breathe, and build software- representing their passion for technology and software solutions. Its mission is to develop and deploy the best products in the world and help clients with its strategy, deployment, integration, and technical support solutions. The company has worked with mid-market and enterprise clients globally, assisting them to achieve ten times productivity returns. Its team taps into its hidden potential within SugarCRM, Zendesk, Salesforce, HubSpot, etc. Faye hires geeks, thinkers, experts, and technicians who can put in their best efforts to each project and deliver nothing but the best. They take your systems, process, and tech stack complexity, handle it for you, resolve adoption issues, and recommend the ideal solution.

Other Services

Software Strategy, Configuration, Deployment, Adoption, Accountability, Agility, Software Optimization, Training & Support, Custom Application Development, Implementation, Salesforce, Compliance.

Founded: 2010Location: Los Angeles, CACompany Size: 50-250



Keyrus is one of the best software integration companies in the United States, offering BI and Big Data consulting services along with IT strategy, cloud, SI, and other tech solutions. It serves clients across finance, retail, and other industries. This global consultancy develops data and digital products for performance management, combining business and technical expertise to ensure that businesses uncover more possibilities. It also works with an aim to drive the most value possible from data while optimizing the customer experience and digital strategy. Keyrus helps you stay competitive by reinventing your business and consistently leveraging emerging technologies. Its team works closely with you to understand specific challenges faced by you and defines a tailored solution that maximizes your overall business performance over time. 

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Other Services

Automation & Artificial Intelligence, Human-centric Digital Experience, Data & Analytics Enablement, Cloud & Security, Business Transformation & Innovation, Technology Modernization, Enterprise Performance Management.

Founded: 1996Location: New York NYCompany Size: 1000+



B2B and internal communication systems must be efficient within an organization to mitigate any disruptions or deploy and ensure high-quality results. Optistar understands this hence, using several effective tools and technologies to combine multiple systems and subsystems into one functional ecosystem. It offers a plethora of custom services with one simple idea- even a small business should be able to leverage technology and consulting expertise that commonly large corporations could traditionally afford. Therefore, it works with small and medium enterprises to offer its expertise and relevant solutions. It is also among the top IT outsourcing companies with various remote work locations to support clients globally and cater to different market needs. Optistar believes that it will grow and succeed only with the success and growth of its clients. Hence, it provides IT managed services, cutting-edge solutions, strategic advice, and cybersecurity solutions. 

Other Services

Managed IT Services, Cyber Security Solutions, Digital Forensics, Software Engineering, QA & Automation, Cloud Solutions, App & Web Development.

Founded: 1996Location: Manhattan, NYCompany Size: 21-50



10Pearls is an industry-leading tech partner that is trusted for cultural innovation, unique designs, and custom software solutions that are apt for the future. They build top-notch software systems and ensure seamless integration, making the product scalable and flexible to adapt to market trends easily. Its end-to-end services are an excellent combination of emerging tech and digital transformation. Therefore, top research firms, SMEs, startups, and individual clients rely on it for a complete suite of application and software development services. 10Pearls is a double bottom line firm that was established to deliver superior quality services that can make a difference in the world. After years, it continues to help enterprises of all sizes to compete in the fast-evolving digital era while investing wisely in the training of offshore teams. It partners with clients to imagine, design, build, and deliver innovative mobile and digital products.

Other Services

Custom Software Development Services, Mobility, User Experience, Quality Assurance, Security, Data & Analytics, DevOps & CloudOps, Modernization, Augmentation, Voice & Language Processing.

Founded: 2004Location: Vienna, VA Company Size: 1000+



Intivix is a full-service software integration services company that offers technology and tools to meet your specific business needs. Rather than adopting a cookie-cutter approach, the company finds the most suitable and tailored solutions for every client that meet their demands and address their challenges. It also offers managed and co-managed IT consulting services so clients can stop worrying about tech problems and focus more on their core business activities. Intivix is known for enterprise data management services where an expert team understands all the problems that are hampering business growth and then works alongside to create a secure, stronger, and reliable IT ecosystem that protects a company. It uses a repeatable and proven process to strengthen, streamline, and protect an IT environment. The experienced engineers assess the current system to discover company goals and execute the right strategy. They prioritize security and bring all the necessary elements of a modern workplace to take your business to the next level. 

Other Services

Strategic IT Services, Network Design, Managed Services, Enterprise Mobility, Business Continuity, Cloud Solutions.

Founded: 1996Location:  San Francisco, CACompany Size: 21-50

HatchWorks Technologies



HatchWorks has partnered with industry leaders in communications, healthcare, financial, etc., to scale and commercialize their product suite using modern software development solutions supported by data analytics and AI innovation. Its purpose-built products deliver meaningful user experiences while providing actionable data for informed decision-making. Being an award-winning software integration services agency, HatchWorks specializes in building unique and future-proof products, taking care of every step from ideation to launch and beyond. Also, considered one of the top software testing companies in the US, it works closely with clients to co-vision their journey, help them navigate the unpredictable product lifecycle, and deliver seamless solutions. The company also offers product strategy, UX/UI design & development services, and cloud application services. Hire HatchWorks to mitigate risks, maximize ROI, and rapidly build exceptional products. 

Other Services

Software Development Services, Full Lifecycle Software Development, Software Strategy, Software Design, Software Development, Software Redesign, Cloud Application Services, Managed Application, Data Management & Analytics, AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning.

Founded: 2016Location: Atlanta, GACompany Size: 50-249



Itransition is a globally trusted software development company that has been catering to varied clients across industries for more than 20 years. Its professional experience in the domain helps it deliver a full spectrum of IT consulting solutions along with design, deployment, post-launch support, and other solutions. Its team of diverse IT experts with impressive technical prowess, skills, business knowledge, and mature methodologies enables the company to handle all software projects effectively, irrespective of complexities and scale. Itransition has been recognized among the world’s best outsourcing companies. It is continuously powering enterprises and SMEs with its comprehensive digital solutions in different areas, such as business process automation, AI, data analytics, customer experience, and others.

Other Services

Product Engineering Services, IT Consulting, Application Development, Managed IT Services, Quality Engineering & Testing, DevOps, Smart Automation, Machine Learning, Analytics & Data Science, RPA, AR & VR, Internet of things [IoT], Technology Advisory.

Founded: 1998Location: Denver, COCompany Size: 3000+

Active IT Solutions


Active IT Solutions is a leader in delivering fast and responsive IT services and tech support. It primarily works with medical and dental professionals who are looking for trusted IT consultants to implement the best solutions at affordable costs. Being a small company, it understands the basic requirements of small-sized enterprises and meets them efficiently with its expertise and excellence. The experienced developers and engineers are 100% committed to making sure that clients get instant and secure tech products that are tailored to their needs. The skilled team of IT enthusiasts takes care of all the stress associated with IT, solving all issues and letting clients focus on their business. Its specific and extensive expertise in small business IT enables the company to bring premium enterprise call service, budget-friendly but effective recommendations, and business systems specifically designed for the SMB market.

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Other Services

Cyber Security & IT Network Security, Cloud Services and Management, Backup & Disaster Recovery, Phone Systems & Support, Technology Consulting & Planning, Proactive Server/Desktop Maintenance & Monitoring, Managed IT Services.

Founded: 2003Location: Riverside, CACompany Size: 20+

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