Top 10 IT Managed Service Providers in the USA

Top 10 IT Managed Service Providers in the USA-Toporgs

Managed service providers or MSPs have always been critical to businesses and their success. Managed IT service is a facility offered by outsourcing third-party companies to provide extensive network, security, application, support solutions, and IT consultation services to enterprises. These professional firms employ tech experts to help businesses with unlimited support and proactive monitoring of IT infrastructure. The aim is to create optimized digital solutions that meet the unique requirements of clients. IT MSP companies offer a plethora of benefits, including increased competitiveness & efficiency, quick implementation of technology, reduced labor costs, and mitigated compliance & security risks. 

Businesses collaborate with the top managed service providers to leverage their flexibility, technical prowess, and capabilities. MSP companies relieve their clients from time-consuming, complex, and repetitive tasks that often hamper productivity. With outsourcing services, businesses enable their in-house teams to focus on core tasks and performance while experienced IT professionals take care of technical aspects. 

We have curated a list of the top 10 IT managed service providers in the USA for you to review and select the best company that can take care of and simplify your IT infrastructure. 


Founded: 1989Office: McKinney, TXEmployees: 700+
  • Highlights: ScienceSoft is one of the top IT managed service providers in the USA that leverages an efficient process management system to ensure high-quality projects within the deadline and budget. The company handles IT operations as a third-party service provider and takes responsibility for timely and effective improvements in an IT environment. The team is proficient at managing both detailed and controlled project plans that involve a great extent of certainty. ScienceSoft adheres to strict security policies by utilizing an in-house security management system for 24/7 security monitoring. This prevents unsolicited access and ransomware threats to sensitive data.
  • Technical Expertise:  Cloud Solutions, Internet of Things, Big Data, Data Science, Salesforce, Microsoft, AWS.
  • Offerings & Solutions: Software Development, Testing, and QA, HCM Solutions, Application Services, UI/UX Design, Infrastructure Services, Data Analytics, IT Outsourcing, IT Consulting, IT Support, Cybersecurity.
  • Industries Served: Healthcare, Manufacturing, Banking and Finance, Insurance, Retail, Transportation and Logistics, Telecommunications, Oil & Gas.


Founded: 2003Office: Carlsbad, CAEmployees: 200+
  • Highlights: A3logics is a global managed IT services company that offers a wide range of business-oriented technology solutions. Its suite of services includes content management consulting, software integrations, migrations, IT managed services, cybersecurity, compliance, and cloud consulting. The company is known for its affordable and disruptive per-tech pricing model that allows clients to manage an unlimited number of devices and seek professional assistance to maintain an optimized IT infrastructure at a flat low rate. Its team of IT specialists handles every aspect of technology and IT systems that you can think of. Also ranked among the top-rated ERP solution providers, A3logics has collaborated with several brands and enterprises, delivering the best results and driving success every time. 
  • Technical Expertise: AWS, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Python, Laravel, Angular.JS, Symfony, Django, Full Stack, MEAN Stack, Drupal, Cloud Consulting, IoT.
  • Offerings & Solutions: Website & App Development, Salesforce Consulting, Dedicated Development Team, IT Consulting & Strategizing, Enterprise Mobility, CRM Solutions, Quality Testing.
  • Industries Served: Real Estate & Housing, Education & Elearning, Employee Benefits, EHS & Healthcare, Shipping & Logistics, Retails & Ecommerce, Travel & Leisure, Banking & Financial, Food & Restaurants, Oil & Gas, Media & Entertainment.


Founded: 2019Office: Glendale, CAEmployees: 10-49
  • Highlights: TECHBLEED is a managed IT services company with a specialization in streamlining tech processes within organizations. It takes care of remote monitoring, information security protocols, business communications, and disaster recovery by using cutting-edge technology. Being a top tech solutions company, it improves companies’ operations so they can focus on achieving their core objectives without any distractions of persistent changes in technology. TECHBLEED understands the IT infrastructure of an organization and conducts a SWOT analysis to understand its requirements meticulously. Based on the evaluation, its team prioritizes services, sets performance benchmarks, and provides a competitive advantage. 
  • Technical Expertise: Virtual Servers, Hosted VoIP, Virtual Desktops, AWS, Office 365.
  • Offerings & Solutions: IT Support, Network Design, Backup and Disaster Recovery, Intrusion Protection, Identity Management, Compliance, Application Development, Database Development.

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Founded: 2010Office: Cupertino, CAEmployees: 11-49
  • Highlights: TruAdvantage is an award-winning company with a primary focus on security, helping clients solve their daily issues, optimize operations, and mark a significant position in the market by utilizing IT strategically. The company is trusted as one of the best enterprise mobility services providers by several brands and enterprises for its highly responsive helpdesk with zero-minute wait time, affordable costs, and tailored support options. Also, its cybersecurity system aligned with advanced solutions protects your valuable data against Ransomware, hackers, and disgruntled employees. It adopts a proactive approach to create an enterprise-level IT department for small and mid-sized businesses. Address your infrastructure, support, and strategy challenges through TruAdvantahe’s staff and automation tools.
  • Technical Expertise: Cybersecurity, Risk Assessment, Internet Filtering & Monitoring.
  • Offerings & Solutions: Data Backup & Recovery, Cloud Services, VoIP Services, Data & Network Security, Professional Services.
  • Industries Served: Healthcare, Legal, Non-Profit, Finance & Accounting, SMEs.


Founded: 2003Office: Santa Ana, CAEmployees: 40+
  • Highlights: TechMD is one of the best IT outsourcing companies in the USA that provides infrastructure management and technology solutions. It holds expertise in developing IT and cloud products to achieve enterprise-level productivity, security, and scalability for small and medium businesses. The company has curated a diverse team of IT experts to support clients. The professionals regularly educate themselves, learning the ins and outs of technology to ensure they offer the best possible solutions for our clients. Its ProactiveIQ approach to technology addresses tech issues before they happen and saves business time & money when it matters the most.
  • Technical Expertise: Cloud Consulting, SI, Cybersecurity.
  • Offerings & Solutions: Cloud Integration & Migration, Strategic Consulting, Managed Cybersecurity, Cloud Solutions.


Founded: 2000Office: Los Angeles, CAEmployees: 10-40
  • Highlights: SugarShot is among the top IT MSP companies, claiming to do cybersecurity and IT differently than its peers. It gives a unique and interesting twist to IT grain. Its team of professionals excels in cybersecurity, managed support, and computer network services. It understands that slow and unreliable technology can hamper business growth and affect its success. Therefore, it works with a simple goal- reducing IT stress and deploying the right tech solutions that help clients attain their growth objectives faster. The company offers a transparent and easy pricing structure with scalable services to serve businesses of all sizes. SugarShots understands the importance of IT systems and technology to keep your business running at optimal performance. Hence, it helps to avoid costly downtime by determining technology problems before they impact your business.
  • Technical Expertise: Business Intelligence, Cloud, Network Monitoring, Server Maintenance.
  • Offerings & Solutions:  IT Planning, Security, Incident Response, IT Compliance, Tech Support, IT Audits, Disaster Recovery.


Founded: 2001Office: Irvine, CAEmployees: 800+
  • Highlights: Synoptek is a well-reputed IT managed service providers agency that handles the full technology lifecycle for its clients. The company comes up with the perfect and relevant solutions to meet all business requirements. 

Synoptek can manage the full technology lifecycle and it has solutions for all the business requirements. Also considered a renowned CRM software development company, it conducts initial evaluation and implements the best technology solutions, manages them consistently, and ensures to run them efficiently while trying to meet business goals. Its comprehensive services come bundled with tried and tested plans to protect enterprises, optimize human and technology resources, and enhance capabilities.

  • Technical Expertise: Cybersecurity, Cloud Advancement, Infrastructure Performance, Business Applications, Data Insights, NetSuite, Magento.
  • Offerings & Solutions: IT Strategy, IT Consulting Services, M&A Due Diligence and Planning, Program & Project Management, Business Processes and IT Services, Cost Optimization Assessment, IT Service Management, IT Leadership, Data Protection, Cybersecurity Assessment Services.
  • Industries Served: Financial Services, Healthcare, Manufacturing & Distribution, Media & Entertainment, Retail, Education.

Managed Solution

Founded: 2002Office: San Diego, CAEmployees: NA
  • Highlights: Managed Solution is a recognized managed IT services agency the USA that has partnered with various leading brands and established companies. Being a preferred choice for cloud solutions, it specializes in round-the-clock support and IT help desk for a plethora of tech solutions. Its mission is to build and deliver flawless user experiences through powerful products and empower clients by leveraging emerging technologies that make businesses more productive and secure. It enables businesses and employees to focus on what they do best and stay ahead of the competition. Managed Solution’s quick, secure, and reliable IT support aims at relieving IT challenges. It evaluates, improves, and manages the existing infrastructure to see how it can transform businesses and ultimately achieve growth.
  • Technical Expertise: Office 365, Cloud (public, private, hybrid), Business Intelligence and Analytics, IT Automation, Identity Management, Security, Compliance.
  • Offerings & Solutions: Microsoft Teams Voice Solutions, Modern Workplace, Data Governance & Identity Management, SharePoint Migration Services, Merger and Acquisition, Compliance Management Solutions, Business IT Security, Virtual CIO Consulting Services.

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Founded: 1986Office: Glendale, CAEmployees: 60+
  • Highlights: GenCare is among the top industry-leading IT MSP companies and systems integrators that deliver technology consulting and IT solutions to customers who need assistance to manage and process business-critical information. Backed by over 32 years of expertise in the tech sector, GenCare guarantees to help your organization become more efficient and reduce overhead. It uses a “zero-trust” model of trusted identities and devices to make sure that only the right people and computers can access the most important applications simply and quickly. It appoints engineers as project managers to simplify the communication and planning by establishing a single point of contact who is fully responsible and accountable for project success, timeline, and budget. They are authorized to do what it takes to stay on track
  • Technical Expertise: Cloud Consulting, Managed Tech Support, Security Management, Microsoft Azure & Microsoft 365.
  • Offerings & Solutions: Proactive Server and Firewall Monitoring, Disaster Recovery, Cloud Infrastructure, 
  • Industries Served: Manufacturing, Healthcare, Non-Profit.

BlackPoint IT

Founded: 1977Office: Kent, WAEmployees: 50-249
  • Highlights: BlockPoint IT simplifies technology for businesses. Its years of experience in technology and business IT services expertise motivate the team to thrive on delivering exceptional solutions by using technology in a way that enables the success of our clients. It takes business personally and believes in giving back to clients via im[pactful and top-notch products. Its IT team aligns services and technology solutions with the goals and objectives of clients to drive business value. With its end-to-end managed IT system, companies don’t have to fret about data loss, IT process deployment, or business continuity. Its tech specialists handle all the complex issues efficiently, keeping businesses running smoothly. BlackPoint IT enables small businesses to play at the same level as large enterprises without overextending themselves. 
  • Technical Expertise: Hack Prevention, Business Continuity, Cybersecurity, Cloud Consulting, Microsoft 365.
  • Offerings & Solutions: Managed Monitoring, Operating, Transformation, and Technology Services, Business VoIP, PBX Services.
  • Industries Served: Telecommunications, Technology

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