Top 10 Healthcare MSP Companies in the USA

Top 10 Healthcare MSP Companies in the USA-Toporgs

The Healthcare Sector is facing a great challenge of IT infrastructure management, which is vital to support uninterrupted business processes. Clinics and hospitals are also struggling with a lower budget, the deployment of new technologies, and staff reductions. If a recent report is to be believed- the healthcare industry is second to the restaurants and hotels when it comes to job losses. The reason is a substantial drop in elective surgeries and non-urgent visits, especially after the pandemic. 

Healthcare professionals are now considering partnering with IT experts at this crucial time. They are managed healthcare IT services companies to seek valuable tech insights. Be it a small clinic or a well-known hospital or a recently started healthcare facility, they are trusting a third party to handle cloud deployment, security, compliance, data center, IT environment, etc., so they can focus on key business objectives. These managed IT services providers bring a better perspective and efficiency to drive the best results. They implement the right solution and add value through end-to-end services, which include strategy, implementation, adoption, and support.

We have listed the top healthcare managed services providers in the USA that are known for their expertise and experience in the field. Go through these names and find your trusted partner now. 

Healthcare IT Company

Healthcare IT Company-Toporgs

Healthcare IT Company provides unlimited access to checkups, consultations, and preventive medicines with its trusted healthcare MSP services. You can seek 24*7 IT support while managing your tech infrastructure proactively and strategically at a fixed price. The company has all the resources and expertise required to design, develop, deploy, and manage a secure technology platform. Therefore, giving you enough time and confidence to put your efforts into running your healthcare organization successfully. In addition, its team of professionals helps you mitigate risks, gain a competitive edge, and enhance productivity by creating a sophisticated software system. 

Founded- 1997Location- Paramus, NJCompany Size- 100+

Technical Expertise & Offerings- Healthcare Managed Services, IT Helpdesk, IT Consulting, Healthcare Cloud Services, Healthcare Cybersecurity Services, EMR Services, Regulatory Compliance.

Managed Solutions

Managed Solutions is a well-recognized IT professional services provider that offers round-the-clock support across the USA. From cloud solutions and business intelligence to automation and identity management, it offers a wide range of tech experts from different domains. The company works with one goal- serving clients and helping them make the best of the latest technologies to create a more productive and collaborative work environment. It delivers a flawless user experience and empowers them by taking care of security and compliance at every level. This enables their in-house teams to focus on what they do the best and contribute to core business tasks. Managed Solutions is passionate about sharing innovative ideas with its clients hence, plans to continue delivering top-notch results and customer services to achieve a high level of client satisfaction. 

Founded- 2002Location- San Diego, CACompany Size- 51-200

Technical Expertise & Offerings- Cloud Solutions (Azure, Microsoft), Microsoft Teams Migration Services, Office/Microsoft 365 Migration Services, Managed Services, Remote Management & Monitoring, Strategic On-Site Engineer Support, Backup, and Disaster Recovery Services, Merger and Acquisition Services, Compliance Management, Business IT Security Solutions.


A3logics is among the best software development companies to specialize in IT requirements, services, and unique tech stack used commonly in healthcare practices. Its spectrum of managed healthcare services includes compliance management, risk assessment, data security, cloud migration, integration, data backup, disaster recovery, and IT support. The company is known for its dedication and quality that is evident in its past work and success stories. It has collaborated with several successful organizations and businesses to help them effectively manage and protect their information technology operations, systems, networks, and applications. A3logics has a team of certified professionals to keep a close watch on databases, maintain an IT environment, and monitor site systems. 

Founded- 2003Location- Carlsbad, CACompany Size- 200+

Technical Expertise & Offerings- IT Assessment, Cloud Services, Security & Compliance, Planning & Consulting, Professional Services, Dedicated Team, Project Management, Disaster Recovery.

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ClearDATA is one of the fastest-growing healthcare MSP companies, offering end-to-end healthcare solutions to approx 310,000 professionals around the world. They rely on its services for cloud computing, infrastructure management, data security, and compliance. Its brilliant team has designed an exclusive cloud computing platform for the healthcare sector to adhere to industry standards and stay compliant when it comes to performance, security, and data protection. ClearDATA provides its clients with native access to the public clouds, including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP), and Microsoft Azure along with various tools to safeguard healthcare IT security and compliance posture. Whether you have a cloud-native organization or just starting your journey to the cloud, it will create a certified environment that won’t impede your ability to harness advanced analytics. Moreover, with its team of product engineering services providers USA, you get powerful applications to instantly respond to the demands of healthcare customers.

Founded- 2011Location- Paramus, NJCompany Size- 200-500

Technical Expertise & Offerings- Healthcare Security and Compliance Platform, Streamline Security Risk Assessments, IAM Visualization, ClearDATA Managed Services, Amazon & Microsoft Cloud Solutions.


Synoptek understands the rapid growth across the healthcare industry. Hence, helping professionals and organizations manage data across stand-alone EHRs. Amidst the rigid legacy systems that are fragmented and complex, it guides all clients to efficiently manage the risks while adhering to HIPAA compliance at all times. It serves various clients, including large hospitals, tissue, and blood processing organizations, multi-location clinics, rural medical centers, individual doctors, and full-service healthcare institutions. The team offers strategic planning, migrations, software integrations, deployment, and support in one place so that healthcare providers face no hassle while taking care of their patients. Also, it allows them to free up their staff members from technical work and divert attention to patient and clinic needs. Its complete suite of IT services through a consumption-based pricing model eliminates the need to invest heavy capital and drives better ROI.

Founded- 2001Location- Irvine, CACompany Size- 800+

Technical Expertise & Offerings- IT Consulting, IT Leadership and Management, Business Applications, Data Insights, Product Development Services,  Workforce Productivity, Cybersecurity, Cloud Advancement, Infrastructure Performance, Managed IT Solutions.


TruAdvantage is a US healthcare managed services company that works with an aim to provide unsurpassed tech solutions and strategic guidance to small and medium businesses. Although it was started in 2001, TruAdvantage was fully established in 2010 and since then, has evolved into a top-rated IT consultation services provider. As most companies assume that they can’t afford an in-house IT staff or their current tech department can’t take care of their issues, managed IT services are the best way to deal with these problems and enhance the capability of their staff members. The company specializes in cybersecurity, cloud solutions, emerging tech stack, and strategic IT planning. With such a dedicated team to help you, rest assured that you will achieve enterprise-level productivity, scalability, simplicity, and security in no time. 

Founded- 2001Location- Cupertino, CACompany Size- 50+

Technical Expertise & Offerings- IT Solutions, Cybersecurity, Managed Backup & Business Continuity, Cloud Computing, Compliance, Security Testing & Training, Risk Assessment, Web Monitoring.

AMN Healthcare

AMN Healthcare offers a meticulously planned Managed Services Program (MSP) to handle the recruitment, acquisition, and development lifecycle within an organization. It optimizes core business processes and workforce to increase efficiency and reduce operational costs significantly. Its agile working model allows clients to retain control of staffing as the company manages the entire process on behalf of healthcare professionals. Its wide range of services covers all cynical and non-clinical requirements and delivers the right solutions. AMN healthcare technologies seamlessly integrate with your processes, such as credentialing, vendor management, language interpretation, telehealth, and scheduling logistics. It takes off your burden of hiring certified professionals and provides the most suitable team to tackle your healthcare system. 

Founded- 1985Location- Coppell, TXCompany Size- 1500+

Technical Expertise & Offerings- Talent Advisory Services, Revenue Cycle Consulting, Workforce Technology, Vendor Management Systems, Credentialing Platform, Scheduling & Staff Planning, Analytics & Assessment, Virtual Care, Language Services, Post-Acute & Home Health, School Teletherapy, Community Health.


Comport is one of the top managed healthcare services providers that guarantee an instant productivity boost. It employs a pool of helpful and knowledgeable tech experts to take care of tasks that are beyond the expertise of a client’s in-house team. With such proficients to help, you experience lower and predictable costs with fewer complaints and worries to tackle. In addition, the innovation and performance of your team soar high. Its cloud consulting services assist you with daily technical needs, addressing specific business requirements, such as backup, disaster recovery, and infrastructure services. Due to its vast experience with small community hospitals and urban mega-health organizations with multiple branches, Comport is a trusted IT partner for many healthcare providers.  

Founded- 1982Location- Ramsey, NJCompany Size- 51-200

Technical Expertise & Offerings- IT Services, Data Center Solutions, Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, Network Infrastructure, Information Technology Security, Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS), Backup as a Service (BaaS), Office 365 Backup, Infrastructure as a Service, Hybrid Cloud Solutions, Private Cloud Solutions.



CyberDuo provides a comprehensive range of managed IT solutions and security services to SMEs and startups. The company believes that every organization can achieve exceptional productivity and profitability by leveraging the right tools and technologies. Therefore, its IT consultants analyze every business requirement meticulously to create an effective roadmap toward the value-driven solution. Its team understands the visions of its clients and turns them into an excellent reality. It strives to attain digital transformation by helping businesses adopt emerging technologies into the current systems. It unlocks the power of IT to pave the way for advancements in the sector. To build resilience, CyberDuo develops, implements, and maintains a secure environment. It moves forward with integrity and inspires new possibilities.

Founded- 2010Location- Glendale, CACompany Size- 11-50

Technical Expertise & Offerings- Business Continuity, Security and Compliance, Security Awareness Training, Vulnerability Scanning & Management, Managed Cloud Security, Managed Endpoint Protection.

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With an all-inclusive approach, ByteTime delivers reliable IT solutions to manage an entire network irrespective of the size of a business or location. From a single-doctor office to an established hospital, it provides the right tech solutions to help professionals navigate through advancements and evolution. It integrates advanced software systems for speed, reliability, and network access while meeting HIPAA regulations and other government mandates. Its IT support team reduces the cost of buying and managing technology with its strategy, planning, and outsourcing services. The company has hundreds of healthcare clients who trust ByteTime to adapt to changes hassle-free. The company recommends the best tech solution for automation with the purpose to reduce manual data entry and other time-consuming practices. After listening to clients’ needs and goals, it offers tools that bring higher profits and contribute to overall business success. 

Founded- 2007Location- Houston, TXCompany Size- 11-50

Technical Expertise & Offerings- Managed IT, Web Services, Data Backups, Cloud Computing, Network Security, IT Consulting & Planning, Low-Voltage Wiring, Remote Monitoring, Offsite Backups, Compliance.

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