Top 10 AR/VR Companies in the USA

Top 10 AR-VR Companies in the USA-Toporgs

Augmented and Virtual Reality Development services have surged over the past years. With a steady improvement in AR & VR technology and a significant drop in price for AR/VR Development, it will soon become ubiquitous. Tech experts and specialists are exploring its true potential to create business and consumer applications. Soon, you will find it everywhere around you, in every device, every industry. This is why AR/VR companies are gathering pace in the industry, offering a range of services and products. Proficient and competent AR developers are helping enterprises realize internal efficiencies and enabling them to operate more accurately and smartly. Therefore, it is important for organizations to hire a trusted developer who offers consolidated solutions to meet all the requirements and bring complete digital transformation. 

Here is a list of the top 10 AR/VR companies in the USA that are known for impressive ratings, great popularity, and amazing portfolio. Go through them, evaluate carefully, and select your reliable technology partner. 


A3logics is a well-established Enterprise software development company with a specialization in delivering multi-platform software services as per industry requirements. The company is dedicated to exploring, optimizing, and implementing AR and VR solutions that meet your expectations and resolve business problems. Be it cloud technology, network transmission, or rendering processes, its team of experts has the hands-on experience to deliver customized solutions.

Founded In: 2003

Employees: 400

Locations: Carlsbad, CA

Min. Project Price: $10,000

Core Services: SaaS solutions, Cloud Computing, Blockchain, Enterprise Solutions, Big Data Services, Chatbots, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, DevOps, IoT.  


  • Whether you’re a tech-savvy company or have a very limited technical background, it offers outstanding solutions to create a breakthrough ecosystem. 
  • With a blend of creative flair and technical expertise, the team helps clients discover a whole new world of possibilities. 
  • Develop, design, and deploy exclusive AR and VR applications that can create amazing three-dimensional artificial worlds and give you real-world, life-like experiences together.


NEXT/NOW is an award-winning design studio and creative tech agency that deals with creating next-gen AR/VR experiences for major brands. With its team of over 25 experts, the company prised itself for delivering unmatched digital experiences through marketing services, custom software solutions, and virtual & augmented reality apps.

Founded In: 2011

Employees: 60-85

Locations: Chicago, IL

Min. Project Price: $50,000

Core Services: VR and AR, Multi-touch surfaces, Motion & Gestures, 3D Animation, Projection Mapping, Interactive Installations.  


  • It uses AR/VR, facial tracking, projection mapping, innovative display concepts, specialized app development, gesture and motion interactivity, and groundbreaking technology to create unforgettable moments for users.
  • The team consists of computer engineers, brand architects, game developers, exhibit specialists, designers, and animators.
  • NEXT/NOW holds expertise in motion and gesture digital experiences, 3D animations, multi-touch interactive installations, and more. 

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CemtrexLabs is a specialized web and virtual reality design company that primarily focuses on helping brands grow through its digital transformation solutions. Its suite of software and hardware, design and development services cover everything from business-critical applications to powerful AR/VR platforms. 

Founded In: 2009

Employees: 60-200

Locations: Brooklyn, NY

Min. Project Price: $10,000

Core Services: Business Analysis, Bot Development, Cloud Computing Services, Data Visualization, Brand Experience Design, Concept Development, Back-end Architecture.  


  • It always pushes boundaries while delivering consumer, industrial, experiential, and e-commerce websites to come up with the most innovative solutions for the biggest brands.
  • Its mission is to reimagine the way people interact with brands and uncover values that others can’t find. It tries to solve business challenges in the most thoughtful and elegant way.
  • It has a remarkable team that adopts a success-driven process that is designed for effective collaboration, transparency, and efficiency. 


iTechArt is a top-tier custom software development company that aims at helping enterprises reshape their business processes by implementing augmented and immersive experiences. It has worked with various startups and fastest-growing tech companies to bridge the talent gap through robust web and mobile solutions that are loved by users. 

Founded In: 2002

Employees: 1000+

Locations: New York, USA

Min. Project Price: $25,000

Core Services: Custom Software Development, Web Application Development, Mobile Application, QA and Testing, DevOps, Cloud Computing, UI/UX Design, IoT Solutions, AI-Powered Application, Blockchain.


  • Its agile dedicated teams of brilliant minds who are adept in web, mobile, Big Data, QA, and DevOps work dedicatedly on each project, hence creating an impressive portfolio and excellent reputation.
  • It has 200+ active clients handled by the largest teams of professionals where 71% of the members are seniors in their respective fields. 

Magic Leap

Magic Leap is a popular and leading name for augmented and virtual reality experiences. It has been working hard to constantly come up with smart and sophisticated solutions for clients that can change the way they connect with users. Its ultimate goal is to amplify human potential. Its motive is to deliver powerful tools for transformation in a form of an augmented reality platform of great utility and simplicity.

Founded In: 2010

Employees: 1300+

Locations: Florida, USA

Min. Project Price: $15,000

Core Services: Enterprise Solutions, 3D Visualization, Development Solutions, Augmented Workforce.


  • It has acquired, in the past, the likes of Dacuda 3D computer vision company, NorthBit cybersecurity firm, and Mimesys volumetric video development company based in Belgium.
  • In its 8+ years of experience, the company has dedicated itself to addressing the fundamental challenges of providing a large field of view in an ergonomic form factor.
  • Magic Leap is working with business leaders to offer augmented reality solutions to industries, such as Healthcare, Defense & Public Sector, Manufacturing, Oil & Gas solutions, Automotive, Transport, Architecture, Engineering & Construction.


Zco Corporation is a trusted name for software development and advanced tech solutions. It boasts a reputation for excellence spanning three decades, during which it has created powerful solutions and platforms for startups, entrepreneurs, and Fortune 500 companies. The company offers one of the largest teams of artists, engineers, designers, and project managers who work on dynamic projects across multiple industries. 

Founded In: 1989

Employees: 300-1000

Locations: Nashua, NH

Min. Project Price: $10,000

Core Services: 3D Animation, 2D Animation, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Mobile Apps Enterprise Solutions, Web-based Apps, Mobile Games, Custom Hardware Integration, Big Data, UI/UX Design.


  • With such vast experience, Zco is no less than an industry veteran that understands the importance of educating its teams on the latest digital advancements in software and hardware. 
  • Constant growth and regular learning allow the company to position itself as a reliable digital problem solver, no matter what industry or type of problem your facing.

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4Experience is another tech company with virtual and augmented reality as a core competency. The pool of 35 specialists and consultants serves midmarket and small business clients from the education, gaming, and real estate sectors. It offers full-stack software development solutions while maintaining the highest quality standards possible on all the existing platforms and devices. 

Founded In: 2015

Employees: 10-50

Locations: Park Ridge, IL

Min. Project Price: $10,000+

Core Services: Consumer-facing Solutions (e-commerce solutions, product configurators, entertainment), Consulting & Development Services (research & development, consulting), Mixed Reality, 3D Design.


  • It works on the Scrum methodology for projects ranging from simple applications to complex configurations to multi-level games to deliver ready and tested products.
  • It collaborates closely with clients and values communication and commitment as its key strengths. Above all, 4Experience readily accepts even the most difficult challenges and delivers the best solutions to address them.
  • The team helps businesses gain a competitive advantage with top-notch technology and software development services. Its support starts with conceptualization & reaching up to your product launch and maintenance, as well as training your team.

Lucid Reality Labs

Lucid Reality Labs is a design and development company that creates AR/VR/MR immersive experiences. It delivers intelligent software solutions to help clients solve complex business challenges, attain business goals, fulfill strategic needs, and create social impact. It has a small team of approx 50 developers and designers who work with enterprises and midmarket businesses in the healthcare, marketing, advertising, medical, and education elearning solutions.

Founded In: 2016

Employees: 20-45

Locations: Miami, FL

Min. Project Price: $25,000+

Core Services: Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Research & Development Solutions, Intelligent technology Solutions. 


  • Striving for excellence, Lucid Reality dives deep into a client’s business to deliver world-class solutions that combine digital and physical worlds. 
  • It offers full-stack Spatial Computing solutions, providing everything from concept & design to development & post-production support.
  • Enhance the real-world environment with digital twins and visual overlays that open countless possibilities for your business. Its AR solutions transform the way people perceive information, play, learn, collaborate, shop, socialize, and explore the world.


CitrusBits is a well-known mobile app development company with a team of certified professionals who are passionate about creating mobile technology and responsive designs for varied businesses. It has worked on the projects of the biggest brands and organizations and is trusted for its seamless quality and commitment to tight deadlines.

Founded In: 2005

Employees: 10-49

Locations: Los Angeles, CA

Min. Project Price: $20,000

Core Services:  iOS and Android App Development, Augmented Reality, Blockchain, and The Internet of Things (IoT).


  • Leveraging cutting-edge technologies and a strategic approach, it helps small and mid-sized businesses and startups change the entire industry and reach their long-term goals.
  • CitrusBits has helped hundreds of businesses build game-changing mobile apps for more than ten years. 

Groove Jones

Groove Jones is an award-winning creative technology agency that builds interactive tools to provide its clients with a competitive edge. Over the years, it has worked on many AR projects to deliver next-gen experiences for world-class brands with 360-degree and VR video production. It has expertise in various technologies and VR platforms to create some of the most exceptional devices and applications. 

Founded In: 2015

Employees: 50+

Locations: Dallas, TX

Min. Project Price: $15,000

Core Services: Strategic Planning and Consulting, Engagement Experiences and Interactive Installations, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Services, Mobile App Development and Design, CGI and Animation, Multi-Touch Surfaces and Gesture-Based Reactive Interfaces.


  • The team hails from diverse disciplines, such as developing enterprise apps, video games, directing broadcast commercials, and feature motion pictures.
  • Work with artists, thinkers, creators, technologists, gamers, strategists, innovators, developers, and most of all, digital fanboys and fangirls who work consistently to deliver amazing, effective results for clients.
  • It ensures secure, reliable, and flexible platforms that allow teams to configure solutions to support clients’ marketing objectives. 


Our blog has reviewed the top AR/VR companies that are known as tech giants in the industry. There are some startups as well that offer the best VR services and exclusive deals to clients. Of course, with a plethora of service providers specializing in AR/VR technology, selecting the best one can be difficult. So, make sure that you go with the one that adds value to your project and is a pro in the field. Choose wisely to gain higher profitability. 

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