Top 10 Learning Experience Platform LXP Companies in the USA

Top 10 Learning Experience Platform LXP Companies in the USA-Toporgs

A learning experience platform (LXP) has become a vital part of online learning, used by organizations to train their employees and upskill them. It is an AI-driven peer learning experience platform that uses software as a service (SaaS). An LXP is an intuitive learning and development platform, helping employees answer key business questions and provide them with opportunities for professional development.

Are you looking for a trusted learning experience platform company? Here is a list of the top 10 LXP development services companies that you can connect with for assistance. 

Paradiso Solutions


Paradiso Solutions offers an all-inclusive learning content management system solution with cutting-edge features to make the online learning experience interesting, convenient, and engaging. Being one of the leading providers of a learning experience platform, Paradiso Solutions provides the most viable options to address all the learning needs. Its exclusive set of tools enable custom training experiences for learners. Its learning solution is user-friendly and taps into the true potential of artificial intelligence to determine the learning preferences of users. It lets you combine learning content from different sources while recommending and delivering different courses that are supported by AI. Paradiso LXP allows users to design, develop, create, monitor, and administer highly personalized learning environments. It takes immense pride in having more satisfied and aspiring employees due to the strong learning culture in the organization.


Valamis caters to the need of various organizations and individuals by combining learning technology with data science, user-centric design, and integration capabilities. It provides one comprehensive solution for traditional LMS, secure LRS, modern LXP, and reporting. It ensures a personalized learning experience for users, making learning measurable to enable tracking and progress. Valamis offers an end-to-end learning ecosystem to upskill and reskill employees whilst making the learning tech stack easier to maintain with a centralized core. The company is a trusted strategic partner that will grow with you as its professionals build the ultimate solution to engage your people. It identifies and collaborates with the sectors that need development and scaling. Its work is led by four core values: responsibility, sense of community, development, and customer focus.


A3logics offers LMS software development services to meet ever-increasing market requirements. The company enables organizations to train and develop their employees and partners with an all-inclusive learning system. Its cloud-based platform focuses on delivering personalized experiences to users by pushing the boundaries of traditional LMS. With smart search and AI-driven learning, A3logics’ LXP recommends content based on previous learning choices and skill development requirements. Also, its learning experience platform solutions ensure a robust framework that allows documentation, administration, reporting, tracking, and delivery of online learning programs securely for companies and educational institutions. Leveraging diversification of learning, the professionals create an interactive hub that extends beyond the curricula and improves KPIs.


Degreed Learning Experience is a smart and impactful LXP that connects people to the content, teammates, and development experiences that matter to a business every day. The team of LXP development experts builds in-demand skills in the flow of work to enable clients to build future capabilities faster. It is one of the top custom elearning software development companies USA that aim at upskilling people by offering skill development and improving learners’ career opportunities within the organization. With a skilled team, the organization will grow and business will move forward. The platform helps the workforce gain insights, guidance, and resources along with ongoing learning management. It is a talent system solution for learning, skills development, and career mobility. Also, Degreed provides a great reskilling experience.

It describes itself as ‘The Lifelong Learning Platform’ that helps learners build and certify their skill sets and enables businesses to discover, develop and measure their organizational abilities.

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Cornerstone offers an integrated talent management software with powerful tools to enhance learning, recruiting, performance, and HR functions. The LXP solution of Cornerstone is a brandable platform that is designed to make learners feel empowered and convenient while they pursue their passion, interests, and development goals. The platform helps employees build and develop skills using the best tools for learning, growth, and performance. It is quick and easy to use with a plug-and-play mechanism also several integrations support the unique needs of an organization and its people. With the help of Cornerstone, organizations can leverage AI and a skills-forward system to modernize their learning and development experience, accelerate talent and career mobility, deliver the most relevant content to learners from anywhere, and establish skills as their universal framework for growth and success.


EdCast is a top-rated AI-Driven Knowledge Cloud system, delivering performance increases of up to 50%. It offers mobile learning solutions to enable companies to support their employees, customers, partners, and developers with any time, anywhere learning. It is a digital platform used for sharing knowledge, upskill, reskill, employee engagement & development, and workflow training. EdCast LXP is a highly recommended platform that motivates and energizes the workforce by fostering learning. It allows subject matter experts to share content through blogs, articles, and videos. In addition, they can create customized learning paths as per a learner’s interest and requirement for skill development. All learning needs are on the platform in a centralized nature and are easy to find. EdCast’s AI-powered knowledge cloud makes it easy to create a unified index of all the content and provides contextual content to users in their flow of work. 


Belitsoft’s education elearning solutions offer an innovative approach to transfer knowledge and help people develop professionally. With AI, big data analytics, and a flexible interface, the system automatically adapts to users’ needs and preferences. Therefore, helping learners gain more knowledge and giving better business insights to managers. The LXP software automatically recommends specific learning materials to every user based on the job title, experience, previously completed courses, and other relevant information. It includes lessons from third parties and “non-learning” systems like YouTube. Belitsoft LXP tends to include brief learning materials that answer all questions precisely thereby, improving employee efficiency by giving them useful assistance at work.


ScienceSoft offers end-to-end LXP solutions to aggregate elearning content from different sources and provide easy access to online learners. It is listed among the best enterprise application development companies, ensuring to offer a personalized learning experience using AI-driven learning content recommendations that are based on previous learning choices, preferences, and skill gaps. Thus, LXP leverages personalization and diversification of eLearning to improve learning KPIs. ScienceSoft recommends custom LXP when you need unique eLearning features, such as virtual labs in immersive learning, custom design, or integrations with custom third-party software. Custom solutions allow total control over the system’s functionality, aggregated learning resources while reducing TCO in the long run due to saving costs on per-user subscription fees, as compared to off-the-shelf LXP.



Coorpacademy offers an innovative Digital Learning solution to companies with a key focus on learner engagement. It includes an ever-growing catalog of training along with an authoring tool. The company has designed an impactful platform to make life simpler for learners. It is a flexible cloud-based solution that is fully responsive, multilingual, and compatible with LMS. Analytics interface drives performance and the platform is entirely dedicated to the company, personalized with its branding. Its content management tools are easy to use and intuitive to manage the platform and create courses. Coorpacademy assigns dedicated experts to ensure the success of your project, the team includes Account Managers, Technical Project Managers, Instructional Designers, and Community Managers. Integrate your online training into your existing programs with its experienced team. 

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GP Strategies

GP Strategies help businesses transform their workforce and bring positive change at an accelerating pace. Its learning experience platform (LXP) has become an essential and mission-critical tool for many employers to ensure employee retention, engagement, development, and performance success. Its software solution has moved beyond static classrooms, to a dynamic, holistic, and interactive learning journey to meet the learner at the point of work. The company offers an integrated, evidence-based work-learning ecosystem that is enabled by powerful digital learning portals, platforms, and automated solutions. As a leading global learning innovator, GP Strategies’ comprehensive solutions uniquely delivers end-to-end, concept-to-adoption, content-to-transformation strategies and programs to fulfill the complete potential of your LXP investments.

FAQs to Choose the Best LXP Development Company in the USA

1. How does LXP Development Company USA manage LMS Customization?

You will find a number of companies that work in the USA and develop learning management solutions for you, but the important thing is to look for a company that will manage the work of LMS along with other services. You found an LXP development company, but make sure that it manages the LMS customization well. A learning experience platform is similar to LMS yet different, and both of these deserve the same amount of awareness in the professional IT service industry. 

Managing LMS customization can be tricky while handling other tasks at hand, if you are to develop an LXP, look for its customization process thoroughly and make sure to ask everything about the company that might bother you in the future. Do not hesitate to ask questions and ask around about the company and its services, it will help you in having a better understanding of them and their working process.

All such companies will answer your questions in a manner that you are satisfied with them and do not live in any sort of confusion.

2. Can the listed top 10 LXP Development Companies share their past experience and portfolio?

The companies that we list in our blogs are not in our control, perhaps you can inquire about their services and any other query you may have. Checking the past experiences and portfolio of the company helps in building a better user experience, as it gives an insight into the work that this company does. There cannot be a surety of how much involvement the organization will allow you to have, although you must try to be a part of it as much as possible.

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By sharing such information with the clients, the company establishes a strong relationship with them and makes sure that they are a part of their solution development. The above-listed companies are no different from others, they have their own set of rules and regulations that they follow to the end-of-the world that you must not intrude in. Although you must try to take part in the team.

3. Can I meet the team of LMS Developers in the USA that will work on my project?

One must be willing to meet the team of LMS developers who will be working on the project, this helps in building a better understanding between the two of you. Ask the company to meet their team of developers. This will give you a better insight into the working of the company, skills of developers, and their understanding towards LMS. 

When you meet the developers, don’t feel shy and ask them everything you want to know about their work, company’s rules, development process, cost incurred, and everything else that you wish to know. Just so you know, you do have the right to want to meet the developers, and you must for your own application development.

4. Does your USA LXP Development Company make changes to the solution post-deployment?

Many times it is seen that the customer faces issues post the development of their solution, and they are helpless, do not have any other option then to pay again and get the issue fixed. In order to avoid such problems it is essential that you talk to your developer beforehand, and make sure to know what post-deployment services they provide and what will suit you the best. Every other company offers various services with different solutions, you just have to find the one that fits your needs, and you don’t have to feel shy about doing that. Search for dozens of companies if it takes that to get your perfect solution development.

The LMS Consulting Company you choose should provide all sorts of custom LMS development so that the operations of the solution are not limited and have bigger customization and productivity.

5. What tools and practices will you use for LXP Development Services USA?

You know what kind of solution you want, and no one knows better about it than you, you should ask exactly the tools and services you want from your solution provider. The tools and practice you choose for your app development changes the game on a big-level, as it affects the cost and time of development directly. 

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Look for the company that will develop your solution using the exact tools that you want, if you do not find one, feel free to ask your chosen companies all about their practices and tools they use to develop solutions in the premise.

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