The Top 10 IoT Companies in the USA

The Top 10 IoT Companies in the USA-Toporgs

Thanks to the IoT (Internet of Things), complete automation is now possible. It is the foundation of smart cities, smart homes, connected vehicles, wearables, and other smart devices. This technology has shaped traditional industries, making them modern and sophisticated. Hence, multiple sectors are leveraging the power and potential of IoT solutions to resolve real problems faced by businesses. It is the combination of physical and digital worlds together that streamlines business processes and boosts productivity to a great extent. IoT provides the ability to offer more powerful products and services, enhance operational efficiencies, improve user experience, and initiate the connection between users and technology. To sum it up, it connects devices to the internet and gives them the power to communicate without any human intervention. 

We have listed the top 10 IoT companies in the USA that have proved their excellence in developing excellent IoT applications. Go through the list now for more information:


A3logics offers industry-focused IoT app development services to transform the face of businesses. It uncovers the true potential of this technology to meet the unique needs of your business and integrate solutions that would keep you ahead of the others in the industry. With hard work and dedication toward their clients and projects, it guides clients through their journey to the top of their domain. A3logics aims to bring a significant change in the industry and helps integrate IoT solutions from scratch. While you focus on better strategies, let the IoT experts take charge of coming up with advanced technology to set your foot strong among your competition.


  • Its IoT-certified team keeps pace with the trends to make sure that your business doesn’t miss any opportunity or advancement that could do wonders for you.
  • As a part of comprehensive IoT services,  it comes up with an architecture that is easy to understand. The team is always ready to extend assistance to address the troubles of digital existence.
  • From consulting and app development to IoT architecture and extension, it has got it all covered in one place. 

SaM Solutions

SaM Solutions is a global enterprise software development company with a specialization in IT consulting services. It was founded in the year 1993 with the main focus on delivering innovative solutions to drive business growth. Over the years, the company has established multiple offices across countries with each holding technology expertise in IoT solutions, mobile application development, custom e-commerce development, embedded systems, SAP, and more.


  • It employs over 800 employees dedicated to providing powerful results and tech products for enterprise-level organizations and middle-market companies. 
  • Successfully delivered more than 700 projects across numerous technologies and domains and is currently working with over 200 clients, spanning several continents, industries, and verticals. 
  • It takes immense pride in tech excellence, faster time-to-market, and uncompromised quality while maintaining an affordable pricing structure.


Softeq is a renowned full-stack development company for web and mobile applications with its headquarters in Houston, TX. It was established in the year 1997 and now after more than 2 decades, a team of over 200 developers, designers, and tech experts offers a rare combination of app software and hardware-level proficiency, including backend, business intelligence, firmware, and IoT. It works with small and medium-sized enterprises and electronic startups to offers IoT development services. 


  • Softeq provides a complete suite of development services, which includes cloud computing, system integrations, embedded software, web, mobile, and desktop apps, etc. 
  • It ensures brilliant design output and top-notch solutions while meeting tight deadlines for clients.
  • Its IoT services include smart gadgets, firmware, turning analog products into digital using sensors, IoT platforms, infrastructure, etc. 


With a key focus on business needs and goals, SumatoSoft ensures complete transparency and flexibility in IoT services. It was established in 2012 with its headquarters in Boston, USA as a trusted source for software development. SumatoSoft promises to offer high-quality and cost-effective software solutions to small and mid-sized enterprises and startups. It has worked with some of the popular and major brands across different domains. 


  • It delivers value to the clients through software development with its wide range of tech solutions, which includes prototyping, web development, business analysis, quality assurance & testing, MVP development, UI/UX design, etc. 
  • It has unmatched experience in offering IT solutions across multiple industries, including healthcare, fintech, transport & logistics, education, media, and more. 
  • The team believes in seeing the big picture by leveraging the expertise and extensive knowledge in offering end-to-end technological web, mobile, and IoT services.
  • Clients are assured to seek benefit from its solution-focused approach, as it has set the bar high.


Oxagile is a leading IoT company, offering a full range of professional IT services, such as software development, hardware prototyping, continuous enhancement, IT consulting, etc. It was founded in 2005 with an office in New York, USA, and has a team of 350+ tech experts. Oxagile claims to deliver secure and robust IoT solutions that comply with industry standards. Its years of experience has helped the company and the team to hone its engineering skills and understand industry-specific issues. 


  • It leverages deep tech capabilities in computer vision, artificial intelligence development, cybersecurity, big data, and more to deliver best-in-class connected solutions and a perfectly architectured IoT ecosystem. 
  • For healthcare, manufacturing, automotive, retail, and public safety sectors, it has built enterprise-grade IoT solutions, which include smart gadgets, industrial equipment, next-gen intelligent devices, etc.
  • As the skilled developers of Oxagile handle your project and start the development process, you will witness immediate value being driven to your business. 

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Techahead is trusted by the biggest brands and companies to develop and launch mobile apps and digital products. This end-to-end mobile app development company is based in Southern California with offices in different countries. Since 2009, it has been focusing on bespoke digital solutions and UI/UX, working for multiple verticals for some of the largest organizations. The reason for its impeccable performance and consistent results is its strong team of designers, developers, and programmers who passionately develop next-gen tech solutions using the most advanced platforms. 


  • It is a one-stop solution for turnkey services as it covers all aspects of digital solutions, such as IoT, DevOps consulting services, mobile, web, cloud, and AI. The company has got your back at every stage of the development process, be it discovery, design, testing, deployment, or maintenance.
  • In the past 11 years, it has successfully delivered over 2000 projects of mobile apps and digital solutions that changed the tech ecosystem and set new benchmarks in service efficiency.
  • Its expertise lies in conceptualizing Human-Centric Designs fueled with a secure, robust, and scalable architecture. 

Fluper Ltd.

Fluper was established in 2013 to offer affordable and rapid web and mobile application development services. Its main aim is to engage and change the IT industry by provisioning and most economical digital solutions that energize startups, individuals, SMEs, and enterprises. It has worked with million-dollar companies to help them reach the mission of Fortune 500 companies with its specialized consulting and dedicated guidance. 


  • Its specialization includes mobile app and web app designing, e-commerce app development, CMS and ERP development, iOS & Android apps solutions, PHP, Java & .NET services. 
  • The verticals covered by Fluper are chatbots, blockchain, AR/VR, finance, healthcare, education, tours & travels, lifestyle, news & media, augmented reality, on-demand applications, wearables, IoT, etc. 
  • Its team of 300 tech experts promises fixed and transparent pricing with no hidden costs and 24*7 real-time tracking and project management.


Auriga is well-reputed for its software R&D and IT outsourcing services. It offers IoT and data processing solutions for sensors, wearables, connected cars, medical devices, smart homes, and enterprises. The company was founded in 1990 with headquarters in Woburn, Massachusetts. Its team of over 450 employees includes experts for IoT development, web development, QA software testing services, strategizing & support, etc. 


  • Auriga focuses on embedded technologies as it understands that the IoT era is being driven by them. Its vast experience in this field ensures quality and smart solutions.
  • Leveraging its experience across consumer, enterprise, and industrial IoT domains, it offers custom solutions and software for sensors, smart cities, smartphones, medical devices, and more.
  • Its agile approach offers unique opportunities for clients to be a part of the entire development lifecycle, thereby enabling transparency, quality, predictable, and faster delivery of products. 


Very, LLC is a fully distributed software development company that was founded in 2011. With its headquarters in Chattanooga, Tennessee, the company has over 40 tech specialists and experts for UI/UX design, software development, and mobile app development. Its clientele includes midmarket and enterprise-level companies from retail, media, and financial sectors. 


  • It is an IoT engineering firm that partners with its clients to build modern and powerful systems for smart manufacturing, utilities, energy, consumer electronics, and connected wellness. 
  • Very works dedicatedly with a team of innovators and leaders to build custom products for clients to address their most strategic and difficult challenges. 
  • Its multi-disciplinary teams work with customers to help them stay focused on business goals, hence delivering world-class solutions that impact the bottom line. 
  • Focused on speed, efficiency, and scalability, its award-winning product development teams bring technical skills, product knowledge, and communication together for better engagement.


Orangesoft guarantees to create great mobile and web apps using the latest technologies that are primarily meant for building elegant and functional products. It designs and develops custom, scalable, and secure IoT app solutions with cutting-edge platforms. It creates digital products that monitor data, predict the best way to optimize resources, and automate routine processes. 


  • The feature that sets Orangesoft apart from others is its can-do attitude about every project that it commits to. 
  • Its team of 80+ developers, analysts, designers, and QA engineers provide efficient apps and innovate the way businesses think.
  • Its holistic approach covers all aspects of the development process, including hardware, sensors, infrastructures, application development, data management, etc.


To conclude our article about the top IoT companies, we would say that every service provider is different with its unique set of qualities and features. Some promise the best price and timely delivery while others claim to deliver top-quality tech products. So, it’s up to you to compare all the factors and then make a decision that is the most profitable for your project. 

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