Top 10 Laravel Development Companies in the USA

Top 10 Laravel Development Companies in the USA-TOPORGS

Laravel has taken the web development world by storm and has become a preferred framework for web applications. All thanks to its advanced features and tools that facilitate rapid development. It is a popular member of the current generation of frameworks and is also loved for being an open-source PHP web structure that intends to improve web app development with successful MVC design. Developers and engineers love it because of its excellent features, such as an object-oriented approach, task scheduling, built-in authentication & authorization, broadcasting, and artisan console. Businesses and organizations choose Laravel for its benefits, such as cost-effectiveness, flexible source code, easy maintenance, security, faster time-to-market, etc. 

We have listed the top 10 companies offering Laravel web development services in the USA that are the perfect choice for your next project. 


In this digital era, A3logics understands the importance of web applications for businesses. Therefore, it strives to create apps and websites that are easy to use and engaging for your audience. Using this PHP framework, it develops high-end and expressive apps for clients. Leveraging the components of different frameworks, such as CodeIgniter, RoR, ASP.NET, and whatnot, the company delivers web applications that are more structured and pragmatic. Also, it ensures data protection and keeps away all breaches through secure applications. Whether you are a medium or large enterprise, hire Laravel web developers from A3logics for trusted and reliable services. It specializes in building user-friendly and simple applications that are apt for your business and its future expansion. 


One of the top Laravel development companies worldwide, Cuttlesoft, is established in Denver. It is providing all-inclusive solutions to clients with a team of highly skilled Laravel developers who are known for their expertise in the industry. As a leading IT and development agency, it aims at creating an atmosphere of creativity, collaboration, and excellence where every individual is contributing to doing the best work. With its top-notch services and products, it has built phenomenal web apps for varied and dynamic clients. Cuttlesoft ha has the right experience and specialization in Laravel and its team is equipped to create great products for businesses. 


Highland provides digital experience design and product development services, partnering with numerous clients to help them achieve success. The company is based in Chicago with a team of over 30 specialists in Laravel product strategy, custom web application development, UI/UX development, and more. It has worked with various clients to create engaging web apps that needed frontend refactoring and has been offering Laravel solutions. It ensures applications that can run using data from the clients’ database. The company primarily works with mid-market and enterprise clients in the financial, healthcare, and non-profit sectors. You can also connect with them for testing and prototype design for mission-driven services for your company. Based on the market research and trend, it will help you with ideation, development, prototyping and, more. 


Exadel is a custom software and web app development company with a key focus on delivering enterprise-level solutions, product, and IoT development services. It has been in the industry for more than 20 years now, collaborating with the biggest clients, including Fortune 500 and other big brands. The team is located in 20+ locations with delivery centers across Eastern Europe and the US. Exadel employs a dedicated team of developers and designers who are always ready to solve complex business problems with software engineering skills with a mix of offshore and onshore resources at economical prices. With strategic road mapping and data integrations, it provides sophisticated services to clients. 


Resourcifi is ranked among the top Laravel companies in 2020 for its excellent services and passion for each project. It promises seamless design, development, and deployment of every web app, hence creating an impressive global clientele. The company was founded in 2009 and over the years has created a diverse team of developers who are well versed in crafting web applications for varied industries, including education, banking, automobiles, healthcare, etc. Its proficient in-house developers are experienced in serving hundreds of clients with tailored solutions based on their requirements. With its flexible hiring model, you can hire a part-time or full-time developer for your project. 


Headquartered in New York, Fingent is a leading provider of Laravel development services with additional offices in different countries. With a team of 250 specialists and engineers, it offers custom web and mobile app development solutions to mid-market and enterprise firms. The extremely tech-savvy Laravel PHP professionals and developers work hard and dedicatedly to build top-quality software and web products for global clients. The company has worked for years to meet the unique demands of several clients from multiple industries and takes delight in delivering groundbreaking products to businesses of all sizes. This constantly growing company takes immense pride in its hands-on experience in Laravel web app development.

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Codiant is involved in providing technology, strategy, and next-gen services in the field of web application development, enterprise mobility, maintenance & support, and UI/UX design across various platforms and operating systems. It ensures customer-focused solutions to help businesses address technical challenges and business problems through excellent digital solutions and unmatched development capabilities. It holds expertise in customer experience development, analytics, SaaS development, and IoT solutions. Codiant has an expansive network of developers, strategists, market experts, and designers who support their clients throughout to solve the most complex management and operational issues. With great experience in automating and digitizing processes, it transforms large businesses by delivering targeted solutions and product innovations. 

RnF Technologies

RnF Technologies is ranked among the best Laravel development companies for its professionalism, creativity, and skills. It has been serving clients in the industry for more than a decade now and has delivered a myriad of projects efficiently to top clients. It maintains a standard for its quality and excellence in the field. Laravel development is a crucial part of RnF Technologies services, hence it has a team of developers who are proficient, skilled, and motivated with the framework. It houses brilliant designers as well to create customized web applications that align perfectly with business requirements and mission. As they have worked on varied projects across various industries, ranging from banking to healthcare, you can be assured of their experience and capabilities in delivering appropriate solutions. 

Techtic Solutions

Techtic Solutions from New York is another leading software and website development company, creating seamless platforms for dynamic businesses. The company intends to be a guiding force, helping enterprises evolve with a perfect tech stack and innovative team. It solves complicated business problems through exceptional digital products. Its loyal and happy client base loves the awesomeness that it brings to every project by offering simple yet powerful Laravel web apps. It gives life to your business deas and ensures flawless products through rigorous quality assurance and testing services. Global clients seek benefits from its staff augmentation services that empower them to scale productivity multiple times with the assistance of dedicated developers. 


Perpetual surely deserves to be on the list of top Laravel developers for its efficient and dedicated services. The company is based in New York and has been serving clients in the industry for over 7 years. It has worked with various big and well-known brands, adopting a people-first approach every time that helps in developing web apps that suit clients’ demands perfectly. It always keeps end-users in mind, hence delivering an unparalleled experience. Perpetual is constantly trying to come up with the best Laravel web development practices as one of the most trusted development partners. The team at Perpetual consists of experts and determined professionals who deliver robust IT solutions and transform business models into successful products. 


We are sure that our list will make you aware of the best Laravel companies in the USA. These services providers and developers have valuable experience in the field and have built amazing custom web apps for a spectrum of industries based on their requirements. They have delivered many successful projects and are ideal for your project and accelerate your business growth. As you make your final call, make sure that you have considered all the key factors, including a budget, reviews, experience, and portfolio. 

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