Top 10 WordPress Development Companies in the USA

Top 10 WordPress Development Companies in the USA-TOPORGS

WordPress is not restricted to developing a blogging website, it offers several benefits that make it the most popular CMS globally. It is a preferred choice for IT companies and business owners to create attractive websites that are tailored according to their specific needs. You can enjoy customized plug-ins, themes, and an engaging community forum with the help of WordPress Development.

As you plan to launch a WordPress site for your business, you have to select the right company to seek web development services. You want someone who can ensure an amazing online presence and take your website to the top of Google’s search results. Of course, selecting the right development partner is daunting but investing in a WordPress development company is worth considering. You get help from a team of expert developers and designers to create a scalable, reliable, and high-performing website. Also, your project will be handled by a hierarchy of project managers and testers who will focus on building a top-notch WordPress site. 

We have curated a list of the top 10 WordPress development companies that are known for their specialization in the field. Go through it:


A3logics is a top-rated WordPress development solution provider, offering an array of services to build business platforms, ranging from blogging to e-commerce websites. The company has handpicked WordPress experts who strive to deliver compatible solutions to meet the diverse needs of businesses. They are well-versed in crafting tailor-made websites and software systems for dynamic clients and projects. As you entrust them with your project, they guarantee in-depth analysis and involvement to build fully featured and powerful portals that serve your business goals and meet your expectations. Its full-fledged WordPress development services include everything from conceptualization to deployment under one roof, covering web and plug-in development, bug fixing, migration, API development services, support, and maintenance. 


Multidots was started in 2009 and soon became a leading name for WordPress development services in the world. It has been consistently growing and hitting milestones by helping businesses maximize their performance through strategic partnerships. Although it was started as a small company for outsourcing IT solutions, it soon established itself as a maintenance and development company serving various big clients. Bringing the best of development, design, and testing in its team, Multidots is one of the most preferred companies in the industry. Thanks to its great services and websites, the company has a proven record of reliable, premium, and affordable partnerships with its clients as a branding, marketing, and web development agency. If you want custom websites or wish to migrate an existing one to WordPress, then Multidots is the best place for you. With its unmatched skills, it ensures site effective site audits, maintenance, and performance optimization. 


CemtrexLabs is a well-reputed company that focuses on helping brands grow and expand through its wide range of digital transformation services. Its end-to-end development solutions cover everything from software and hardware to design and development. No matter if you want a business-critical application or virtual and augmented reality application for your venture, it is available at your services round-the-clock. The professionals working with the team have proved their expertise by pushing the boundaries for each project to create industrial, commerce, consumer, experiential applications for the biggest brands of the world. The company works with one mission- to reimagine how users interact with brands. Thus, uncovering values and solving complex business challenges in the most thoughtful manner. It aims to be strategic leaders in emergent technologies and innovators in user experience.


Materiell is a web development agency offering advanced WordPress development, enterprise WordPress managed hosting, and support services to businesses across the nation. It employs a great and dedicated cloud infrastructure and development team of DevOps and WebOps, hosting and supporting websites using the Google Cloud Platform and its own fully-featured portal. From a simple website to a complicated big website, Materiell is your one-stop destination for seamless web development solutions. It has an excellent track record of performance and reliability, ensuring new clients of its skills and experience required to keep the websites performing without disruptions and maintain a brand standard. With its passion and dedication toward each project, it has become a respected leader in the industry, working with various renowned clients. Rest assured that its WordPress web development services comply with the highest standards of code quality, accessibility, security, and performance. 


Cubix is another top company on our list offering WordPress services along with mobile app, enterprise software, and game development solutions. It holds expertise in customization, development, and integration of complex enterprise-level software systems, advanced web and mobile applications, business intelligence analytics, and more. The company has been working in the field for more than 8 years now, gaining experience by collaborating with varied clients, ranging from startups and individuals to organizations. Our team of WordPress developers and designers are working constantly to hone skills, master industry progression, and improve performance. Apart from WordPress, Cubix also offers e-learning, machine learning, virtual reality, IoT, SaaS, artificial intelligence development, augmented reality, and other technology solutions. The team includes experts from every aspect of the development process with industry-specific knowledge that contribute to its impressive portfolio and client testimonials. 


Powercode is known to build cutting-edge software with a team of experienced and passionate designers and developers who are proficient in using advanced tools. The aim is to deliver exceptional digital experiences by bridging the gap between users and server-side software that functions flawlessly. They believe that website development solutions should neither be boring nor weak, hence bring an element of fun and innovation in every project. The team never ignores business goals and targets while working on a project. Thus, ensuring beautiful web and mobile designs that blend perfectly with the brand image and objectives. With Powercode at your service, you can be assured of intuitive and impactful products for your business with highly customized features. Also, it combines advanced programming language with the expertise of developers to come up with out-of-the-box solutions. It understands that every project is unique, thereby solving your business problems with a perfect application that meets your expectations. 

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Site Nine Studios

Next on the list is Site Nine Studios, a leading WordPress development agency in Los Angeles, California. The company has worked with a plethora of businesses and designers to help them bring their vision to life by tapping into the true potential of WordPress. The company takes immense pride in maintaining honest and open communication with clients while providing strong reliability. You can hire WordPress developers from Site Nine Studios and enjoy a spectrum of solutions, including impeccably coded theme, maintenance and support, migration and integration, and building a new website from scratch. It promises to bring out the best in your ambitious project and turning your idea into the most beautiful reality. Its long-term and honest associations with high-end agencies have helped the team evolve the development model and specialize in web development. Thus, winning the trust and confidence as a trusted partner for new clients that they can count on.


Zibtek is a custom software development company that brings together talent and passion in one place to create top-notch websites and applications. It is led by technology veterans with in-depth knowledge and real-world experience in starting, building, and running multiple companies through value-driven websites. This gives the clients the benefit of working with a strategic partner that offers great ideas and advice to make the project better, faster, and more effective. The company was founded in 2009 and since then, its agile methodology and unique approach have enabled the team to efficiently handle web, application, and software development projects of any scale and complexity. Also, it promises more cost-effective and powerful products than any other similar firm. The team of over 250 trained engineers and project managers work between 3 global locations to serve clients throughout the development lifecycle. It ensures to deliver your project within the committed deadline without compromising on the quality with optimized code. Also, you can opt to update the work on a project management tool of your choice to track the progress of your website and regularly communicate with the team.


WebDevStudios is one of the oldest website design and development firms in Philadelphia. Although it was founded in 2002, it soon shifted toward open-source options 2008 with a team of web development, design, and application management, and support specialists. It is a leading development company with a brilliant team of technicians, project managers, engineers, testers, and more who look after each project meticulously. Along with WordPress development, it also offers SEO services to redesign and build a great website with mobile-friendly content that attracts users instantly. You can connect with the team to seek WordPress services, no matter whether you own an enterprise or a non-profit organization. It will also help you migrate from a different platform to WordPress seamlessly without hampering the data. As a full-service development firm, WebDevStudios provides technical and marketing assistance to emerging businesses, educational institutions, and more. 

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CodeBright believes in improving the world and digitizing businesses using cutting-edge technologies. The team knows that websites and applications open endless opportunities to showcase what a business has to offer to its users and customers. Therefore, it prioritizes user experiences to create attractive website designs by adopting a unique and versatile approach. It works with startups, small and large companies, and non-profit organizations to bring minimal viable products (MVP) to the market, increase productivity, streamline operations, automate processes, reduce costs, and more. Keeping front-end and back-end as key considerations, it makes websites that easy to navigate for visitors and business owners. CodeBright has an award-winning team that is capable of managing complex software and web development projects that can integrate with other systems without any hassle. Also, it ensures the analysis of large masses of data and utilizes AI to address expensive business problems. 


Whether you want to grow your business or looking forward to drawing attention to an issue through blogging, building a WordPress site is the best way to attain your goal. It offers you fresh ideas and technical edge that take your project to new heights and help it stand out from others. So, make an informed decision and choose the company that fits your budget and needs. 

Top Questions to Ask Your WordPress Developer in the USA

Aks if your US WordPress development company will use existing themes or create a custom theme for the WordPress Website.

The idea behind this question is to understand the mindset and working style of your WordPress developer USA and analyze his capabilities to differentiate between theme options available for a WordPress website. There are mainly three options:

  • Use an existing theme
  • Create a new one from scratch
  • Customize a theme according to the business requirements

Of course, it also depends on your choice but most developers are willing to build a new WordPress theme for every project. A reliable developer will suggest you the best option among the three based on your budget and objectives but the cost may vary depending on the choice of theme. 

Although using an existing theme is an inexpensive choice, it offers a limited opportunity to tailor themes and websites. Also, the design may be common and you can find similar designs on other sites as available templates are used by many companies. 

On the other hand, creating a new theme from the ground up may be costlier than the previous option but it comes with its set of benefits. Firstly, you can customize the theme according to specific business requirements and the niche. Your WordPress website development company can deliver successful results with lighter code. However, the only issue is to incorporate updates in the theme. So, make sure that you hire a professional who has clarity about all the available choices and suggests the best option while explaining its significance for your project. 

Ask about what you need to provide to your WordPress development services provider USA.

You connect with the top 10 WordPress development companies in the USA, hire the best one, and hand over the project. Do you think that your job is over? If yes, then you are wrong. Finding a good WordPress developer and expecting that you are responsibility-free can take your project off-track at some point. As the owner of the website, you need to be a part of the entire development process. As the representative of your brand and business, you need to provide certain things to your developer including time to ensure that the project goes smoothly from start to finish. These things include:

  • Your business requirements, details of the website, vision, goal, etc.
  • All terms and conditions, understanding, acknowledging, and approving them
  • Advance payment and a form of upfront payment to start work
  • Website content, images, data, and other website assets.
  • Existing domain, content management system, and web host login information
  • Existing social media account URLs and usernames
  • Analytics and webmaster tools account login information
  • Communicating answers to important online marketing strategy questions

Providing all this information before commencing the project will avoid unnecessary delays and obstacles during the development journey. 

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Ask about the process and estimated cost of top WordPress development companies in the United States.

The answer to this question will be almost the same for all the USA WordPress development services agencies. Yes, this will include technical discussion and topics which many business wonders may not understand but still, it will help to estimate the time, process, path, and cost involved. You can also determine how the site will look, feel, and work. Moreover, ask about the targets for each development stage so you can keep track of the progress and ask for updates in case of delays. Set short-term goals throughout the development lifecycle and ensure transparent communication. The major steps of the WordPress development process are:

  • Gathering requirements
  • Creating a development plan
  • Designing themes and the website
  • Starting the development process
  • Rolling out and maintenance

After getting an insight into the development process, it’s time to know the estimated cost that your United States top WordPress developer will charge for the project. This is to make sure that the services provided by the company suit your budget. When we talk about the final cost of WordPress development, it varies according to certain factors, such as:

  • Themes, plugins, and integrations
  • The team involved in the project
  • The complexity of the website
  • Features you want to include
  • Geographical location
  • Experience and expertise

Whether you opt for PHP development services, Python professionals, or any other website development solutions, these factors remain the same. After analyzing all the listed factors, the developer will give you an estimated or exact cost. The decision is up to you whether you want to continue with the company or select another one within your budget. 

Ask about how your WordPress development agency US will create responsive designs and features.

Your WordPress website needs to be responsive and mobile-friendly, so do not let anyone convince you otherwise. Therefore, this question is crucial to ask your WordPress development firm in the US. Be clear and sure that you want your WordPress site to work across all platforms, devices, and browsers as smartphones capture about half of the online traffic. In this era of advancement and technology, most users access websites via tablets or mobile devices. Thus, having a mobile-responsive website will help you reach a global audience and attract traffic from all platforms and devices. Also, having a responsive theme doesn’t mean that you will have a responsive website. 

The best time to establish your mobile strategy is while building the website as allowing mobile compatibility and experience will pave the way for your business success in the future. Among the top WordPress development companies in the United States, pick the one with sufficient expertise in adding mobile responsiveness. Do not take this feature for granted as a mobile-friendly feature can help you attain higher click-through rates than normal websites. The best ways to ensure responsiveness are:

  • Build a responsive website 
  • Create a mobile website specifically for mobile users
  • Develop a mobile application

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Ask about the total experience in the domain to pick the best WordPress development firm USA.

This may be the last question in the list but the most important one as it can change your perspective and decision. It is the foundation of every question mentioned above as the experience of your WordPress development services provider in the USA decides if it can create responsive themes and features, adds to the total cost of the project, ensures an organized development process, etc. Experience is something that matters more than knowledge and skills as working in the industry for 8-10 years provides more practical knowledge and insights. The best way to put it is, practice makes a man perfect. So, if your developer has been in the industry for years, you know he is familiar with the best tools and methods to deliver the required results.

Your potential USA WordPress development company must have collaborated with various clients and brands, providing other tech solutions as well, such as RoR, Laravel, Django, or Python development services. It will give an idea about their expertise and efficiency across all domains. You can check the portfolio or talk to their past clients to evaluate their performance and services. Read reviews and testimonials for honest feedback. 

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