Top 10 WordPress Plugin Development Companies in the USA

Top 10 WordPress Plugin Development Companies in the USA-Toporgs

WordPress is known for its easy interface and flexibility. It was around 2003 that WordPress gained a reputation as the best blogging platform. Soon, it became an instant hit among bloggers, developers, and website owners for its multiple functionalities and ease of use. Over the years, WordPress grew beyond a blogging platform, and became a versatile and scalable web development platform or CMS. Hence, WordPress development services gained huge popularity in the industry. The platform now powers almost 40% of the websites across the world. Certainly, this fact is enough to intrigue you to dig deeper into the WordPress world. 

WordPress Plugins give a power boost to the functionalities of a website in the most spectacular manner possible. No wonder that WordPress development companies are minting millions of dollars by offering WordPress theme customization and plugin development solutions. Below, we have listed the top 10 WordPress plugin development companies in the USA that will help you build a useful business website. 


A3logics is a well-reputed enterprise software development company that specializes in various cutting-edge technologies and frameworks. It strives to deliver compatible solutions to meet the diverse needs of its clients with a team of certified WordPress developers who are well-versed at crafting tailor-made products.


  • A3logics spares no effort to empower your website with innovative and relevant plugins that can aid you to reach your futuristic goals. The team guarantees in-depth analysis to make a fully-featured and powerful website that serves your business goals.
  • They meticulously design WordPress plugins to match your business KPIs and enhance productivity. The company also makes sure that your website evolves with time and trends through efficient and robust solutions.
  • Its core website development expertise includes Python, Django, Magento, WooCommerce, PHP, Drupal, RoR development services, and more. It works with multiple industries, including retail & e-commerce, banking, healthcare, supply chain, etc.
Location: Carlsbad, CAEmployees: 300+Founded: 2003


CemtrexLabs is a leading creative technology company that serves e-commerce clients across the globe. The team of strategists and programmers helps numerous brands grow by providing custom digital solutions, including design, development, and testing services.


  • The company is focused on helping major brands and startups accelerate their growth through its comprehensive WordPress development services, creating top-notch e-commerce websites across industries.
  • They are determined to solve complex business challenges with emerging technologies and reimagining the way people interact with brands. CemtrexLabs empowers businesses for the digital revolution.
  •  The complete suite of software, hardware, development, and design services includes business-critical applications, virtual & augmented reality, wireframing, user testing, advanced prototyping, and more. 
Location: Brooklyn, NYEmployees: 100+Founded: 2009


Multidots is a renowned WordPress plugin development company, serving global clients with its PHP, JavaScript, and WooCommerce solutions. As one of the top development agencies in the world, it offers strategic partnerships to clients and helps them enhance their performance.


  • Multidots has proven to be a reliable, premium, and affordable partner for digital innovation and solutions, working with branding, marketing, creative, and web development agencies worldwide.
  • Whether it’s multi-platform integrations, large-scale WordPress implementations, or a complex tech issue, enterprises trust Multidots for its flawless services and guaranteed results.
  • Its specialization includes WordPress development services, WordPress VIP migration, media & publishing, and more. The company has worked with performance marketing, lead generation, and other associations over the years.
Location: Dunn Loring, VAEmployees: 200+Founded: 2009

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Value Coders

What makes ValueCoders stand out from otters is the team of highly skilled developers and engineers who can handle multiple projects at a given time without making any compromise with the quality of products and services rendered.


  • Its custom WordPress solutions and other e-commerce services are notable. The team designs custom plugins and extensions that are specific to your WordPress website and the nature of the business. 
  • Their dedication and commitment provide them an edge of efficiency that drives high-quality software products for clients. Trust them with your project and they will deliver the perfect solution to resolve your queries and problems.
  • Its core services are application development, web development, mobile app development, eCommerce development, DevOps, BI consulting, Google cloud, cross-platform application development, etc. 
Location: NILEmployees: 450+Founded: 2004


Materiell is a well-reputed custom WordPress development firm in the USA that offers managed hosting and support services to companies and clients nationwide. Managing every project with the utmost precision and accuracy, the team believes in yielding the best results, brand value, and revenue. 


  • The company employs a professional and experienced team to host and support your e-commerce websites using the latest technology and agile methodologies. It also makes the best of its fully-featured and innovative portal to ensure reliability and performance.
  • Materiell takes immense pride in its unmatched skills and exceptional knowledge of the industry required to keep websites and applications performing smoothly according to clients’ expectations.
  • Its tailored development services include custom theme development, advanced search functionality, security & performance, accessibility, integrations, WordPress hosting, uptime monitoring, backup & data recovery, etc. 
Location: Arlington, VAEmployees: 50+Founded: 2011

Dom & Tom

Dom & Tom is an end-to-end digital product development and design agency in the USA that focuses on emerging and advanced technologies to provide powerful solutions. It has worked with startups and enterprises to develop business applications that support their strategic initiatives through open collaboration.


  • Dom & Tom has launched more than 500 web projects and 120+ mobile applications over the years, catering to the dynamic needs of its clients and creating nothing but amazing success stories every time.
  • While working on any project, the team sticks to engaging designs, forward-thinking user experience, cross-platform development, and complete transparency throughout the process for both web and mobile solutions.
  • The company holds expertise in IT consulting & strategizing, web development, product design, DevOps & hosting, mobile application development, system architecture, QA & testing, along with other digital solutions.
Location: New York City, NYEmployees: 100+Founded: 2009


Exemplifi is an enterprise-grade website development company in the USA that creates and delivers world-class products according to clients’ business objectives. While working on a website or application, the team strictly follows the latest web standards and market trends to ensure the best IT products and services.


  • The company understands that websites have to be fast, multi-lingual, and personalized in this digital era. Therefore, it leverages the latest tools and technologies to drive leads and nurture relationships.
  • It promises an incredible ecosystem of products, a robust internationalization framework, and easy-to-use websites through WordPress development, which is a fantastic choice for midsize and large enterprises.
  • Its core services comprise WordPress, Drupal, Kentico, AEM, Contentful, Webflow, and several other web development platforms. Their sites are fast, accessible, responsive, and SEO-friendly thereby, providing a competitive advantage to your brand.
Location: Palo Alto, CAEmployees: 50+Founded: 2018


Markupcloud is a US-based web design and development agency that offers some of the most exclusive features and functionalities for your software solutions. The company is known for its comprehensive workflow, splendid reviews, and extraordinary portfolio that will surely get your attention instantly. 


  • Markupcloud mainly focuses on conversion services and WordPress-centered solutions which make it the best choice for WordPress plugin development software services. 
  • The entire project workflow at Markupcloud is governed by ISO 9001:2008 standards to deliver seamless and desirable results at each project lifecycle stage.
  • It offers a plethora of conversion and development solutions, including PSD To HTML, PSD To WordPress, PSD To Drupal, PSD To Joomla, PSD To Magento, and more. 
Location: Rochester, New YorkEmployees: 150+Founded: 2008

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What makes BaymediaSoft one of the leading and renowned web development companies in the USA is its utmost attention to customer satisfaction. It has delivered more than 400 projects over the years and all of them have achieved a high rate of satisfaction and great reviews among clients.


  • Since its inception, BaymediaSoft has worked on over 1800 websites for hundreds of clients. It has gained amazing feedback and praises for its works, making it a notable choice for creative and custom WordPress plugin development.
  • The company has a team of trained and experienced professionals from different domains to offer versatility to clients. Their expertise ensures the most innovative development services with an advanced approach.
  • Its wide range of core services includes varied WordPress solutions, such as theme customization, WordPress Plugin development, PSD to WordPress conversion, WordPress upgrades, and much more.
Location: San Jose, CaliforniaEmployees: 50+Founded: 2011

Webdev Studios

Webdev Studios is one of the top website design and development companies in the USA that specializes in application management, support, development, and design solutions. It is known for its custom services where they deliver tailored websites and applications to their clients within the committed time frame, be it development, integration, or plugin development. 


  • As an end-to-end web development company, Webdev Studios strategize, develop, design, test, and deploy business websites. Their team of project managers, developers, programmers, and engineers handle every aspect of the development lifecycle exceptionally well.
  • Along with their custom WordPress plugin development services, they are also trusted for secure code structure and data integrity. The team suggests the best solutions according to your business requirements and integrates additional features to support the future expansion plans of your business.
  • Their services include Consulting, Custom Design, Custom Development, performance & security, Content migration, and maintenance along with ecommerce software solutions. They not just deliver the product and get done with their work but educate and train their clients as well.
Location: Philadelphia PAEmployees: 37+Founded: 2008

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