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API is basically an interface required to interact between the client-end and the developer end. Stands for Application Programming Interface and is a resembling resource for the web services that are being used by the clients through the application, so that the development side could integrate with the same and respond accordingly.

It’s an engine under the hood, which is quite under-rated but we all are capable of accomplishing everything through mobile applications and websites just in clicks because API is there behind working for it.

In simple terms, it is a pipeline between the request maker and the supplier and therefore, it is API development companies are the most in-demand software companies. Let us see, which are the top 10 API developers in the USA and check on what other services they got for us-

Satva Solution

SatvaSolutions is an API integration services provider for small and medium enterprise businesses. Along with that, it handles SQL databases to enhance the overall efficiency of the existing business processes. The custom API integration services by Satva would intensify your app performance and will meet your business system requirements effectively.

Satva Solutions serves as a full-fledged API development solution provider with other services within the API development including-

  • Custom API Integration
  • Third-party API Integration
  • Rest Integration
  • Web API development
  • API as a Service
  • QuickBooks API integration

Location: Valencia, USA.

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A3logics is known for its multi-dimensional services and its expertise in the most crucial dimensions of software development. API development services are one of those. It is based in California, Carlsbad, and has been providing robust enterprise solutions to its clients all across the globe since 2003.

API development according to A3logics refers to designing an interface for both the server as well as browser end. The experts here understand the importance of APIs and make sure to provide smooth integration with the existing system, in accordance with the REST standards. This is why possibly, it is counted within the top 10 API development solution providers in the USA.

The other prime services of A3logics are –

Location: Carlsbad, California


Chetu’s API development services include the use of REST, SOAP, XML, RPC API protocols. They are facilitating in extending the operational capabilities of the existing software solution with integrated or to be integrated systems.

Chetu also offers API-as-a-Service (APIaaS) Solutions along with Java, JSON, AJAX, HTTP/HTTPS, XHTML, TCP/IP, as well as EDI development services.

The other services than just API development are as follows-

  • Backups and Disaster Recovery
  • DevOps
  • Infrastructure Support
  • SLA Support
  • Migrations & Upgrades

Location: Florida, USA


Goteso is developing various types of secure API designs for clients all across the world. What makes Goteso one of the most in-demand API development companies in the USA is its competent team that includes super-qualified API developers which make sure to deliver nothing less than complete satisfaction.

It has various areas of expertise include-

  • Geo-Location application development, 
  • NFC App development, 
  • VoIP App development, etc. 

Goteso is full of quality SOAP and RESTFUL web services with an assurance that the offered solution would be a competitive one and function with adequate safety and security of your server and data.

Location: California, USA


Tivix is a trusted enterprise-grade REST API development agency in the USA. It has clients like Tesla, Zoetis, Solarcity, as it makes connectivity easy with its REST API development. It is one of the recognized enterprise data management companies USA whose development process has the ability to mitigate the silos and provide a data-driven solution that can forecast better, make decisions faster, and flow information smoother than ever before.

Tivix uses the Django REST framework for Python API development, which is known for its Flexibility and Scalability. 

The other services provided by the way are –

Location: New York City, 250 Greenwich Street, 

New York, NY 10007

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Cognitive Clouds

Cognitive clouds, as its name suggests, is adept in providing cloud-based REST APIs with hassle-free anywhere accessibility. According to the team here in Cognitive Clouds, you would require API in all the cases, whether you develop a PWA, Single page application, Mobile application, or website. All that matters, in the end, is, whether it is accessible to you or not whenever you need to.

Whether it binds you to work on it with certain non-technical boundaries, or not? Cognitive Clouds has this objective at the heart of its development process. The APIs developed in Cognitive Clouds are usually SOAP or REST that reply data in XML or JSON.

However, the other development services provided by Cognitive Clouds are-

  • Microservices Development services
  • Private & Public API development services
  • Scalable API Architecture Design
  • Legacy API modernization

Location: San Francisco, USA


OpenXcell is counted within the top 10 API development companies in the USA because it focuses on user experience more than any other factor. Experts here state that they evaluate the current process and existing architecture before beginning with the new implementation, and make a list of what is required to make that solution faster, smarter, responsive, secure, and robust.

It emphasizes providing business aiding solutions so that they could expand smoothly and meet their target figures easily. With requirement analysis, technology selection, and formation of the roadmap, the API development happens in OpenXcell.

In addition, it has 3 State-of-the-Art development facilities with 12 years of experience in software design and development. Moreover, they provide the following services-

Location: Las Vegas, USA


At FortuneSoft, you can shape your business solution through digital transformation as it has experts of digital transformation in its State-of-the-Art product engineering team, which would craft your product from concept to reality. They provide one of the most advanced and digital experiences generating solutions to help brands attract as many as possible customers.


Agile Scrum, DevOps, Startups, and SaaS-based solutions are its other prime expertise, for which it is known to the Populus there in the USA. With 2300 and counting successful sprints, FortuneSoftIt is a 12+ years of experience in API development company in the USA.

Other Technology-based Services are-

  • CRM development
  • SaaS development services
  • Custom Software development
  • Business Process Automation
  • Robotic Process Automation

Location: Gallatin, Nashville, United States


MuleSoft is known for its robust API management and transformation abilities. Its Enterprise-tested API strategy and Unified platforms for APIs are the reason why it is counted as a pioneer API development solution provider within the USA. It can manage the full API lifecycle using a single platform i.e. ‘Anypoint’ which validates the functionality using code snippets. 

You can create and nurture an entire development ecosystem of developers and partners using its API community manager. It is helpful in creating engagement and tracking API program business metrics.

Other services that MuleSoft offers ar-

  • iPaaS
  • Software testing services
  • Data Integration services
  • SaaS Integration
  • DevOps
  • AWS & Microsoft Database Management 

Location: Chicago, USA

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Exemplifi is basically one of the named full stack development companies and, is known for its fast, accessible, responsive, and SEO-friendly solutions. 

The environment it provides to its family i.e. whoever comes in the contact with the organization be it then a client or an employee, is exceptional and is praised by both for the same. It works with cent-percent transparency and is known to deliver complex marketing and technological solutions to mid and large-scale enterprises.

They also build platforms in –

  • WordPress
  • AEM
  • Kentico
  • Drupal
  • Contentful
  • Webflow

Location: Palo Alto, USA

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