Top 10 Cobra Administration Companies In The USA

Cobra Administration Companies

Time has many hidden instances that it never reveals nor does it warn us to stay ready for them. We just have to be proactive and keep ourselves enrolled with such benefits that could ensure our and our family’s safety even in unexpected circumstances. 

The Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA) is a desirable thing that is brought into the system to ensure the safety of the family even after the demise of the first beneficiary for a certain period of time or in the case of him losing his job or getting the working hours reduced, etc. 

Those who have lost their health benefits due to the following reasons below could continue to retain the same for some more time under certain conditions only-

Conditions for Continuation of Benefits
The death of the primary beneficiary means the covered employee; 
Termination from the employment 
Reduction of working hours
Due to a medical emergency (entitled to Medicare)
Legal Separation
Having a dependent child under mentioned conditions only.

And we need to get that managed through either COBRA administration companies or an individual COBRA Administrator who could do the needful and make things run smoothly in such cases.

Let us explore the top 10 COBRA administration companies in USA, which are renowned for their work in the overall benefits administration-

1. A3logics

A3logics has been in this field of benefits administration for more than 10 years. It is a full-fledged professional IT services provider, which develops multi-functional CRM and HCM solutions to aid benefits as well as other HR functions in a fastest manner.

It is considered as one of the best software product development companies USA for a reason that it provides multi-dimensional solutions to almost every sector.

Be it then about insurance, banking, food, transport, enterprise, eCommerce, elearning, etc. A3logics has an advanced solution for your problem with 24*7 reliable consultancy support.

Other services it offers in and around HR functions are-

  • Benefits administration solutions
  • HCM solutions
  • HR & Payroll administration
  • Cobra administration
  • IT consulting services
  • Product Engineering services

Location: Carlsbad, California, USA

2. Cobra Help

Cobra Help is an innovative third-party compliance service provider for more than 30 years as of now. Known for its time-tested delivering expertise, and for its demand for the outsourcing of its human resources.

It is primarily one of the best COBRA administration solution providers and benefits administrators in Denver, Colorado. You may rely on it for complete compliance administration with COBRA including the coverage of FSA, HSA, and other benefits options.

It offers packages that perfectly align with business objectives and provides assistance to its business clients in understanding COBRA coverage.

Location: Denver, Colorado, USA

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3. WorkTerra

Workterra has been serving as a benefits service provider for more than 30 years, with a handful of services within COBRA administration to offer including- 

Services Within COBRA Administration
Processing of qualifying events 
Collection of payments and remittances
Benefits administration solutions
Automated Data transfer 
Retiree administration in accordance with 401k and COBRA system (if required)

Here, for newly enrolled in beneficiaries, the general rights notices are processed within a month. However, the specific rights notices are processed within a day only. The online COBRA clients can overview demographics such as event data, payment history, and run reports anytime on a real-time basis including the last received and next due date of the premium. 

In fact, the participants are provided with a login letter to obtain access to their accounts. 

Location: Pleasanton, CA, USA

4. BBG Broker

Here, their saying is that every business which offers health benefits plans to its employees must require COBRA administration, and for that, they are available. They volunteer to take over all the tedious work and lengthy administrative process which usually consumes time, as well as money simultaneously to get managed. 

They are one of the renowned COBRA administration companies that can ease the burden of the strenuous process of administering COBRA properly for their clients by providing them with year-round support.

Other services by BBR Brokers 
Benefits Consulting
Succession Planning
HR Compliance management 
Benefits Consulting 

Location: Virginia, USA

5. WageWorks

WageWorks provide COBRA administration services on request and provides you the following facilitations afterward-

  • Electronic File Specification for the data delivery to WageWorks.
  • Send the required notices in accordance with the terms and services agreements in advance.
  • Send every notice with first-class mail to the updated record.
  • It will provide you with an option to choose either of the following
❖ Managing of Carrier and Billing updates
❖ Fee will be billed per enrolled participant.
❖ Producing and mailing the enrollment notice.
❖ Managing of Carrier and Billing updates
❖ Producing and mailing the enrollment notice.
❖ Managing of Carrier and Billing updates
❖ Special handling for division-based communication.
  • WageWorks will provide monthly coupons to continuants for premium payments.
  • Respond to inquiries regarding coverage status and forward requests regarding reinstatement submitted by former continuants.

WageWorks is a professional benefits administration solutions provider and is proficient in providing advanced CRM solutions to its clients. In fact, it is known to provide optional services including HIPAA compliance management, on-site meetings to participate in benefits fairs, customized services for non-standard files, etc.

Location: Draper, Utah, USA


Choosing TASC as your cobra administer would get you easy-to-use online tools for services and overall easy COBRA management. With those tools, you can access the reports on a real-time basis, track your service requests and relevant activities, manage the collection of COBRA premium payments, etc.

TASC offers complete plan management 24/7 to provide you with digital support for online submissions, and consult with financial experts anytime and anywhere.

Location: Wisconsin, USA

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With BASIC, you can reduce your risk and liability by allowing it to administer COBRA and its related operations for you. BASIC Cobra administration would benefit you in carrier termination and enrollments, open enrollment assistance, online payments of the premium, etc.

According to BASIC, COBRA is the most outsourced HR function, which is why it is providing best practices for COBRA ensuring consistent compliance since 1995. They can exceed DOL COBRA notification time frame guidelines with alternative coverage options (if available) in the case of Late payment notice, Failure to elect COBRA notice, etc.

It can facilitate the following eligible coverages for COBRA Administration-

  • Medical
  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Prescription
  • Health FSA
  • HRA
  • Certain EAPs

Other services include Payroll management, Leave management, Compliance and Technology assistance with other HR benefits.

Location: United States

8. WEX

WEX is known to simplify the COBRA administration through its time-tested solution that is capable of managing seamless integration and managing online elections and open enrollment. It reduces manual processing required for billing by leveraging automation, self-service options for employers by taking care of almost every work required to keep benefits running smoothly.

It has a user-friendly interface that is fully private-labeled. You can trust the experts here as they are experienced for decades in the same interest. 

WEX has another benefits platform –

  • Benefits Card
  • HSA
  • FSA
  • HRA
  • LSA
  • Commuter benefits
  • Benefits Analytics

9. Connect Your Care

With Connect Your Care, you can stay compliant with its COBRA administration services as it is able to reduce the risk and liability of non-compliance, it can provide accurate and efficient timely processing of all the operations, and stay current with trends, as well as regulatory changes.

They stay well-aware of the new demands of COBRA and make sure to avoid the most common mistakes while COBRA administration. And the other services they provide in and out of the COBRA administration as a benefits administration solutions provider are-

  • General notices of initial rights 
  • Election processing
  • Premium Payment Coupons
  • Billing and premium Collection
  • Premium Remittance Service
  • Reinstatement/termination Services

Location: Cockeysville, Maryland

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10. Pro-flex Administrators, LLC

ProflexTPA is one of the best benefits administration solutions providers within the USA with an experienced supporting team of administrators, and the best software for COBRA administration along with HIPAA, and State continuation administration.

It runs a compliance assistance program as other services that include-

  • FMLA administration
  • HR on-demand services
  • Documentation services

According to Proflex, the employers must notify covered employees and covered spouses, which becomes a responsibility of Pro-flex once you enroll with it. Moreover, the employer would otherwise have 20 days to notify when a qualifying event occurs, but Pro-flex makes sure to execute the notifying step within a week anyhow.

Location: Williamsville, NY, USA

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