Top 10 Payroll Software Development Companies in the USA

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Payroll Software is a tailored accounting tool that tackles and simplifies every aspect of payroll management. The advanced software system automates and speeds up the entire payroll process within an organization and enables HR managers to complete paycheck and salary-related formalities in no time. In addition, it makes tax filing hassle-free and efficient according to business requirements.

An easy-to-use payroll software saves two of the most critical business resources- time and money. Even for enterprises with a few employees, the cutting-edge payroll technology eliminates manual processing that leads to unstructured data and errors in calculations, statutory deductions, and tax filing. 

Enterprise software development for payroll and HRM can take the burden off an HR team’s shoulders and take the lead on approximately 70 – 80% of repetitive tasks. Here are the top 10 payroll software development companies in the USA that are known to offer end-to-end solutions. 


A3logics holds a decade of experience and expertise in delivering comprehensive, tailor-made benefits administration software solutions and payroll software services to businesses of all sizes. To address your HR and Benefits concerns, its experts offer an integrated software toolkit that streamlines workforce management. Its solutions (HR, payroll, and benefits) can be brought as one single package or as separate modules. The company’s payroll solutions are truly customizable with white-label, custom, and out-of-the-box options. The dedicated team of tech-savvy enthusiasts and developers brings to the table the best IT solutions that align with clients’ business objectives for unmatched results. Connect with the dedicated team of A3logics to seek IT consultation and software solutions that are tailored keeping your vision in mind.



Chetu is a custom software development company that is well-versed in building payroll software for varied organizations. It has gained extensive experience in delivering world-class payroll software solutions, serving enterprises of all sizes, from small businesses to startups and more. Chetu has worked on a variety of projects, building programming of paycheck and pay stubs generation modules. It also provides printing applications integrated with Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (MICR) and printer hardware, employee self-service dashboards to enable easy access to personal, payroll, benefits, and tax information, and reporting modules for ACA compliance. Its team develops for and implements cloud-based payroll software. Chetu caters to the needs of 

the human resources industry, providing HCM solutions as well to train and recruit employees. Its services also include onboarding, employee benefits software solutions, time and attendance, employee performance management, payroll software, and HRIS (Human Resources Information System) and HRMS (Human Resources Management System) software.


Invatechs is a renowned HRM technology company that offers automated payroll management software solutions. It explores opportunities to streamline the workflows and elevate productivity, accuracy, and compliance with custom solutions. The company has been in the industry for years now, gaining impressive experience in delivering nation-standard payroll solutions to serve over 5,000 employees. Its team of developers is proficient in translating business requirements into functional tools, ensuring cost-efficiency and error-free performance. The professionals are more than happy to accomplish your goal of internal payroll management automation, working on each project from scratch. Whether you want a custom payroll system or wish to implement an existing product, Invatechs will make sure to provide end-to-end technology consulting and development. Connect with the company for end-to-end payroll system development that connects all the dots, from analyzing audience requirements and expectations to long-term maintenance of the final product.


Chimera simplifies and automates day-to-day human resources functions with its powerful payroll software product development services. Its team leverages the latest technologies and established methodologies to support a business in contouring the HR operations. It combines years of experience and expertise while offering comprehensive software solutions that give you confidence that you are working with one of the best software development companies to effectively manage the payroll lifecycle. Chimera is trusted for its customized applications aimed at end-to-end HR management methods. It serves dynamic clients with a robust attribute on managing training, attendance management, employee self-service, performance management, and much more. 

Oodles ERP

Oodles ERP is one of the best full-scale benefits administration outsourcing companies, that automates payroll management processes and centralizes employee data in compliance with tax regulations. It employs a skilled and experienced development team with efficiency in custom developing scalable payroll software with cutting-edge features, such as real-time access, tax management, customizable salary structures, and integration with time tracking software. The company builds automated payroll management systems that promise more efficient, consistent, accurate and error-free results. The developers are certified to create tailored payroll software with third-party integrations. Oodles ERP offers all-inclusive development services to render payroll automation for effective financial planning and maintaining accurate records. This ERP-focused firm provides world-class ERP development services to solve complex business problems. With over a decade of experience in custom enterprise software development, it helps customers achieve digital transformation by implementing next-gen technologies.


Ncrypted offers payroll software development services with an aim to streamline all direct-payroll functions, from preparing paid days to process reductions, wage calculations, tax payments, and return submissions in an organization. The company provides an easy-to-use accounting tool to help enterprises overcome and simplify all aspects of payroll management. Its end-to-end software solutions automate and speed up the process of payrolling an organization so that managers can easily adjust the salary for employees easily. Its team also makes tax archiving more comfortable and implements an online payment management system to keep track of working hours. It also assists in calculating wages and deductions of various withholdings, such as taxes, insurance as well as managing all the information regarding their employees very efficiently. 

Sara Technologies

Sara Technologies delivers payroll management and software integration services with a robust set of tools to manage accurate hospital employee details, salary structure and distributing payments in various ways. The company has developed & designed an astounding Payroll Management Software that enables efficient data management, backup and process the medical staff salaries. Its software solutions automate reimbursements, loan, and advances, which is vital for any healthcare organization having more than ten employees. The goal of its software service is to generate and distribute payslips to every employee. Payroll Management Software basically skips manual and paperwork as payslips and data management results are auto-generated in a few clicks. This software takes care of the entire management, including Hospital details, leave data, salary calculation, attendance, roster management, and more. 



Matellio is a leading software engineering firm that collaborates with start-ups, entrepreneurs, large enterprises, and individuals who have ideas but awaiting trusted digital partnership. The company serves global clientele from diverse industry verticals, striving to help them capitalize on the digital revolution by bringing their products to global marketplaces. Its unmatched skills and expertise have been recognized by global leaders. The company’s effective payroll software ensure that employees are paid accurately and consistently so that they stay satisfied. It also allows HR managers to focus on other vital areas of a business. Matellio makes sure that all chapters of the development process are in perfect sync at all times using various in-house communication channels. Its professional teams are connected to clients across the globe to make information sharing easier and seamless. With the help of an impeccable in-house communication, its off-shore teams stay connected to clients 24*7, thus eliminating any scope of error in the development process or any loss of information.

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Accusol is a rapidly growing ERP and CRM development form that has been serving diverse clients for the past six years. The company has evolved significantly over the years, developing generic ERP, CRM, POS, and custom business software solutions to help organizations overcome their business challenges and achieve spectacular results. Its extensive experience in payroll software and other tech solutions has made Accusol a market leader that successfully fulfills different business software development needs of domestic and international clients from different industry verticals, including Manufacturing, Retail, Processing, Cement, Chemical, Hospitality and Tourism, Education, Mining and Construction, Pharmaceutical, Engineering, etc. It employs a talented team of developers, programmers, and engineers who are experts in their domains and on whose skills Accusol counts on to deliver world-class business software solutions. They spare no efforts to assist clients to create a niche for themselves in their business domain. The company’s innovative spirit and customer-centric mindset backed by a full-fledged offshore development center help it to create and deploy performance-driven business software solutions that increase core business competency and maximize profitability.

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Fireart is a full-cycle payroll and HR software development company that has worked on varied projects over the years. It aims at optimizing the HRM workflows for enterprises and HR departments using the ever-evolving tech landscape. The company’s HR solutions enable firms and agencies to overcome the limitations of legacy HR management systems, driving innovation in work culture, and recruiting brighter minds more easily. Fireart Studio adopts an individual approach for every organization and project, delivering custom HR software development services. Its tailor-made software solutions provide a plethora of benefits. With 50+ experienced designers and JS developers on board, the company builds excellent digital products for forward-thinking enterprises and startups. 

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