Top 10 DevOps Consulting Companies in the USA

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DevOps is a combination of development and operations solutions that utilizes organisational processes, culture, and tools. It enables continuous and smooth delivery of applications at a faster pace. This procedure aims at expanding the association between development and operations during the product development lifecycle. Also, it follows a systematic approach to software improvement. 

Finding a company that is right for your DevOps project can take weeks or months, especially when you have a plethora of options to choose from. To make it easier and quicker for you, we have listed the top 10 DevOps consulting service companies in the USA. All these firms are well-reputed for their services and offer end-to-end solutions to mid, small, and large size organizations. 


A3logics offers DevOps consulting services to help businesses gain a competitive edge in their respective industries. It improves the quality of your software and enhances your business efficiency with its spectrum of services available in one place. The company addresses all the problems of synchronizations between development and operations and overcomes barriers of supply chain and delivery cycles. The team of proficients comes up with an effective approach to minimize costs and speed up the management cycle.


  • Automate your business processes and witness continuous evolutions with A3logics’ DevOps solutions.
  • Its services include security management, code inspection & integration, infrastructure management, release management, CI/CD pipeline, and more.
  • The company ensures affordable pricing to make services easily accessible for businesses of all sizes.
  • Developers use advanced resources to automate production, quality testing, security, etc., and reduce overall production time and risk involved.



Algoworks is a technology solutions company offering end-to-end services to global clients. It has established a reputation and powerful impact on varied businesses by providing top-notch DevOps consulting services, product engineering services, and agile delivery process. It aims at creating seamless and robust software products for dynamic industries within the committed deadline. The firm has partnered with over 100 businesses worldwide and the list of its clients includes Fortune 500 companies, startups, and SMEs. 


  • One of the recognised AWS consulting companies partner with round-the-clock DevOps services for high availability environments.
  • Key services include Salesforce, enterprise application integration, mobility, etc.
  • From native apps to cross-platform solutions, it provides innovation with the latest tech trends.
  • With offices in different locations, you can connect with the team anytime for quick discussion. .


As a leading and innovative team of engineers, eTeam has been building custom software and applications for varied clients, partners, and its own products since 2016. The company is proud of its unique approach and dedication to iterative and agile development combined with complete transparency that allows successful delivery of projects.

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  • Expertise includes Python, Ruby, JavaScript, and AWS certification.
  • It covers the complete development lifecycle of custom software and native app.
  • From project management to UX design and execution, it takes care of it all in one place.
  • Outsource a dedicated team for your venture or get a partner for comprehensive solutions with eTeam.

EBiz Solutions

EBiz spares no effort to meet the requirements and specifications of clients through its DevOps consulting services. It is not restricted to providing businesses with apps, websites, technologies, tools, and systems but believes in delivering results without compromising on quality. The team consists of business savvy and tech experts from various industries to serve various clients who often look for something new and different every time. It goes beyond the immediate need for integrated technology and facilitates opportunities for long-term business growth.


  • Focuses on key elements- communication, collaboration, integration, and automation.
  • Agile methodologies across the software lifecycle improve the development culture and processes.
  • Bridges the gaps between development, quality assurance, and IT operations to quickly develop software products and services.


Contus is one of the top IT consulting companies in USA that has been in the industry since 2008. It is working with one aim- to transfigure technology solutions like a perfect blend of innovation. It promises faster application development using DevOps methodologies and transforms the way development and operational teams collaborate. 


  • Bridges the gap between the two services through DevOps infrastructure and ensures better communication.
  • Get effective automation development with continuous integration, testing, and monitoring.
  • Integrates different phases of the DevOps process into a seamless business model.
  • Its robust approach addresses common implementation challenges with ease.
  • It offers infrastructure and configuration management along with microservices.


MindInventory has been working with startups, agencies, and enterprises since 2011 to provide a wide range of web development solutions, IT consulting, UI/UX design, and mobility solutions. It takes immense pride in its years of experience combined with a team of skilled engineers that work dedicatedly to provide powerful mobile apps. It regularly collaborates with startups and small businesses to offer strategic services and create a roadmap to easily convert their ideas into perfect realities.


  • Adopts the right tactical approach to help the target audience reach its goals and keep pace with the market trends.
  • To get the best out of every project, MindInventory keeps exploring new horizons of innovation and technology.
  • High-end DevOps Solutions help companies optimize and automate the IT process efficiently.
  • DevOps services include consulting, enterprise release management comprising planning, monitoring, and automation, infrastructure automation & monitoring, etc.


Xenonstack is a product engineering and technology company that provides digital solutions. With big data services, DevOps, cloud migration, data analytics, machine learning, and other technologies, it allows endless distribution channels across all platforms for improved productivity and reduced costs. The company also helps in continuous integration and deployment while offering support for automated rollouts and rollbacks. 


  • DevOps solutions with proper infrastructure security.
  • Be assured of enhanced communication, flawless products, and faster resolution of problems.
  • Allows DevOps deployment on-premise, public, or hybrid cloud with an added feature of security alerts.
  • It is a preferred company for DevOps and tech services as it offers microservices and serverless computing. 


iTechArt is an IT company in New York that has been helping startups and fast-growing tech agencies build feature-rich software and applications. It works and delivers successful projects with just one aim- to drive more users and engage them for improved profitability. Hence, employs a team of over 1800 certified professionals who excel in DevOps and other technologies. They guide and assist their clients at every stage, starting from strategizing and integration to deployment and maintenance. It gets deep into DevOps philosophy to utilize the best tools and practices, including IaaS, CI/CD pipeline, containers, microservices, etc. 


  • The company is a certified AWS, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Partner.
  • DevOps engineers and consultants help clients determine areas for improvement and recommend the right tools and methodologies.
  • They proactively track metrics and logs to evaluate how the product and infrastructure impact user experience.
  • It ensures visibility and identifies issues earlier to plan more efficiently.

Espeo Software

Espeo software-Toporgs

Espeo Software is a design and development company that is dedicated to creating high-quality software, apps, and websites by conducting automated testing. It has been in the industry for more than a decade now and over the years has successfully delivered market-leading web and mobile products. The team that works on each project for every business guarantees top-notch designs and performance that accelerate the growth of their clients. Espeo excels in providing agile teams to clients to create products that meet the business and technical needs of clients.


  • Offers full-service partnership to help clients transform their concepts into decentralized products.
  • The experts walk you through the complex process of development and operations.
  • Enables you to run your application in a secure environment by seeking the benefits of scalability and cost optimization opportunities.
  • It defines your infrastructure as a code to make it readable by common men and also monitor performance after deployment.

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Kovair Solutions

Kovair is a well-known DevOps solutions company that has been helping clients streamline operations, enhance performance, and observe real-time metrics. The company achieves this through a unified combination of the best tools in development, testing, design, and deployment stages. The focus of implementing DevOps services is to ensure that organizations get faster delivery of their products in a more scalable, predictable, and productive manner. It automates the delivery process while providing complete visibility at every phase and adopts a collaborative approach. 


  • Get products that are simple to implement, cost-effective, and time-efficient.
  • It combines distribution, development, and operations tools. Also, it allows a continuous assessment of DevOps implementation through DORA metrics.
  • Offers constant testing solutions through workflow-based automated processes.
  • Provides complete insight into release progress & process efficiency through real-time reports & dashboards.


Now that you are aware of the top DevOps companies in the USA that you can choose from for your next project, it’s time to make a careful decision. We have discussed the services and features of each service provider to guide you through decision-making. These companies are known for their reliability and quality services. Consider costs, features, security, company size to compare each of the options and choose the one that suits your requirements and budget.  

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