Top 10 Ecommerce Website Design Companies in the USA

Ecommerce Website Design Companies

Shopping means eCommerce! People who shop in stores also prefer to have an eCommerce website for their preferred storefronts or brands. With the rise of multichannel and omnichannel-like terms, consumers’ shopping behavior has also changed. They prefer to shop from different channels, including physical and online stores. 

This shift in behavior has forced business models toward outreaching every possible platform. This approach of creating an appealing digital presence and selling products is improving customer retention and experiences, thereby generating more revenue than the traditional selling methods.  

Consumers are seen syncing with the new approaches that the retailers and merchants are applying to provide a seamless experience and better interact with the brand. If you are a retailer or merchant and looking for business expansion, this is the right time to introduce your eCommerce website. Before we lead you to the best and most reliable eCommerce website design company, let us tell you the criteria on which we picked them. 

How to Pick A Proficient ECommerce Web Designing Team or Agency?

These are a few considerable traits that make the eCommerce web design agency top as well as proficient in the eCommerce realm. 

Design Quality 

When you look for an eCommerce web design company, you want to look at their portfolio and, while doing so you would look at the following  –

  • Conceptual Thoughts while designing an eCommerce website or app.
  • A clear understanding of Design Principles within the team.
  • How Efficiently they Execute those Principles.

While browsing the portfolios of the agencies, you can understand the level of their work right away in order to make it easy for you to choose whether to work with them or not. 


Every business’s choice of designing their eCommerce variers hence even the best and the most amazing website designer might not be suitable for you. Every designing agency has a design team with different strengths hence, you need to identify which strong point are you looking into. Their portfolios must contain the successful eCommerce websites they have designed and feedback from their clients regarding the same.


The major aspect that should be looked into while collaborating with a team of designers or a designing agency is the level of professionalism they carry. Designers with consistent track records of being reliable, responsive, prompt, and in good time are considered to cater services as needed. So, whenever they promise they promise their customers for time and work, they dedicatedly work on it to deliver them on time.

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Other Factors To Consider Are – 

Relevant Experience In Your Industry 

For instance, if you were an online sports shoes, does the agency have had the experience of designing online shoe stores or apparel stores with shoes and clothing together. Regardless of their captivating and creative portfolio and no experience in designs in your industry, then it’s no good deal-breaker. 

Features, Other Than Designing

Are you only looking for design, definitely not! You would want a complete ready-to-use website. You would want to incorporate custom features, and design the store on a robust and flexible eCommerce platform  (such as Magento, Shopify, or BigCommerce). Hence, you would want to collaborate with the agency or team with a complete package that delivers web designing to web development services as well. 

Budget and Timeline 

As we talked about professionalism, we also recommend considering the budget and timeline for designing and developing an eCommerce website. Talking about the budget and time of deployment of your brand new online store will ensure that you are not wasting your time and money on the agency and get your solution on time.

With all these factors in mind, you will be able to better pick a web designing solution provider for your eCommerce business. However, to start a competitive business in the USA, you must be well aware of the market growth. Let’s have an overview of the eCommerce market in the USA.

Ecommerce Market Growth In The USA

Some renowned researchers and analysts made assumptions based on the recent analytical data on online shopping. 

  • The fashion industry has been in action continuously and accounted for a collective revenue of 29% in the United States. 
  • Amazon covers the biggest region of the American eCommerce market with a whopping revenue of USD 112.5 billion in 2020.
  • Brands like Walmart and accounted for a 30% increase rate in the USA. 
  • Electronics and media purchasing are rising with 22%while furniture & home appliances for 17%, food &  groceries along with personal care products for 12%, and hobbies and DIYs for 21%.
  • It is expected that the annual growth between the years 2020-2024 will grow more than 7%, resulting in an extensive boost of eCommerce in the US market. 

The eCommerce market of the USA is continuously growing and is expected to grow more with time at a great pace. So, read through the list of top 10 eCommerce web design and development companies that can help you succeed and captivate a substantial audience.

Top ECommerce Website Designing Companies in the USA

1. Magento IT Solutions

Founded:2009Location:New York, United States

Magento IT Solution is a market-leading end-to-end eCommerce web designing and development company that has won multiple awards for creating exceptional and striking web stores. Magento IT solutions assist all kinds of businesses ranging from startups to large enterprises with an industry focus on healthcare & medical, retail, automotive, information technology, and consumer products. 

Magento IT solutions are known to render stellar and innovative mobile app designs with the help of a sharp and creative designing and development team using agile methodology to develop industry-leading interfaces delivering a perfect end-user experience. 

With more than 100+ resource strengths, Magento IT solutions implement groundbreaking Digital Marketing Solutions to scale and outreach the maximum audience. Magento IT solutions has more than a decade of experience in eCommerce development, mobile app development, eCommerce web design, eCommerce app development, and Magento development, Shopify development, eCommerce consulting, eCommerce marketing, PHP development, and more. 

2. A3logics

Founded: 2003Location: Carlsbad, California, 

A leading IT consulting and software development firm, A3logics owes the success of its triumphant projects and contented customers to the passion they endure for perfection with expert technology ideas and a dedicated, professional team of mobile and web designers and developers. This eCommerce web designing company strives to deliver best-in-class eCommerce designing and development services that drive business efficiency while maximizing client satisfaction. 

A3logics is a proud company with a resource strength of 250-500 that works to innovate and create eCommerce solutions across multiple industries. Be it Magento development, Shopify development, BigCommerce development, WooCommerce development, or Opencart development, A3logics proficiently and patiently collaborates with the customer to understand the scope of business to design and develop a seamless platform that enhances the shopping experience of the users. 

A3logics renders cloud-enabled, user-friendly, and feature-rich eCommerce solutions that can be easily customized as per time, market, business, and user needs. Promising top-notch services, A3logics offers eCommerce consulting, eCommerce testing, eCommerce management to eCommerce auditing services that help brands build a strong market reputation with the eCommerce software.

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3. Lounge Lizard

Founded: 1998Location: New York, United States

Lounge Lizard is a premier web design and development company that is striving to continuously nurture multi-channel eCommerce businesses through their super creative and proficient team. The company’s goal is to actualize the customer needs and desires with industry-leading design and development services, social media strategies, and effective PR campaigns that deliver bottom-line results and superior ROI.

Lounge Lizard’s visionary and ingenious designers and developers always serve up unique, design-forward websites programmed with the latest technologies, SEO enhancements, and revenue-driving social marketing strategies & campaigns that accelerate sales lead generation and customer acquisition. 

With the strength of more than 100 resources, Lounge Lizard’s services range from branding, advertising, web designing, eCommerce development, eCommerce web designing, WooCommerce development, WordPress website design, Shopify development, and social media marketing, to 360 digital services.

4. Iflexion

Founded: 1999Location: Denver, Colorado

For more than two decades, Iflexion has been helping companies of all sizes and across various industries in optimizing their business processes through their custom software solutions. Their successful projects are the result of their profound expertise in full-cycle designing and development along with business commitment and trusted communication with customers. 

Iflexion’s full-featured solutions match the diversified eCommerce integrated with high-end information technology that helps retailers, distributors, manufacturers, and wholesale drivers to drive customer satisfaction while boosting their sales and expanding their audience reach. 

Iflexion’s eCommerce web design and development services range from eCommerce consulting, eCommerce audit, eCommerce optimization, Mcommerce solution, IoT-driven eCommerce, and AI-powered customer service, and eCommerce Analytics that ensure controllable growth, stable performance, high-grade protection and painless adoption and management of the business.

5. SmartSites

Founded: 2011Location: New Jersey, United States

A well-known digital marketing agency, SmartSites holds multiple awards and accolades for building creative, aesthetic, and captivating website designs with a focus on search engine marketing. With an innovative vision to support businesses, SmartSites quickly became one of America’s fastest-growing companies. 

SmartSites have recorded more than 700 successful websites since its inception and are continuing to do more. The award-winning website designers help retailers and merchants represent their brands in the best possible way throughout all devices that not just look great but also load extremely fast. 

SmartSites outsmart the competition with best-in-class digital marketing services as well as solutions, such as website development, WordPress development, theme customization, eCommerce development, web design, branding, advertising, UI/UX design & development, and much more. 

6. Orbit Media Solutions 

Founded: 2001Location: Chicago, IL

An award-winning eCommerce web design and development company that designs and creates a website that is easy to integrate, update, drive conversions, and captures the brand story. Delivered more than 1000 websites and counting further, Orbit Media holds 20 years of expertise in eCommerce web designing and development. The creative team of web design experts has one purpose: to build beautiful & high-performing websites that generate leads.

Orbit Media creates bold, beautiful, and modern designs that bring the brand to life. The company follows a holistic strategy to organize the site, marshall the content, and surface the key information that visitors need to have great experiences. Orbit Media builds designs that are fast and easy to update & integrate with current systems and ranks in search engines that bring in more traffic and compel them to take action.  

With more than 50+ smart resources, Orbit Media encourages transparency and a strong process to keep them focused on delivering web design and development services for WordPress, Drupal, Shopify, and WooCommerce.

7. Elogic Commerce

Founded:2009 Location: New York, United States

A passionate and visionary eCommerce website design and development agency, Elogic Commerce is a certified company offering end-to-end eCommerce solutions. With more than 100 certified developers, the company serves global customers with creatively designed and optimized online stores for B2B, B2C, DTC, wholesale retailers, and merchants.

Elogic Commerce has the expertise in serving industries, such as fashion, healthcare, luxury brands, industrial automation, and other eCommerce niches addressing their unique needs and simplifying operational complexity. However, the company’s main area of expertise is Magento or Adobe Commerce, they also offer Shopify web development, BigCommerce development, Salesforce development, and commerce tools development solutions. 

Professional and dexterous, Elogic commerce offers a wide range of services ranging from end-to-end development, team extension, enterprise-grade consulting, website optimization, integrations, and platforming.

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8. OuterBox

Founded: 2004Location: Ohio, United States

A full-service digital marketing and web development agency, OuterBox offers eCommerce web designing, development, and digital marketing services to clients nationally. With more than 18 years of experience, the team is passionate about creating winning SEO, paid search, and digital marketing campaigns for the companies to increase sales and grow their online stores.

Partnered with major eCommerce websites, OuterBox’s team works together to create synergy in developing and marketing the brand to get the most out of the online store every day. The company boasts to rank as the number 1 eCommerce SEO services provider and an award-winning web design company delivering the best Shopify, WordPress, B2B, and other eCommerce SEO consulting services.

With more than 100 team of expert resources, OuterBox provides a cohesive approach to online marketing that delivers lucrative results. Whether you are in need of a custom eCommerce solution or want to design it from scratch, OuterBox can help you with any kind of eCommerce needs. 

9. Huemor 

Founded: 2011Location: New york, United States

Known for developing a memorable website that helps in converting visitors into customers while improving your key metrics vastly. What makes Huemor different from other web designing agencies is their responsiveness, going an extra mile for customers, and focusing on results every time by using best practices.

Huemor focuses on conversions by providing future-proof corporate websites and eCommerce stores. They specialize in web designing, content creation, WordPress website development, Shopify website development, Drupal websites development, eCommerce website redesigning, and much more. 

Huemor, with more than 50 expert resources, helps brands achieve the website its full potential through conducting data & analytics, UX audits, conversion rate optimization, A/B testing, multi variant testing, split testing, and Page Speed Optimization, Website support, and monthly reporting.

10. Storm Brain

Founded: 2007Location: Calafornia, United States

Last but not least in the list of top 10 eCommerce development and designing agencies, Storm Brain is an award-winning company with a multidisciplinary team, believing in long-standing client relationships with an exceptional reputation. Storm Brain services render technical expertise with exceptional creativity & innovation that results in transformative strategies and approaches for the design and development of an eCommerce for innovative clients. 

Storm Brain is known for producing brand awareness through a cohesive and holistic approach that any business deserves to stand out from the competition. The team of Storm Brain discovers opportunities for the business by understanding the competition and target audience, which further helps in creating a detailed step-by-step process to achieve success. 

Storm Brain’s web design and development services consist of user experience design (UI/UX), eCommerce web design, mobile responsive design, content strategy, B2B/Corporate/Enterprise design and development, and much more. Storm Brain also provides brand strategy services for an eCommerce store, which includes – logo design, branding & marketing, video production, brand identity, product photography, and brand & lifestyle photography. 

In a Nutshell

Whether you are working on a budding venture and want to have an eCommerce website of your own or looking to redesign your current eCommerce solution, then the list will surely help you as the listed agencies not just provide you with designing and development but also offer consulting, management and branding services. Connect with them to get your eCommerce website development solution today.

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