Top 10 EDI 834 Service Providers In The USA

EDI 834 Service Providers

Today most organizations rely on software for their everyday business operations and functionality. Among multiple software, EDI also referred to as Electronic Data Interchange, is software that fastens the data exchange. EDI typically translates the common file types into a unified or a standard format, which is widely used in healthcare organizations and production businesses. 

Even the IT teams can streamline as well as simply daily communications and document transfers. However, to ensure safe and secure implementation of the EDI tools, companies must follow EDI standards. There are multiple standards in EDI, and today we will be talking about EDI 834.

What is EDI 834?

EDI 834 file is a standard format of electronic data exchange, free from email and faxing in which employees can communicate their health insurance enrollment and maintenance with the insurance carriers provided to them. 

Since insurance for the employees has become mandatory for companies to provide, EDI 834 makes it easier for the companies to manage them by creating individual files and delivering them automatically as a part of a carrier connection solution. 

How EDI 834 File Format Was Implemented?

The renowned association HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) entitled a few formats & standards to be set for a variety of transactions and code sets. 834 EDI file format is among the file formats specially created for EDI enrollment and maintenance, while others were for claim status requests, health-care eligibility, benefits inquiry, and much more. 

Health care insurance providers were mandated to accept this 834 format to deliver and maintain health insurance data. The drill was, that employees can enroll with a single carrier insurance provider, be it Aetna, Humana, Or UnitedHealth, you are not allowed to share the same file with all.  

What Are The Benefits of Using EDI 834?

  • No more faxing or emailing the paper-based enrollment forms to the carrier.
  • No more manual input of the enrollment data into the carrier’s website.
  • A significant level of automation after establishing a connection, hence no repeated connection is needed to develop. 
  • More accuracy in the data than manual and paperwork.
  • Eliminated misinterpretation through manual data entry by the carriers. 

There are multiple needs of different employees such as dental, vision, short-term disability, and long-term disability. Carriers have to gather and modify versions of 834, and it needs to be accepted by the law.  

Regardless of benefits, there are some limitations with benefits plans. Interpretation and understanding files is extremely difficult. Additionally, going back and forth with the carrier is time and days consuming. Another limitation is that only the companies with 100 or more employees can enjoy the service and benefits of EDI while the small businesses and startups are still left with the manual and paperwork.

In order to overcome these limitations, many EDI 834 services providers have come forth to help all levels of businesses by creating their own solutions. These service providers offer a solution that can deliver benefits to companies as well as insurance carriers, eliminating the strength restriction and manual or redundant processes. 

With the increasing popularity of EDI among enterprises and the B2B ecosystem, many have shifted from conventional EDI service providers to B2B EDI solutions that are cloud-based. These solutions are eliminating the traditional challenges with EDI VAN or point-to-point integrations. 

Further in this article, we will read about the services providers who offer EDI 834 services. The list mentioned below will help you with the best solution providers for EDI 834, so you can compare and get your EDI software today.

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Check Out The List Top 10 EDI 834 Services Providers In The US

1. A3logics 

The most reliable, dedicated, and professional partner, A3logics, is known for providing comprehensive EDI solutions. Their efficient EDI solutions convert all complicated EDI files into pre-built solutions, such as sorting EDI components, splitting files based on eligibility, and creating custom enrichment rules and policies that check 834 data processing. 

A3logics is a certified organization validating compliance and analyzing the requirements of GDPR. They also render processes and policies that align with SOC 2 – Type II and HIPAA for physical and technical safeguards. 

A3logics is a trustworthy partner that offers an exclusive carrier connect solution that covers data flow from benefits system to carrier and benefits. You can hire them for professional EDI services for smooth data connectivity, integration, migration, and other relevant services. 

2. Seeburger

Seeburger BIS B2B/EDI Solution holds more than 30 years of experience in delivering B2B and EDI 834 Transaction platforms globally. Seeburger is an industry-specific proven business partner that helps businesses to consolidate legacy B2B/EDI solutions into modern cloud-based solutions promising secure replacement with quick ROI.

Seeburger delivers an efficient solution for electronic exchange and automatic processing of standardized and integrated business documents, covering all industries. They help business partners, of any size, with seamless digital business, and connect SMBs with relevant trading and engineering partners to onboard, orchestrate and optimize EDI processes and management components. 

3. Flow Software 

Aced in deploying mission-critical data integration and EDI platforms for hundreds of businesses, Flowsoftware specializes in building pre-configured partners and 834 specifications for seamless data flow and trading partners connectivity. 

Flow software connects with businesses to eliminate manual data entry, streamline 834 transactions, and enhance relationships, productivity, and data accuracy. They empower businesses to become smarter, faster, and more efficient by migrating the legacy systems into automated cloud-based electronic data interchange that helps connect with multiple trading partners effortlessly. Supporting a huge range of formats, Flow software improves data visibility, operational efficiency improves customer experience, and frees up staff time to focus on core business. 

4. Lobster-World

Lobster boasts of confidently turning digitalization into secure, flexible, and faster software. They collaborate with businesses using user-friendly software that manages EDI 834 transactions seamlessly while integrating with business applications seamlessly. Their no-code approach simplifies complex EDI, manages integration securely, converts, manipulates, and transforms data in no time. 

Lobster follows all industry standards with automatic format recognition that streamlines data and onboarding. Their solution provides a consistent database and delivers fluent process automation for seamless, transparent, and manageable business operations.

Additionally, Lobster offers tailor-made, flexible support that deters disruptions and easy integration of partners. Their EDI solution offers centralized monitoring connecting shippers, forwarders, carriers, customs authorities, and TPAs that guarantee scalability to the highest degree.

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5. TrueCommerce

A true partner for small and mid-sized businesses wanting to integrate EDI and comply with major retailers or other trading partners. TrueCommerce ensures that EDI integration helps in eliminating the manual data entry and automating 834 transaction sets in no time with the need to move back and forth.

TrueCommerce EDI 834 solutions deter paper documentation, saving a lot of time and labor, making it easier and faster to onboard new EDI trading partners to gain maximum benefits. 

True to their word, TrueCommerce won awards and accolades for delivering integrated, cloud-based EDI solutions to bring more value from the investment. Their solution also promises to reduce IT complexity, faster time-to-value, and access data anytime and anywhere, amplifying business systems.

6. Data Masons (Now Acquired By SPSCommerce)

Data Masons were known for delivering Microsoft EDI solutions, Macola Software EDI, and more for dynamic EDI services. SPSCommerce, with a vision to expand its global market leadership in EDI capabilities and work better with trading partners, acquired Data Masons.

Based in North America, Data Mason’s focus was industry-leading EDI integration, including EDI 834, to 500+ consumer goods and industrial/distribution businesses and resellers. Companies can expand their capabilities by connecting with global supply chain partners, especially TPAs, international sourcing industries, and more with SPS. 

With the help of pre-built, fully automated EDI maps, businesses can accelerate EDI transactions more than ever before with guaranteed trading partner compliance. They promise to deliver top-line EDI integration and 834 solutions with an expert full-service team to help organizations avoid lengthy onboarding and documentation. 

7. Comarch EDI

Comarch EDI – a cloud-based EDI B2B solution that renders dynamic and reliable data exchange between businesses and trading partners. Comarch EDI delivers significant business efficiency, with 100% compliance with the global standards & regulations. 

The service provider helps businesses with a highly practical and cost-effective platform for quick sending and retrieval of dozens of electronic messages, such as EDI 834, which can be seamlessly integrated with an internal IT system or even used as a Web-EDI solution.

Comarch EDI promises to reduce administrative work to 0%, lower the cost of data management up to 83%, and improve relationships with business partners, traders, and TPAs by 70%. Get perfectly optimized business processes with Comarch EDI implemented with advanced technology, such as blockchain, machine learning, and traceability, allowing you to achieve greater business results. 


One of the reliable partners for businesses to collaborate for their EDI requirements, XEDI makes connectivity with every trading partner smooth and seamless. XEDI helps in migrating the traditional systems to automated processes that flow with accounts, order processing, and logistics systems effortlessly. 

XEDI understands that every EDI system has unique requirements, which they intelligently comprehend with guaranteed compliance that streamlines business processes and improves performance metrics. In order to maintain strong relationships globally, XEDI renders a dedicated team of experts to deter any issues in the fastest possible time. 


A complete EDI solution provider that helps businesses with their modern and technology-integrated EDI. With comprehensive industry experience and a  dedicated technical team, BSI takes away the confusion and complexity from the business to make EDI transactions easier and simpler.

Whether a supplier, wholesaler, or importer with no experience with EDI, BSI can help you plug into the business for faster, focused, and painless operations. BSI is always keen on planning new initiatives to strengthen relationships and reach business goals efficiently. What sets them apart is their in-depth knowledge of EDI and ERP, which gives you a cost-effective EDI 834 solution, meeting deadlines, compliance, and no costly chargebacks. 

10. DataTrans Solutions

With the vision to deliver affordable, easy-to-use, all-in-one, and scalable cloud-based EDI solution, DataTrans leverages businesses to connect with trading partners effortlessly while maintaining 100% EDI compliance. Their solution gets easily integrated with the current business systems and applications, ranging from accounting, ERP, 3PLs, eCommerce, shipping, and others which helps businesses expand their efficiency.

DataTrans keeps adding new networks, such as Healthcare, Manufacturing, Grocery, eCommerce, Pharmaceuticals, Automotive, Utilities, and many others, for quick trading and connections. 

DataTrans helps you replace your existing EDI infrastructure that complements your current processes with endless options for every kind of EDI transaction, such as 834, 850, 204, 820, 855, and many more. 

Understanding Key Factors To Choose Right EDI 834 Partner

Support For Other Than The 834 Format 

The provider must support the standard formats, such as compliance with ANSI X12, EDIFACT, and Tradacoms. If needed, they must also support other non-EDU formats such as XML, CSV, and JSON files to serve the wide customer range. The provider must be able to transform and orchestrate data of any format as the modern EDI platform supports all. 

Automated Processes

Is your provider still counting on the outdated legacy EDI technology? If so, you will be spending endlessly on manual tasks that will prohibit the company to focus on core business. Check for the solution provider offering modern integrated technology rendering seamless B2B communications and EDI order processing supporting business process automation without the need for human intervention. Further, it must also support accelerating the order-to-cash process instead of bogging it down. 

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100% Visibility

Identifying errors and correcting them instantly is extremely essential to ensure the accuracy of data and avoid failed transfers. Your EDI service provider must be able to better understand the importance of ecosystem relationships. They must offer transparency of the data through dashboard sharing to the technical users that will help them gain insights and intelligence, which further helps in making informed decisions. 

Effective interactions

Collaborating with a service provider offering a modern EDI environment helps businesses scale with ease. In order to have a better EDI experience, time to value, and added credibility, your EDI trading partner must have the right technology integrated with EDI. Modern technology not just quickens configuration and data migration processes but also helps in the well-execution of the very first interaction with the customers through automated map generation workflows.

Lesser Penalties

The most important factor to consider when collaborating with electronic data interchange providers to pick the appropriate one is deterring costly chargebacks and other financial penalties.  Any reliable B2B EDI communications partner will ensure a healthy partnership with every member they collaborate with within an ecosystem. They will ensure to eliminate these errors by alerting and notifying for the missteps, ASN errors, or any failure in documentation sendings. These further minimize the operational latency and other errors leading to customer dissatisfaction and costly SLA.


In a standard format as EDI 834, companies make communication with the health insurance carriers easier. However, the legacy system makes the process complex, but with a modern and technology-integrated EDI system, companies can eradicate the complexity and costs associated while addressing the needs related to EDI transactions. So, get associated with an experienced and reliable 834 EDI solution provider today to enhance your current system and process the documents and trading of files without any hassle.

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