Top 10 Shopify App Development Companies in the USA

Shopify App Development Companies

Shopify, if you are an entrepreneur who aims to start your own eCommerce business, or you are an older player in the field of eCommerce, you might be familiar with the possibilities that this term can unlock for you. In recent years, Shopify has emerged as the ultimate eCommerce unified platform that allows its users to manage multiple eCommerce operations through a single platform. If you look up what exactly a Shopify App Development Agency offers, you will learn that it is a tool that can reduce the tough task of creating, managing, and handling eCommerce operations on your website as well as other stores. You see, unlike in older times, running a website and selling products/services through it is not enough. You have to take the help of multiple channels to finish your task and managing all of them at once can become a headache if you are not using Shopify.

Shopify is the one-stop destination tool that unifies the entire experience of selling, shipping & processing payments to and from anywhere in the world, irrespective of the shop or store where you sell your products. It is a simple subscription-based service that allows you to take care of multiple eCommerce channels through a single portal. Usually, people limit their eCommerce reach and understanding to a particular platform or two because they find it difficult to keep up with the hassle of maintaining a multi-channel selling approach. Thankfully, with the help of Shopify, everything can be done through a single platform however, it is not that easy to implement it properly. Websites hardly need a plug-in for Shopify however, today is the age of applications. You need a solid Shopify development company to assist you with all the ifs and buts of the process and guide you through the process without having to face any setbacks.

As the need for such experts rose in the market, the number of available options also grew exponentially. The case is similar to that of a software development firm. In the past when website development and software management was on a roll, the number of businesses that took off was massive and the same goes with Shopify. With so many options available, the only downside to the problem is the issue of confusion. When you search on the internet for the best Shopify app development, there are over a million results and due to optimization techniques, the top results are always fluctuating. 

So what to do? Which one to believe and which one to avoid? Well, picking up the best one among the available options can be a bit too complicated, however, if the available options are sorted and limited, you may be able to understand what suits your requirements the best. To make the selection process simpler for you, here are the top 10 companies you can hire Shopify app developers from for a perfect experience. Let’s jump to the list right away.


1. A3Logics

One of the top names that appear in almost every search that you make related to Shopify solutions, A3Logics is the most recommended and preferred Shopify app development company in the USA. With an experience of almost 2 decades, A3Logics is a one-stop solution for all your requirements. It does not matter if you are looking for just a push or you need complete and thorough assistance to build your app from scratch, A3Logics is always prepared. The best part about them is that they dedicate resources completely to you so that the team working on your Shopify project is focused and finishes the task faster with utmost accuracy. The prices at which they offer their services are also pocket friendly and you also get a free consultation session that you can book through their website and utilize to get insights on how things work, cool right?

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2. Sunrise Integration

Another popular name in the country, Sunrise Integrations has earned quite a good reputation in Shopify integration. With experienced professionals and a substantial team of engineers and managers, the company serves your requirements well by creating a solid work plan before starting the process. Many clients that have worked with them have shared that the company has an excellent communication channel, which means not only the code is flawless, but the professional bond which is required to stay in sync is also available which makes it a good choice for your requirements You can surely get to learn a lot while working with the experts of the company. Sunrise integration is a good choice for you if you aim to craft an in-house team one day as it can provide you with the perfect exposure that can come in handy while dealing with your hired experts in the future.

3. WebFX

WebFX brings an interesting set of services onboard that you may like to work with. While almost every other name in the list relates itself to the development industry, WebFX identifies as more of a digital marketing-oriented IT consulting service that happens to provide Shopify app development. Now, you might be wondering why they are in the top 10 list and that too on the third position? Well, the results that they have brought over the years are extremely impressive as they have cracked the code that developing with Shopify only works if you have a solid SEO to support it. With the industry-specific expertise in digital marketing, not only do the experts create a Shopify app that is user-friendly, but they also make sure it is easily optimizable so that it can reach higher numbers without any stress.

4. Double Up Digital

If you have time and require thorough work, Double Up Digital is the place for you. They might not be the fastest deliverers of the final products but they know their way around Shopify migration services and create a solid and robust solution for you in one go. There are times when companies are in a bit of a hurry to launch their platform and in that hassle, they even compromise with the quality of development just so that they can get it faster. Double Up Digital is completely against such activities as they believe providing the perfect solution to the client is their duty and thus they might delay the project but they know how things are done. They also have offered their services at affordable prices so that it is not hard on your pockets. However, if you are in a hurry, they might not be the ideal solution for you.

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5. Artisan Venture Lab

Another marketing-centric platform that has made its mark in delivering Shopify-related solutions, Artisan venture lab is a cross-platform marketing and eCommerce solution provider that can help you achieve the best results in Shopify integration and application development. The brand has a serious reputation in the international markets and has been chosen by thousands of clients who have done well in terms of eCommerce and Shopify all thanks to the expertise of engineers at Artisan Venture Lab. Not only do the experts finish the project for you, but they also open a new realm of opportunities with the help of cross-platform marketing and optimization of the Shopify application. All in all, you get the worth of every buck you spend on the service, and the outcome is also a decent one for you to initiate your journey.

6. Caveni Digital Solutions

Modern-day web development company with excellent command of brand building, Caveni is the fastest-growing Shopify development company that can assist you well in creating a unified eCommerce platform for yourself and ensure that you make the most out of it without worrying about the outcome. They have completed over 150 projects in the past which makes them enough experience to finish the task for you. Not only do they have experience in development, but they are also very good with time management and can deliver the solutions as per your timeline. Sure, it will take the minimum time that it takes to finish a development task but if you are on a strict timeline and require results on time, this is the platform to go for.

7. Mobikasa

If you have searched for Shopify app developers, you might have seen this name on multiple lists. The reason behind Mobikasa appearing multiple times in your research is that it is one of the most trusted and reliable names in the Industry. The team at Mobikasa consists of more than 100 hard-working individuals who have expertise in every aspect of finishing the project, from Shopify app design to implementation. The development team has both experienced and young talents that maintain the authenticity and pace of the project at the same time. You no longer have to worry about finishing any of the tasks and you will be able to see the difference from other brands you have worked with before if you go with them as they have an organized way of approaching the project. If you are into a lot of meetings and discussions, this might not be the best brand for you to delegate your task as they are focused more on results and often reduce the number of discussions to meet the deadline which is again both good and bad depending on what you aim to achieve.

8. Lounge Lizard

If you have a strict budget and want the best package for custom Shopify app development, feel free to reach out to Lounge Lizard. They are one of the few available options that have a custom approach for every project that they take up. The way they work is quite different from the traditional practices in the market as they often find themselves working on multiple projects at the same time. People who do not want to dedicate a separate resource for Shopify tasks can easily opt for them and forget about their hassle as not only do the experts take care of development, but they also provide Shopify app management services and assure that it is utilized to its max potential. As far as their services are concerned, they create custom packages which means if you only need development to set up Shopify you can opt for that pr if you want complete management, from development to implementation that includes optimization with every element from copywriting to Google Data Studio analytics, you can go for that too.

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9. Absolute Web

The experts at Absolute Web have a unique approach to your development process which is visible with what they call their Shopify app development services. Building eCommerce ecosystem platforms is what they call their Shopify services as they know very well that with the help of their solutions, they will be able to modify the way a product is sold. While the majority of the names in the list are project development companies and expertise in taking up new projects, Absolute web is one of those names that can help you out with existing stores that you have. If you are looking for a renovation in your current Shopify application, these are the guys to look for. If you visit their website, you will find that they have only mentioned case studies that they have finished in the past, which clearly shows that they are all about finishing the projects.

10. Magneto IT Solutions

Magneto IT solutions is another veteran from the Shopify app development industry as it has been working in the field for a while and has earned a lot of name and reputation for delivering quality solutions in the field. Finding the apt field for the Shopify eCommerce platform is a typical task in the field. There are only a limited number of experts in the field who take interest in your planning and vision and they are one of those. They first try to understand the vision with which you assign them the project. They tend to come up with new ideas for you to make the most out of your store and get the best results. You see every organization has a separate requirement and aims to achieve and that is why to get a custom approach, the majority of the users go for Magneto IT solutions as they have been actively taking up custom development projects in the industry.

These are the top 10 Shopify app development companies that you can rely on for a complete A-Z solution for all your requirements. There are other names that you might find prominent on the internet however, as per our research and the experience of clients that we could gather, these 10 are the best ones for any consumer to go for as they have always made their clients happy. 


Choices you make, make you! The quote stands true for almost every sector in life and the same goes for choosing the perfect partner Shopify theme development company. The vision with Shopify can be of great help for both a budding business to an established empire of eCommerce as it is suitable for both small-scale and large-scale businesses. Choosing the correct company is what makes your business rise above the competition as, without that choice, you are standing at the same level as others and trust it when people say that the competition in eCommerce is cutthroat! Hope the list makes it easier for you to choose the perfect option, you can simply go for your research too about these platforms as all information is available on their websites. The aim of this post is to save you the time and effort that you might have spent on comparing hundreds of options as now you only have 10.

Make your decision based on what you look for, what budget you have, and what is the ultimate goal you want to achieve. Hope this blog serves its purpose, Good Luck!

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